Summary: Peri's a California girl, and the Doctor needs to say sorry. What better then a rare snowfall? In commemeration of today, when it snowed in my backyard, something UNHEARD of.

The flakes of white drifted down in an aerial dance from the darkened clouds, alighting on her hands and and tickling her lashes as she gazed into the sky. A laugh bubbled from her throat as she spun, shaking the layer of white powder from her coat. Some small part of her brain told her that this should be envoking memories, memories of the last time she had seen, touched, tasted snow - chatting with the not-American DJ, facing down the Daleks, breaking the Doctor's pocketwatch (on accident, of course).

But surprisingly, all she could feel was delight. Peri grinned up at the sky, as if whispering soft thanks for the gift. Already the pattern of snowflakes was beginning to slow, as the sun hidden behind the blanket of clouds rose higher into the morning, but the ground around here was touched with pristine, untouched beauty.

A strong, broad hand touched her shoulder and she grinned up at the Doctor, who looked just as enraptured as she. The powder had faded the rich colors of his multicoloured jacket, and she giggled, dusting some off of his shoulder.

"Thanks, for this, Doctor," she said softly, so not to disturb the morning's silence. "Snow in southern california...never thought I'd see the day."

Her companion grinned ruefully and pulled her a bit closer with his arm, ceasing her shivering. "Never say never, Peri. Especially when you know a Time Lord."

She grinned at him cheekily. "With a machine that rarely works."

Bluster forgotten by the display from the sky, he shared a chuckle, And in silence, as the day grew brighter, they watched the snow fall, and there was no other sound but the gentle pitter-pat of the flakes touching the earth.