This is my first ever Mimato fic. I love the coupling, and have loved it ever since I first watched Digimon, season 01. I absolutely love it!

Anyways, this story takes place ten years after season one, everyone's around the ages of 18-23, and it's Christmas time.
Here's the ages of the main characters (so it'll give a basis of the ages of the others. I had to sort of guess at a couple of ages, mainly Kari's, Takeru's, and Jo's seeing as they weren't listed anywhere.)
Current year: 2009

Taichi Yagami: 22
Sora Takenouchi: 21

Mimi Tachikawa: 20

Yamato Ishida: 22

Koushiro (Izzy) Izumi: 20

Jo Kido: 23

Takeru Takaishi: 18

Hikari (Kari) Yagami: 18

Random note: my story only includes the first, original 8 DigiDestined, as it would probably get confusing to me if I had to include them, as well as the others from Season 2. Yes, I get confused very easily.

I hope that this turns out well.

Chapter 1

Home Sweet Home

Sitting in the airplane, the young woman sighed deeply, glancing occasionally out of the window, watching the clouds flutter past, receiving occasional glimpses of the Pacific Ocean thousands of miles below her. Leaning back in the comfortable, first class seat, she shut her whiskey coloured eyes, attempting to relax. Her nerves were currently fried to the very end of the world and back. She had not only been battling a nasty bout of a cold going around, but she was continuously stressing over the flight and the return home.

Home. The word sent ripples of joy, excitement, and fear throughout her body. They say that home is where the heart is, and she believed in that saying with a passion. Although, there were some days when she wondered where her home was. Was it back in Japan, or was it in New York? Or could it possibly be somewhere else in the world, in a far distant country, waiting patiently for her to arrive? She just wasn't sure anymore.

Lifting a hand and running it through her long, straightened, pale mahogany hair, she exhaled another soft sigh from her plump lips. She wondered how they would react upon her return. Would they embrace her with joy? Or would they scorn, scowl, and regret having ever met her? Or have they completely forgotten that she existed? She would rather have them hate or love her, than forget her.

Had they changed like she had? Or had they stayed the same? Had they forged new relationships? Gone off and married? Or were they all single, each one of them dedicated to the same lifestyle, the same profession that they had been passionate about the last time she saw them. However, the main question concerning professions was, would they accept hers? She had decided long ago, from the moment she first stepped into the building, that she would never, ever utter a single word about her true profession, and she had kept that promise for the entirety of 2 years. She doubted that it would become hard for her to keep the secret for one month.

Seven years was a lot of time. Seven years was more than enough time for many changes to have happened. She was curious to see how they had all physically changed, and wondered if Tai ever managed to tame that wild hairstyle of his. She hoped that everyone was well, that nobody was become ill, or, worse.

She shook her head, refusing to believe such terrible thoughts. 'No, if something that terrible happened, someone would certainly have contacted me.'

Shifting in her seat, she opened her eyes, finding the view below to have changed from turbulent waters, to the rocky, green land of Japan. Relaxing, she smiled down at the ground.

The realization hit her then, and her small smile broadened. No matter where she went in the world, this place would always be her home.

"Matt! Matt where are you? Hey, Matt! Can you at least reply? Matt!"

The female voice grew shriller as the annoyance grew within her, and Sora Takenouchi, along with Taichi Yagami arched their brows at each other. The couple stood in their longtime friend's, Yamato Ishida, main entrance to his apartment, and received no response from their calls. They knew that he was home; it was evident with the shoes at the door, and the fact that it had been unlocked.

"How dumb can that guy be? I'm willing to bet that he went out, and forgot to lock his door! God, Matt! I'm going to hurt you when I find you! You told us that you would be here, and totally skipped out on us!" Sora's voice rose with each word, going from an angry growl to a loud shout.

"Uh, Sora, how about you calm down just a tiny bit. I'm sure that he just forgot. Maybe he had an important meeting or thing to do. You never know…" Tai attempted to calm her down, but he found it to be rather useless.

