How Fast Things Change

Chapter Two

It was late when I arrived home, probably close to midnight. Oh how I missed my messy apartment! This might be the last time I ever see it again. What a depressing thought. I quickly locked my door, closed all the curtains, and went to take a nice hot shower. The water seemed to wash away all my aches and pains that developed in the last 24 hours. It was a wonderful shower. The best in my life.

I got dressed in the only thing clean; a pair of black sweats, dried my hair and started to pack. It wasn't much; only things that meant a lot to me like the picture of my team and some other valuables. I never had many things in my life and the stuff I did have was important or helpful to me.

I was almost done when a loud knock came from my front door, however I ignored it; who ever it was would go away. Besides I had to finish and leave before morning.


Still packing.


I can't hear you!


That's it! I stormed to the door ready to yell at who ever the antagonist was, however when I flung the door open I was surprised at whom I saw. My friend, my rival, Sasuke. My eyes went big with shock as I pointed a finger at him like he was a dead person. He did after all leave me in the cell and called me pathetic.

"Well, are you going to let me in or not, dobe?" Yup, it was Sasuke alright.

I lowered my finger. "I'm busy right now. Come back later, teme." My voice was calm and normal which surprised me.


No? Who does he think he is, a damn god?

'He thinks he is better than you. You are under him, a mere pest. Or so he thinks. Show him who is boss, kit. Show him how strong you are!'

I just ignored the Kyuubi, which was pretty hard to do.

"I'm in no mood to deal with you Sasuke, so please leave me alone." He looked a little surprised that I, Naruto, the loud mouth blond, actually used his name and the word 'please' in the same sentence. After a few minutes of what looked like an internal battle he responded, "I'm not leaving." With a shove, he made his way into my small apartment. A long sigh fell through my lips as I followed Sasuke in. Sasuke and bastard seemed to go so well together.

When he spotted all my stuff in a bag, he asked me in a confused tone, "Are you leave?"

I answered with a nod. I didn't care if he knew; he left once so why can't I?

"Good. Finish packing."

Wait. Did I hear right? Did Sasuke tell me to finish packing?

'He wants you gone, kid.'


I was royally confused but did as told seeing as I was going to do it if he said so or not. By the time I finished I had four big bags full of clothes and a few objects that didn't include my toiletries. With two bags each, he led me out of my cold, dark apartment. I had to pause at the door way and look back as a final farewell. I moved in only a year ago but it felt like forever. God, I was going to miss the place even if it was a piece of shit.

He led me away from my apartment into the city. I would have asked where he was taking me, but I was afraid of the answer he might give. After all, you can never know what's going on in the mind of an Uchiha. What if he was taking me to the village so people could laugh at me? No, he wouldn't do that would he? We're friends, right?

My thoughts were cut off when Sasuke announced we arrived. I looked up from the ground to find we were in front of a large house. The placed looked warm and pleasurable, like a family home on Christmas. There was no way this beautiful house belonged to the cold, evil (sometimes evil) Uchiha Sasuke! No possible way!

"Are you going to stand there all day or are you going to come in?" He said from the opened door.

"Is this your house?" I had to make sure.

"Yes dobe, this is my house." He said while sighing. What did I have to lose from entering a happy home that belonged to a cold person? Nothing! I ran into the house with a smile on my face at the thought of Sasuke holding a teddy bear while sleeping.

"What's so funny, usuratonkachi?" He asked in his board tone as he set my things door on the kitchen table.

"Oh nothing…" I said as I tried to suppress a laugh at the image of Sasuke dancing around and singing to a kiddy song.

"Hn. If you go down that hallway,"- he pointed to a hallway to my right- "the first door to the left is your room." He said in a boring tone.

Did he say room? Who is this person? The real Sasuke would never let have a room in his house especially when I wanted to kill him when I turned into a demon. Yup, It defiantly had to be a clone.

"Why are you letting me stay here?" I had to know why.

"Because then I could keep an eye on you, plus you can't be alone. Tsunade's orders."

That jerk just wanted to make sure I didn't go crazy?! And here I almost thought he cared but he is just following orders! Stupid teme! I can't believe I was starting to think there was a good side to him.

"Well I don't care if its orders, I don't want to live with someone who doesn't care if I die or not." I yelled, "Although no one does care anyway." I added under my breath. I heard Sasuke let out a long sigh.

"Listen dobe, I want to make sure you don't hurt yourself and if you stay here it will be easier for me. If you leave, then whom will I mess with?" He mumbled with his arms folded over his chest. His dark eyes were looking at a nearby window as he spoke.

That had to be the longest sentence he ever said to me. So does care for me! Well it makes sense because ever since he killed Itachi he has opened up and we have become close. It also helps that I have matured GREATLY over the last couple years. Good thing I have at least one friend I can count on.

"Really? Thanks Sasuke!" I said while giving him my 100-watt smile.

"Hn. Whatever." A small blush appeared on his pale skin.

"Well I'm going to unpack and get some sleep." I reported as I gathered my bags and headed to my new room. I didn't hear Sasuke following me so I just went straight in. It was a fairly large room; two of my rooms could fit easily in this one. It wasn't anything special but the fact that there were new sheets on the bed and a cool towel folded in the shape of a monkey made it better than any hotel sweet. Damn teme, going through all this trouble for me. I couldn't help the smile that spread over my face as I set my bags down.

It took only a few minutes to unload all my things and by that time I was dead tired. I slowly got under the clean, crisp sheets that Sasuke laid out for me and curled into a ball. On my way to dream land I heard Sasuke's voice from the doorway. "Goodnight dobe."

I couldn't stop the smile that came to my face as the door clicked closed. Maybe I can overcome the Kyuubi's desires with the help of my friends and return to my life again, just maybe…


- Nami