NOTE: I don't know how the schooling system goes, so to make it less confusing for me, I've used the British system (private school for all those public schooled people). If I'm not confused, you won't be as confused either. And the ages might be mixed up a bit for the sake of the story. Ask if you get confused.

Primary School

Secondary School (five years, last two are GSCEs, which is HELL)

IB (International Baccalaureate, like A levels but harder)


Summary: Gaara, a teenage boy, sensitive, cold and distant. Neji, popular, quiet and doesn't seem to notice the boy. However, when their best friends start hanging out, will sparks fly? And what kind of sparks are we talking about here? Yaoi, NejiGaara, SasuNaru. AU

All For Our Best Friends

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.


The day seemed to start like any other for the redhead. He woke up from a night with about four hours sleep, got dressed, put on his thick black eyeliner and went downstairs to eat. He set off before his sister or brother, and went straight to his best friends' house; Uzumaki Naruto. The young orphan lived with a teacher who taught younger children; Iruka-sensei. The redhead would always have to go round to wake the other up, being the bed-head he was. He never knocked; he just went in after all the times he'd been there. Iruka-sensei had left already, getting to work early like most teachers, leaving the blond unguarded for whatever his green eyed friend had in store.

"OW! Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!" the blue eyed trouble maker shot up, running to the bathroom and rinsing his mouth. Eating ramen all your life made you unused to spice. The other stood there smugly, holding a tub of spices in his hand. That one never ceased to amuse him.

"Gaara! Why spice, you know I don't like spicy foods!"

"I do…hurry up and get ready, we'll be late," the blond started to panic at the thought of being scolded again. A while before, Gaara had decided to leave his friend and prove just how much the hyperactive boy needed him. This didn't go unnoticed by everyone in the class when said boy burst in halfway through the second period, yelling at his best friend. Said best friend took great pleasure in Naruto's pain.

He waited at the door as the idiot ran around the house, getting his things together, glad when his friend ran up to him in the black uniform. They left the house, Naruto locking up, and then made their way to school. It wasn't a long walk, Konoha might've been big, but you could walk to get to your destination, wherever it was. The two boys were heading to the Konoha Secondary School: right in the centre of the town. And living in small houses, they were pretty much in the centre too.

"Hey Gaara, what lessons do we have first?" Naruto asked, having a similar timetable to his companion.

"English…and then Art...I think," the blond twitched slightly at the blankly spoken answer.

"You think?" a nod.

"I think." Sounded confident enough, so Naruto shrugged it off. Then a certain two past, and Naruto glared furiously at one, while Gaara just rolled his eyes. This always happened; the rivalry between Uzumaki and Uchiha was pretty well known. The four teens stopped, Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha glaring furiously at each other, while their best friends stood and watched. Eventually, Gaara grabbed Naruto's elbow and dragged him off to the building, while the long haired boy did the same, but dragged his friend off to the field.

"Why do you let him bug you so much?" Gaara asked as they reached their lockers.

"You know why: he's an asshole! First, we're good friends, always visiting each other, and then he got into 'double figures' and didn't need the 'annoying little pest' anymore. I'm glad his brother's still nice…though he's at university now…" you could practically see the blue depressed lines on the blonds' forehead.

"What was his brother like?" the blond perked up a bit; obviously he liked the older Uchiha.

"He was quiet, but fun! If I was ever on my own when Sasuke started hanging out with other people, Itachi would come cheer me up! I can't believe he's in university, his last year too! When he comes for a visit in the holidays, I'll have to introduce you both!" Gaara had never met Itachi Uchiha, he came a little too late for that. The year he went to university was the year Gaara arrived from Suna, which was quite a long way away. Temari was finishing her IB, and Kankuro was starting IB. And then there was Gaara, fifteen with no apparent direction he wanted to go in yet.

"Decided what you want to do for a living yet?" he pondered on the question. Naruto was thinking of culinary arts, Gaara was thinking of…

"Designing loud speakers," he said thoughtfully, shutting his locked. Big blue eyes blinked a few times. Someone had to do it.

