Sometimes Perfection Can Be Perfect Hell



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Peyton Sawyer was sitting tightly tucked into her queen size bed with "Bruised" by Jack's Mannequin filling up the air in her room. Jack seemed to be the only one who hit right on the spot, went straight to the core of the problem, to the midst of the disaster. It still amazed Peyton how well music explain so many things to her with just a mere note or line. It was easier, in her opinion, to listen to a set of songs than to talk to a person or friend or a parent; not that hers was any where to be seen most of the time. It was neutral, music that is. When she is happy she listens to Tegan and Sara and Fall Out Boy. When she was angry, She Wants Revenge would be her ultimate choice. When she was confused you could hear Jimmy Eat World, The 88, Kill Hannah, Matchbox Romance and maybe some Bright Eyes blasting throughout her vacant house at three o' clock in the morning. When she was depressed you could hear anything from Led Zeppelin to Jack's Mannequin; as of now.

I've got my things, I'm good to go
You met me at the terminal
Just one more plane ride and it's done

As she heard the first lines, she remembered, and some could say she remember far to well, what happened that fateful day. She remembered what smell was in the air, how the light hit her face, how one single tear could feel like the last of everything she had fought back for, for so long. And all that pushing and begging and promises expected to be kept by both parties gone in a matter of a couple of words, 3 seconds, and two steps. She was gone, and possibly forever. Her best friend was gone forever and there was no going back and fixing the heap of mess she made. Brooke and Peyton were no more. It was just Peyton…and the Brooke and Lucas.

We stood like statues at the gate
Vacation's come and gone too late
There's so much sun where I'm from
I had to give it away, had to give you away

Lucas was always in her heart. Always and forever you could say. They had their falling out and he fell into the arms of Brooke Davis, her ex best friend. She always thought that someday, somehow he'd come back to her. But after the wedding reception she caught a glimpse of what confirmed that he was always going to be hers. Not mine. Never mine. Peyton had to make that stay in her brain whether she wanted to accept it or not. Even when it was "well-known", Peyton was nuts about Lucas Scott. He was an athlete without defiance. He was everything she wasn't, or ay least not what she showed everyone else at Tree Hill High. That is what intrigued her so damn much. He had a story and she was determined to find it out. But then Brooke got into the way and snatched him away from me. Brooke got to find out his story.

And we spent four days on an
Island at your family's old hotel
Sometimes perfection can be
It can be perfect hell, perfect...


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