Ai shite imas

Chapter one- Sakura's nightmare

'I never thought this would happen never in a million years, now my hopes and my dreams have been shattered by the inconceivable truth that the love of my life is with HIM!'

Sakura glared out from the low cut bush that she was crouched down in.

Rain pelting down, making the grass bright green and the sky milky white. Sasuke sat in the middle of the field with his eyes closed and his black hair dripping with the cold water.

A sly grin crept across his face as he felt Naruto's presence behind him, as the blonde boy jumped at him, pulling Sasuke back into him.

"Get off Dobe." Sasuke said turning around to face Naruto.

"SASUKE!" Naruto whined.

"Shut up dobe." Sasuke said in a low tone, resting one finger on Naruto's mouth to stop him from talking then pushing the blonde boy's hair out of his face pushed him back into a deep kiss. Naruto pushing back on Sasuke playfully.

Sakura was stone faced as she lay flat on the ground in the mud under the bush, the dirt now was all through her hair and had some how wedged itself into her sandals. She scowled as she watched the two 'love birds' make out in the rain. WHY? Why? She thought. It was suppose to be Sakura and Sasuke kissing passionately in the rain. NOT Naruto and Sasuke.

At times like these Sakura had to wonder, why, oh why? Did she have to have such a obsession with Sasuke, this would have been some much more easier if she just hadn't become such a stalker at late.

Well who could blame her? Everyone knew that her hobby WAS Sasuke.

Today she had woke up, dressed then walked over to her desk grabbing out her newest plans of 'following Sasuke' she knew something had been up. Because well for one he had been less irritable, and second he just had this nice refreshed look about him. Sakura had thought 'HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND' so that was how the plan was hatched.

But my, my she was much more shocked with this, the one thing that got her was.

'Why out of every possible choice, Sasuke chose HIM'

I mean Naruto and Sasuke had never really got on, actually it had been the opposite, they had been rivals, So why now? Why this?

Sakura sort of blamed herself she should have seen this coming but how was she to? Nothing seemed to have changed but obviously A LOT had happened when Sakura had her back turned.

Now she had found out 'the secret' and to her this was her undoing, Could it get any worse? No, no it couldn't the beautiful, hansom and talented love her life was with the most annoying, obnoxious and big mouthed ninja there ever was (or according to Sakura).

Sakura was now chewing on her sleeve, just like a car crash she just couldn't look away, although this was killing her, watching them roll around Naruto laughing as Sasuke removed his shirt, she just COULDN'T look away.

"Sasuke……is" Sakura gulped. "…Gay!"

"Sakura??" a voice called out. "Sakura, wake up!"

'Oh it was a dream a horrible dream' Sakura thought.


Sakura grumbled as she finally came back to reality, opening her eyes before screaming with shock to find out it wasn't a dream at all. She was still in the field with the rain pouring down, she was still in the mud. The only difference now was that Naruto was leaning over her as Sasuke stood behind Naruto with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face.

…She had been caught.

Chapter two: The promise

Sakura gulped as she looked up at her two 16 year old team mates, Naruto's face looked worried but Sasuke's face looked angry the sort of face he got when he was going to kill someone.

"Are you ok Sakura? We found you fainted in that bush." Naruto said trying to help her up from her lying down position, she couldn't help but notice that Sasuke's pants were inside out.

Sakura sat up, then everything seemed to freeze, there was one long and very awkward silence, Sakura sitting in a mud puddle, Naruto also kneeled down in the mud puddle and Sasuke standing there arms crossed, a glare on his face and inside out pants, that only made Sakura wonder just what she had missed out on when she had fainted.

"How much did you see?" Sasuke said in a monotone voice.

Sakura felt like she was a criminal or better worse a PERVERT getting integrated for a crime is had committed. Now both Naruto and Sasuke were glaring at her like she was the one in the wrong. But to her THEY WERE IN THE WRONG! Being gay was wrong! But now was not the time, not with two hot headed ninja's in front of her.

Trying to keep herself calm she tried to stand up from the mud that was totally drenched through her dress. But she soon flopped back down into the mud when she saw the dirty look that Sasuke and Naruto gave her.

"A Bit…" Sakura answered her mouth was now completely dry.

Naruto looked up at Sasuke, their wonderful plan of escaping from all the other ninja's and actually being able to feel safe with their relationship had stuffed up horribly. Sakura had to be the worst sort of person to find out about Sasuke and Naruto, what the hell were they going to do now?

Naruto looked at Sasuke giving him a smile of reassurance, but Sasuke's face expression did not change, he looked like he wanted to kick something.

"What were you doing Sakura?" Naruto said slowly to the pink haired girl, this was very strange to find her here lying in a bush after all.

Sakura was too shocked to come up with some dumb lie like she was out here picking flowers, even though it was in the middle of winter so she simply told the truth.

"I was stalking Sasuke.." At that moment Sakura could of smacked her self in the head. Sasuke's face expression changed to one of utter disturbance.

"WHAT!" Sasuke suddenly yelled out. His face was now red and his fists clenched.

Sakura felt like she couldn't get any more embarrassed or scared as she was right now, she swallowed before saying " I…I didn't mean to."

"Of course you meant too!" Sasuke said through gritted teeth, would he ever have a personal life with these hopeless girls stalking him, spreading rumours about him and always trying to throw themselves at him.

Naruto stood up grabbing Sasuke by the sleave and dragging him to the side at first Sasuke was hesitant to move from his spot but soon gave into Naruto.

"I cant stand her!" Sasuke said on the edge of losing it.

Naruto sighed, he looked do hot when he was frustrated Naruto thought, he just wanted to hug him, but right now was not the time for that,

They had bigger issues such as Sakura.

"Well she knows." Naruto said in a low whisper.

"What the hell do we do?" Sasuke said in a low urgent voice.

Naruto turned to Sakura. "Sakura."

Sakura looked up from her mud puddle, she still couldn't believe she was in such a predicament like a little kid found half in the stash of lollies, she just felt like some sort of little hopeless dog.

Naruto tried the nice approach, he knew that Sakura had always had a gigantic crush on Sasuke, so this would be harder for Sakura to accept.

There was a pause, "Can you keep a secret?" Naruto asked pleadingly.

Sakura's eyes could of dropped out of her head from shock, no, NO way could she, this was too much for her. She would have to tell someone or she would be driven insane.

Such a big secret to keep, what made it worse was it was HER crush, she felt like she was going to cry out of frustration. So what was she to become, their little friend that could tell all their erotic guy-on-guy stories too, The person who would cover for them if anyone asks "Where's Naruto and Sasuke" "Oh they are on a mission for Kakashi" when actually they are in the broom cupboard making strange and noises as they did each other.

What would everyone think if they found out, she knew that Ino would be just as shattered as she is. Everyone would have their jokes about Naruto and Sasuke, maybe the other guys would think they were coming onto them at different times.

Worst off all this would be a mighty blow to the Sasuke fan club, and yet everyone would say that the rumours about Naruto were true.

"I… don't know" Sakura started to say.

"If you tell anyone I will kill you." Sasuke stated like a fact, hie eyes flashing red from his sharingan.