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The Strongest Ninja in the Universe

Chapter 1

Son Videl tapped her foot impatiently on the hard ceramic floor of her bathroom as she anxiously waited for the alarm to buzz. She gazed at the instructions on the small box that she was currently holding. It told her that she would need to wait at least five minutes for an accurate test result. With anxious eyes she continued to periodically glance at the small object lying on the counter. The seconds seemed to tick by at an agonizing pace. She peeked at the delicate wrist watch she was wearing. It was a birthday gift given to her by her husband, and she sighed as she realized there were only ten seconds left on the timer. Videl slowly began to count down under her breath as the timer finally reached zero. She inhaled sharply as the alarm's piercing screech echoed off of the walls. It seemed to reverberate within her constricted chest. Finally she shut off the machine and hesitantly reached for that small seemingly unimportant looking object lying on her bathroom counter. But she knew that this object would have the power to change her life, as well as the life of her family forever. Taking in one final breath Videl willed herself to grab the tiny tube and await her fate.

Son Gohan paced restlessly across his living room floor. Every few seconds he would glance at the bathroom door before continuing his circuit around the spacious room. He nearly tripped over his own feet when he heard the alarm go off, breaking the silence. Seconds passed before it was silenced, and Gohan waited anxiously for the door to open, and for his wife to give him the news. Finally it began to swing open, and he watched, unable to move as Videl came through the opening, her head hanging and her shoulders slumped, almost as if she had lost an important tournament. He quickly crossed the room and raised his hands to rest on her slender shoulders. Still she would not look up at him and he feared for the bad news to come.

"Videl honey?" he asked gently as he cupped the side of her face with his palm. "Videl what did it say?"

She didn't answer him and Gohan gasped as he felt a warm wetness meet the palm of his hand. Videl was crying?! He thought in alarm. Videl never cried. She hadn't even cried when that bastard Spopovitch at the World Tournament had been grinding her face into the floor with his boot.

Gohan's thoughts were interrupted as he felt his wife cover his large hand with her own and finally raised her head to look into his eyes.

"Gohan," She whispered softly as she caressed his fingers. "We're going to have a baby."

Gohan's eyes widened as his brain finally processed what Videl had just said to him. They were going to have another baby. They were going to have another baby!! With a loud whoop the demi saiyan swept his wife off of her feet and began to spin around as he laughed joyfully.

"We're going to have a baby! " He cried as tears of joy ran down his cheeks. Videl laughed as well as they shared this happy moment, before she gripped his face and crushed her lips to his own, wrapping her slender legs around his waist. They fell back into the couch, locked in the passionate embrace. Finally they pulled apart and Gohan immediately pulled her close resting his head on top of her own.

"I love you." He whispered softly into her hair and he felt Videl answer him as she took his hand in her own and squeezed it gently.

Truth be told the couple had wanted to have another child for some time now. But it always seemed that something tried to interfere with their plans each time. When Pan had been born Gohan had still been in college, struggling to balance his work and his fledgling family. Not to mention the fact that Satan City still needed the power of the dynamic duo of Super Saiyaman and his beautiful sidekick to keep the peace. Both knew trying to raise young Pan in such a situation would be challenge enough and that they probably shouldn't try to throw another mouth to feed and life to protect into the equation just yet. So they had been patient and had even taken several precautions to make sure that there didn't happen to be any wonderful 'accidents'.

When Gohan had finally finished school and they had settled down a bit, Pan had already been five years old. With things finally stable again the two thought that they would finally try to have another child. But this proved to be more difficult than they had both believed. For two years they tried in secret to get Videl pregnant. But no matter what they did the magic just wouldn't happen. Nothing worked. They went to many experts, but every doctor they found said there was nothing wrong, and that they should have been able to conceive a child easily. Finally they decided to go to their good friend Bulma to see if she could help them with their problem. Bulma had smiled as they recounted the problems they had faced and that they were in desperate need of help. She had explained to them that she and Vegeta had experienced the same thing after Trunks. But she said that Vegeta had made it all clear to her then. Apparently a Saiyan was able to easily bear an offspring quickly after mating for the first time to produce a strong heir. But that afterwards it would be some time before another child could be conceived. He had even said that because Saiyans lived much longer than humans that it wasn't uncommon for a female to go decades before another offspring was produced. This lack in fertility had been one of the reasons the Saiyan population had been so small. But Bulma had discovered that the high fertility rate of humans cut this time down drastically but was still several years because Vegeta was a full blooded Saiyan. That was why it had taken them so long before they could finally have little Bulla. She told them not to worry, that nature would take its course eventually. They thanked Bulma for her help and Videl wondered if there was a way to speed up the process. Bulma had shaken her head sadly telling them that human fertility products seemed to have no affect on Saiyans and that they would just have to be patient and not give up.

