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"Right now!" Sakura whispered impatiently against the hot skin of his neck, even though she knew damn well that Hinata was less then a few rooms away, their apartment was pretty small. The walls were thin. Hell, Hinata might hear, even if she didn't come back to the table in time to see.

And of course they got caught. Of course! Sakura knew that this whole thing would get completely out of control! Naruto did that to things.. to people.. to her! He infected her with his naughty stupid brilliant silly fantastic ideas, this was all his fault.

"Yeah, we can forget the part where it was your idea, right Sakura-chan?" he laughed breathlessly, afterwards, smiling in a way that you just had to smile back at. "Yeah?"

Oh, hell yeah.



Sakura wanted to leave work early. The day worked out in her favor, for once. The patients were all taken care of by the time the mechanical wall clocks clicked to down to five. She passed through the main hall of the hospital, taking a quick shortcut through the quiet surgical ward and through the splice into the old building, through that and into the village administration building. Her long coat rippled out behind her, intimidating the administration's little worker ants even more then usual. More then her precision glow of chakra, the traces of it that zipped around her hands, her hair sometimes, her usual silent warning to not fucking mess with her, she was Uzumaki Sakura, anyone who tried to hurt her village, her patients, her friends or her husband would deal with her.

The Hokage's Office administrator who was giving Naruto a hard time about his field tactics half-cowered behind his coffee cup as she passed. It made Sakura smile, shark-like. She could almost forget. Almost.

She hurried up the stairs to Tsunade's office. She wanted to get going, she had to hit the markets. Hinata would be coming over at six.

Tsunade was yawning against the back of one manicured hand when Sakura bustled through the door. They did their usual day-end reports, Sakura told her about the tough compound fracture case she'd had. Tsunade waved her away from her desk. "Go ahead," she said, pointing towards the door. Sakura smiled and bowed, ducking her head swiftly. She mentioned that she had invited Hinata to come around for drinks and dinner. Tsunade thinned her painted lips slightly.

"How's her father?"

"Better, I think."

And a bit of a wise smile. "This would be your husband's idea?"

"Mine," Sakura was blushing. Dammit.

"Then lets get this over with." Tsunade said with hard directness, closing the mission record book with a solid thump. Her eyes snapped onto Sakura's. "How many weeks this time?"

Sakura admired the clinical sternness in her mentor's voice. It also irritated her, she felt a weak prickle of anger at it. But she was grateful, too. She needed to learn this kind of detachment. Sighing, she slumped her cheek into her hand. It was only the third time, after all. It wasn't like it didn't happen all the freaking time.

"Eight." she said. Trying it for herself.

"Not even out of the first trimester," Tsunade said, mostly for her benefit, Sakura thought. Tsunade's quick hazel eyes flicked up from her desk full of paper. Then down again. "It's common. You wait for a reason."

Sakura fought the urge to shift her weight uncomfortably. "I know." she said.

"Did you tell him?"

But that was different. "Of course.." she muttered, jamming her fingers together behind her back, twisting them.

"No, I mean did you tell him?"


"He's been away."

"After the party then?"

She sighed. "I guess... I think we're getting used to it.. by now."

Tsunade was used to this. She'd have to be. It was common. Sakura should know, this was her third time.

Tsunade had long since looked back to her paperwork. She ran sharp painted nails over a thick bundle of invoices. There was a patch of drying ink spilt onto the end of her thumb. "How's he taking it?" she asked, still steely and impervious.

He's used to it, Sakura thought. He's used to it the same way I am. Exactly the same way I am.

Then Tsunade half-smiled, raising an delicate, shaped eyebrow. "Your idea, then." she said knowingly. "Have fun."

And Sakura was able to smile, to push the dark clouds away. She bowed, wished her mentor a good evening, and hurried out.

Yes, her idea. It was both of theirs, actually.



Naruto got in from his mission early after all. He beat her home. Sakura was greeted by a warm line of light under the door as she dragged her tired body up the stairs to their apartment.

