Chapater three - for the disclaimer see chaps one and two

The next day Naruto and Harry stood in a clearing in the middle of the forrest the clearing was right next to a huge lake which had a waterfall.
"What are we doing today sensei"
"Bloodlines, specifically your animal talking, Foxes and other canines like dogs and wolves will always be the easiest to talk to and tanslate but you still need practice. There are plenty on animals in the forest, all you have to do is believe that you can do it i've already unlocked the bloodline you just have to activate it, once you've talked to three differant animals we're going to start your physical training"
two hours later Naruto had gotten the hang of talking to animals and had long conversations with a wolf who had been sunbathing, a bird who was bored and a squirrel who was hungry.
"Right then time to start you on your physical training" Harry said cheerfully
"so what am i doing?"
"there are four thing we need to work on, Control, strength, speed and power"
"But aren't power and strength the same thing"
"In this case no, strength is your physical strength, while power is your chakra strength and how powerful your techniques are, speed is both how fast you can move and how fast you can use your justus, control is physical, spiritual and mental, control over your body, mind and chakra" exlained Harry.
"So what are we starting with"
"Control, i want you to walk on the lake, it's the same principal as walking up the tree which you'd just about mastered, but it needs more contol of your chakra, remember water and trees are very differant to start with one is a liquid the other solid, but also because one is alive and the other isn't" Harry sat down to watch as Naruto took his first step onto the lake and sunk like a stone Shaking his head Harry faded away back into the seal but not before telling Naruto to keep paractising until he could walk jump and stand on the lake. It was late in the evening before Naruto had gotten the waterwalking down.
Once Harry had seen he could do it he told Naruto to head back to his apartment once there Harry reappeared and told Naruto to get a sharp knife, a large bowl,two small bowls, a pestle, three types of flower which Harry had forced Naruto to collect the day before and a few herbs "So what do i do with them dad"
"Put the flowers in one of the bowls and grind them up using the pestle" Harry ordered and Naruto did as he was told and kept grinding until Harry said they were ground enough, "Now finely chop the herbs and put them in the other small bowl" Once that was done Naruto again turned to Harry "The last bowl has to be filled with your blood" Harry told the young hanyou
"WHAT?" Naruto shouted "Why?"
"What we are making is a kind of seal, it's called a gravity seal it must be drawn on with blood although not necessarily the blood of the person who is gaining the seal, it will make the gravity on your body higher which will in turn make you stronger and faster, once the mixture i'll use one of your kage bunshins to draw the designs on your skin, and make them unnoticable to anyone except us, so you will still see them if you look in the mirror or down at yourself"
"Where are these seals going"
"On your calfs, forearms and back but the quick release will be on your neck"
"Quick release?" Naruto asked confused "when you need the weights off you will just need to smear your blood on a certain part of the seal on your neck which will deactivate the seal entirely"
"What about turning it up"
"That will be on your back and only i will be able to modify it until you get nine tails, also if i find you have deactivted the seal when you don't need to i will not be pleased and will punish you with extra work, maybe a few laps around Konoha with the seals set a notch higher, however there will be times when i will deactivate it to let you make sure you can control you're body without the weights we wouldn't want you to underestimate the change and try running and go straight into a tree that you couldn't avoid because you were running to fast"
Naruto grudgingly slit his wrists and let his blood drain into the bowl, Harry used his own energy to boost Narutos healing so he produced more blood. Once the bowl was full Harry healed Naruto completly "What next?"
"Create a kage bunshin for me in inhabit and then slowly add the herbs into the blood" Harry commanded and took over the clone, He placed his hands on either side of the bowl and started chanting once the herbs were in the mixture and properly mixed in the blood changed colour from bright red to a darker shade, "Do the same with the flowers" Again Harry chanted as Naruto stirred in the flowers as soon as Harry stopped chanting the mixture turn pure black.
"What was the chanting for"
"A spell" Harry said as he went back to his spirit form
"But i thought you couldn't do your spells since you became a demon"
"Nope i can still use it, now you need to put the bowl somewhere safe and let it sit for the next three days, which will give me time to get my energy back" Harry said looking tired even channeling small amount of magic cost him.
"Why does it cost you so much? i thought you had unlimited chakra?"
