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Chapter one

"Naruto" Iruka shouted trying to wake the blond ninja who was sleeping on the desk frustrated the teacher threw a piece of chalk which bounced off Naruto head when the blond lifted his head and opened his eyes Iruka faultered his eyes were glowing bright green "Naruto?" Iruka asked concerned.
"Blood will stain grass and the army will rise from the depths" Naruto said as he stood "The fox rose and only the pure could stop him, but that will not hold back what is coming"
"Naruto" Iruka repeated trying to get the academy student to answer.
"Naruto stop playing games" Sakura shouted "He's not" Iruka snapped "He's in a trance, what is comming Naruto"
"Bad things, Your not ready, The fox was the test, you failed with that failure you opened the gates and the one being who could help you will not"
"The kitsune child, born on the night of fire" Naruto answered
"What are you?" Kiba shouted
"Warn the Kitsune child" Naruto said firmly "He must be strong the dawn comes for him and he must stay alive he must for the world rests on him, this village will fall if they do not change if the kitsune child doesn't change his feelings, this villiages WILL burn but there is a chance that it will be reborn in the flames that lies in the hands of the kitsune child, Hear my words Great Fox the time approaches the shades are coming unto this world, make the kitsune child ready train him, love him make him believe in himself" Naruto suddenly stumbled his eyes once again blue and looked around in confusion "How did i get over here?"
"Naruto whats the last thing you remember"
"Going to sleep?" Naruto said making it sound like a question
"You don't remember anything after that?" Naruto shook his head "Naruto have you ever had blackout and lost time or found yourself somewhere with no memory of how you got there"
"sometimes" Naruto said hesitently
"I'm going to have to talk to the sandaime see if he knows about the bloodlines of your parents, you may have unleased a bloodline limit and not realised it"
"A bloodline? is it something cool"
"I think you speak prophecys Naruto, what you said to us certainly sounded like it"
"What did i say"
"You were rambling about blood covered fields the villiage burning and shades"
"Blood covered field? the Shades?" Naruto looked frightened
"Naruto what do you know about that?"
"Just dreams" Naruto said "they don't mean anything the shades won't come they won't" Naruto said as if he was trying to convince himself "What happens in your dream" Iruka asked "It's like Kiba said the villiage is on fire and the fields are covered with blood and littered with human bones in the shadows there are glowing eyes watching me, theres a boy sat on top of the Hokage monument watching the destruction but he's got a tail that looks like a foxes and fox ears i don't see his face just his back he's got to make a decision but i never see the outcome but i know that the fate of the villiage rests on that descision, i don't know which choice he makes i never see that"
"What causes the fire dobe?" Sasuke asked and Naruto frowned
"I don't know"
"Naruto if the dreams change i want you to come and tell me alright"
"Hai Iruka sensei" the blond nodded and walked back to his seat.

"I'm sure Hokage-sama Naruto was in a trance he couldn't have made all that up"
"Yes, the kitsune child must be Naruto himself" The sandaime muttered to himself
"And if he's the kitsune child then kyuubi must be the great fox" Iruka added
"Naruto will be the one to decide whether Konaha will survive or be destroyed in the fire" Sarutobi sighed "How is this possible he's a seer, there hasn't been a known seer born in the last five hundred years"
"There have been others?"
"yes there are records of others, one predicted the growth of konaha, what Naruto said while in his trance fits with what that seer said"
"What do you mean hokage sama"
"The seer said that there would be a test there was never a mention about what the test was or what came after it but i think Naruto has just elabourated slightly about that"
"What do we do now?"
"There is nothing we can do at the minute once the genin exams are over we start getting Naruto trained hopefully we can allow him to see the good in Konaha"
"How? the villiagers hate him, and the shinobi aren't any better" Iruka told the hokage frowning.

The night after Naruto graduated when Naruto went to sleep a differant dream took the place of the bloodied fields instead he stood at the mouth of a cave shrugging he entered the cave and saw a Emerald eyed dark messy waist length haired man sat by the small fire, as he looked at him Naruto notice the slitted fox like pupils and small fangs, poking out of his hair was black tipped red canine ears, and coming out of his back were nine black tipped red fox tails.
"Hello Naruto"
"Who are you? how did you know my name where are we"
"We're in your subconsious i know your name because i've been sealed inside you for the last 12 years, and my name is Harry"
"Sealed in me?"
