I made a sequels

I made a sequels!!

I thought that was the most important thing to say. This is just a note telling all who read this story that there is another 3 I hope those of you who decide to read it will love it ect ect.

I also want to say sorry about the epilogue. It's such an American thing, so I don't do it often. I did the sequel instead I guess.

Summary of Sequel:

Title: Holidays with the Ex

Now at university, and single, Gaara receives a text message from his old friend Naruto, inviting him to stay in Konoha for the Christmas holidays. Blindly agreeing, Gaara figures that he'll be able to manage with spending his holiday with his old friends, even if one of them is the person he loved. When he gets there and is introduced to said person's girlfriend, he isn't best pleased, even if he pretends to be. Though, in Neji's point of view, he's the one who'd going to have to try cope with this holiday with the ex.

So yeah. Please read it if you're interested.

Ja ne