"I can run out of chakra but around humans it would seem unlimited, in this case i'm having to channel my magic through the seal, the seal itself doesn't like me being out so it restricts my access to the chakra and magic so i can't blast it and get my self out, on top of that the kage bunshins don't like me being in them because there made from you and are not used to having a foreign being controling them, there not meant to be channeling demon energy or magic"
"I get it" Naruto nodded firmly "So what do i do for the next three days? i don't need to meet my team for another four days"
"I want you to spend time at the lake, practice your control on the water and i'm going to teach you some water jutsus"
"More jutsu's?" Naruto asked perking up
"Yes more jutsus" the demon sighed
"Why water why not fire?"
"Your going to be standing on the lake while peforming the jutsu's with all the water around you it should be easiest for you to learn the water jutsu's. plus we're in the middle of a forrest which isn't the best place to learn fire jutsus, you may set the forrest on fire accidentaly"
"So what am i learning? the suiryuudan? or maybe the suikoudan"
"Neither, i know you learn higher techniques quicker then ones that need a smaller amount of chakra, so your going to be learning demon jutsu, you will be able to be use them, they just need a higher power factor then human jutsu's do, you have the power but not the control the water walking helped with control and this jutsu will help even more"
"ok so what is it"
"Three technique's, one is a water wall, a barrier of absolute defence when your standing on a lake, you will be doing that first as you can't damage anything with it if you lose control it will just collapse, the second technique is a fog, it's exactly like the technique zabuza used except alot faster and denser, the last technique is a Mizu kitsune, it's like the water dragon except in a fox shape the amount of power and control you put into the summoning of the fox decides how big and how many tails it has, you can also control where it goes if someone trys to run from it you can tell the water fox to chase the enemy"
"Wow those sound really cool"
"Good, however you're not going to start on the straight away you're going to have three more days of pure chakra control, that is the base element of any technique i'm going to teach you so you must be as good as i can get you to be, as soon as you wake up tomorrow it'll be back to the lake with you, for now lets start those cooking lessons i promised"

The next day found Naruto up bright and early at dawn when he had a light breakfast and was soon on the lake "So what do you wnt me to do"
"taijutsu moves" Harry said as he walked forward onto the water to join Naruto still in spirit form, his clothes morphed into shorts and a t-shirt which revealed his nine tails he was also barefooted and his hair was tied up in a ponytail. "this will help Chakra control and speed as summoning your chakra to various parts of your body"
"Right so what moves am i doing?"
"over the past few thousand years i developed my own style of combat, the first part of my style is avoidence, dodges and evasion techniques, the style is also based on my code of life, the avoidence is my first code. That code is to avoid battle when you have nothing to fight for, Strike back only when you are sure your going to hit your opponant, against Human opponants you have much more chakra and so can afford to wear them down, against other demons you have to watch your opponant and know when to strike for the best results. We will be learning People watching later for now the first move" Harry moved so he was standing in a loose stance on foot slightly behind the other and he was up on the balls of his feet. "I'm standing like this because it makes it much easier to move, with one foot slightly behind i can sway on almost any direction without having to move my feet, with only the balls of my feet touching the floor speeds up the time it takes me to move because i don't have to lift my heels, it doesn't take much off but your more ready to move like that, However the stance isn't that solid so it is only used for dodging or rolling with the hits" Naruto nodded and copied Harry's stance he rocked in the stance and nodded.
"I get it"
"Good, okay first move is just a simple rocking from side to side with a twist as if your avoiding fists" Harry said and moved to stand infront on Naruto and drew is hands up an a boxers position "i'm going to punch at you ad your just going to rock and twist to dodge it"
"Right" Naruto nodded. Harry punched and Naruto twisted out of the way the elder Kitsune smiled and kept punching slowly bringing the speed up.
"Good now same thing again but your going to walk backwards while twisting once you reach the edge of the water your going to jump and do a sumersault over my head and we'll go the otherway as we go towards the other edge your going to use twists and summersaults to dodge"
"Got it" Naruto nodded and the dodging began again and Harry was slowly getting faster and faster "Good" Harry shouted and stopped in the middle of the water "ok the next set of dodge's, cartwheel both one handed and two, a sideways flip, and a roll midair"
"Sideways filp"
"Like a carweel but with no hands you also fold into a crouched position while in the air so you land crouched on the ground"
"Ok, and roll midair? isn't that a somersault"
"no, i mean roll as in a midair barrel roll, so your fully stretched out on a horizontal line and spinning on your axes, all the moves are useful if your compotant enough to be able to execute them right every time, which means practice" Naruto nodded and started practicing his flips and spins.