"Sakura-chaaaan," he called from the kitchen as her key scratched in the lock. She could almost feel him through the door, warming her even before his voice came warbling from the open kitchen door. "Saaaaakuraaa-chaaan..!" singsong and silly, but the affection in it went right through her like a hot blade. She pulled off her sandals, clumsy with haste, anything to get into his arms just a bit faster.

He turned, smooth reflexes, as she burst through the kitchen door, and she saw his bright blue eyes first, his hair pale and shocking next to his tanned skin- then he had her, his strong arms tight around her. "Sakura." he whispered, his voice husky and thick, she could feel it's deep vibration through his chest. "Saaakura..." testing and moving the syllables around, half-teasing, half-sensual.. it was the stupid and sexy perfection that he excelled in so naturally and Sakura just twisted herself a bit closer to him, pressing him back against the metal edge of the stove. This moment was made just for luxuriating in that insistent warm, his hands hot and melting right through the thin woven cotton of her undershirt. She'd thrown the coat onto the floor in her haste. She'd have to pick it up again, Naruto would tease her about throwing her clothes on the floor. And she loved that, she loved him, she loved this.. ok, so maybe she wouldn't pick it up, she'd wait until he saw.

"Ah.. Naruto." she murmured. She felt the pleased, approving noise he made more then heard it. He liked it when she said he name. Loved it. He never tired of it. That was why he rolled her name around his nimble fox's tongue, tasting every part of it, loving the sound of it, too. He had such a searing talent for pleasure of all kinds, Sakura could just let go and melt into him, let him set her free from everything, all her worries. "..Naruto." she whispered again, forming the word against the taut skin of his jaw.

"I made dinner," he said, a bit out of breath. Pleased with himself, too. She should probably be worried, Hinata didn't like spicy foods the way she and Naruto did.

"I see that." she said, muffled against him. She feigned disapproval, knowing he loved it. She almost shivered just for his answering chuckle. She rubbed her cheek against the torn edge of his shirt, the hot skin under it. He smelled of sweat and ozone and blood, mostly not his own. He must have just gotten home and kicked off his sandals, rushed into the kitchen, no time to shower. She didn't have to open her eyes to know that he'd dirtied every single pot. He always did, it was a talent of his.

"Go shower, she'll be here soon." she whispered.

"Maybe we should talk about that other thing we're not going to talk about," he said, between artless little kisses, like he was just that glad to see her. He couldn't stop touching her, kissing her, even to talk to her, even about this.. better then about that, Sakura thought, and pushed away the grimness.

"Maybe," she murmured, giving him a long significant look, a promising smile, Teasing him with the possibility.

He laughed, kissed her on the nub of her nose.

"Go shower, you smell!" she said teasingly, patting his tight rear through his dusty jeans. "You'll scare her off!"

"I'll attract her with my whatchamacallit.. animal magnetism," he said grandly. "You'll see." he snickered down the hall, planning naughtiness under his breath. Sakura loaded the dishes into the sink and poured hot water on them. She ran her fingers through the spray. Hot water slipped over her skin, drenching her hand up to her wrist. She closed her eyes. They both wanted this. Not just to get their minds off it. Not just because they both liked her. Hell, they loved her. She was a good friend. She was honest and true. And Sakura knew she was lonely.

"Maybe," she whispered to herself, smiling her own secret smile. Maybe only good things could come of good intentions.



Dinner went well. Naruto really was a good cook, he just happened to always destroy the kitchen in the process. Sakura had managed to cobble together a salad around the edges of the mess. She'd bought some decent wine, getting that whole red/white thing that she didn't really understand pretty ok for a change. "Think this wine goes with the hot sauce?" she'd asked Hinata, watching Naruto snag one of the sautéed jalapeno rings out of the corner of her eye, even thought they weren't on that course yet, and he wasn't supposed to. She lazily considered smacking his knuckles with the serving spoon in her hand. What the hell kind of wine did you use with their kind of food, anyway?

"We're not real adults," she said to Naruto, amused by it. "Not really. We're just damn kids." She saw Hinata's eyes change, just a bit, as she said that. But Sakura couldn't read that look, Hinata was too soft, too subtle.