So Videl and Gohan had continued to live their lives in relative peace until the bastard Baby had ruined things.

Once more the world had been in peril and needed the might of the Z warriors to restore the peace. So they had battled the foes beginning with Baby and ending with the monstrous Omega Shenron. After Goku and Vegeta had destroyed the evil Shadow dragon things seemed to continue on as normal. That is until Videl began to complain about feeling ill in the mornings. So against all hope they had once more put their faith into fate and had bought a home pregnancy test.

And now all of their sacrifices and patience was about to finally pay off. Videl was pregnant and the half-saiyan and his lovely wife couldn't have been happier. They continued to cuddle on the couch in the living room, holding each other as tears of gratitude ran down each of their faces. Their blissful moment was interrupted however when they heard a loud yawn behind them followed by a small cough.

Both turned their heads at the sound, knowing who the intruder must have been.

Bleary eyed, Pan stood in the doorway of the hall leading to her bedroom. She blinked as she saw her parents in front of her and scowled slightly, putting her hands on her slender hips. "What are you guys doing? " She asked in a voice laden with sleep. "Do you have any idea what time it is? What does a girl have to do to get any sleep around here?"

Gohan looked away from the narrow-eyed glare his daughter was giving him, to see the same expression mirrored on Videl. She poked him in the chest with her index finger, her voice accusing.

"Did you have to yell so loudly Gohan?!" She whispered in a low voice.

Gohan laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry Videl, but I just couldn't help it." He whined slightly.

"After all, it isn't everyday you find out you're wife is pregnant."

Complete silence filled the room after Gohan's little exclamation. Videl's eyes widened and immediately her gaze switched to her young daughter, whose body seemed to have gone rigid with shock.

"P-Pregnant?! She managed to stutter as her brain tried to understand exactly what was going on. Videl covered her face with her hand, sighing as she stood up from next to her husband. Walking over to Pan she guided the young girl back to the couch to have a seat.

Several minutes passed without Pan making a single move or saying a word. Videl, finally sick of the tension waved her hands in front of her daughter's face.

"Pan, Pan dear, Earth to Pan!!" Finally snapping out of her small trance Pan turned back to her mother, eyes still wide, "Pregnant?" was all she was able to get out, Videl nodding her head slowly.

"Kyaaaaaaahhh!!" Pan squealed in delight before grabbing both of her parents in a crushing hug. "Mom's gonna have a baby! Oh my god, oh my god, that means, I'm gonna be a BIG SISTER!!"

Now all three of them began laughing and celebrating, as Pan's excitement grew.

"I can teach my little brother everything I know! We can train together, and I can show him how to do a kame-hame-ha, and we'll be the best of friends!"

Gohan and Videl just smiled at their little one's enthusiasm. They knew it must have been hard to be an only child when everyone she knew had siblings to care for and watch out for them. Videl knew that loneliness all too well, being the only child of the great Hercule. Sure he had tried to give her happiness with money and toys, but secretly all she had ever wanted growing up was a little brother or sister. Someone to play with, and share stories and memories with. Someone who she could care for and have to watch her back. She was truly happy that she would finally be able to give that joy to her daughter. Glad that Pan wouldn't feel alone anymore.

"So when can I expect my little brother to be born?!!" Videl lifted an eyebrow at her, smiling slightly.

"How can you be so sure you're getting a little brother and not a little sister?"

"Oh mom, that's a silly thing to say." Pan waved her hand dismissively as she were instructing an ignorant child. Gohan had to stifle the laugh that tried to escape his lips at the little gesture. Videl just smiled, and laughed a little herself.

"Hey! It's not funny, I'm serious!" The young girl pouted slightly, grumbling to herself and folding her arms with a huff.

"Oh honey I didn't mean to make fun of you, honest." Videl's consoling voice still had no affect as Pan just turned her head with an indignant snort. Her mother laid a gentle hand on her head and began to stroke her soft hair, which for once was free of her trademark orange bandana. "Whether it's a boy or not I know one thing is for certain," Pan's interest was peaked and she turned to look into her mother's loving eyes.

"What's that?" She asked, unconsciously leaning into Videl's touch, a small smile forming on her face.

"I know that you're going to be a great big sister."

Pan's eyes widened in surprise before her small smile bloomed into one of pure happiness. She lunged at her mother, holding her tightly as she gripped her robe. "Thanks mom." She murmured into the fabric, giving Videl a squeeze.

