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So, yes, onto the Epilogue


5 years later…

Dear Diary,

Wow, it's been a long time since I've written to you, hasn't it? I mean, a really long time. Like, 5 years. Do you remember the last time I wrote to you, I was telling you about my plans? Well, guess what? Everything came out all right. You know why?

I'll tell you.

Matt and I are officially MARRIED!

We got married just today. I managed to sneak into the limo to write to you about the news; I needed to tell something, somebody outside of my family and friends.

I'm so excited, every day I keep on smiling, laughing, telling myself how much I love life. Every morning I wake up in his arms, snuggle against him, talk with him, and see him before I go to sleep at night. It's the most wonderful feeling in the world, being with the one you love.

I'm here to give you a brief update of everything that has gone on in the past years. Tai and Sora got married last year, yes; they FINALLY tied the fucking knot. Took them long enough, jeez. And guess what? Sora's pregnant. She says I'll be an Auntie, even though we're not related whatsoever.

Isn't that amazing?

Guess what else?

Tai finally hit the big bucks; he's an Ambassador for the United Nations. He does a lot of work between the Digital World, here, and other countries, so he goes away a lot, but he gets paid a heck of a lot of money. A huge step from being a delivery boy, eh?

Sora's doing something I never thought she would; she's a fashion designer. Amazing, eh? She works with so many different companies, including Gucci, Christian Dior, even Armani, Chanel, and, oh gosh, so many more! I don't have enough time to list all of them. She's making so much money. They finally moved out of their dinky apartment and are living right next door to us!

Jou finally got his big break as a doctor, believe it or not. He made his first miracle four years ago, and has been making so many more since! He gets called all over the world and receives patients from so many different countries with so many problems. It's amazing how much strength and courage one man can give to a single person.

He's also married.

Haha. Yes, he tied the knot with someone other than yours truly. Her name is Ryoko, apparently I met her on the Christmas Party Sora held 5 years ago, but I don't remember anything from that night except for Matt's mouth on me. Oh, that was so fucking hot.

Anyways, yes, so he's married, and he's finally a father. They had a little girl and named her Sakura, what a sweet name, eh?

Izzy is, well, Izzy, the tech guy like usual. He's working with Matt's dad on a research project to make it easier to switch from the Digital World to the Human World. I think that everything's going along great so far. And he's got a girlfriend. She was at the party, too, and her name's Kumiko. She's really sweet, like Ryoko, and she works with Sora. Funny, eh?

Takeru got a big break in journalism, and he's writing a lot of major articles for Tokyo Gazette, which is a huge newspaper in our area. It's quite amazing. He's still in school, too, taking more journalism courses. He's grown so much!

Kari's changed a bit, too, and Tai is so proud of her. She's become a student-teacher right now, while waiting to get her diploma as a certified kindergarten teacher. I always knew that she would end up working with children. I know that when she and Takeru get married, she will make a great mother.

So, do you want to hear what's new in my life? I'll tell you a little later. First, I'm going to tell you ALL about Matt. My new love. Did you know that he finally made his big break as a rock star? It seems as though everyone's making their 'big breaks' now. Yes, Matt's now an official rock star. The band changed their name, after I persuaded them that they were no longer teenagers, to something a touch for manly. Okay, just something simple. They're The Wolves now. I know, I know, they're not that creative for a rock band, aren't they? All they did was cut out 'Teenage' from their band name. Haha.

Matt is finally raking in the income he always wanted. He was the one who paid for our house, believe it or not. It's absolutely gorgeous! It's got the typical, Kyoto style gardens in the back, four floors, and 12 bedrooms. It's just so gorgeous. And our location is perfect, with so much green scenery, and a lake nearby. It's perfect.

Anyways, of course, you'll want to hear all about me now, eh? Well, I guess you could say that I, too, got a big break. Or, well, my second big break. I'm now known as Japan's Naked Chef.

Yes, I do a cooking show just wearing an apron. Isn't it sexy?

When I first demonstrated my cooking abilities in the nude to Matt he, well, fine, I'll go into details a bit. He pressed my body against the table, and fucked me doggy-style so hard that I couldn't stand for a few minutes.

I love that apron.

A now, just a few hours ago, Matt and I were married.

You have no idea how happy I am to finally be married to the man I love. It's just … indescribable. That, or I'm not a good enough of a writer to be able to depict the joy that fills me every time I look at the white gold and diamond ring on my finger.

I am now Mrs. Ishida.

I can't wait to have children with him. Oh, that will be the icing on the cake for sure. Of course, I CAN wait for the morning sickness and weight gain, but, in the end, I know it'll be worth it. Just seeing Sora rubbing her belly, or Jou playing with his daughter, makes me realize how much I've wanted children for my own.