"I dunno, I think it goes ok." Naruto said, shrugging.

"You just drank half the bottle." she teased him.

"The fox needs his demon rum, y'know?" he parried, effortlessly wiseass, with a feigned half-leer. "What do you think, Hinata-chan? They do the wine thing over at your house, right?"

"Well.. not really. My father is very traditional," she demurred. But Sakura could see the spark of light that had bloomed in her shy friend's eyes. She could see that Hinata wanted to be here with the, even if they were probably scandalizing her. It made Sakura want to bring Hianta closer, share the love. Why not?

That had been Naruto's reasoning, "Hell, why not? She's cute as a button, you're gorgeous as hell, why not?"

"That wouldn't be a good enough reason for Dr. Phil, you know." she had said to him, still playing the enchanted saint to his bacchanalian sinner. But it was damn sure good enough for her.

And Hinata seemed so relaxed, smiling sweetly and blushing with pleasure, it seemed, just to be around them. She worked so damn hard, she was training so hard that she was breaking capillaries in her knuckles, Sakura really had to wonder if there wasn't something else going on, something that Hinata would never talk about, because Hinata was just so freaking polite. She'd hold it all inside. She'd just go on and never complain, never ask for anything more.. and Sakura and Naruto both loved her, so why not? Sakura had to get this other crap out of the way fast, because things were moving. They had a shot at this.

So when Hinata excused herself to go to the bathroom, Sakura put down her wine glass and kicked Naruto lightly under the table. He was pausing in the middle of a wild retelling of his last mission, most of which probably was his usual editorializing. He was flexing the fingers of one hand, examining them for torn ligaments. "...shit." he muttered, when she told him.

Artlessly. He just looked down. A few spikes of hair scattered over his forehead. Sakura might have bought it, if she hadn't caught him eyeing her worriedly a second before, all blue-eyed concern. "Shit." he muttered, screwing his face up in a scowl behind a rough wipe with one bruised hand.

Then he looked up at her with his bright heartbreaker's blue eyes, the look flashing worry and love both, both at once. "Fuck, not again.. are you ok, Sakura-chan?"

"I'm fine," she said, smiling and nearly meaning it, because he made you feel his love, feel it, just by speaking, looking at you. "It happened yesterday. I was just at the hospital, it wasn't because I was training.."

"It wouldn't be, I guess." he said, sitting back heavily. "Shit." he said, pushing the heels of his hands against his eyes. Blond hair spiked between his fingers. "You think it's the fox?"

"Maybe." she said, playing with the edge of the tablecloth. She heard Naruto mumble, then make some soft, feline sound of affection under his breath.

"Sakura-chan." he whispered, warmly. He ran his toes along the underside of her bare foot under the table. It made her smile. It was almost ok.

"I think we're getting used to it, huh?" she whispered. "Because it keeps happening.." She heard him get up. "It's okay.." she said, waving him off.

"Nah..." he whispered, padding over on bare feet, one bandaged. It was amazing how much affection could shine through one little word, not even really a proper word at that. His strong hands felt familiar and hot to the touch, he was full of energy, always, even when injured and exhausted.

"Maybe the fox." she whispered when she felt the smooth skin of his cheek against her own.

"He's being quiet too, the stupid asshole.." Naruto said, in a warm undertone. "Can't ruin this. Hey, did Granny say-"

"We can try again." Sakura replied. She locked her arms around his waist, let his strength reassure her. They could always try again.

"Then we will," he said, mustering enough spark for cheerfulness, enough to carry both of them.

"Right now." she whispered, arching her back slightly against him. She rubbed her breasts against his chest, and the fabric moved between them. He bit her lip so gently as her nipples hardened from the friction. And he was insistently, instantly hard against her leg. The warmth of his hot breath spread over her cheek and neck, and she was hot too, inside, flowing and ready. Right now.

