BAND! The Musical

Summary: This is the band geek version of RENT.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Just the CD and the movie.

A/N: To make this work, there will probably be many people based of the characters of RENT..


Main Characters

Ryan Daniels: Drumline captain. Scared to open up to other people about his feelings since his girlfriend moved away. Smitten with Miranda, the Drum Major.

Inspiration: Roger.

Miranda McCoy: The Drum Major, Ryan's love interest. Considered anarchist by the rest of the band.

Inspiration: Mimi and Collins.

Matt Campbell: The other drum major. The narrator of the story, chronicling a season in his band.

Inspiration: Mark and Collins

Branden Cardwell: Ex-drummer and now captain of the football team. Considered a sell-out.

Inspiration: Benny

Allie Sanders: Alto-Sax player, very flirtatious, Matt's ex-girlfriend and Jason's current girlfriend.

Inspiration: Maureen

Jason Jefferson: Tuba player, Allie's boyfriend.

Inspiration: Joanne

Raoul Dumott: Trumpet player looking for his one show glory.

Other Characters:

Mr. Hay- Band Director

Rachel- Flutist


Jared- Trombone

Lisa- Colorguard

Other band members