"Cool…random, but cool."

"Hurry, we're going to be late," of course, they weren't going to be late, classes wouldn't start for another five to ten minutes, but he wasn't going to tell Naruto that, he wanted to get there early.

"Damn, hold on!" Gaara found it amusing to watch the blond. Where he got the energy from, he would never know, though Naruto slept more than him.

The class door was open, and you could hear a lot of noise coming from inside. Walking in would confuse a new person a lot. People were out of their seats, talking to friends, and some were sat in the three seated tables, nattering away with the people next to them. There was three people sat at the front next to the window, one had long blue-black hair, and wore the black girls' jumper, big bow round the neck with the same pattern as the beige skirt. It suited her, even if she kept pulling the shirt down to her knees, trying to attach it to the black knee length socks.

The other two were boys; one wore dark glasses for his eyes, and had spiky brown hair, while the other one had messy brown hair and dark playful eyes. One was incredibly quiet, while the other was incredibly loud; a lot like Naruto and Gaara. Naruto dragged his friend over to the three, shouting hello to be heard over the noise everyone else was making.

"Kiba, Hinata, Shino, how are you all?" he asked, beaming in that joyful was he does. Kiba grinned, Hinata smiled bashfully, and Shino raised a hand in greeting.

"Hey Naruto, we're good! How was your weekend?"

"It was ok I guess, Iruka-sensei was bossing me around to do more work…apart from that, it was all good! What about you?"

"Boring, as usual. The three of us went out to the cinema again."

"Again!" the three went to the cinema almost every week; it was quite scary how much time they spent there. Same place, same time, same people, nothing ever changed unless there was a birthday or important event. When Hinata couldn't go once because of her parents' anniversary, the two invited Gaara and Naruto to go with them, and Gaara didn't have much say in the matter.

"It was g-great Naru-Naruto! I…I bet you w-would've liked the f-film we went t-o see," the girl stuttered, a light pink in her cheeks as always.

"Really? What was it, not another romance?" Hinata once forced them all to go see 'Pride and Prejudice' a brilliant movie, not something you'd spend your Saturday night watching unless you were a romantic. Naruto could swear Itachi would go see it.

"No, it was an action movie! That new one!"

"Awesome!" Gaara tuned the two out as they started blabbering on about this new movie…'Lord of the Rings' or something, he wasn't really paying attention. The English teacher was soon in the room; Shizune-sensei, wonderful, kind, yet strict when it came to homework. She put her bag down and clapped her hands together; she never wore anything that stood out, a blue dress normally.

"Ok class! I want to see homework! I set it on Thursday, so there should be nothing about not coming to me because you didn't understand it, you're at an important time in secondary school; GCSEs! It's important to look over homework on the day you get it when you get home!" the class groaned slightly. The same thing, almost every other Monday. The class got out the work sheet from their books, and opened to the right page. Most essay and coursework was done last year. Naruto was now sat next to Gaara, Chouji sat next to him.

Chouji was strange. His best friends were popular, Ino was a Sasuke fan, girly and spiteful at times, and Shikamaru was a lazy ass, who got moved up a year a while ago because he was exceeding everyone else. Then there was Chouji; plump, loveable Chouji. Insult him and say otherwise, and you'd have two angry best friends ready to bite you head off, depending on how bad it was. Ino would have your head if he looked sad at what you said, where Shikamaru would cheer you up. The worse the case, the more likely Shikamaru would be joining Ino in eating you alive.

"I envy Shikamaru…being so smart he gets to be lazy and move up a year," Naruto murmured as the teacher went around to look at homework.

"He still had to do his GCSE years, he missed year nine, remember?" Chouji pointed out, Naruto sighed again.

"I guess…I wish I could be lazy and smart though. Gaara's lucky, he's smart!"

"That's when I'm working though. When I'm being lazy I'm just as dumb as you," Naruto glared at his friend for the obvious insult. Chouji chuckled and smile kindly at the teacher as she came round to check homework.

