AN: So this is the first part of my new multichapter songfic (looks like songfics are becoming a gimmick for me...not that I mind too terribly) once again focusing on Mark and Roger, but this one's just gonna be a friendship story. I know where I want this to go, I'm just not sure how I'm getting there yet, so bear with me. I think you're in for a ride .

I Never Saw Blue Like That Before

Part 1: His Flowers

Today we took a walk up the street
We picked a flower and climbed the hill above the lake

"Mark!" I cup my hands around my face to create a make-shift megaphone. I finally get him to go somewhere with me and as soon as I turn my back, he fucking disappears.

I'm actually starting to worry when I'm pelted in the face by a soft ball that shatters on impact. Snow? No, it's mid-April. Even here all the snow has melted away. I look down to see crumpled pink flowers scattered at my feet. I hear giggling coming from my left. My eyes follow the sound up a nearby tree.

"Oh my god! You should have seen your face!" I discover Mark, clinging to a branch and covering his mouth to suppress his laughter.

I brush some stray flowers off my hair and shoulders. "You run off just so you can catch me off guard when you throw pink shit in my face?" I put my hands on my hips scoldingly.

"They're not shit! And yes!" He finds a branch thick enough to support his weight (which isn't saying much) and takes a seat, swinging his legs back and forth.

"Christ, Mark, what the fuck are these things?" I pick the last one out of my hair and hold it away in mock disgust.

"They're cherry blossoms!" He grins childishly. I counter with a raised eyebrow.

"Cherry blossoms?"

"Uh-huh!" He nods his head once in time with the syllables. "They're my favorite flower! Y'know, in Japan they even have a holiday for them,; Hanami!"

What the fuck? This kid moved in with us a month ago (cause he had nowhere else to go and Benny said he was 'cool') and he's been a closed book, hardly speaking more than five words to me a day. Now he's talking to me about pink flowers.

"Mark, how old are you?" I realize I've never asked him before. For all I know, he could be fifteen or something.

He looks at me, confused. "Nineteen...why?"

Nineteen? How could someone only a year younger than me be so...innocent?

"Heh...back home Mom would panic any time I tried to climb a tree. God, she was so overprotective."

"She sounds it." What kind of parent wouldn't let their kid climb a tree? That's a fundamental part of growing up. I guess that explains a lot.

"It sucked. I'd had all this energy when spring came around and no way to expend it. Now...I know you guys don't care if I act weird or goof off when I want to. I bet I could skateboard down Avenue A filming clouds and you wouldn't give a damn."

I scratch the back of my neck. "Well, I wouldn't say that. We'd definitely wish we were the ones with the camera." We share a laugh, then are met with silence (which somehow seems even more awkward with Mark because it happens so often).

He's the first to speak. "Hey, Rog?"

"Yeah?" I'm hoping he's not gonna go into the symbolism of these flowers in Japanese film or something weird like that.

"...I like it here." he says, looking down at me.

I wasn't expecting that. I smile warmly at him. "I'm glad."