And now I have a chance to be able to raise my own children.

I will be going now; I think Matt's calling for me. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm being sick or something. Poor man.

I will update as soon as I can about the baby-making process.

Mimi Ishida

Sighing softly, she shut the diary before tucking it into her bag. The knock on the car door grew louder and sharper. Leaning forward, careful not to catch her long dress on her stiletto heels, she unlocked the door.

In seconds, Matt was in the limousine, slamming the door shut and pressing her to the seat.

"I missed you."

Ecstasy filled her in seconds at the feel of his hot breath on her throat, his lips pressing against her jaw line, beginning the process of arousing her body and senses. A soft gasp escaped her lips and she arched towards him in pleasure, yearning for more.

"Oh, Matt," she purred, pressing her lips roughly against his throat in return. "We shouldn't..."

"Oh, I know we should." His voice had lowered to a sensual, primal growl that caused her body to tighten in anticipation.

His hand moved up, instantly tugging down the top of her corset-style bodice, exposing her breasts, which were bare due to the lack of a bra.

A low growl emanated from the back of his throat, and his lips devoured her breasts one by one, teasing the rosy peaks until she cried out with pleasure, her hands gripping his hair, pressing him harder against her exposed flesh.

"Matt," she gasped, eyes widening with ecstasy.

His teeth grazed against a sensitive bud, causing her hands to clench his shoulders roughly. Then, they made their way down, aggressively tugging the dress shirt out of his pants, unbuttoning with a fervent need that caused her fingers to shake and a button to go flying.

"Hurry," he gasped, lifting up her full skirt, exposing the mid-thigh, lace stockings, and matching white garter. At the sight of her exposed mound, he buried his face against her throat, letting out a guttural groan. "Oh, Mimi." She wasn't wearing underwear. "You're going to be the death of me."

Finally, she managed to open his shirt, and grazed her nails along his taut muscles, leaving faint, red trails before she reached and began to unbuckle his pants.

In sheer seconds, he was free and in her tight grasp. Lifting her leg over the back of the seat, which required much flexibility on her part, she arched her hips up, letting out a low cry of pleasure as he filled her.

Each time he pressed into her felt like the first time, it was so passionate and pleasurable, her breath always caught in her throat, her cries constantly rising as he stretched her and filled her, incessantly pleasing her.

The rhythm started out slow, controlled, as though he wanted to make the moment last forever, but it did not work out that way, as in seconds he was pounding furiously into her, ramming himself hard against her body.

"Matt!" Her voice rose with pleasure, body arching in passion as sweat began to bead along her flesh. "Oh, Matt, don't stop, don't stop!!"

Her arms wrapped around his back, pulling him closer to her and he spread her legs wider, gaining more access to her moist center.

He leaned forward, whispering sweet, erotic nothings in her ear, bringing her closer and closer to the brink as he pounded harder and faster into her aching body. She was so close, she could feel it, feel her muscles tightening as her released neared. Just a little more…

"Oh, fuck, yes."

He let out a loud, primal growl as her muscles rhythmically clenched around his member, coaxing him and milking him into his own intense, powerful orgasm, filling her with his seed. The sensation of his orgasm was warm and filling, lengthening her release.

Once they completely their mission to sexually satisfy themselves, they lay together on the seat, spent and relaxed. In his arms, she felt so at home, so comfortable, and she knew, then and there, that she would never feel the same way in anyone else's arms. She knew the reason why.

"Matt, I love you."

He bent down, pressing a tender kiss to her lips, before smiling at her.

"Well, Mrs. Ishida, I must say that's quite a sweet statement you made."

Instantly her lips performed a 180, going from a cheerful smile to a furious frown in seconds. Her arms flung across her chest, covering her breasts as she tried to look somewhat irritated.

"That's not very nice, Yamato," she spoke his real name just for emphasis, and because it was oh-so sexy.

He grinned down at her, placing a sweet kiss on her nose. "Mimi, you should know how I feel."

He poked the side of her face with his hand, and, before he could move away, she turned her head sharply, grasping his finger between her teeth. The simple movement created a sudden, sexual friction between their bodies, and the two of them felt instantly aroused.

Flicking her tongue over his fingertip, she gave it a quick suck before letting it go to speak.

"Matt, you know I can't read your mind. Now, let's start over, okay?" She cupped his face in her hands, pulling him down for a sweet, passionately tender kiss. "Matt, I love you."

Their breaths mingled, their bodies tightened, and their hearts beat as one. His smile softly down at her, knowing right then and there that she was his, and would always be his. Just like how he would always be hers, and only hers.

"Mimi Ishida, I love you. I will always love you."

"Oh, Matt, I will always love you too."

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