"Next set of moves these moves are from a type of dancing that was around when i was born i always liked watching them so eventually i learnt there moves, these moves are both offensive and defensive and come under my second Code, if you want to be flashy while kicking ass these moves will help, but don't forget that your fighting for a reason, even if that reason is to relieve you of boredom"
"Boredom counts as a vaild reason to fight?" Naruto asked laughing as Harry nodded
"Of course it is, now the dance moves you've already done one, the sideways flip is also called the arial cartweel the second move is called Applejack, you start from a crouch then kick upwards with one leg to start with as you kick upwards lean backwards and put your hands on the ground to support you, once you've got that you can move on to kicking with only one hand to support you or by kicking both legs up, or both legs with one hand"
"Doesn't look at hard" Naruto shrugged and crouched kicked up with one leg but forgot to put chakra on his hands and sunk into the water, it took Naruto a few more trys but he finally got it down and look to Harry for the next move.
"a want you to add a bit onto the applejack, kneel on the water jump upto your feet and then straight into the applejack" Naruto nodded and followed Harry's orders before looking back at Harry for his next instructions "kip up, this should be an easy move for you Lie on your back" Harry waited until Naruto was lying down "put your hands on the floor er water beside you head and bring your legs up to your face, now kick your legs up and push with your hands and kick yourself to your feet" Again it took Naruto a few trys to get the move and was soon doing it without the use of his hands which is what Harry expected after all Naruto was a ninja. "Whats next"
"Next we go onto offensive moves and i'll write out the instructions to more of the breakdancer moves later get the ones you've already learnt down and used to using them in a combat situation, Now lets move onto the water chakra control, you're basic water control is water walking which you have almost mastered"
"When i see you staying on top of the water with out falling at all including sleeping on the water i will believe you're a master"
"Sleeping? is that even possible"
"Yes" Harry nodded "It becomes instinct to keep your body ontop of the water with chakra, now lets start this chakra control, kneel down on the water and i want you use chakra in your hands to manipulate the water start by dipping you're hand in the water and using the chakra to make the water follow you're hand as you pull it out making a tendril of water"
The two stayed on the water for hours until Naruto was eventually able to make a small tendril of water rise and the rest of the day was spent either making it bigger or making it spin to turn it into a tornado of water, near the end of the day Harry asked Naruto to create him a kage bunshin and then showed him what he hoped Naruto would eventually be able to do, he directed Naruto off the water and went to the middle of the lake, Naruto watched amazed as his adoptive father began to dance with the water, eight foot tendrils spun around the Kitsune as he moved with a lift of his hand the tendrils would leap and twirl like a puppy for it's master begging for a treat at one point the Kitsune leapt into the air doing a fair number of fancy rolls and landed elegantly on a tendril of water as the other tendrils twined around him like lovers, Harry ended his routine with the three techniques he'd promised to teach Naruto the first was the water wall which cocooned him safely, the second was the mizu kitsune which Harry could only summon with one tail because of the channeling problems and the last was the dense fog.

Two days later Harry once again possesed a Kage bunshin after making Naruto strip down to his boxers he put the bowl on the table and conjured a brush on Naruto forearms and calfs were painted spirals winding around the arm/leg from wrist/ankle to the elbow/knee, On his back Harry painted five rings, which would each represent an amount of gravity units so Harry could increase it slowly, the inner most ring had ten dots on it and would represent the fractions up to one whole, the next ring again had 10 dots and would represent the units, the next would represent the tens, the next hundreds, and the last thousands. The last mark to be painted was the one on Naruto's neck, it was a circle with two marks on it one mark was a spiral and the other was a paw print.
"You can get dressed now" Harry said as he released the bunshin and went into his sprit form "The spiral mark will deactivate half of your gravity weight and the paw print will deactivate all of it"
An hour later Harry activated the first three units and sent Naruto to the lake.
"Time for the Water wall" he said reappearing beside the blond.
"Yay a Jutsu"
"The water wall has no permanant seal most demons who have excepted and use Shinobi techniques uses only one seal, i just put my hands together in a praying position just to help my concentration but to be honests neither of us really need that, you have to learn to cast the jutsu's without the need for seals which means shaping your chakra as it comes through your chakra channels and out of your hand or your feet or where ever your directing it out of"
"Ok so how do i do the wall"
"kneel on the water the less you have to cover is better for the moment now feel your chakra and push it out of your body" the water around Naruto began to bubble uncontrolably "Good, stop, this time when you push the chakra out i want you to keep ahold of it and use it to manipulate the water"
Naruto nodded and his face was the picture of concentration and slowly the water began to lift and Harry smiled a small lift, unfortunatly Naruto quickly lost control and was panting at the effort it took.