"Naruto, Gaara, couldn't you have wrote more?" she asked, patting Choujis' work. "This amount would've been no trouble for you both, Gaara, your essays last year where wonderful, what happened?"

"Sorry Shizune-sensei! I'll do better next time!" the lady smiled and nodded. Naruto did do better each time…it's just only slightly. The woman was sure he'd pass his exams though.

"Sorry Shizune-sensei," she puffed her cheeks slightly. She knew Gaara was lazy, and at least he didn't come up with some awful excuse, the least he could say is 'I'll try better next time' rather than leave it at that. She gave up staring at him expectantly and moved on to the front row, Kiba and his two best friends.

"Ok class, today's learning aims and title are on the board, copy them down and we'll start the lesson!"


She collected in their books at the end of the lesson, leaving them with no homework, and dismissed them on time as soon as the bell went, as always. Art was next, for Gaara, while Naruto had drama class, so he went off with Chouji, waving off his friend and shouting 'Bye Gaara-kun!' across the field. If they didn't know each other so well, the redhead would've cut his head off.

Art class wasn't too bad, minus the homework. It wasn't the amount it was the fact you had to spend three hours on each piece. Oh, he pitied those who couldn't go without a night's sleep. For him though, his insomnia could be useful sometimes, like when he wanted to watch TV or go web surfing during the evening and left the homework till dark. Artist research was boring though, even if homework on computers was just another reason to spend time on computers.

He got to class to find most people already getting out their paintings. They were doing 'figures' or something, and had to choose a subject involving a person, draw the person and choose a media. Gaara had, to no surprise from people who knew him, chosen to draw a circus clown on a one wheeled bike. He had to do research on clowns and certain artists that linked with the project.

"Lovely Gaara, this is coming along really well! You've got a neat style, which helps with painting with oil paints too!" Kurenai-sensei, it's all about expression. Gaara's painting was pretty dark, except for the spotlighted clown in the middle, wearing white and yellow, and a few other bright colours. Somewhere along the line, he'd decided to add in juggling balls too. Of course, it wasn't finished, but that's how he imagined it to be when it was done.

"Thank you sensei," he was proud of this work.

Neji was also in his class, while Sasuke took art at a different time, when Gaara was in music. They'd manage to end up next to each other this lesson. The redhead glanced at the work next to him. It was also an oil painting, except it was of a ballet dancer, short blue-black hair, lilac dance tutu, and a very dark background. It looked like Hinata when she was younger, before she grew her hair long.

"I like yours, its fun," Neji said; making Gaara's head snap up, then look back at his own work.

"You think? I'm proud of it. Yours looks good too, kind of like one of the pictures of Hinata…expect she wasn't dancing," the taller boy laughed slightly. Gaara was a small boy, especially compared to Neji.

"Yeah, it's her. She takes ballet lessons…though she was more into it back then. I guess you grow out of things though." Gaara nodded in agreement. Not much was said between the two for the rest of the lesson. With them both needing the oil, there was an occasional 'pass the oil please', but nothing else. Neji and Hinata were cousins, though they lived in the same house and were really close. Their house was pretty big by what Gaara had heard.

Nothing eventful happened, except the Gaara got the spotlighted area finished, and it looked a lot better. Neji finished off the painted Hinata, making a very nice image of his younger cousin on the canvas. The teacher soon told them to clean up so that they could catch the break bell. Gaara wasn't too hungry: he'd had breakfast rather than break today. Neji said that he'd clean up the pallets, which could be hell, if Gaara put the paints and brushes and paintings away. Gaara agreed, not being one to jump at trying to get the horrid substance off the dirty pallets, which made it obvious that people before had just left their paint to dry. Naruto was waiting outside when Gaara was let out, grinning and nattering as usual about nothing in particular.

"Hey, do you want me to get you anything?" Naruto asked, arriving at the cafeteria. Gaara shook his head and went to join some other people he knew on a different table, waiting for Naruto; Kiba, Hinata and Shino again. When Naruto came back with a biscuit and a drink of juice, he was grinning is head of, more so than usual.

