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Chapter 1. Evil Infant

Lord Sesshomaru and his gang of followers were on their way to find the evil half-demon, Naraku. Jaken, the imp that Sesshomaru saved from being eaten by a larger demon, carried the Staff of Two Heads. Rin, a seven-year-old mortal girl was also saved by Sesshomaru. Her parents and brothers had been slaughtered by bandits and left her so shocked and traumatized, she stopped talking. One day she found Sesshomaru in the forest, injured. Rin stole food from the village and continually offered it to the wounded demon. Of course, he didn't eat human food, but that never stopped her. Only a few days after that, Rin's village was attacked by Koga's wolf demons and their wolves and all of the villagers were killed, along with Rin. Sesshomaru came across the girl's body and revived her with the Tenseiga, the sword of healing made from the fang of his father, the Great Dog Demon. Ever since then, Rin followed Sesshomaru and Jaken around, riding Ah-Un the two-headed dragon Sesshomaru has.

Rin walked in front of Ah-Un, holding onto his reins. Her stomach was empty and she had not eaten in a while.

"Lord Sesshomaru, I am getting hungry. May I go find something to eat?" she said.

"Yes," Sesshomaru said simply. Every time Lord Sesshomaru spoke, his voice was calm, smooth, almost bored. He rarely shows any emotions besides anger and it is so subtle it is scary. The times when he smiles are rare and usually it means that something terrible is going to happen.

Rin ran off into the forest in the opposite direction from the others. Ah-Un followed behind her.

Rin went farther into the forest until she came to a small clearing. In the clearing was a bundle of white and gray clothes. She stepped closer to see a white-haired infant wrapped up and it appeared to be sleeping. Rin got on her knees and sat next to the child.

Lord Sesshomaru continued to walk even after Rin was gone. Within a few minutes, he smelt Naraku. Standing before him was Hakudoshi, an incarnation of Naraku.

"Sesshomaru, how nice it is to finally meet you," he said.

"Who are you?" Sesshomaru demanded.

"I am Hakudoshi."

"Another one of Naraku's incarnations, I suppose. Well, I'll just kill you."

Sesshomaru drew his second sword, Tokijin. Hakudoshi only gave a small laugh. Then the two were at it. Sesshomaru continually delivered blow after blow to the barrier surrounding Hakudoshi. Sesshomaru felt reassured knowing Rin was out of danger.

Rin leaned over the baby, seeing if it still had a heart beat. In no time, the child came awake and grabbed around Rin's shoulders, clasping tight.

Rin tried to scream but could only squirm. She felt the child searching her soul and heart.

"I will find the darkness in your heart and enchant you so you will obey me." The small demon searched through quickly but found no darkness. "Where is it? Only that human girl Kagome was impervious to my powers and even she had a darkness to which I controlled her. This girl has nothing!"

Rin sensed what the baby was doing until she saw into its own heart. There, all of her friends were dead, even Lord Sesshomaru, and she was dead, too. Naraku stood with power holding the whole Shikon Jewel.

Then she was drawn out of the infant's heart and saw into her own. She passed by memory after memory, feelings, and other things until there was blackness. A single red orb that looked like a liquid mist hovered, light emitting from the inside. Then some wisps of the red mist seeped out slowly and began spreading through her body. Rin felt this red orb and it felt like grief, pain, suffering, destruction, and other horrible emotions that gave Rin the feeling that was what awaited her.

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