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"Ash?" Misty asked. I crossed my fingers and hope, hoped as hard as I could that she wouldn't ask me to do something. After all, she was using that voice again. Everyone who had traveled with her for more than an hour had heard her use that voice. It was the same voice her sisters used to bribe her into being a mermaid in the play (Episode: the Misty Mermaid). Only she was better with the tone, she sounded more innocent, more believable, like a poochyena whining for love.

"Yeah, Misty?" I inquired carefully. I curled up tighter on the green velvet couch, wondering if I could make a dive for the remote and turn on something that would distract her.

"Ash, wanna hear something funny?" She smiled sweetly, leaning towards me like a five year old with an embarrassing question to ask.

"Noooooo." I stretch out the word. I decide that now, now I can get the remote, and leap forward to grab it from the table. Misty would not be swayed, and her hand slammed over mine. Not in the sweet, romantic way that you think a girl would touch you, but in a hard rough way, making my hand sting as she dug her nails into my hand and refused to let me go. Now my position was rather uncomfortable, bent in half with Misty only six inches away from my face.

"You know how all my sisters have all those boyfriends?" She said, inching closer to me, now only four inches left between us. Backing up would be useless, her nails would just dig farther into my hands.

"Misty this is girl stuff," I said, trying to persuade her to set me free. I tried telepathically to tell her to set me free like I did with butterfree(sp?), but I think she confused freedom with you-do-what-I-want-when-I-want.

"Ash, romance is guy and girl stuff," she giggled.

"Is not."

"Then how were you born, genius?" Misty retorted. I frowned and waited for her to take back her statement. She wasn't arguing right. We're each supposed to make a statement, one of us will say is not or is too, and we will begin to argue like that until someone breaks us up.

"…" I stayed silent.

"Ash?" She said, beginning to get annoyed and losing her persuasive tone.


"Answer me before I hurt you!" She screamed.

"…you're supposed to say 'is too' Misty. You know, you're getting bad at this. We should've kept traveling together, you're no fun to argue with anymore." I tested to see if now that she'd gotten that out of the way, she'd let me go. No, her nails broke through a few layers of skin, not enough to bleed, but enough to sting.

"That's because I make good arguments now and you can't fight back. Now, let's get back to the original comment." Misty smiled and leaned forward the smallest bit. I measured four and one half inches left between us. I felt my muscles stiffen and shivers run down my spine. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine she wasn't there. "Cold, Ash?"

"Oh boy." I whispered, keeping my eyes closed tight.

"Huh?" She asked. My eyes shot open and I tried to rip away.

"Nothing. Let's watch TV!" I shouted, succeeding in getting away from her grip, though her nails ripping my flesh was rather unpleasant.

"But I'm not done talking yet," she whined, sticking her lower lip out.

"But-" I said, pointing to the TV.

"I still have that mallet, Ash," she threatened.

"Please, continue talking." I gave a nervous smile. Nothing is scarier than that mallet, not even Brock with a copy of the karaoke version of Breaking Free from High School Musical. I mean, that thing doesn't even leave marks, there's no proof of its abuse on my body. Also, thinking where it comes from makes me wonder about…places and…things…I'm a guy. I have urges and needs like women and other men do. Shut up.

"Well, they've had lots of boyfriends and lots of kisses. I haven't had any. I don't get what's so great about it either," she scoffed, rolling her eyes. I did have this little Ash in the back of my head screaming "it's a trap! Walk away!" but I tend to ignore him. He's the one that says stupid things, like jumping off of the roof is wrong.

"WHAT?!" I shouted in surprise. Misty looked up at me, her face surprised but her eyes seeming confident. (A/N: Yes, I did say up. He's tall now, I like it that way.) "You, the romantic? Kissing's not great? What the heck?"

"Oh, say hell, you goody-two-shoes, you're sixteen," Misty snapped at me. She may be right about that. I've gotten beaten up because Gary told them I'm a nerd. Stupid Gary. Sorry, the story! "I mean, I'm all for romance and stuff. You get that nice little fluttery happy feeling inside. But kissing? Nada. Nothing. You're just touching your lips together, big whoop. I touch my lips to my fork all the time, and I'm not in love with it." She scoffed dryly.

"Kissing's different," I countered. That's right. I stood up for romance. Well, I stood up for Brock who told me about how awesome kissing is. Not sure about the tongue thing though, it's pretty creepy.

"Oh really? Who told you that?" Misty snickered. "You're mom?"

"No! But it's not like there's anything wrong with it if she did. It was Brock," I corrected.

"Brock?! Do you seriously think Brock's been kissed yet?" Misty burst out laughing.

"Yes! Don't say those types of things abut Brock. He's like my older brother and he wouldn't lie about that."

"I'm sorry. I didn't know," She said, holding up her hands in surrender.

"He introduced me to the internet."

"Ash, you've known about the internet forever."

"He introduced me to the real internet." I tried to clarify without saying that word. (A/N: Sorry, I'm twisted.) Misty thought or a moment before shuddering.

"You're sick."

"I'm male."

"Not all guys are like that."

"I have bad role models."

"Kissing is stupid."

"Is not."

"Is too."

"IS NOT!" Once again, we were engaged in that age old 'is not' 'is too' argument, just like when we first started traveling together.

"Da—it Ash! Can't you come up with a convincing argument for once?" Misty shouted at me, throwing her hands up in the air in exasperation.

"Oh, you want a convincing argument?" I said haughtily, my temper beginning to get the better of me.

"Yeah Ash! Convince me or you lose! That's right! You LOSE you big stupid dumb dumb loser stupid moron!" She huffed.

"I'm not a loser! Watch!" I yanked her forward, which wasn't very far since she was practically on top of me already, and lowered my lips to hers. It wasn't until she started kissing back until I realized that I wasn't just giving Misty a quick kiss. No, this wasn't a kiss. This was the verb form of it. This was lots of kisses. This was kissing big time. But…I sorta liked it. I mean, Brock said that kissing's only good if you like the person you kiss. But that doesn't mean…right? I mean I couldn't…I wouldn't…oh, my head feels funny. Too much thinking, ow.

"Ash?" She said in that sweet little voice again.

"Yes?" I asked, my voice an octave to high and cracking, where it unfortunately stayed for the rest of the day.

"I'm not rusty at all. I always win. Still do. Think about that." She smiled and handed me back the remote, tweaking my nose in the process. Misty cuddled into my arm, and I didn't shove her off. She's my friend, and friends do that.

…that doesn't mean that's all we'll ever be…

I liked this better. I really did. It came out smoother, more flowing. Yeah, I liked this.