"What you so happy about, Naruto?" Kiba asked. Gaara had a feeling the blond had told him when he wasn't listening.

"You never guess who's coming to visit?" four blank faces. "Itachi!" Gaara raised a nonexistent eyebrow.

"Who told you?" he asked in his monotone voice.

"Sasuke-teme, he said in Drama that Itachi wanted him to tell me that he was coming for a visit, and he wanted to see me at some point so he could hear how my GCSEs are going and things like that," Shino looked at the boy, you could just see his eyes through the dark sunglasses. According to Kiba, he didn't need them to be that dark, he just liked them.

"You never said what he was studying at University…" Naruto held to of his fingers to his head, pretending to shoot himself.

"I must've forgotten…again. He's studying law and order, and hopes to become a lawyer. Sounds boring, but he can be boring at times…he can be fun too though!"

They nattered, once again about trivial things, Sasuke passing and exchanging a glare with Naruto, though that was normal, Neji smiling apologetically. He didn't normally smile so openly, but it was a group with his cousin. Guess he valued her opinion.

"I can't wait till Itachi comes back; Sasuke won't dare even look at me with his big brother round." Itachi moved to a different city to do University, rather than staying at Konoha. The very reason Gaara moved to Konoha was so his brother could do University in Konoha though, he guessed it was normal to move to a different city.

"Come on Naruto, let's go get our stuff or we might be late," that really was the only non-violent way to get the boy off his ass. The two rose and said goodbye to the other three at the table, leaving them to talk a little more.

The two made their way to the lockers, seeing Neji and Sasuke at their own which were only a few down from Gaara and Narutos'. While Gaara and Neji put things right in their lockers, the other two glared at each other like hell was burning up. Gaara sighed and tugged on Narutos' black sleeve, getting him to give some focus to the green eyed boy.

"Stop glaring and get your stuff, PE next," PE was a lesson the whole year had at the same time, however there was four groups: group one, two, three, and extension. The extension group was generally people who took GCSE PE. Gaara wasn't one of them, neither was Naruto, as GCSE PE wasn't all fun and game, you had to do writing too, on occasions. Naruto diverted his hate to his locker and wrenched it open, Sasuke doing something similar, almost putting a dent in the old locker. Neji tried to calm him down, though the Uchiha seemed completely oblivious.

"So, Itachi's coming back when?" Sasuke didn't lie when it came to his brother. His brother was kick-ass, in more ways than one.

"Friday…he'll be spending the weekend and then going back on Tuesday. You should come one weekend," you could tell it pained Sasuke to invite Naruto round.

"Whatever. Come on Gaara, we don't want to be late." With that, the blond turned, Gaara following him loyally. Part of him wanted to stay behind and talk to Neji about art; he didn't know why he just…did. There was an awkward silence or a few minutes until they reached the PE area. Of course about five minutes later, Neji and Sasuke came in and went to change at the other side of the room. There were a few others in, though most were still eating. The bell went before they had finished changing, and the room was soon flooded with people, whom were all soon out in the hall, getting ready to play badminton.

"Ok people, listen up!" There was Anko-sensei, shorts and t-shirt with white trainers on her feet. "We're doing doubles today, so get with another pair, seeing as you're already paired up probably!" generally, you'd pair up at the beginning of class, as badminton was usually played as a two person thing. Doubles was something they did when they wanted you to work with someone different.

"You four, the far left court, you four, the near left court…" she went on, sending all the quadruplets off to play, Naruto and Gaara, against Shino and Hinata. Kiba was in the extension class and had football at the moment.

It wasn't long until Anko-sensei blew her whistle, and sent one pair to join a different court, so you were still in fours, but with a different pair. The two got paired with Ino and Sakura, neither of which they particularly liked, with Chouji and one of his random friends; Sumirei. Finally, with Sasuke and Neji.

"U-zu-ma-ki," Sasuke had to force the name out.