"Thats good for a first attempt my son, it will take you a while to get the smallest barrier up just like it took awhile for the tendril, the simplist barrier is just one wall without a top, then two walls and up to the four walls, the next level up is to make it spherical"
"Sef what"
"Like a ball, the next stage it to make the ball spin so it will deflect any attacks made on it, practice bringing up the one wall infront of you for the next hour then we'll come back on land and work on your aiming with kunai and shurikan"

Time passed and Naruto did more missions with team seven during the day until one day he was sparring with Sasuke when both Naruto and Harry sensed something coming into range and were so surprised by it they whiped round to face that direction, just missing Sasuke stumbling because the kitsunes movements had put him out of his tragectory.
"dobe what the hell are you smiling about"
"The chosen of sand has just entered Konaha, Excuse me Kakashi-sensie i really really need to go greet him and fix that messed up seal" Naruto said rapidly before running off leaving his team to try to make sense to what he had said bouncing through Konaha quickly Naruto soon landed infront of a party of seven, there was a small red head with a gaurd on his back, a blond girl with a fan, another boy with a painted face and a bundle on his back, a sand jounin, and three leaf chuunin.
"I've been waiting for you chosen of the sand" Naruto said bowing slightly to the redhead, the others looked stunned that Naruto had the audacity to just jump infront of them "Who are you"
"I am the chosen of the leaf the kitsune child, you need my help"
"I do not need any help" the red head said in a monitone
"You'll be fully insane within two years if you don't accept my help"
"Is that a threat Uzumaki?" one of the leaf chuunin spat out and Naruto shook his head
"It's a fact" Naruto said firmly his voice taking on a deeper tone as his eyes turned green "tanuki child listen to me"
"Green eyes Kakashi and Iruka mentioned this"
"Mentioned what?" The sand jounin asked
"Naruto is a seer, none of the predictions we know have come true though so no one knows how much faith to put into what he says" The chuunin told them.
"He can see the past as well, he knew his mother was murdered a few hours after his birth" One of the other chuunins said
"The seal was not completed and it is slowly driving Gaara and shukaku insane Kitsune i call, kage bunshin no jutsu Take control of the clone" the clone shook itself and looked at the original, nodded and summoned the brush and bowl from Naruto's apartment and approched the red head.
"Who are you?" Gaara asked backing away feeling the demonic power radiating from the approching clone "I am known by many names" The clone said "Petrificus totalis" Gaara went totally still his limbs snapping together the other six tried to get in between but with a wave of the clones hand they hit a barrier "to Konaha i am the test of kindness and compassion, to inari i am his faithful servant, to Naruto i am his adoptive father, to you i am a shield brother, to their ancestors" Harry said motioning to the frozen people "I am a mage of the highest order, to the villagers i am the demon nine tails"
"Kyuubi" One of the konaha ninjas spat.
"My birthname however is Harry, now stay still i want to fix that bloody seal" with a flick of his hand Gaara's shirt dissappeared and Harry dipped his brush in the bowl and swirrled it around, he sent a shock of chakra through Gaara and a circular seal appeared on his stomach and Harry smiled and started to paint more parts onto the design.
"So seer do we have a time frame on the dawn?" Harry asked Naruto as he worked
"After the exams and the death of the sandaime, unless we stop the death"
"Death of the sarutobi?" Harry asked stunned his face horrified "i actually like that old man"
"Yes, the snake will kill him, but with your guidence and with suprise on our side we should kill him first, before he has a chance to place his seal on Sasuke, the Kazekage is already dead, Gaara will take his place in time, just as we will become hokage"
"So certain on that"
"The path that we are on leads there whichever way it goes, the only question is what the village is like when we assume command, the gondaime will either be killed or she will retire and give up the position, in the first case the villiage will be forever changed but will rise as the pheonix made anew to OUR specifications a haven for all, in the latter the village will resist and will stay stuck in their ways"
"I need more information on the Dawn, this village does not concern me" Harry said insistantly "Look yourself kitsune you are the more powerful seer out of us, i get my sight directly from you remember"
"You think i can actually See anything trapped in your belly i can hardly use my own magic" Harry growled as he started to paint the seals for the gravity weight
"Good he'll need the speed" Naruto-Seer nodded in agreement
"Will you tell me about the dawn Seer? know it's hard to focus but please i need to know"
"What would you do with the information?"
