Chapter 3: You'll See Band

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"Why does Mr. Hay want us on the football field?" Ryan asked as they walked behind the band up to the stadium.

"Have you looked at our field lately? You know before band camp, the practice field is the JV's field." Matt said.

"Oh yeah that's right." Ryan said.

When they got to the football field, they were met by Brandon Cardwell, ex-drummer and now captain of the football team.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! What the hell do you think you're doing?" Branden asked.

"We've come to practice here. Hay's orders." Ryan said.

"No, no no. This is our field. You have your own." Branden said.

"We need to get the rookies used to marching on actual grass instead of holes. Come on Branden, you remember what it was like." Matt said.

"I do actually, but now the football team needs to practice." Branden said.

"Come on Branden, its just for the afternoon. You can use ours." Ryan pleaded.

"No. We need this field." Branden said.

What Happened To Brandon
What Happened To His Heart
And The Ideals He Once Pursued

And the football team has a right

To practice on the field for the summer

Well isn't this a bummer

Brandon: scoffs

The band


Jeez, don't waste your breath


We need to march


Come on, you remember being a band member


There is one way

I knew it!

The band field, the JV's team practice field, see
And now that the band's started camp
They need some place to practice for their games

You see band

You see band

Your field is just the right size for a JV team's
training and practice field
I'll post it in the locker room bulletin board
That you can stay and play here for free
If you do me one small favor


Convince Mr. Hay reschedule band camp

Why not just reschedule football
Or ask the coach?

Yeah I did, and they're on standby
But the administration would rather us handle this quietly

You can't just quietly reschedule an entire band camp
Then watch college football on ESPN

You want to conduct the band and write cadences?
You need somewhere to do it
It's what you always dream about
Think twice before you pooh-pooh it

You'll see, band
You'll see, band

You'll see - The beauty of a good field
That let's you do your marches and spins
With real grass on the top
Without potholes that make you stop

Just reschedule camp
And you'll have it made
You'll see - Or you'll suck