"U-chi-ha," Naruto just liked mocking the other boy. Neji and Gaara stood off to the side awkwardly and watched the two started a game.

"They seem to be having … fun?" Neji said, and it might've been believable if it didn't sound like a question. Gaara smirked and shook his head in amusement.

"You could say that. Sasuke most definitely," Neji laughed slightly, like he didn't in the art lesson.

"Ha, you have a point; he does look like he's having fun…"

"Uchiha, Uzumaki! You're in a group of four for a reason you know!" the teacher bawled across the room. The two ignored her. After a few moments, she gave up and grabbed Narutos' racket, not allowing him to hit the oncoming shuttle.

"You two, seeing as you've had your fun, let Gaara and Neji play against each other for a while…" the two glared at each other, but went to stand at the side, where they turned from each other, unhappy faces. Neji stepped onto the court, Gaara going onto the opposite side. Neji started raising the jacket and throwing the shuttle cock into the air gracefully, hitting it with full power. Gaara raised his own racket and smashed it into the white thing, a bit too hard. Three on lookers backed away slightly.

"Maybe they'd be better at playing tennis…" Sasuke and Naruto turned to the teacher, who scratched her head. "I mean…I think the tennis ball is more durable," the two nodded and turned back to the game. Neji had just won a point.

Eventually, Anko-sensei gave them a tennis ball, and they got more serious. Anko was keeping score, Naruto cheering on Gaara, Sasuke cheering on Neji, though the two were oblivious to this. After a while, Ino and Sakura had decided to join Sasuke on cheering on Neji, jumping up and down when he won a point. Hinata and Shino were soon by Naurtos' side, asking what was going on.

"Well, Gaara and Neji started playing, and Anko sensei decided they should have a tennis ball, she seems to like watching them," Hinata pulled nervously at the short, dark blue shorts. The uniform was dark blue shorts, and a white shirt, though the way the boys and girls uniforms were made was slightly different. Turns out, Ino and Sakura had been playing against Hinata and Shino before the two girls had decided to follow Sasukes' voice telling Neji to win.

"Go Gaara, you can do it!" Naruto boomed, smirking at the glare Sasuke was giving him.

"You can win Neji!" the black haired boy bawled at the top of his lungs. Sasuke and Naruto were soon trying to be louder than the other, attracting the attention of the other people in the hall. Some more people were soon watching the game.

Gaara ran up to the net and smashed the ball down, as hard as he could. Neji tried to catch it on his racket, but positioned it wrong and failed, stumbling slightly and falling into the net, hands holding himself up. He was clinging onto the black string, panting slightly. Gaara was in a similar position, though rather that leaning onto the net with his shoulders, he had his head hanged. When he lifted it, he found his face very close to Nejis', as the taller boy had brought his down at the same moment.

The dark hair was now noticeable brown, out of place and in the opaque eyes slightly, the shadow of his face making his eyes look lilac. A slight flustered look was on his face, sweat dripping down the side of the pink cheeks and the mouth parted slightly after playing so hard. Gaara felt slightly weird; though anyone would really.

Gaaras' red hair was even messier than usual, the pale skin coated in sweat. His face was equally tinged, even more so from the look of Neji towering over him. A wet pink tongue slowly slid across pale pink lips, before leaving them open to pant some more. The Hyuuga winced slightly and pushed himself up, Gaara doing the same.

"Good game," Neji said, shaking another pale, sweaty hand.

"Yeah, thanks…I'm surprised you're not in the extension class…" the hand flew from Gaaras', to his mouth. Neji side glanced the teacher, who was walking up to them with a smirk. Nejis' hand dropped and he sighed, shaking his head slightly. Gaara blinked, utterly confused.

"Neji, Gaara, I'm impressed! Gaara, if you show as much skill in the other sports, you might go up one…as for you, Hyuuga," her smirk widened slightly. "I do believe we've already had this conversation."

"Yes, Anko-sensei…"

"So, you'll be starting the extension class next lesson, I'll tell the teacher. My Gaara, you might be joining him soon, I'm so proud of my boys!" she rubbed her fists in circles on the top of their heads, getting sounds of protest. She looked at her watch and clapped again.