"Go hunting" Harry growled
"You know the dawn must be stopped by Gaara and i not you and shukaku, promise me you will train them and i will tell you the information you seek"
"I promise and a kitsune's word is never broken"
"I know, there are nine in total, they want the power of the demons they do not care that we are the only defence of this world"
"Naruto" Kakashi asked as he arrived "Whats going on"
"We're correcting Gaara's seal" Harry said as he turned to Naruto "There the seals are done they can be activated in an hour."
"Good, you need to add another part to both seals."
"Oh?" Harry asked confused
"Naruto will not be strong enough to fight the snake in two days, you must take over, place the part on the seal that will allow me to let you take over"
"Alright" Harry nodded as Naruto lifted his shirt to reveal the seal and Harry got to work modifying it "Oh lets see, a latch on the gate that allows Naruto and i to swap but only if Naurto as the dominate soul in the body allows it, easier chakra and mana channeling"
"The shades will come in three years"
"That should give me enough time to train Naruto enough to protect himself from the shades"
"Don't forget to teach us more sealing and get Naruto to harness his other bloodline limits, his fire and sight for example and the quicker the better"
"Sight first" Harry nodded and the clone poofed out of existance and Harry took on his spirit form and turned to Kakashi "Kakashi i need you to get a few things for Naruto and i"
"Such as?" Kakashi asked coldly "A crystal ball, a silver plate and bowl and tealeaves" Harry answered
"Blood stains grass and the dead must rise"
"Necromancy, that isn't a gift kitsune have so someone else must be trying to raise the dead" Harry frowned.
"The dawn approches, the two test children must survive"
"Nine ninja's who want demonic power"
"The door opens and the shades rush in, hunger fills their world"
"Seer your just repeating what we already know" Harry growled "How are you coming to the fore and staying there when you don't have a prophecy to give"
"I don't just speak prophecy i am Naruto he just doesn't remember what happens when the bloodline gets deactivated, and i stay until the chakra devoted to me runs out"
"I see so you have a set amount of chakra"
"Exactly, now useful information, well the chuunin exams start in a few days and you already know that the snake will be there, Gaara please don't handicap Rock Lee when you face him he's a good ninja, and will be a good friend. Sakura will face Ino and from what i See it will most likely end as a draw, amusing battle if a bit pathetic, the past is being revealed as well, i can see your tranformation"
"The transformation would not have been plesant for you to see" Harry cringed at the memory
"In this state i won't remember" Naruto shrugged phillisophically
"Can you make sure the other you never remembers"
"What don't want him to see you eating humans?" Naruto said sarcastically
"We both know i was insane after the transformation and they only other times i've killed humans i've been ordered to"
"And sometimes at the risk of your own life if i couldn't see your whole life mage i would be very surprised the fearsome kyuubi no kitsune would give his life to protect, the first life you took was a murderer but that was before you were Kitsune back when you were Human"
"Bellatrix" Harry spat
"No Quirrel, he may not have looked like much but that man loved torturing people smarter than he was, he had a huge inferiority complex, Bellatix she could torture anyone and enjoy it, then of course there was voldemort a man who loved to torture innocents and to watch as his followers"
"The past should be left to lie seer" Harry snapped interrupting the younger seer "How strong will Naruto be?"
"Naruto will be as strong as you in time there is even the possibility of him supassing you in chakra but never mana, you will always be his superior because of the vast range of chakra techniques and of course Naruto has no usable mana"
"It does me proud to know my son will surpass my strength" Harry said and faded away as Naruto sunk to his knees as his eyes faded to blue.
"Did i say anything of worth" Naruto asked looking up "And is your seal fixed? I'm sorry i don't know your name"
"it is fixed, i am Gaara of the sand."
"Naruto Uzumaki, i'm guessing the seer part of me didn't explain what the seal would do."
