Chapter 29: Escape

"mmmmhmmmm Sasuke, mmmmm." Sakura giggled as the raven haired beauty kissed her up the nape of her neck, she leant against the tree her arms wrapped around Sasuke's toned body, his mouth raising to hers again, her giggling muffled.

"That's enough now children." Kakashi butted in but was just ignored.

Naruto sat on a log snapping twigs trying to think of anything else then what they were doing, it had been a week now since the breakdown, Kakashi was bringing them on a mission. Naruto frowned down at the ground, although Sasuke was now 'apparently' Naruto's friend, its still hard for Naruto to think of Sasuke as anything other then his lover, especially when he has carrying that bakimono's child.

Kakashi who knew quite well about everything behind the lines thanks to his dolphin shot Naruto a sympathetic look, maybe Sasuke didn't notice that Naruto still liked him, maybe Sasuke was dumb enough to think that Naruto and him could be friends, Kakashi knew better then this, once a lover you can never go back.

Sasuke and Sakura had got very close now, Sasuke could actually admit that he did like the pink haired brat, his heart still went to Naruto, but he couldn't ruin his friendship with Naruto not again, he would just have to learn to be happy with Sakura.

"Can you guys quit itttttt." Naruto whined. "I want to go on a mission!" Naruto stood up on the log. "We haven't been on a mission in AGESSSSSS!" his annoying voice making Sasuke and Sakura part.

Sasuke smirked, "Dobe…"

Naruto's face heated up, he picked up a stick pointing it at Sasuke, "you shut your mouth teme! I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE AN UCHIHA OR NOT, I'LL STILL KICK YOUR ASS!"

"You cant even get near my ass," Sasuke smirked.

"Sorry Sasuke, but I don't dwell in the past."

"If I remember correctly, my ass never got touched." At this statement Naruto went red.

"Sasuke!" Sakura snapped not liking their dirty jokes.

Sasuke couldn't hold himself back seeing the embarrassment on Naruto's face, "You were always the one more likely to bend over, weren't you Naruto?"

Naruto scowled, throwing his stick at the Uchiha who easily caught it, grinning evilly, "What do you want me to do with this Naruto?"

At this Naruto jumped at Sasuke off the log pushing him to the ground and thumping away at his chest, "I HATE YOU, YOU TEME!"

Sasuke started laughing throwing the stick away, "I was only joking."

During this whole time Sakura stood stone faced, Sasuke went over to her, "There's only one girl in my life." He said wrapping his arm around Sakura's waist, Naruto glared.

Kakashi walked up next to Naruto putting his arm around Naruto mimicking Sasuke with a smirk on his face, "Well, well if there is no competition, I think I'll dive right in," Kakashi winked at Naruto trying to make him feel better.

Sasuke and Sakura stood with their mouths hanging open. Remembering that once they both had had a crush on Kakashi, the sexy grey haired mentor was now hugging Naruto! Oh they would get Naruto back.

Sasuke shrugged turning to Sakura and kissing her again, the game had started.

Kakashi winked to Naruto again, "Well if you two want to do 'that' then Naruto and I have much better 'things' we would like to do!" Oh that scamming little pervert Kakashi.

Kakashi pulled Naruto away from the couple, before placing a hand on both sides of Naruto's shoulders, "Naruto I know you have been going through a tough time lately, Iruka has informed me, but just ignore them. Don't let this get in the way of the mission."

Naruto nodded his head trying to hide the hurt that was in his eyes.

"OK kiddies," Kakashi smiled at them, "The mission is…I assigned us to join the water polo team due to Naruto's suggestion last team meeting." He face was completely natural as if this was the most normal thing in the world.

Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto stood with their mouths hanging open, "NANI!" Naruto yelled out!

"That's NOT a mission, urrrhhh we aren't even that athletic! I bet Sasuke cant even swim! If anything he will drown!" Naruto smiled at the thought of Sasuke drowning.

"Speak for yourself dobe." Sasuke muttered, he couldn't deny the fact that he wasn't the best swimmer.

Kakashi's face lit up as he laughed and laughed, "ahhh sorry couldn't help myself… the real mission is…"

So here they were crouched in bushes, watching an opposing ninja camp, Kakashi was no where to be seen, but Sasuke and Sakura were hiding near Naruto, Sakura was giggling as she was trying to kiss the back of Sasuke's neck who seemed to be getting pretty annoyed, turning around and telling her to control her self.

Naruto glared at them hissing at them to be quiet.

Naruto caught site of Kakashi, he was hiding up at a tree he made eye contact with Naruto giving him the signal by pulling down his mask showing his sharingan, Naruto turned to Sasuke nodding his head to Sasuke, Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto slowly made their way towards the ninja's who were at different posts, Sasuke sneaking up behind one grabbing its neck and then twisting, the guard falling to the ground dead without even making a sound.

Naruto slipped forward grabbing out a kunai and flinging it with deadly accuracy at a guard who squealed before getting cut across the throat falling to the ground, Naruto looked over at Sasuke sticking his tongue out at him.