"Ok people, class is over; off you go!" the room exploded in an exodus of people, girls going one way, boys going the other. "Oh, and Neji, your new teacher will be Gai-sensei! Don't forget!"

"Yes Anko-sensei!" he called back, running off to have a shower.


History was boring as hell. He couldn't believe he was forced into taking a humanities subject. Temari was the one who had said that it was fun and worth taking. He should've listened to Kankuro and taken Geography, he was better at that one anyway.

"So, in 1939 on September 1st, which country did the Nazi party invade?" he hated learning dates. He wasn't bad at it, he just didn't like it. "Gaara, do you know, or are you going to stare out the window for the whole lesson?"

"The Nazi party invaded Poland on the 1st of September, 1939, sir," the teacher nodded, satisfied and went back to writing different things on the white board.

Naruto was lucky to have Geography, though the blonde wasn't very good at it, he could never remember dates. He'd taken it so he didn't have to learn dates, however that failed and he had to learn case studies.

"Now, we'll talk about the treaty that Germany had to sign, any questions?" Morino-sensei asked. No one said anything; he nodded and started to pass sheets around. "Once we read through the treaty, you'll do the activities on the sheet for homework," a loud groan was heard from the class. Gaara glared at his teacher slightly…sadist.


"Anou sa, Gaara! Did you have a nice history lesson?" Naruto asked, bouncing beside his best friend, who twitched slightly.

"I think I'm going to die…" the blonde laughed, dragging Gaara behind him to the cafeteria. Gaara once again sat with Shino, Kiba and Hinata, not bothering to get anything to eat, and Naruto was soon joining them with a burger and chips.

"I wish they sold ramen…" the other four laughed slightly.

"You'd only eat ramen if Iruka-sensei didn't look after you well enough!" Kiba said, pointing accusingly at the other, who pretended to bite the finger. Gaara occasionally stole chips from his friends' trays, going unnoticed by the two loud mouths. Hinata happily shared her food, saying how he needed to eat more. Kiba and Naruto were talking too much to see the slow decrease of chips.

"You guys should've seen Gaara today! In PE, he and Neji had this awesome tennis match!"

"I'm not sure you could call it 'tennis'," Gaara said, munching on one of his best friends' chips.

"You're eating!"

"It's your food," Naruto instantly looked down and noticed, Kiba doing the same, both of them shouting at the same time. "Not my fault you're blind."

"N-Naruto-kun … aren't y-you and G-Gaara meant t-to be doing bad-badminton?" Hinata stuttered, trying to stop the upcoming argument. Gaara was violent.

"We were, but Anko-sensei decided that Gaara and Neji would destroy the shuttle cock and switched it for a tennis ball. Gaara won, but Anko-sensei said that if he kept it up, he would move up to the extension class, and Neji's already moving up!"

"Really, which teacher?"

"Gai-sensei I think…that's who Neji went with anyway," Gaara said, making the boys' grin get bigger.

"Cool, you'll be in my class!" Naruto and Kiba continued, while Shino inputted a comment that made both Hinata and Gaara laugh under their breath.

"I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, watch out Gaara."

"Hinata!" the girl looked up to see who was calling at her, seeing her cousin jog over. She stood to face the boy, hair now tidy and looking very neat compared to earlier.

"N-Neji-niisan, what's w-wrong?" the boy passed a phone to the smaller girl.

"Uncle Hiashi wants to talk with you, you're going to have to ring him back, I had to hang up to find you," Hinata nodded and took the phone, trying to work it. The reason she didn't have one was because she wasn't very good at working them. Neji leaned over her shoulder and selected the right number, pressing the green button for her too.

Gaara watched the handsome boy intently, though he didn't really notice, his mind was off in a far away place. He snapped out of it when Naruto nudged him. He looked at the other with a questioning look. Naruto leaned in to his ear.

"He's pretty, isn't he?" Naruto teased, Gaara tried to keep the pinkness in his cheeks to a minim.