"Now," he almost purred, his voice low and barbed. "Ah.. Saaakura.." even the way he said it, the way he stroked and teased every syllable. His hot, sly fingertips were already under her skirt, playing with the hem of her panties like a lazy cat. She grabbed the hard lump in his pants in one hand and squeezed him slowly, making it brutally gentle, waiting for him to purr again, it really was almost a purr. He did, weaving it into her name. "...Sakuura. Ah," Pulling her panties down, and then over her ankles with that sharp gasp of breath.

Sakura wasn't of two minds anymore, but part of her thought about Hinata and thought about being caught. Thought not just about being caught, when she thought about Hinata, seeing, watching them, maybe. Listening.

The other part of her just wriggled and arched against the smooth enamel, he'd carried her around the breakfast nook, lifted her up onto the kitchen counter. The pile of dishes in the sink jabbed at her hand when she grabbed to her side, blindly. Naruto pulled her back on balance, pressing his body close to hers. She gripped the sides of his waist between her thighs.

"Come on.. come on.." she whispered, almost begging him. She wanted to hear him laugh excitedly, elated at how much she wanted him, because he wanted her and he'd only wanted her this badly for years. Since they were twelve. Before that. Ever before that. She flexed the muscles in her thighs, the pubococcygeus that were almost connected, anticipating. "This'll do it," she whispered to him, totally encouraging him, like this wasn't all her idea too. Not like he took much convincing. "This'll have to do it, this is great for cervical-" Stimulation, she was going to say. Cervical stimulation. This position. But he'd darted forward, caught her lips in his, and she just let herself move, wriggle and pant under him. He could get her going with his fingers, his tongue alone. He soaked her through, he made her the perfect mirror of his wild sexuality, his hair-trigger desire, his endless, bottomless, impossible stamina.

They'd figured the wildness would fade, they'd be like a normal married couple, they'd get comfortable, but it just never did, they still chased one another around the bed like frantic crazy animals every time they were together. The neighbors complained to the superintendent, but she just couldn't keep quiet. And of course Naruto did all the yelling and growling on purpose, he knew she got off on it just as much as he did. Sakura really didn't know how they ever managed to get themselves to work in the morning, they probably should never make it past the front door. Ino had laughed at the wedding, told Sakura that she'd never see Sakura or Naruto again, they'd spend the rest of their lives in the bedroom. Screaming the walls down, Sakura thought. That bitchy old couple overhead whacking the floor with kunai pommels- damn kids, quiet down! It's after midnight!

Naruto was chuckling slyly, deep and liquid in his throat now, wickedly pleased with his own evil plans. But his hands stroked her with a gentleness that made her feel like she must be made of gold, she must be the most precious thing in the world to him. "You are.." he gasped. "..you are.."

"Now..!" she whimpered against his mouth and he slid into her like a long, smooth pillar of fire.

She could of kept quiet if she had to, but why should she? Naruto loved it when she made noise, he'd laugh and answer her, their voices reverberating and twisting in the air between them, perfect and harmonized like their trained bodies. Perfect unison. She leaned her head back and moaned one long '...aaaaaah,' just for him. "Ah. Naruto." Just for him.

"Hey, what if Hinata hears?" he whispered hotly, wet against her breast, the hard point of her nipple still caught in the edge of his lips as he spoke.

"We'll be caught then." she said, after she'd gasped and gotten air back into her lungs again.

"Hey, what if we are?" Never mind, he was sucking on her nipple again, rolling it with his tongue, forget answering or thinking or worrying about that. They were doing this. It was on. She laughed, her breath hiccupping in her throat. She was too busy with the feeling of him moving inside her to, like, worry about that shit. She was busy. She

was rippling her muscles, playing over his skin where it vanished into her in a slow, fading margin of heat. And he couldn't keep up the chitchat in the face of that. The next thrust stripped the worry of the day away from her like a flash burn, magnesium. "Ah," she gasped, hard. "Naruto..!"

"Already..!" he laughed, his own voice ragged. "I'm going to really make you scream, then..!" His voice welling over with infectious enthusiasm.

