I'm absolutely terrible for starting another story when I still have two that I haven't updated yet, but here I go, doing it again. Also, a note.

Because this story is what it is, team 7's experience in the forest of death will be different. It's not possible to stick to the original storyline and have this story turn out the way I want it. Just a warning.


Naruto was excited. The forest of death didn't bother him much. He was looking forward to fighting new people from the different villages. He said "I wish they would hurry up and open the gate already..."

Sakura said "Naruto..." She sighed "Are you even taking this seriously?"

Naruto said "Huh?"

"You know that we could die in here..." Sakura said uncomfortably. Even though Sasuke might see it as weakness from her, she needed to get Naruto to realize it.

Naruto said "Nah...all these other guys are genin too. I can take 'em..." Just then the gates opened and all the teams ran in. Sakura sighed. Naruto got distracted once he was inside. He really had to go. Maybe he shouldn't have had that extra glass of juice that morning...

As Sakura saw what Naruto was about to do, she hit him on the head "Baka! You don't do that in front of a lady! Go somewhere else!"

"Itai..." Naruto cried "You didn't have to hit so hard, Sakura-chan..." He walked away rubbing his head. Sasuke snickered. Sakura sighed. They waited on Naruto.

Sakura said, annoyed, after waiting for over over ten minutes "What's taking him so long?"

Meanwhile...with Naruto...

Naruto had gone about a couple blocks away. He was going to head back to his team when he heard something. Someone. He tensed and looked around. Searching for the source of the rustle. He heard a laugh. He growled "Show yourself." Naruto frowned as a ninja appeared. It was the same one from earlier, the one who had given that crazy lady her kunai back. "You here for the scroll?" He got into a fighting position.

The shinobi chuckled and said "No, I'm here for you."

Suddenly Naruto felt a huge amount of killer intent coming from the man as he caught his eyes with his. Naruto shivered. It was the strongest that he had ever felt, but he had felt killer intent before, he had people wanting to kill him since he was born. He said, looking at him, but not quite in the eye "You're not a genin. Who are you?"

Oorochimaru was very surprised, but intrigued that the killer intent didn't immobilize the boy. It had always done so to his other opponents. He had been told about the boy's power by Kabuto, who could sense his opponents power level. Apparently the Kyuubi he contained's chakra was starting to mix with his own. He thought on it. At first, he had just been going after Sasuke, for his Sharingan, but if the Kyuubi-brat had become like Kabuto said, maybe he would be the better choice. He would see for himself. He licked his lips. "I am Oorochimaru." He paused "Kuchiyose no Jutsu."

Out from nowhere came the largest snake that Naruto had ever seen. Oorochimaru drove the snake forward. Naruto thought 'Crap.'

Back with Sasuke and Sakura...

Sakura saw Naruto walking out from the bushes. "Ahh. I feel better now!"

Sasuke frowned and threw two kunai at him.

Sakura cried "Sasuke! What are you doing?"

The Naruto cried "That almost hit me!"

Sasuke said "That's not Naruto. His wound is gone from earlier and he didn't react to the kunai getting thrown at him like he usually would. The real Naruto would have screamed an insult at me and barely dodged." Sakura then realized Sasuke was right.

'Naruto' poofed and there was the grass nin from earlier, who chuckled. "Perceptive, Sasuke Uchiha."

Sasuke scowled. "Who are you?"

"I am Oorochimaru" Oorochimaru did the same thing he had done to Naruto and with a mix of satisfaction and dissapointment, he saw both Sasuke and the kunoichi freeze in fear. He saw it race through them. He would see if he could snap out of it when his life was in danger. He summoned another snake.

Back with Naruto...

This snake was outmatching him. Regular attacks weren't working against it. He would have to..."Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" About a hundred Narutos appeared.

Oorochimaru was surprised, was the boy doing this on his own chakra?Intriguing. But it wasn't good enough. His snake swept through all of the clones in little time and was left with five, all of which got slammed into a tree. There were five poofs. Oorochimaru frowned. What just happened? Then he sensed something coming down from the sky. The boy! He had hidden his chakra for a moment. He made the snake strike out and the boy went flying into the tree with a groan. That had been a good move. More than he had expected from the boy. Perhaps he had underestimated the kyuubi brat. For now, he left the boy to the snake. If he survived, then he was worth further attention. He would go replace his clone that was with his other prospective vessel. He poofed away, leaving Naruto to the snake.

Naruto groaned as he got up and the snake swallowed him before he could recover. Naruto struggled inside the snake. What could he do now? He tried cutting it with his kunai, but it didn't work. As he saw a chunk of food being digested he swallowed, finally feeling fear. Would he die here? His life flashed before his eyes. Then he was woken out of his thoughts by a scream. Sakura's scream. His determination came back full flame. He had to get out of here now! He suddenly had an idea. A snake's stomach could only hold so much. "Taiju Kage Bushin no Jutsu!"

Back with the rest of team 7...

Sasuke was still frozen in fear. He was trying so hard to move. He could talk. He had broken from it enough from that. So had Sakura, it seemed, as she screamed. Then the killer intent came in a fresh wave and he was frozen all over again. 'Damn it!' Just as the snake was a couple of feet away from striking them, there was a flash and a blond boy holding it back. He looked at them both with an intense stare. "What's wrong, are you hurt? Scaredy cat!"

Oorochimaru noticed that some of the kyuubi's chakra had leaked out. The boy must have had to draw on it to defeat the snake. Was it accident or could the boy call upon it? Either way he could make use of that... He looked between the Uchiha who was driven by revenge and had the sharingan and the kyuubi-brat who wanted to be the ruler of Leaf. Sasuke had more of a motive to join him willingly, but Naruto was more powerful by far. He made his decision. He cast a genjutsu on the other two and left a clone that looked like Naruto with them. It was a timed genjutsu. That didn't require his presence. It lasted five minutes. That was all he needed. He chased the boy with the snake a good distance away before he attacked again. When he was on his last legs in the fight, Oorochimaru let the snake dissapear. He said "Naruto-kun. I have a present for you." He stretched out his neck and bit Naruto on his.

Sakura and Sasuke snapped out of it just in time to see the clone poof away and hear the real Naruto's screams.

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