"Yes sealed in you, you will know me by another name and if i tell it to you you must promise not to panic"
"I promise i won't panic"
"Good the villigers called me kyuubi for my nine tails"
"Your the kitsune that attacked konaha"
"yes" Harry nodded "when the yondaime faced me in battle he knew he couldn't win directly but he summoned the god of death and sealed me inside a new born child, you"
"Why? why me"
"Because the child had to be new born, you were only an hour old and had yet to develop your own chakra system it takes 8 hours after birth for that to be completed if i had been sealed into an older child i would have been able to escape that is why you were chosen not to mention your had a very large chakra potential when you were born"
"Why do you have a weird name?" Naruto asked suddenly
"My name isn't weird" Harry growled
"Yeah but shouldn't you have a name thats more"
"Like yours? i was born a very long time ago Naruto and in a differant part of the world, added to that i was born human"
"Human" Harry repeated "So how did you become a demon then"
"i was born able to use a rare ability called magic, back then there weren't very many people who could, but my parents could also use it. An evil man was hunting down and killing some magic users because he wanted to rule the comunity my parents fought against him and he came and murdered them when i was a year old afterwards i was sent to my mother sister. My aunt hated anything not 'normal' and normal was not being able to use magic or chakra, using magic is differant we aren't limited to just using it to fight we can use it for anything.. There was a spell which killed anyone it hit, there was only ever one person who survived and that was me" Harry explained
"When i was eleven i got invited to a school to learn how to use wand magic which is a the easiest way to use magic, the school was called Hogwarts it was a magnificant castle" The kitsune smiled nostalgicly "Anyway i grew up all the while having assasins come after me sent by the evil man who killed my parents, his name was Voldemort.
When i was seventeen i faced Voldemort for the last time unfortunatly when i reached him he was in the middle of a ritual which would turn him into a demon which best suited him, most likely it would have been a snake demon i didn't know what the ritual was i just knew i had to stop it. I had had a vision earlier that day it was just a picture of that design and location but i had no time to research what it was and just raced off and ended up trading places with voldemort. In my haste i knocked Voldemort out of the circle but didn't get out myself in time and got transformed i was just a one tailed fox then but boy was i angry i already had my foxfire and i lost control Voldemort and 3 of his followers were killed, after he was dead i just sat the middle of the circle until Inari appeared he helped me he explained what had happened and offered his help if i ever needed it, i used my magic to put an illusion over my tail and ears and headed back to the school with Voldemorts body but never told anyone what happened to me i dissappeared into the demon world five years later and became a servant of Inari, That was 9 thousand years ago"
"And you were sealed inside me twelve years ago"
"So why did you attack"
"I had to" Harry confessed "i work for the higher powers, Mainly i serve Inari the god of rice and fertillity, his messangers are us foxes. But i got poached by another god with Inari's permission and was asked to come to konaha in my human form with my tails showing that was the first part of the test if i was welcomed they passed if they were mean to me and tried to cast me out then they failed the first part of the test and the second came into play, i retaliated with words, when only one, the yondaime, stuck up for me and helped me they failed the second part and i was told to take my full kitsune form and attack the village, the gods knew the Yondaime would seal me and so came the third part of the test seeing how they treated you, if they had been kind to you and treated you with respect they would have passed the third test, they failed, and now the gods don't find them worthy enough to help them the other shinobi villiges were also tested, sand was tested with another demon, to see if they could resist temptation they didn't but infact they followed Konaha example and sealed the tanuki. The seal was incomplete and is slowly driving the demon and container insane, Stone was tested with a child who could see Chakra and play with it, she could create wonderful patterns and loved playing with her gift to entertain. The village forced her to become a weapon instead of letting her do what she wanted which was to look after children, they failed their test, i know the others were tested but i don't know what the tests were"
"Why tell me"
"Because the shades are coming, in less then five years they will pass through the door and will attack this land"
"What are the shades"
"They are feeders, mindless creatures who don't feel anything except hunger, only demons are immune to them, they can't see us, because i am sealed inside you, you will be partically invisible to them unless you attack them. You will have a choice to make the shades can only be destroyed by a demon"
"But i'm not a demon"
"If you allow me to i can convert your body, it would change you so you were biologically my son, another thing is that some bloodline limits are classed as demonic by the gods because they come from demons having children with humans and passing on some of their powers, most have dissappeared now but a few remain"
"You and the other children who were part of the tests are decendants of demons, ironicly i am your ancestor"
"Yes strange isn't it, i've had 27 half human children in my long life, and you come from a joining of 4 of the lines, your grand parents each came from a differant line, it's very rare that this would happen. All of my descendants have dormant abilities sometimes they can awaken them but mostly they just stay unuseable"
"I have a bloodline limit"