"He only said he would fix it"
"Ok well from looking at it i'd say the seal has several parts, the first stops your minds melding and keeps your souls seperate, it also keeps your powers from spilling over to each other, it wouldn't matter to much for your power to go to shukaku but your body wouldn't be able to handle the sudden amount of demonic chakra and youki without first having your chakra coils modified slightly, that was the part that was defective, normally the seal would just store the excess chakra that Shukaku was letting off and use it to keep the seal activated unfortunatly the seal was only keeping a portion of the power and was sending the chakra back at shukaku"
"But the power was shukakus in the first place" Tamari said and Naruto nodded
"Yes but the seal modified the chakra slightly so it could us it when it got sent back to Shukaku it hurt him alot and has slowly been driving him insane, with the seal complete now you'll both be fine, You'll also be able to talk to each other mentally though you'll have to go into your mind first, the first time i met Harry he dragged me into a dream and explained everything, once Shukaku gets everything sorted in his mind i expect he'll do the same to you"
"I don't sleep"
"Huh why not"
"when Gaara sleeps shukaku is let out"
"That won't happen anymore, my advice is you go to bed and have a long sleep" Naruto shrugged "Well anyway i'll come and talk to you in a few days i've got to do some training"
"Naruto come with me" Naruto turned to the voice and saw Sarutobi
"Sure Hokage-sama" the blond nodded and the third led Naruto to the tower though the two didn't speak until they were inside the hokage's office.

"It's time for some explainations" Sarutobi said "I need to know exactly what is going on with your tenant and what you did with Gaara's seal"
Naruto nodded and started to explain he began with telling what had happened in the class with Iruka and then described the dream he had had the night of the genin exam and the offer Harry had made, then his subsuquent agreement to the offer and his training with Harry plus the transformation he was slowly going through.
"I see" the hokage said when Naruto finished "So kyuubi attacking was a test, i remember a man come into the villiage a few days before, the yondaime tried the stop everyone from attacking and protected him as much as possible but he wasn't able to stop it, i wonder if he knew."
"He did" A voice said from behind Naruto Harry had appeared his hair up in a high ponytail and wearing leather trousers and a tight white t-shirt under a open robe.
"You are Kyuubi"
"Yes, please call me Harry. After the villigers ran me out i snook back in and went to Arashi he welcomed me into his house, after placing several spells on him to make him unable to tell anyone about what was happening i told him of my purpose, his wife was heavily pregnant at the time and he was very unsure about agreeing to do the sealing after all it would cost him his life he would not be able to be with his wife or see his child grow"
"The yondaime had a wife and child?" Naruto asked amazed and Harry nodded "He did, he agreed to do the sealing only if Inari would watch over his child if he survived, the chid would be blessed by the God Inari, the day i attacked Arashi had to wait he wanted to see his son before he died, keeping the agreement the yondaime brought his son with him when he began the sealing and i was sealed into that baby, Arashi's son"
"But i was the baby but that mean, he was my ... father?" Naruto finsihed the sentence of a whisper "why? there must have been other babies that night. Why me?"
"Do you really think he could have asked another family to give him their son if he wouldn't risk his own?" Sandime asked "He knew you would be strong, you were supposed to be a hero to the villiage. He, wanted, you to be seen as a hero for keeping the kyuubi contained"
"But that didn't work very well and the villiage failed the third test" Harry explained "your father loved you Naruto, never doubt that. He also left you some things"
"Oh?" Sarutobi asked
"Yes, Arashi asked me to take you to his house once i had explained everything and inside the house should be his library plus a letter he wrote to you explaining everything in his words."
"I'm afraid that's impossible Harry the Kazama house was destoryed" Naruto slumped in his chair as he heard the Sandaime's words.
"No it's not, before the final battle i cloaked the house in an illusion that makes it seem like the house isn't there anymore, the first people that checked on it would have seen a pile of rubble then slowly they would have seen the rubble get moved and grass growing on it and after three years of no one even stumbling over it the illusion changed to hide the clearing and the house completly, the illusion is set to recognise certain people but they have to say their full name or title the illusion can detect if you lying and won't grant access to anyone not on the list, Sarutobi you are down as Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi"
"So all i have to do is tell it i'm Uzumaki Naruto?"
"No you have to say Kazama Naruto, Kazama was your fathers clan name, however you cannot take that name yet" Harry warned "Your father made alot of enemies during his time as a ninja, there are some who would try to get to you for being his son try to kill you for revenge, or to kill you to wipe out his bloodline"
"It is said that your fathers clan had the ability to wield blue flames without the use of seals for that they were hunted down until only a few remained there hasn't been a kazama who has activated their bloodline limit in the last two hundred years" The hokage explained and Naruto nodded slowly
"So i can't tell anyone?"