Yamato had promised them that he would go with them to pick up someone at the airport. Sora was the only person who knew who it was, so Tai and Yamato were left in the dark on the subject. Tai figured that that was the reason that Yamato had decided to 'forget' about it; he probably thought that it was some plot to set him up with somebody psychotic. Again.

Despite his good looks, charm, and raw masculinity, Yamato was a bachelor, and had been so since he and Sora had broken up nearly five years ago, back when they were thirteen and fourteen. Back then, they had been young and foolish, and now, according to Sora, Yamato was simply being foolish. Nobody could stay a bachelor forever.

Growling, Sora ignored Tai's protests and started marching through the house. "Yamato Ishida, if you make me late for picking her up, and make her wait at the airport for hours on end, just because you're childish and stupid, I swear to God that I will make you hurt!"

Rummaging through his living room, Sora looked in the oddest of places in search for Yamato, before rushing into the kitchen, the bathroom, guest bedroom, and finally reaching his room. "Ah HA! Found you!"

There was a loud cry, a thud, and then the sound of someone being dragged, before Tai caught sight of Sora literally dragging Yamato out of his room. Yamato had obviously sleeping; his hair was disheveled, his eyes still held that glossy look of slumber, and he was frantically trying to keep the blankets wrapped around his waist. Tai prayed to God that the blanket wouldn't fall, especially since his upper body was bare to the world.

Sora let go of his arm, smirking with triumph. "Thought you could hide from me, eh? Well, guess what, I found you! Now, hurry up, we're late!"

"Sora, uh, well, I don't think –"

Tai was cut off in mid-sentence; as Sora violently shook the poor, blonde boy in an attempt to fully 'wake' him, despite the very fact that he was wide awake, with a terrified gleam in his eyes. "Yamato, you … jerk! Wake up, so we can go to the airport! I'm sick and tired of being late just because you want a couple extra Z's! Every time we plan sometime, we're always late because of you!"

"I, uh, well…Um…Oh! Sora, honey, look at the time! The plane should be arriving about now!"

Sora looked up, glanced towards the clock, and promptly dropped Yamato, heading towards the door at a job. "Let's go! We're late!!!!" she cried, before jogging out of the apartment, heading towards the waiting car.

Tai looked at the disheveled, crumpled boy on the ground, who sat up, rubbing his eyes. "I just wanted to sleep…"

The airport was like any other airport, large, confusing, bustling, and had that terrible effect of making one feel ever so utterly alone. The sounds bounced off the walls, echoing throughout the building, the constant thrumming and tapping of feet against the floors, the incessant ringing of mobile phones, the ceaseless chatter of people discussing their flights, their lives, and their dreams with one another, and the emotionless sound of the announcer, listing flights, and times.

Keeping her carry-on bag pressed tightly against her side, she listened to the tap-tap of her heels hitting the ground with each step, reading the signs, and trying to find the baggage claim.

She couldn't help but feel rather egotistic as she discovered that her Japanese was still perfect, and dutifully waited by the constantly moving ramp upon which her baggage would appear. She smiled at herself, realizing that, only a few years ago, she would have brought her entire wardrobe and more with her to even a weeklong vacation, and now, she only needed two-three suitcases for one month. She found it was far easier to carry the bags, and really helped her with easing her back pain.

Once she found all three bags, had stacked them on the cart – to do so she needed to use her Tetris Master skills, seeing as the cart was abnormally small -, and read the signs as to where to go, she headed off towards the exit of the airport, aching to see Japan in it's full, beautiful glory.

As she walked, she caught men, and even women, giving her second and third glances, and she knew that they either knew who she was, or, she arrogantly thought, admired her body. She wasn't afraid to admit that she had a gorgeous body, and that she was happy at a perfect size 4, had a low amount of cellulite, and had become quite fit and flexible within the past couple of years. However, there was that little problem known as height; being of Japanese origin, she was measured at about 5'3", which meant that stilettos had become her new best friends.

