You met her half-past midnight
At the Greyhound station
Your only son buried
In some forgotten corner,
Hers cradled in her arms
Diaper bag upon one shoulder.

Her face a mask of bruises-
Too young for such a burden
Baby fast-asleep
Her belly held another,
"This seat taken, dog?"
You grunt, indifferent.

Seated, staring straight ahead
She tells you of her boyfriend,
He had the right car,
He had the right drugs,
It was all one big party-
'Til he hit their kid.

You turn away to shut her out-
Just one more tattooed little blonde,
Over-pierced and cheap-
Her child born out of wedlock;
One of countless nobodies
With another on the way…

Oblivious, blondie chatters on
Passing busses roar and hiss
She waited until asshole
Left to score a cap,
Took their baby and ran-
(Now she's going home.)

Is this what you traded
All your friends and son for-
These three nothing lives???
You bite down hard
Upon your tongue-
Trying not to laugh,

She touches your shoulder,
"Dude, bad trip-
Getcha somethin'?"
Tasting blood
You shake your head
Why won't she go away?

Heavily she rises,
"Ain't got much money,
But wanna split a joe?"
The baby wakes
As she waddles off
"Joe's good for that."

For such as this
You took evil on,
Playing by its rules-
Sacrificing everything
So the likes of her
Can piss away their lives?

"Like, hey, dude,"
She returns, smiling,
"You get first dibs."
While passing you
A flimsy paper cup,
Cheap coffee from a machine.

Numb, you take it from her,
She shares another
Split-lipped smile,
"Dunno what's down, dude,
Anyway, keep going,
It'll get better!"

Without meaning to,
You finally meet her eyes,
The ghost of another girl,
Dust in the rain,
A boy-child left behind-
The battle isn't over yet.

You hand her back
The half-drained cup
And your watch and wallet,
Before you kiss her and her babies
Unborn and otherwise
To walk back into the night.