"Hinata's in the next room..!" she hissed at him, but it was at least half in wicked pleasure at all this effortless naughtiness, he was the naughty kid she wanted to be so badly, but had to try to be good, to be responsible. Well, not right now! He thrust deep, changing the angle, stretching every nerve in her body so they quivered like bowstrings. "Oh.. hell.. " she caught the curse, deflected it. He probably was going to do that, yeah, it was a pretty good bet that he would. She could never believe it herself, that he could summon these kinds of things from her, that he could make her want it so much. She never did. She was too busy moaning and whimpering and trying to breathe as he slid deep and hit the spot, on and on, so much stamina, her legs were quivering and damp with sweat already. Her voice was rising, the little moans flowing from her lips like a river. She remembered Hinata and crushed her mouth against his shoulder.

"...Sakura.." he gasped, as she clenched him tight. She almost felt his pulse skip, she was pressed so tightly. He was losing the ability to do anything but thrust, just like she was losing the ability to do anything but writhe and lock her hands on his shoulders and pump her legs up behind him. She opened her eyes between hard gasps for air, saw his eyes closed in abandon, just soaking in the pleasure, his lips parted. "..Sakura.." he moaned, his voice almost cracking. "...ah, ah.. Sakura..." And the way he said her name was as light as a hot gust of wind through her veins. She pointed her toes and stabbed them hard at the ceiling, once, just as he pressed deep and hard in just the right place, her insides rippled, her head fell back. Okay, now she was screaming. Screaming, like she was beside herself, he was like liquid fire under her skin, melting her down. Screaming. Screaming his name. Screaming, as her insides clenched and tried to pull him right into her, as his back jerked hard and he burst hot inside her, the gruff, growling, deep-throated sound he made against her ear, the ripples of it down thorough his body, through hers and tickling her ears, as he came.

"Hey, maybe she won't hear?" Naruto laughed, wildly, pushing again, pushing deep, she had to bite her lip. His voice was ragged and excited, breathless. Yeah, maybe she won't hear, maybe they won't hear this in downtown Konoha, Sakura thought, distantly. You couldn't think straight, not when you were doing this.

So instead of thinking, she did that thing that Ino had told her about, imagining that she was trying to get pregnant- again, even if it was probably kind of unlucky, by now. Because that just made it so much better, even better then it was, would be, just to be here with him, to be this close to that fire. Feeling him revel in it, too, revel in her. It was a damn hard life, there was all kinds of horrible, sad, crazy-making things she could think of, would think of, when he pulled out of her and this hot wetness cooled to a sticky mess. But it was amazing the way it could be so good, too. Life, him. Natural and simple. She grabbed the back of his head, pulled him down and kissed him hard, feeling him respond right back, feel the same things. Think the same things, that it was amazing just to be here. That there was no better place to be, no one better in the entire world, that they just fit so perfectly.

"...safe!" he whispered, his lips sliding to the side slightly as he braced one hand on the far edge of the counter. He narrowly avoided knocking over a half-empty open can of stewed tomatos, which would make an incredible mess, really. Sakura had to laugh, because it was so him, all of this.

"I guess we'll get away with it," she whispered back, kissing the long stretch of his throat as he leaned across her to pull the can safely away from the edge. A slow drip of cooling fluids traced down the inside of her thigh, pooling on the edge of the counter beneath her.

Naruto leaned back and collapsed onto her, heavy and warm and alive with chakra and heat and his rasping, excited, laughing gasps for breath. "There we go..." he whispered hot in her ear. "This time.. this time, it'll work."

"...ah, Naruto-kun.." she whimpered, letting her sweaty back fall against the countertop, her fingers running restlessly over the rumpled, sweaty fabric of his shirt, all mussed from her fisting damp hands, his hair slipping through her fingers. "Look what a mess you've made." Teasing him.

Naruto growled, long and satisfied, deep in his throat. He mouthed one of her nipples through the rumpled edge of her shirt. She looked up at him, sweaty and his hair all mussed and sticking up in every direction. He looked back down at her and his eyes were piercingly bright, so alive. Set off perfectly by his flushed cheeks. God dammit she wanted this, she wanted his children. She wanted a family, just for them. Even if they'd have to stop the wild all-over-the-house sex, when the kids came. And neither of them would get any sleep, even less then usual. That was ok. They'd improvise. She could feel the blood humming under his skin when she raked her hands gently through his hair, scratching lightly behind his ears, seeing the way his eyes narrowed a bit in delight as she did.

