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Summary- Fannysmackin, GSRAngst Greg-Sara

Favours-Anyone got the script for this Ep? It would be really useful if you do, cheers ma derd.

'I Came here for you Greg ' - Sara Sidle Unto Greg

Sara couldn't have got there any sooner, even if she had tryed, though she sure wished she could have clicked her fingers and been there. She should have been there. But she wasn't. The surroundings were all a blur, and the people and thier voices were nothing but a faint murmur at the back of her head. She could see one thing, and one thing only, the body, still, silent and solid on the floor. Purple, Bruised, Red and sore. Greg. A Crime spree had broke over Vegas like a fresh summer breeze. Unexpected, Intense, and moving fast. They had been trying to stop it, but had only ended up being caught within. Sara's feet felt like stone, they were moving too slowly, and Greg seemed leagues away. Finally reaching him Sara held back the tears threatning to fall.