"Yes you have a bloodline limit" Harry answered "The ability to speak prophecy comes from my human mother and my descendents have gotton it in various degrees although you are the strongest to have it in a few hundred years, there have been four other abilities passed down that have been called bloodline abilitys but are just small manifistations of the kitsune blood that have become bloodline traits, but these are things that you would have gotton anyway being a kitsune"
"What were my grandparents bloodline limits? and what do you mean it won't matter"
"Your grandmother from you fathers side was to speak with animals, her family had awakened hers and she spent alot of time in the forrest talking with them, her family kept the ability very secret you are the last of her clan, your grandmother on your mothers side was blocked, it was to see, hear and speak to spirits and ghosts, of which konaha has a lot of, your Gandfather on you mothers side ability was dormant but it was to weild the blue kitsune flame your grandfather on your fathers side was to produce kitsune illusions however that was passed off as being good at genjutsu"
"so i'll be able to talk to animal, see the future, see and talk to the dead, create fire, and make illusions"
"Exactly" Harry nodded "However like i said before you would have gotton those anyway with the transformation into kitsune, those powers are the most basic powers a young kitsune has, as soon as a kit is born they have the potential to wield the flame and make illusion and the ability to see ghosts and speak to other creatures, you gain more abilities and power as you gain tails"
"And your a nine tails the top of the power scale right"
"No, not exactly" Harry said "You see there are three colours of Kitsune, blue, red, and silver, every kit born is born Blue"
"Blue, the kit then has to gain it's nine blue tails, if you are transformed into a kitsune your Fox form will be blue, however your tails in human form will be blue with a differant colour tip most likely a golden tip because that's your hair colour like mine are black. Gaining tails is difficult and usually takes years and so blue kitsune tend to either stay with their family groups or with packs of other blues or red and silvers, once you have nine blue tails you have to go before Inari and he will give you a trial which is differant for everyone so don't ask, if you fail the trail then you cannot go back to him for another trial until one hundred years have passed, if you pass then you become a one tail red Kitsune and you have to start earning your tails again also if you break a promise then you also lose a tail unless you tried you absolute best to keep the promise so be careful about making promises"
"I never back down on a promise that is my ninja way!" Naruto shouted then asked more calmly "Whats the actual differance between the colours?"
"Basically you're power level, once you jump up a level you're energy level will rise which means you have to learn control all over again, you're tail abilities also grow, take for example the fox fire i mentioned a blue kitsune can only direct the fire in rudimentry ways like fire balls or a wall of fire, but a red kitsune could start to shape it into for example a whip, but a silver kitsune's fire is a thing to behold they have complete control over the fire, they could thow a fire ball and make it stop right infront on you're face and dissappear or make it flatten and wrap around the victims face or throat, or make a line of fire so thin it can't be seen and you're opponant would walk straight into it"
"Did you fail your test to get to silver?" Naruto asked thinking Kyuubi was waxing poetically about the silvers a little to much.
"No" the fox snapped "when i went for my test Inari asked me to do this for him, even when i was a blue fox i was doing alot of jobs for Inari so missions aren't a uncommon thing, i've done jobs for other gods with Inari's blessing as well and come to the human world to help people"
"And you want to change my body so i am more demon like so i will survive the shades"
"And only a demon can kill the shades so if i wanted to protect the humans i would have to become a demon, like the boy in my dreams"
"The boy in your dreams was you, he is what you would look like if you take my offer"
"What if i don't choose to be changed into a demon"
"You'll die with the rest of the world and have no way to fight back or defend yourself"
"And if i agree what will happen"
"The change will occur slowly your abilitys must be awakened and mastered,and you must perfect your chakra control while you are mastering them i will start to change your blood, demon blood carrys inside it youkai, which is demon energy we use that energy to heal and to use to attack with much like you use chakra the healing will be automatic and the youki in the blood has to be spesifically activated to be used so there no worrys of you loosing control of it, however you can't activate it until i've strengthend your chakra channels" Harry smiled "so,as soon as the blood is converted enough i'll start changing your chakra pathways"
"And do what"
"Well, at the minute your chakra pathways are Human therefore not able to conduct demon energy, which means i can't lend you my chakra for more than a few minutes other wise i would end up burning your chakra pathways which wouldn't be good because i can't fix it, your blood will carry youki but to get the power to all of your body quickly the chakra channels are needed, the blood won't carry enough youki to do heal without doing more damage, when the chakra pathways are complete we'll move onto your muscles which will slowly absord the youki in the blood and make the muscles denser and stronger, you've heard of demon strength"
"Yes" Naruto nodded
"Once i've changed your muscle structure you'll be stronger then any human could be, after the muscles have absorbed the youki and changed a little, and while all this is going on i'm going to slowly increase your senses to Kitsune level"
"I see"
"Naruto i'll contact you again in three months for your answer alright?" Harry said concerned "That will give you time to think about all this"
"Alright, thank you"
"It's alright young kit" Were the last words Naruto heard as the cave faded away and he woke up in his bed.