"You're welcome dear." Both continued to embrace each other, unaware of the pouting Gohan sitting next to them.

"Hey, don't I get to join in this happy moment?" Mother and daughter pulled away from each other, a sly grin passing between the two before turning said look on the unsuspecting Half-saiyan. Gohan gulped at the look in their eyes as he felt a sense of dread wash over him.

"Uh oh," were his last words before the two lunged at him, knocking everyone off the couch in a big dog pile. Gohan's roaring laughter joined theirs as he hugged his wife and tickled Pan mercilessly, just happy that they could be a family, and not have to worry about the fate of the world, or some impending doom that would destroy everything he held dear. It seemed that fate was finally going to be kind to them for a change, and as he looked into the loving faces of his family Gohan couldn't help but think

'The future sure looks bright'

2 months later

"So when's the big day?"

"Hmm?" Videl looked up from her menu to see her friend's smiling face. They were seated for lunch at a little diner downtown, having been shopping for the past several hours. Deciding that she wanted to try the fettuccini she took a sip from her iced tea and sighed with satisfaction.

" What did you say Bulma? I was looking at the menu and didn't hear." Bulma's smile became a little tight, she hated being ignored, but brushed it off as she repeated her question again. Videl just grinned and rubbed her stomach gently, imagining the little life growing within. "The doctor said we could probably expect the baby to arrive at the end of October." She once again turned her eyes back to the menu, this time looking at the dessert menu. Bulma clenched her teeth slightly. Videl was ignoring her again. Suddenly her frown became a smirk as she decided a little pay back was in order.

"How has Gohan been lately? Have you guys had any relations, you know, since you found out you were pregnant?" Bulma's lips curved upwards in a sly grin. She loved pushing her young friend's buttons. Still looking down, Videl just nodded her head in agreement having heard another question. Then she froze, her face becoming several shades of crimson. From anger or embarrassment Bulma really couldn't tell. It was hard since Videl could be a very headstrong young woman.

"B-Bulmaaa?!!!? She screeched indignantly, her eyes flashing and her fists clenched. The older woman just continued to smirk, idly swirling around her drink with one hand. 'I guess it was both' she thought with glee.

Everyone in the restaurant turned their heads at the disturbance, and Videl shrank back into her seat, her head in her hands. She glared across the table when she heard Bulma's amused laughter fill the silence. That seemed to break the tension, and everyone went back to their meals finally, as the drone of conversation once again filled the small place.

"What kind of question was that?" Videl whispered furiously, glaring daggers at her long time friend.

"Just wanted to see if you were paying attention this time Videl dear. It's not polite to ignore someone who's trying to speak with you." Her smirk widened as Videl's glare intensified slightly.

"You're evil Bulma" She muttered darkly, but realizing that she had a point. She had been ignoring her a bit. But she was just getting tired of having to always answer everyone's baby questions. It was nice to see that people were interested at first, but now it was just getting kind of annoying. Sighing, she decided that she might as well resign herself to her fate, especially with Bulma. The woman had a sadistic side that could rival even her husband's, and that was saying something.

"So, have you decided on any names yet?" It seemed the questions were starting again, and Videl was reassured to know that Bulma wasn't pushing the 'other' topic any more.

"Well, actually yes. Gohan and I have pretty much already chosen the names. But we don't know if it's going to be a boy or a girl yet." Bulma just nodded, knowing herself that it was in fact to early to determine the gender of the baby.

"So what have you two decided then?" She asked, anxiously awaiting an answer.

"Well if it's a girl we're thinking of naming her Catherine." Bulma nodded again.

"That's a pretty name, how did you decide on that one." Videl smiled sadly before wistfully gazing out the window, lost in buried memories. She was silent for a few more moments before she replied in a soft voice.

"It was my mother's name." No more needed to be said. Everyone knew that Videl had lost her mother when she was only eight years old. She had died of cancer, and the memory was still painful to the young woman to this day. Bulma smiled, placing her hand on top of Videl's gently.

"Catherine is a beautiful name. I think your mother would be proud."

"Thanks Bulma. That means a lot to me." They sat for a few moments, each enjoying the companionable silence. Videl wiped the unshed tears from her crystal eyes, and took a small sip of her drink. Bulma couldn't wait any longer as she had one more question we wanted to ask.

"So, what if it's a boy?"

Videl looked down suddenly, a faint blush creeping over her cheeks. Bulma didn't quite understand the strange reaction, but she just shrugged it off as nothing important. A small grin made it's way to Videl's lips, and she looked up, before replying a bit airily.

"We were considering naming him…Naruto."

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