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SasuSaku High:


"Saukra, are you ok?" Asked Ino as she examined the bruise on Sakura's face

"Y.., yea, im fine" Sakura answered

''What the hell happened to you?" Asked Ino

"I cant tell you that'' Sakura studdered

"And why the hell not?, My best friend has a bruise mark on her face, I have a right to know" Ino answered putting her hands on her hips


"So I heard you kissed that Uchiha Sasuke kid" Neji said with a scowl

"Neji, its not like that,... BAM

Sakura noticed a sharp pain on the left side of her face, she opened her eyes and also noticed she was lying on the floor

"He...He fking hit" Sakura thought

"Dont even think about tell anyone i just did that sakura, OR ill hit you harder and more, AND if you tell that Sasuke kid i'll,..."

Neji had to stop and think about that one...

"Or ill...Rape you" Neji finally said as a sly smile came across his face

"You wouldent do that" Sakura studdered with a slight scream

"Oh yes, yes i would" smiling evilly he tured and walked out the door

END OF FLASHBACK------------------------------


"Ok, Ok, just dont tell anyone" Sakura finally said, "Neji, well Neji and me got into an argument and he hit me, And he told me if I told anyone he'd rape me"


About that time Sakura notice someone was standing outside of the door...

"INO HE HEARD ME!" Sakura screamed


"INO LOOK!!" Scremed sakura

Then Ino noticed someone was standing behind the dooras well


Sakura Grabbed her bag and jump out of the window, She then ran to her car and drove off in a hurry

Meanwhile Ino (Being a blonde) went to go see who was at the door, she opened it and found a boy standing behind it with the bigest scowl and most pissed off look on him his staring her in the eye

"Oh Its you..." Ino said...


Sasuke was getting dressed out for gym in the locker room, Afterwitch he walked into the gymnasium where he found his brother, wearing a nike t-shirt, gym shorts, sunglasses, and a wistle around his neck

"Itachi? What the hell are you doing here?" Asked Sasuke

"Ah, If it aint my foolish little brother" Tased Itachi

"Why are you here?" sasuke continued to ask

"Im here for a Internship, I desided to become a gym teacher!'' itachi excliamed

"But, What happened to you wanting to be a pro skateboarder?" Sasuke Teased

"Well I finished 9th in my last contest and they kicked me off the team" Itachi answered

"Ah, that sucks"

"Indeed It does my foolish little brother"

Sakura Arrived at school 2 hours late, she tried to pretend she was sick but her father found out she wasent sick and drove her to school anyway

the rest of the day was slow and painful for sakura because she thought neji was following her when in reality he wasent

2 hours later

With 5 minutes to go in 4th periode (last periode of the day) Sakura asked if she could go to the bathroom, when she noticed the teacher was asleep so she grabbed her bookbag and desided to leave befor the bell rang so that neji couldent get her, but neji noticed she was leaving (Neji and sakura have the same 4th periode class) he desided to leave early as well

Sakura was outside now when neji caught up to her

"Sakura hold on"

Sakura froze when she heard his voice

"Oh hi Neji"

"Whats wronge with you...YOU TOLD SOMEONE DIDENT YOU??!!!"

"No Neji honey i dident"


Neji raise his fist about to punch her when the bell rang and students starting comeing out of the school and everyone saw what was going on, befor long neji and sakura was surronded by students staring at them in shock, wispers poured across the mass of people

"Hyuga Neji, Put your fist down,... Befor I raise mine!"

Negi turned around to see sasuke walking towards him

"Nevermind i already have plenty of reasons to hit you" sasuke continued to say


"Ino Told me your planing to rape MY Sakura"

"Your Sakura?" asked neji kinda pissed off

"so you were the one behind the door yesurday?" asked sakura

"Yea, I forgot i had my cell phone taken away from me in 3rd periode, and I went back to get when I over heard your conversation with ino" answered Sasuke

"SO YOU DID TELL SOMEONE?" screamed Neji

"Dude im only going to tell you one more time to put your fist down, and let go of MY sakura" sasuke stated

BAM (Neji Hit sakura)

"You son of a fking Bch" yelled sasuke

Sasuke then grabbed neji and kneed him in the stomach, then kneeing him in the face...

Befor neji fell down sasuke grabbed him again and slamed him on the gound and started punching his face

Sasuke then picked neji back up and round-house kicked him in the face

Nejis Body flew backward onto the ground

"He's unconciouse" someone said from the croud


Sasuke turned around to see A boy named Garaa charging at him

Garaa pulled out a knife and stabbed sasuke in the chest befor sasuke had time to react...

"SASUKE" Sakura Screamed

"DAMN YOU" yelled itachi running out of the croud as he punched Garra in the face

Then Itachi ripped the knife outa Garaa's hand, and put it to his neck

"What now you little ass" said itachi

"ITACHI UCHIHA" Itachi turned to see his mother running at him

"Mother...uh go look at sasuke" itach said, trying to find a excuse for having a knife at garaa's neck

She looked and saw the huge bloodstain on his shirt

"Sasuke honey are you ok?"

Sasuke couldent see anything his vision had become blurry any the pain in his chech was growing, befor sasuke knew it he fell unconciouse

Sasuke Eyes cracked open to see a white light, he turned his head and found it was only a lamp, sasuke observed his surrondings and gathered that he was in a hospital bed

sasuke could hear voices from outside the door

"Ok ma'am you can go visit but only for a few minutes he needs his rest" said the dockter

"Thank you" said a familer voice

Sakura then walked into the room

"SASUKE...your awake"

Sasuke nodded

"Oh sasuke thanks you so much, because of you im safe, because nejis in juvinale hall now, just thank you so much" sakura said starting to cry

Sasuke sat up and wiped her tears away with his hand

"Sasuke!" sakura said and pushed him down, "you cant sit up it may open your wound again"

By pushing him down sakura was now practicly laying on top of him, her face, and his was only inches apart

Sasuke smiled, and said..

"Sakura, one time in 9th grade when you were following me around i asked you "Why do you follow me around" and you said "Because im lonely"

sakura then nodded

"Tell me sakura, are you still lonely?"

Sakura nodded again

"We'll,..lets fix that for the both of us.."

"What are you saying sasuke?"

"Will you be MY sakura? and will you be MY girlfriend?"

Sakura strted to cry again, then she nodded

Sasuke smiled (for one of the first times in his life)

he wiped her tears off her face and wraped his arms around her, and brought her closer to him, sasuke brough her lips down apon his, sakura could not help herself fromcrying a little more, after a minut or two of this their breath drew thinner, sakura was the one who broke the kiss, they satred into each others eyes for what seemed like hours untill the docter walked into the room...

Ok ma'...Am I interupting something?" the docter said

"Oh no i was just leaving" said sakura "ill see you tomarrow she said", and then kissed him one more time and walked out of the door

"If you dony mind me asking...who was that?" asked the docter, "because she really wanted to see you"

"Shes my girlfriend..." said sasuke "And i coul'dent be happier..."



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