Sasuke the grabbed out two kunai's flinging them off hitting two other guards who were five metres away, both of them falling dead, Sasuke turned to Naruto a cocky smirk on his face.

Sakura slowly snuck closer the closer to the man who was standing unawares, holding her shuriken she was right behind him, about to make the final hit when an opposing ninja yelled out "attack!" they had spotted Sakura.

The man flung around grabbing her shuriken and chucking it to the side Sakura squealed, before Kakashi landed in front of her from the tree he had been perched up in forming a seal, the earth opening up under the man as five dogs leapt up biting at the guards neck.

The ninja's came out of the tents, weapons in their hands, Naruto and Sasuke cursed, dammit their cover was blown, the ninja's came at them.

Sasuke and Naruto had their backs to each other, guarding the others back, blocking the hits and the weapons that the ninja threw at them.

Sasuke formed a seal "Kanton no jutsu." Fire streamed out of his hands, burning into the men in front of him, screams and yelps cried out across the camp as the skin was burned away from the men's bodies as they rolled around on the ground trying to put it out.

Twenty or more men surrounded Sasuke and Naruto, coming towards them with knifes beared, evil glints in their eyes, yes they had Sasuke and Naruto out numbered ten to one, but as if this would stop Sasuke or Naruto.

The sound of one thousand birds sounded as Naruto fought the many ninja attacking him, swinging kicks and punches, Naruto panted, inwardly cursing himself, his body couldn't take this.

The Chidori drove through the mass of ninja's howls of pain sweeping out, limbs flying away from the small crowd. Sasuke and Naruto getting separated, Naruto left with about nine ninja all snarling at him coming at him at all angles, Naruto was out numbered and his body wasn't moving like it usually did, a kick delve into his shoulder making him get flung back into a tree, she shoulder dislocated, blood trickled from the side of his mouth, he looked over at Sasuke who was too busy to notice Naruto.

Naruto watched as the evil men came towards him, forming his hand to a seal, 'shadow replication.' He cried out but nothing appeared it was still just him, he clamped his hand tighter, "SHADOW REPLICATION!" this attracted Sasuke's attention who looked to Naruto who was up against a tree, hand in a seal but nothing happening, Naruto's eyes filled with fear.

Naruto's body froze, he huffed he was weak too weak and they were coming for him and there was nothing he could do, his child! Naruto freaked, what would happen to his child!

"Sasuke!" he called out, dodging a kunai, before getting grabbed by a huge man who was holding a knife to his neck, he saw Sasuke's face fear plastered all over it, "Sasuke…"he whispered before losing consciousness.

"Naruto! Naruto!" Naruto winced upon hearing his name, his eyes flickering open, Sasuke above him, blood running down the side of his face from a huge gash.

Naruto grabbed his stomach instantly, before sighing in relief, he was ok, his baby was ok, he looked up at Sasuke who seemed scared for his health, Naruto sat up. "Wow Sasuke better watch out don't wanna hurt that pretty face of yours."

Sasuke glared at him not finding the joke funny, "What the fuck is up with you Naruto, you fainted, you couldn't even preform a jutsu, you HAVE to see someone, you almost fucking died you dobe!"

Naruto tried to push Sasuke off him but there was no use, "Get away from me Sasuke."

Sasuke shock his head, Naruto looked up Kakashi and Sakura stood behind Sasuke they all looked down at him with frowns on their faces, Naruto shock his head, "no…please no I don't want to see anyone about this…"

Kakashi's frown deepened, "I'm concerned Naruto, if Sasuke hadn't have done something when he did, you would have been dead. Your going to see Tsunade about this."

Naruto gritted his teeth, he knew what was wrong, he couldn't let them take him to Tsunade, what if she found out! What would she say? Would she make him kill the baby? Naruto cringed at the thought.

Fright flashed in his eyes, as he scrambled back away from his group, "No…No…"

"Why are you afraid Naruto? Don't you want to know what's wrong?" Sakura's pestering voice said, he clenched his eyes closed trying to block them all out, he hated this, it was his body! No he didn't have to go see the Hokage, he didn't need to be interrogated or looked upon as if he was sick and weak.

"Naruto, trust us." Sasuke said holding out his hand.

Naruto glared at Sasuke's hand, he wouldn't take it, he couldn't. And he couldn't trust Sasuke, not after everything that Sasuke had said and went against, he said he wouldn't let Sakura get between them, he said that. But now he loved her, now he fucked her, now he didn't even care if Naruto saw him with her.

Naruto's heart felt like it was getting crushed, Sasuke went against his promise, his promise of love, Sasuke said he loved Naruto, but he went against it, he took Naruto's love and then ripped Naruto's heart apart.

Sasuke's hand wavered before he took it back knowing that Naruto wouldn't take it, a glare was on Naruto's face, but it was mostly appointed at Sasuke.

Sasuke walked over to Naruto grabbing him up, Naruto tried to struggle but Sasuke pulled his straight roughly giving him a death glare, "Your going to see someone about this." He said in the worst tone, Naruto had ever heard him use.

Naruto sat in the small room, the others at the other side of the door, they were informing Tsunade of what had happened, Naruto gripped his stomach, Tsunade would know if she came in here, she would know.