Brushing back her waist-length locks, she moistened her plump lips and couldn't suppress the broad, cheerful smile as the spotted people that were dear and near to her heart, and have been in that position for just over a decade.

The brunette stood, tall for a young Japanese woman, at about 5'5'', her auburn hair reaching just past her shoulders, with her chocolate brown eyes shinning with joy. The tanned skin of the female matched that of the male beside her, who's unruly, brown hair stood up at random spots, and, who's eyes matched the hair, shone with the same contentment as the woman beside him.

Hurrying over, she walked as fast as she could, dropped her bags to the ground, and embraced the female in a tight, full-bodied, friendly hug. "Oh my Kami! Sora! I haven't seen you in years! I'm so happy to see you!"

"Mimi, it's been so long. I'm so happy that you came back!" Sora pulled away, and admired Mimi's newfound, lean body. "Wow, you look … hot!"

The warming sensation filled her cheeks, as the pale flesh glowed warmly with a soft, rosy blush. "Oh, well, thanks." Her eyes darted about, searching for a way to change the topic; she may have felt gorgeous in her body, but she was still rather modest when it came to discussing it. "But Sora, you look awesome, too! You're so tall; I'm jealous. You've got a model's height and body. Guys in America would jump at you."

Sora giggled, gaining her own blush as it slid up her tanned cheeks. "Oh, Mimi, you're such a sweetheart."

Taichi, standing beside Sora with a look of arrogance, ego, and joy filtering through his rust-coloured eyes, cleared his throat. "Well, Meems, where's my hug?"

Laughing, Mimi wrapped her arms around the twenty-two-year-old male, hugging him close. "I was getting to it, don't worry."

Pulling back, she continued to smile brilliantly, eyes looking around, "So, where's everyone else?"

"Well, you know, Jo's finally at a hospital, doing some internship work, but you'll be able to see him at our Christmas party. Koushiro is working with Matt's dad on different ways to access the Digital World; I think they came to some breakthrough or something. Oh, Takeru and Hikari are having a lot of fun studying."

Tai let out a laugh at Sora's sarcastic remark about the studying. "Fun? Yeah, sure, I think Kari's having more fun coming home and snapping at me for breathing too loud! She's become such a nice little raptor."

Mimi and Sora laughed at Tai's derisive statement. Then, as the laughter ceased, Mimi asked, "So, where's Matt, then?"

Sora grinned, "He's right here."

Yamato Ishida, who had been trying to remain utterly inconspicuous by standing behind Tai, was discovered, and, felt like a deer trapped on a road, facing the bright headlights of an oncoming car as he saw the beauty before him.

Swallowing, Matt let his eyes trail up and down, and up once more, the lean, muscular, body of the woman standing between Sora and Tai. His fingers twitched and itched to touch her soft, straight locks that tumbled past her waist in waves copper brown. His eyes focused on hers, those almond-shaped, honey brown ones of the female before him, and he felt as though he was about to be sucked into the unfathomable depths of the eyes. Her lashes were long, thick, and dark, her nose small, and her lips were those plump, kissable type, which made pouts seem ever so sexy. His eyes trailed slowly down her lean body, soaking in the image of her, imprinting it forever in his brain. The long, bell-shaped skirt that stopped at mid-calves brought out her skin tone, which was that of the waning moon in a starlit, midnight sky. Her full breasts were covered with a corset-style shirt that matched the dark skirt, threaded with aqua ribbons.

Attempting to swallow once more, Matt tried his best to think of this beautifully blossomed woman, as the girl he had once knew. He imagined the short, stick-thin, Mimi Tachikawa from his memories, and tried desperately not to think of the sheer, raw, sexuality that poured out from the siren that stood before him.

"Hello Matt, I see that you've gotten just a touch taller, eh?"

Her voice was sultry, and held a deep note of lust, charisma, and seemed to contain an undercurrent of passionate whispers and erotic promises. Then, just as he thought that the emotions bathing his entire body could become no worse, he felt her breasts pressed up against his chest, and her arms twine around his body.