She sighed contentedly, rubbing herself against his hands, murmuring to him as he wiggled his fingers against her. "..mm.. I wonder if that did it."

"...lemme check.." he whispered, flashing her a wiseass grin. His quick fingers pulled up the hem of her shirt theatrically, making her giggle slightly as he ducked his head under it. He pressed his ear to her slick, sweaty belly button. "..hey! Hey hey hey, I know you're in there. You're going to be strong as hell, right? You'll be way stronger then Sasuke's kids, when he gets his fucking head out of his ass and acts human enough to actually get a girl, right?"

She caught her breath at that, the mention of Sasuke.

"Heh, that's right! He'll be hopeless at it! I'll laugh like hell, it'll be funny.. hey, Sakura-chan..." The melancholy feeling had seeped into her face, into the air between him. He pulled his head out of her shirt.

"Never mind.. never mind him.." she muttered, holding him fiercely tight. Just for a second, imagining it, too. Hoping with him.

She could picture it so clearly. A spark of life, his glittery chakra and hers catching traction right now, right this second, under his warm hands, the tickle of his breath on her skin. She lay back, stretching her legs, pointing one luxuriantly to the ceiling, running her hands restlessly through his hair.

She opened her eyes but she was looking up at the track lighting in the ceiling, the way the bulbs burned soft golden yellow. The after image of them both, the joyous energy they created together merged with it's warmth and suffused this place, made it home. Even if it was kind of shoddily decorated and she'd have to start watching those designer shows on television again and get some good ideas. Even if she didn't have a heavy, hot armful of her crazy amazing husband lying on her, murmuring contently under his breath and rubbing his cheek and hands against her skin like he wanted to roll around in it. She was watching the whiskery crescent of his closed eyes, the after-flush on his tanned cheeks, she didn't hear the first footstep. Hinata had very soft feet, she was incredibly quiet. Sakura almost missed the second, Naruto was purring against her again, licking her slowly and wickedly suggestive down the sweaty crease between her breasts.

But she heard the soft, shocked gasp that came next. She tilted her head back, heard Naruto murmur, mildly as he slipped from under her shirt.

"Oh.. Hinata-chan.." Pretty straightforward, the way he said that.

Sakura opened her eyes and tilted them back so she could see over her head and across the room.

And was treated to the upside down sight of Hinata's shocked white eyes, her deep blush, her quivering hand against the doorframe.

"Ah.. join us?" Naruto's half-nervous, half-elated breathless laugh.

"Naruto," she growled at him, disapproving. She felt him rest his chin against her ribs. His hands were snaking under her, into her hair. She whispered at him sharply "..we can't ask her like that!"

"Well, she's here, why not?" he muttered lightly. She could feel the smile in his voice. He said, singsong and teasing "Hinata-chaaaaan..."

Sakura gave Hinata the kind smile she knew the shy girl would need, and a bit of a sheepish I'm sorry for making you find us half dressed and going at it right in front of you, really look in it. She nudged Naruto aside slightly, running her hand over his neck and hair, scratching him lightly like she would a playful, languid tiger.

Twisting right side up to face Hinata, she said kindly "You should say something,"

"Join us?" Naruto said again, hopefully. "Hey, why not?" With his perfect, brilliant, winning crazy-ass sincerity. His hair was hanging scruffily in his eyes. "We're all adults, right? We can do this. Wanna?"

Hinata was blushing bright pink, glowing with it. She was luminous, pale and gleaming pink, her soft dark hair rippling over her shoulders, hovering in the doorway.

Sakura smiled at her again, trying to reassure her. "Hinata-chan," she said. She offered her hand.

"Please?" Naruto wheedled, cheerfully. "I'm serious, wanna?"

"Come here," Sakura said to her, warmly.

"Um." Hinata whispered, her lips barely moving. She hesitated for one crystalline little second, right on the edge of action.