"Not until sarutobi and i think you can protect yourself" Harry told him sernly
"Harry what exactly are you doing to Naruto to change him into a demon"
"It will be along while before he can be truely concidered a demon Sandaime"
"Please you my call me Sarutobi"
"Thank you, at the minute all i'm doing is strengthening his body and his chakra channels, to start with i've slowly been infusing Naruto's blood with my youki which will improve his healing, so i won't need to expend so much when he gets injured, it's now up enough that he won't catch any human illnesses, the youki in the blood is also counteracting any malnutrition he suffered as a child, as he was not aware of me i couldn't do anything unless he was critically injured. As well as infusing the blood i'm making his chakra channel stronger so he won't be in danger of frying his coils when channeling my youki"
"Demonic chakra" Naruto answered surprising Sarutobi Harry smiled and continued explained "A humans chakra pathways are not strong enough to handle the youki it would basically overload and burn them so it would be impossible to use them again, when i was sealed into Naruto it was before his coils had fully developed so they got a small boost in strength but not enough for him to channel my chakra for more than five minutes, i've gotton that time up to fifteen minutes, from there we work outwards and strengthen the rest of the body with my youki which when Naruto is older will be replaced by his own youki, the first thing will be his bones which will be stronger, harder to break, easier and quicker to heal, next would be his muscles making them compact and very strong, last will be the skin making it harder to cut. we'll also be working on his senses, getting him used to hightened senses, it'll take a few more months to complete the first stage of the transformation, then we'll begin on the second stage which will begin to truely transform Naruto, that will be done in one stroke and must be done in complete seclusion and i cannot tell tell you what will happen at it, once that is done Naruto soul will be that of a fox demon and his chakra will be youki"
"Will that change him mentally?" Sandaime asked
"He'll have Demon fox instincts" Harry nodded
"What kind of instincts?" Naruto asked
"Battlelust, minor bloodlust in the form of a need for rare or raw meat, a possible slight very small need to show off and create elabourate traps or pranks which Naruto already has" Sarutobi laughed heartilly at that as both Harry and Naruto blushed "Naruto will be very territorial, he will protect his home with everything he has and wouldn't give up on it without a large fight"
"How will the battlelust effect him? we do not want Naruto attacking the leaf."
"Sparring with me will help, once Narutos spirit and body is fully changed into a kitsune the seal will disolve"
"Disolve?" Naruto asked "then you'd leave?"
"No Naruto i won't leave you like i told you before young kitsune either stay with their family or they stay with a pack of other youngsters, so i will be staying until i'm sure you can defend your territory agaist anyone who challenges you"
"My territory?"
"your territory is where a fox has it's main den, about six thousand years ago humans found out about us demons and found a way to the demon realm, after hundreds of years of fighting the last of the demons went into hiding scattering themselves over both the demon and human worlds at that point the gods took a more active role in looking after us demons and we gained the ability to cross the two worlds and as such some of those demons took on terrtories and rules were set out to govern them, any Demon entering anothers territories must announce himself or be subject to the owners wrath, Kitune, wolf, dog, cat ice and fire demons are the main ones who create large territories, though the largest territories are usualy held by families, my territory is outside the shinobi islands but it is still in the human world, some of my pure kitsune children agreed live there either permantly or semi-permantly there's aways one of my family inside the territory so it doesn't force me to stay"
"Hogwarts? that's your territory isn't it?" Naruto asked and Harry smiled and nodded
"Yes it is, i was four hundred when i claimed the castle and the country surrounding it, it was hell to protect it while the human demons wars were going on though, the castle was a haven i was both loved and hated for what i did" "What did you do"
"I stole the children" Harry said bluntly "While the adults were fighting a snook in and stole their children, both demon and human children the children shouldn't have been involved so i took them out of the equasion, the oldest i took was sixteen and the youngest a few months old, i sheltered them as much as i chould from the war, no child should have been involved in it" the kitsune sighed "I couldn't be involved in the war i refused to be, i had been raised as a human lived as a human until i 16 years old and yet i was still a kitsune, so i did what i could i only fought when i was attacked or to defend a child"
"I see" The sandaime said.
"So my territory is Konoha?" Naruto said changing the subject "Yes, as you get older the territory will increase until eventually it will most likely cover the whole of fire country"

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