"It's been so long since I've spoken to you."

His arms felt leaden, and yet, like they were alive and weightless at the same time. Butterflies fluttered in his stomach, and he fought the sudden urge to yank back her head by the hair, and plunder her mouth with his own. The only thing that kept him from doing so was sheer willpower, and the constant reminder that this girl was his friend, and will only ever be a friend.

'I hate hormones,' the blonde boy though, as he, almost reluctantly, wrapped his arms around the brunette, hugging her close. Smiling, he pushed back the lustful thoughts, and replied to her statement. "Well, you know, I've been busy. So I guess this means that we have a lot of catching up to do."

'Oh, yes, definitely a lot of catching up. I especially want to talk about how you got so sexy,' Mimi thought as she pulled away, finally giving herself a chance to look over the man that stood before her.

In her eyes, he was an Adonis, a male that seemed to simply pour out sexual energy in relentless, ceaseless waves that constantly battered against her body and willpower. His eyes had somehow deepened, obtaining a beautiful cobalt blue colour, she same colour as the very ocean she crossed to see him. He had managed to keep the same hairstyle that he possessed seven years ago, and somehow, succeeded in making it seem sexier, and, in a way, a touch more serious. His face had grown more or less rugged and harsher in the angles. She found it quite surprising that he was tall, very tall, for a Japanese man, but at the same time, she discovered that it was quite erotic for, along with his large height; it became obvious that he possessed quite a good amount of muscle tone. Under the blue t-shirt he wore, she could just see the rippling muscles of his chest and stomach, and imaging running her hands up his shirt, trailing each abdominal muscle, one, by one.

Pulling herself out of her reveries of romantic, passionate bliss, Mimi pursed her lips into a smile, attempting to fight back the urge to trail her fingers over his lips, which seemed ever so-soft and full for a man, making his harsh, masculine face seemed softer.

"Well, where are we headed? Am I staying with one of you guys, or will I need to book a Hotel room?" Mimi asked, gathering her bags, following Tai and Matt as they lead her out, keeping Sora at her side.

Eyes trailing down Matt's back, she wanted to smile coyly and lick her lips. 'Well, those jeans certainly make his butt look fine.'

Sora swallowed slightly. "Um, well, you see, about the arrangements, well, my apartment's full right now, seeing as my mother and I just got an order for a wedding. Tai's place is completely out of the question, so is Takeru's 'cause they just moved, again, so the place is filled with boxes of all sorts. Anyways, Jo's is completely out of the question, since his brother, Shuu, is staying with him for the holidays, and he lives in a one-person apartment."

Mimi smiled. "It's okay, I'm fine with staying in a hotel. Maybe I'll even rent an apartment for the month, nothing's wrong with that."

Arching a brow, Sora frowned. "No, no, we don't want you to have to stay in an apartment. Well, paying some guy to stay in one, at least. You see, Matt has this nice apartment, with two bedrooms, and well, seeing that he's only one guy, and single, we thought that it would be best if you stayed with him."

Both Mimi and Matt stopped in their tracks, turning wide-eyed gazes towards Sora. "What?" Their voices rose in exclamation at the same time, and Sora couldn't help but laugh quietly and nervously.

"Well, um, Matt, I thought it would be good for you 'cause you would finally have some company, and a female presence would definitely help clean up the apartment, at least for a short period of time. And, that way, Mimi wouldn't have to stay in some strange place. Besides, Tai and Kari moved, and live just two apartments down from Matt, and I live just a block away. I thought it was best, geographically, so that way you'd be near us, and that way you could save money."

Mimi pursed her lips in thought, her forehead creasing in a frown as she replayed the information in her mind before coming to a conclusion. "Sounds good."

Sora's lips curled in a smile. "Great! Then let's get going!"

Matt simply remained rooted to the spot, forgotten as the trio headed off towards the car. "But … it's my apartment …"

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