Final Chapter

It wasn't long before the money was returned to the people in the train. The ordeal had shook upmany passengers, but Elphaba seemed quite calm. After only getting a hand fulls of great thanks for returning the money Elphaba and Glinda returned to their train booth. Glinda could see fatigue lingering in the green woman's eyes. "Elphie?" Glinda asked.

"Yes?" Elphaba replied, her voice weary.

"Are you tired?" Glinda asked, as she stroked one of the green woman's hand.

"A little bit." Elphaba answered.

"Well you better rest up, Elphie, because we're going to have one busy day in the Emerald City." Glinda replied as she kissed the green woman's cheek.

"Remember it's one short day." Elphaba said, as she gave Glinda a wink.

"Oh, yes, I nearly forgot." Glinda answered, as an announcement came over the speakers. It made note that in less than a hour the train would arrive at the Emerald City.


About thirty minutes passed before the green buildings of the Emerald City could be seen. Glinda gave a squeal of joy once she caught view of them. "Oh Elphie, we're here!" Glinda could barely tame her excitement as they both made it off the train. Elphaba could only smile widely as Glinda grabbed her arm tightly and reply, "Oh, I always wanted to see the Emerald City."


Much more time would pass. Time that changed Elphaba's and Glinda's lives forever. For in that time one girl would be dubbed Wicked and the other Good, but the story wouldn't end with a bucket of water. No, the Wicked Witch of the West wasn't dead and gone.

Yes, more time would pass before Elphaba came back to Glinda. It was years before Elphaba returned and made her presence known.

"I love you, Glinda." Elphaba said, her voice just as strong as that night in the inn. Elphaba waited for an answer from Glinda. She waited for any kind of reply. She knew the shock of actually being alive still gripped Glinda, but she would have waited forever for a response.

Glinda did eventually answer, for she fell into the green woman's arms, sobbing tears of joy, as she replied, "I love you, Elphie. I will love you forever." With that both women knew their promise made so long ago had finally come true.

"Don't worry, my sweet, someday we will be together. I love you."

It was now so very true, both Elphaba and Glinda knew that they were finally at last..together.

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