"Shut up Naruto; don't talk about people when they're right in front of you," his friend had been trying to get him with someone for a year, insisting it would 'do his friend some good'. Naruto sniggered and shook his head slightly.

"Admit it, and I won't say another word…I saw that look in PE," Gaaras' face heated up more.

"No! Now shut up!"

"Hey, Ne-" Gaara slapped a hand over Narutos' mouth, twitching his left eye. Neji looked at them curiously, raising an eyebrow. Gaara gave him a 'what you looking at?' look, making him turn back to Hinata.

"Fine I admit it, now shut-"

"I knew it!" Naruto shouted while standing and pointing a finger at his friend, who grabbed it and pulled the blond back down. Neji looked at them again with a weird look, before Hinata passed him his phone back and he left, saying goodbye. Gaara hit his friend over the back of the head.

"Idiot!" Kiba looked at them, curious as to what they were talking about.

"Hinata-chan, you never guess what Gaara admitted to about you-"

"What part of 'shut up' do you not understand?" Gaara hissed, hitting his friend again. Kiba was now interested.

"What did he say?" Gaara glared at the boy, who flinched slightly.

"That Neji was pretty," Naruto stated, used to the death glare he was receiving.

"I didn't say it in those words, you forced me into agreeing," Gaara said, Naruto smirked with an evil glint in his eye.

"How did he force you into saying that?" Kiba asked. Hinata was blushing slightly and Shino looked highly amused.

"He said it, and I said I didn't agree, and then he was going to say something to Neji, so I agreed to shut him up."

"Yeah, all I was going to say was 'Neji, congratulations on moving up in PE', you didn't need to shut me up," Gaara twitched again, angry at his 'best friend'.

"Err, Naruto…" Kiba pointed at the fuming red head. "Don't move, it's like a bull and red…though it's you rather than the red…" Naruto sat still for a moment, but decided to just get up and run, Gaara on his tail.

"UZUMAKI, GET BACK HERE!" he bellowed across the cafeteria.

"N-Neji-niisan and G-Gaara?" Hinata asked, completely bewildered. Kiba nodded and wrapped an arm round her shoulder.

"Looks that way…" Shino shook his head and poked his friends' head.

"No Hinata, Naruto's just messing about…he doesn't mean it," she relaxed slightly, letting out a breath she didn't know she had and put her hand to her heart.


The whole year had maths at a different time; they were just that they were separated into groups. Unfortunately for Gaara, he didn't really know anyone in his class. Naruto was in a lower group with Kiba, Hinata and Shino were in higher groups. It was an ok class, he didn't mind it, minus the fact he had to sit next to Ino and Sakura. They gossiped the whole lesson, which was the only way he new what was going on. He'd hear it from them and pass it to Naruto and the others, thrilling Naruto and Kiba to no end at some of the stupid things they came up with.

"Gaara, your match with Neji was really good you know?" Sakura said, smiling slightly. He looked at them to see the two girls smiling at him.

"Yeah, I was really into it, I didn't think you'd win though, are you both moving up a class?"

"Err, thanks I guess…no, only Neji's moving up," he didn't appreciate compliments. All the times people had said something nice and had been making fun of him made him re-think whatever was said.

"Really, I think you will too eventually, it's such a shame he's moving up though…you two seemed to know each other well!" Ino exclaimed. Gaara shook his head.

"No, we don't. I only really talked to him today," Sakura perked up at this.

"He said you were in art, that you were really good! You're friends with Hinata, aren't you?" Gaara nodded at the question and the girls went back to their work, leaving him to his own. Neji had said that he was really good at his art, which made him feel…weird.

He winced slightly as his phone started to beep. Why now? The teacher walked up to him and held out their hand. He produced his phone and they put it on the front desk before telling him to come get it at the end and sitting back down to mark work.


He was waiting at the gate for Naruto, planning to walk home with him as usual. He blinked once or twice as Neji walked up to him, saying hello. Wasn't the Hyuuga male meant to think he was Narutos' 'weird little friend'.

