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Sometimes Perfection Can Be Perfect Hell

You don't have to make your mind up; I just want to take my time with you

Chapter Six

Waking up to an annoying alarm clock Peyton groaned and looked over at the time. It was 7:05am on a Saturday for Christ sakes. She reached over and shut it off and rolled over, covering her head with covers and pillows, trying to lock out the bright morning. Now where was I? Peyton thought, remembering her amazing dream about Lucas before the annoying buzzing noise awoke her. Just as she was about to fall back into sleepy land her cell rang loudly which received another loud groan from Peyton. "Do people ever sleep in anymore?" Peyton yelled to no one in particular. "Hello?" Peyton answered not happy with whoever was on the other end.

"Peyton?" Lucas asked, wondering what pissed her off.

"Lucas? Seriously? Seven in the freaking morning?" Peyton grumbled, sitting up in bed and running her free hand through her hair.

"Nathan and Haley are up." Was all Lucas said and instantly Peyton felt horrible for being such a bitch to him.

"I am sorry for being grumpy; do you need me to go with you to the hospital? Or are you already there? Duh you are already there how else would you know there are awake." Peyton smacked her forehead.

"Relax Peyt, yes I am already here but I would really like it if you came up here as well. It is kind of lonely." Lucas hoped she would comply.

Peyton thought about turning him down but she decided she needed to stop hiding from Brooke. "Of course, I will be there in twenty minutes. See you then." She said before she hung up and rushed over to her bathroom and quickly turned on the facet all the way to hot. She stripped off the previous day's clothes and jumped in turning on her shower radio. Singing along to Papa Roach's "Scars" at the top of her lungs and shaking her head like her and Haley used to do. In the process she got shampoo in her eyes which then caused her to whimper, I freaking hate getting shampoo in my eyes. Deciding that it was a good time as any to end her shower, Peyton stepped out and grabbed the nearest towel and wiped her eyes. She wrapped said towel around her slender body and walked to her closet and searched for the perfect outfit; eyeing a bright, pink long tee with the breast cancer ribbon across the chest part and a black under tee to go along with her dark blue jeans and chucks. Peyton decided to just let her hair curl instead of taking the time to blow dry it and straighten it. After grabbing her black tote bag she got from her dad the last time he was in town and her car keys she was ready.


Brooke lay in her bed waiting for an urge to get up and do something. But quite frankly she was too damn tired to do squat. She was up all night thinking about what all Lucas said. He said he loved her, and 

she didn't need him to say it to know it. But what she couldn't get past was that it happened, again. She began to wonder last night if this was just suppose to be her life, this never ending sick and twisted dream or love triangles, back stabbing friends, and broken hearts. She wanted to forgive Peyton, she did, but it would be so much easier if she hadn't been the one to kiss Lucas. Who knew, maybe she just needed time.

Her cell phone ringing brought her out of her thoughts. She reached for it with little movement and read that it was Lucas calling. "Hello?" She said groggy.

"Hey, Nathan and Haley are awake, I thought you would like to know." Lucas said, with little emotion, which frightened Brooke. Lucas used to always have an air of confidence around her and it was heard now.

"Oh, well thanks, I appreciate that Luke." Brooke bit her lip nervously.

"Listen, Peyton is coming up here in a few minutes so if you decide to come up here please don't start anything with her." Lucas pleaded with her.

Brooke felt a little angry that he would jump to those conclusions, but decided to leave it alone and told him that she would come up later this afternoon. Lucas thanked her and they hung up.

Brooke tossed her phone to the edge of the bed in defeat. I have no friends, really I don't. This is really sad…she thought before getting up and walking to the kitchen to get a pint of ice cream and a spoon. She wished Haley was here so they eat ice cream together and talk about their issues. Then another person came into her mind and how much Brooke missed her. Getting an idea, she took one bite of ice cream and then put it back up in the freezer, then took off down the hall to the bathroom.


Peyton arrived at the hospital quickly and looked for Lucas in the crowded waiting room, instead spotted Skills.

"Yo skinny girl, get over here and give your big boy a huggin!" Skills roared and Peyton smiled.

After they were done with their hug Skills sighed. "You and L get together yet?" Skills whispered.

Peyton gasped and smacked him on the arm, "What do you mean?"

"Oh I think you know what I mean P. Sawyer. I know all." Skills stuck his chin in the air.

Peyton couldn't help but fall into a fit of laughter because of this. "Where is Lucas, I know you know."

"In Haley's room the last time I checked. Let me know when you jump on that." Skills yelled causing Peyton to turn around give Skills a glare.

Peyton was almost to Haley's room when someone pulled her arm into an empty hospital room. What the-Brooke?" Peyton asked surprised.

"I think we need to talk." Brooke informed Peyton.

Peyton nodded, "Okay…"