He couldn't let her find out, he looked towards the door hearing their hushed voice, he bit into his lip, he couldn't let her find out, he rose from his seated position. He didn't want to leave so fast but he had no choice, he had to stop anyone from finding out at all costs, he approached the window before slipping out of it soundlessly.

'I'm sorry Sasuke…'

Chapter 30: Goodbye

Tsunade, Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke walked into the small room where they had left Naruto to find an open window and no one in site.

"Shit…" Sasuke muttered.

"Seems like he has made a run for it, whatever he was hiding he obviously doesn't want us to find it out." Tsunade looked concerned before turning to Kakashi. "Assemble people to search for him, I want him back here within the hour."

"I'll go to his house!" Sakura volunteered.

"I'll search around town." Kakashi was already making for the door.

Sasuke looked out the window, his face straight and sullen. What was so important that Naruto wouldn't want them to find out so bad? Didn't the dobe realise that they were just trying to help him?

Naruto leant against a tree looking back at the village that he was born and raised in, he knew that now was the time to leave, they probably already knew that he had escaped the tower, Naruto knew that if they found him now then he would have no other chances of escape.

Quickly passing a stall, he bought all the food he could hold in his arms, he didn't have spare clothes, he didn't have spare weapons, but he knew the first place they would check would be his apartment.

Rushing for the gate, he turned one last time, trying to hold back a tear. He had wanted so much with his life here. He had wanted to become Hokage, he wanted to become a hero of the village of leaf, he had wanted to be with Sasuke.

Now he couldn't, and this was possibly the last time he would ever see the village that had treated him like a nuisance, that had glared at him, taunted him but even with all that, this was the village where he had made his closest friends, been mentored by the wisest and this was where he had met his first true love.

Now leaving with nothing other then what he wore, what he held in his hands and his precious miracle that lay in his stomach, he turns away from the village where his hopes and dreams had laid, instead he looks out to the dark forest where his future and the unknown lies, taking a step forward already he feels better, taking another step followed by another as he walks fast away from the village not daring to look back in case he loses his nerve.

He had almost reached the tree's, when he hears his name getting called out from behind, he turns a gush of wind making his eyes blurry and his hair ruffled, across the wide expanse of grass, he sees the dark haired lover, he looks confused taking a step towards Naruto then stopping his beautiful onyx eyes betraying his act, even from here Naruto can see the glistening of tears.

Naruto wants to turn back he wants to embrace this stunning mysterious boy that he had been telling himself to forget, the dark haired boys hair swept across his face his eyes never leaving Naruto.

"Naruto…" he whispers, even if they are far away from each other Naruto still hears him.

Sasuke takes another step forward, the blonde looks frightened. He looks like he must do what he has came to do, a secret weighs him down a secret he cant tell anyone, Sasuke wants to comfort him and tell him its alright, that he can trust Sasuke.

He wants to feel the blonde in his arms again, he wants to smell the blonds hair and touch his body. Tears sting his eyes, he doesn't think he has ever seen Naruto look this beautiful before, the wind bellowing his hair across his face, his bright blue eyes sparkling in the harsh wind.

And now he cant hold back all the feelings he has been pushing down, he cant hold them back as they break through, his usual icy expression is gone, replaced by the tears that run easily down his face, he has no shame.

Walking forward at a fast pace, he has to know why, why Naruto will leave him. Only two metres away from the blonde he stops as he sees a pleading look on the boys face.

"Sasuke…" Naruto says his voice sounds like it is breaking, his chest is so tight, he doesn't want to leave but he must, he wants to tell Sasuke the truth but he cant.

"Why?" Sasuke asks, his face glistening.

A rush of leaves are swept up by the wind flying with the wind between them, "I cant tell you… but I want you to trust me about this."

"How can I Naruto? How can I when I care about you." Sasuke said his voice cracking.

Naruto heart leapt in his chest, "You have your life now and I have mine, but if you are truly my friend them you will trust me on this and let me go."

"I don't want you to go, I don't want you to leave me." Sasuke showed weakness in his voice.

"I know you don't and I don't either, but some things are more important then what we want." Naruto couldn't let Sasuke talk him into coming back.

"Please, Sasuke this is all I ask of you, please let me go…" Naruto pleaded.

Sasuke felt like his heart was breaking he was frozen in a choice that was impossible did he do what Naruto asked him or did he go against Naruto.

Naruto started to walk towards the forest before completely disappearing he turned back, "Thank you…" what he meant to say was, 'I love you.'

Sasuke watched as the blonde disappeared the sky started to go grey as the storm clouds gathered and the rain started to pour, the grass going vibrant green, just like the day that Naruto and Sasuke were caught in the field by Sakura, just like that day where everything had started.

His hair drenched, he looked out at the same spot Naruto had gone savouring the image of Naruto standing there with his hair blowing in the wind and his blue eyes sparkling, Sasuke's heart was breaking, he fell to the grass holding his face in his hands gulping back the cries as the silent tears ran from his eyes, no one would have known he was crying because of the harsh rain.

'end of part 1.'

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