"Hey, waiting for Naruto?" he asked, standing next to the short boy.

"Um…yeah, I guess you'll be waiting for Sasuke?" Neji shook his head.

"Not today, I have to walk Hinata home: it's my uncle and aunts wedding anniversary," Gaara nodded in understanding. "Had a nice day?" was he having a conversation with someone so…popular?

"Yeah, minus the homework I got in History. I wish I never took it," he glared at the ground slightly, as if pretending Temaris' laughing face was imprinted in the ground.

"That bad, huh? I guess you have Morino-sensei? I'm sort of glad I took Economics."

"What do you actually do in Economics?"

"Graphs, lots of graphs…things like that really. Boring but easy," Gaara scoffed slightly.

"Now I wish I'd taken that, History's boring and hard," Neji chuckled again, turning round as Hinata came up behind him.

"See you then, thanks again for the tennis game…if you could call it that," Gaara waved at the two retreating Hyuugas, jumping slightly as someone blew on his neck.

"N-Naruto!" he exclaimed, composing himself quickly. "Let's go then." The two set off, Naruto grinning like an idiot.


"How was your talk with Neji?" Gaara rolled his eyes.

"Just because I agree that someone's pretty, doesn't mean I have a crush on them, Naruto."

"I know, I was just wondering. Never said anything about you having a crush on them," the ways of a witty idiot.

"Shut up. How was your math class?" though, witty idiots were easily distracted. After a while of walking, and Naruto complaining about his teacher, they reached Narutos' house. Gaara said hello to Iruka-sensei, who had got back early.

He was soon on his way back to his own, small house. It was a place the three shared with another couple, as it was pretty much split in two. It was an elderly couple, who looked after the shared garden, and often supplied dinner on weekends when all three were at home. With Temaris' exams coming up, she would have to quit her job, meaning the other two had to work twice as hard, Kankuro more so then Gaara, as Gaaras' exams were this year too. He entered the porch and opened the door on the right, leading to a small hall with stairs leading up to two bedrooms and a bathroom. Further down the hall there was a kitchen door at the back, and a living room door right at the side. He kicked off his shoes and dropped his bag on the floor.

He walked into the kitchen to find Temari had just started cooking. She grinned at him and motioned for him to sit down.

"How was school?" this place was the perfect place for them to be an actual family.

"Good, got History homework though…" he said trailing off purposely. Temari was good at history. She laughed slightly, picking up the hint.

"I'll help you if you want. What else did you do?" she continued chopping up carrots.

"Nothing really…I'm almost finished my art piece, and I played tennis in my badminton class," she turned to him and gave him a weird look, though he said the sentence as if it happened everyday.

"Tennis…in badminton?" the younger boy shrugged.

"Yeah, Hyuuga Neji and I were playing badminton and the teacher decided we would be better with a tennis ball. I guess we were hitting it too hard," Temari grinned again.

"Making new friends?" Gaara scoffed.

"I'd hardly call him a friend, today was the first day I've talked to him…it was weird, once in art, then the tennis…thing, then again at the end of the day," she pinched his cheek.

"See, making friends; keep up talking to him, Gaara! Make your big sister proud!" Gaara smiled slightly.

"What about you?" he asked, she sighed and puffed her cheeks out slightly.

"I have to finish my essay soon, you know, that four thousand word one? It's kind of challenging, but its fun!" she grinned again. "I like challenges!" she then clapped her hands. "Oh, I invited Shikamaru over for dinner too-"

"Invited, or forced?"

"Shut up. He'll be arriving in about an hour, so go get ready or whatever now," Gaara groaned and slid off his seat."

"Is he still classified as a guest, he comes round so often!"

"He's your age you know, its bizarre how he's in Kankuros' year…he'll be coming over with Kankuro you know," Shikamaru wasn't that bad, a lazy ass, but smart…and he could be fun to have round, as he often got Temari annoyed which was always fun to watch.

"Ok, I'll go get ready…"


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