Chapter 20. Celebration

When the new couple ended their kiss, Rin moved her line of sight from her soon-to-be mate to all her companions. Kagome was beaming at the sight, being the romantic she was. Inuyasha smirked seeing that a female finally got to his elder brother. Sango and Kohaku were hugging happily as Miroku stood by watching. Jaken, Ah-Un, and Kirara, looked relieved, as if they had been waiting for that day forever. Shippo was wide-eyed being the child fox he is and knowing nothing of the subject really. Kagura was jealous and mad now that the demon she loved had a mate, but what she didn't realize is she would get over it and find another. Kanna was the exact contrary of her sister, completely indifferent. Koga, Ginta, and Hakkaku were just admiring them. Thoughts began to stew through Koga's mind as he shot a glance at the hyper Kagome that was now jumping up and down with joy only to be glared at by Inuyasha.

"I think we should be going," Inuyasha said after everyone had their little moments.

"Are you really that disrespectful, Inuyasha?!" Jaken squawked, waving the Staff of Two Heads. "At the announcement of Lord Sesshomaru's new mate, there will be a celebration! The brother of the lord should at least attend!"

Kagome jumped with newfound excitement as he said that.

"Inuyasha, let's stay! I ant to celebrate with Rin for everything! She has done so much for all of us, Inuyasha. It will be fun! Where is it going to be held?" she asked Jaken.

"At the castle, of course! Where else?!" Jaken questioned, appalled that they didn't know such a seemingly obvious thing.

"You have a castle, Lord Sesshomaru?" Kagome inquired in surprise. Everyone else took note of how she had actually used the title "lord" for the first time with him.

"Yes, and . . ." he seemed reluctant to say the next bit because he rarely says things such as this, " you are all invited to attend." He snatched Rin's hand in his own and started walking away. "Jaken."

All of them took that as a sign to follow. It took a few days for them to reach the large castle of the Western Lands but it was well worth it when they arrived. The palace was gorgeous beyond any other.

Demon servants who were demons of much lower class than the lord, took all of the visitors in, washed, clothed, and fed them all. Sesshomaru had locked himself in his study with Rin to write invitations to the other lords and the lesser lords in the north, south, and east, as well as the lesser lords serving under him in the west. Clan leaders and old friends of his father were invited, too. Sesshomaru himself was impressed when he saw how gracefully and beautifully Rin could write kanji. At some times, though, she seemed lost in thought, planning on other things. The celebration was to be held a week from them and Kagome felt the need to quickly visit her own time and catch up a little on school.

Meanwhile, RIn had instantly been settled into Sesshomaru's chambers. The reason why Sesshomaru had not been at the castle for a while was because he had originally set out to find his father's grave, get Tetsusaiga, and come back. When Inuyasha became involved and took possession of Tetsusaiga, he went after Inuyasha which then got him into his brother's affairs with Naraku and then eventually made a new goal: To kill Naraku and get revenge. Now that those issues were settled, Sesshomaru would be back at his castle ruling like a true lord but take trips with Rin around the country from time to time.

But, the first night for Rin proved interesting. She had already gotten dressed into her sleeping yukata. Sesshomaru came into the large luxurious room and turned to see Rin standing there, watching what he would do next. He moved to untie his obi that held his swords when Rin rushed over and immediately helped him. She deposited the two swords and sash over to a closet where she had her own sword. Rin returned to Sesshomaru and helped him out of his armor and moving aside his fur. A light blush appeared on her cheeks as she reached around his waste to undo his armor. Sesshomaru, on the other hand, was amused at her antics. She obviously felt obligated to undress him. He was perfectly fine with that idea.

Before she got to his haori, Sesshomaru stopped her in her task. He stared deeply into her eyes which seemed to mirror his own except with more emotion than he could possibly display. She made such a beautiful demon. . . He moved a hand up to her face and gently gave her a chaste kiss on the lips before moving in for a more serious one. She fully complied and followed his lead. Before she realized, he had already gotten himself undressed and was working on her. When he laid her down on the large futon after finishing with tossing her yukata away from them, he really showed her how passionate he could be. She would be looking forward to every night from now on . . . (I DO NOT DO SEX SCENES! I am only 15 and am rather shy when it comes to the subject. Thank you.)

When Rin awoke the next morning, she was in the arms of her lord and sharing his warmth. This was probably the best part of it all: Waking up in the morning in his embrace and him wrapping his arms around her, giving her a simple but wonderful kiss, and her saying, "Good morning." She had never felt happier.

Rin spent the next week wandering the castle, memorizing the halls and rooms, visiting with her friends, and taking strolls through the garden which she adored. It had all the flowers she could possibly imagine, trees blooming everywhere, cherry blossom trees at every corner. She would get to know the servants and her ladies-in-waiting. It had already been decided that Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Kohaku, Kirara, and Shippo would be staying at the castle as permanent residents once Inuyasha and Sesshomaru came to a truce. Rin had managed to convince Sesshomaru of letting humans stay because she said that it would be helpful to have them around. Then again, she had a whole other thing in mind that no one would know about until she decided would be the time to reveal her reasoning.

On the night of the celebration, it was a grand occasion. Many demon lords, ladies, and others appeared to be relieved that the all-powerful Lord Sesshomaru would have a mate that he loved and would soften him so his eyes were not on their lands and he would show more mercy or consider treaties of alliance. How wrong they were. Rin loved Sesshomaru just the way he was and if he were softer and more emotional, it would not be the demon she loved. Besides, he still had his goal of increasing his power and creating an empire.

Everyone was dressed in their finest that night. Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Kagura, and Kanna were all set up with beautiful clothes. Inuyasha, Koga, Ginta, and Hakkaku stayed in their usual attire seeing that it represented where they fit in it all. By the end of the night, all of them were tired and the guests were being sent off back to where they came and Kagome would soon be going through the well back to her own time.

Before Rin would let Kagome go through the Bone-Eater's Well, she pulled the girl aside.

"Kagome, now that the Shikon Jewel is complete and under my protection, you will be going back to your own time but will not be returning here. Do not worry for Inuyasha, he is immortal and I will try to the best of my abilities to keep him alive for you. The well will not allow you back through no matter how hard you try. But I do have a task for you when you return to your own time," Rin explained.

"A task? What task?" she asked.

"I realize there are not any demons in your era and I know why. Come with me and I will show you something. Remember the way here." Rin walked ahead toward the mountains slow enough for Kagome to put the directions to memory all the way to the mountains. It did not take too long, maybe a few hours to reach a small crevice in the side of a small mountain. The crevice, in actuality, was the entrance to a cave. Rin gestured for Kagome to follow her into the cave. "This shall be where you will come to. Inuyasha will be here in a dormant sleep along with all the other demons in the world. Awaken him with your spiritual powers and he will give you further instructions." Rin gazed at the young priestess who looked rather shocked. "Come, we will go now."

The two went back down the mountain to the well, saying one final good-bye before Kagome reluctantly jumped back through the well . . . . one last time but only to have a pleasant surprise when she did her job . . . .

The End




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