Chapter one


"Come on Raven, it's just a hat!!"

"Not going to happen"

"Awww... Rae it's just a hat. Wear it for me, please?"




"Ok... I just though, you know since it your birthday and all-"

"Well you though wrong didn't you?" I replied in a harsher tone than intended.

"Im sorry..." Beast Boy replied sounding hurt as he got up and left the common room with his head hung.

The room went quiet and every one started staring at me. A sudden rush of guilt washed over me. Maybe I was too harsh; after all he organized a whole surprise party for me. Maybe I should apologize. No, I had to apologize no matter how hard it might be.

I headed up to his room. Why do I suddenly care so much about his feelings?

After tripping on the stairs and stubbing my toe I hobbled the rest of the way to his room. This is what I get for trying to apologize? I grabbed on to his door way for support. As I was standing there I had perfect view of him sitting on his bed cross-legged on his bed with his head hung mumbling something.

"Stupid Raven... I only tried to organize a party for her and what does she do throws it back in my face..."

"Ehh... Beast Boy I just came to say... i... I'm... ehh" oh, god why can't I just say it? What can be so hard about two simple words?

"Beast Boy I'm... I'm-"

"Raven its ok; I just thought... you know"

"Yeah I really am..."


"Well let's go back down stairs and make the most of the party, Starfire is already pissed"



First she apologises and then she decides to join in the fun! Man she's confusing...

And that's what you like about her right?

Don't put it like that it sounds... scary...

How else am I going to put it?

Don't worry. Ohh god I better say something she staring.

"Are we heading down or not?" said Raven looking rather annoyed.

"And... ehh... who were you talking to?"

"Know one..." I replied feeling my cheek going red from embarrassment.

Stupid, stupid, stupid! What a stupid response and why was I talking to my self?! What's Rae going to think? Well she already thinks I'm annoying so why not crazy as well?


"Are we going down or not?"

"Yeah, I suppose." Beast Boy replied rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

I headed down stairs and entered the common room to find Starfire running around with her top in her hand, screaming "I'm invincible!!" while Robin's running after her trying to catch the drunk Starfire. A little but unusual for Starfire considering it's usually Terra that runs around with no top on when she is drunk but at least we know where Starfire is getting the idea from.

"Star... Just... Stop... running..." said Robin in between breaths.

"You'll never catch me I'm the ginger bread man!" replied Star giggling, just as Robin tacked her to the floor.

"Hold sill!" said Robin as he struggled to put her top back on her. After he finished he helped Starfire up.

"Ok now I've seen everything"

"Yea-" said Beast Boy laughing.

"Let's dance Robin!" shouted the very drunk Starfire grabbing Robin's hand as she started to make him dance.

"This is pretty odd..." said Cyborg, who was lying on the floor looking up at the ceiling with Terra.

"Let's go out side. Maybe the fresh air will help her and while we're out there Terra can run down to the store and buy more supplies, after all were all out because of Starfire." I said. At least that way she can't break any thing out side.

"Wish I could fly..." said Starfire waving her arms in the air.

"Ehh... Star you can." I replied.



"I always wanted to fly"


"Come on star, time to go outside" said Raven.



"Because why?"

"Just because, ok Star?" said Raven as she tried to lead starfire out side by grabbing her wrist and pulling her.

"Help me can you Robin? I mean after all she is your girlfriend." Said the annoyed looking Raven.

"Who knew she could get pissed of one drink?" laughed Cyborg.

"You know what Cyborg? You'd look so pretty in pink." Said Starfire staring at his armour admiringly.


"You're so shiny" said star still staring.

Every one in the room burst out laughing as Cyborg turned bright red.

"Ok, let's get you outside." Said Cyborg lifting Starfire and carrying her outside and laying her down on the grass.


"Yeah Star?"

"There's a cloud shaped like you head in the sky." Said Starfire giggling as she stared up at Cyborg, who was standing above her.

"Star... that would be his head" I said laughing along with the rest of the group.

"Quit it guys!!" shouted Cyborg turning a brighter shade of red than before.

"She doesn't know what she's saying!"

"Oh I do!" every eye turned to Starfire.

"Really?" I asked.

"Nope!!" shouted Starfire rolling around one the grass laughing.


"Hey Beast Boy?"


"Can you touch your toes?" said Starfire giggling.

"Yeah watch!" replied Beast Boy as he bent down and touched his toes. Man he has a sweet arse.

Dam it Raven, you shouldn't be thinking like that!

Ohh but it is true and you know it. But then a horrible thought came to my head. Why am I thinking these thoughts? Could it be, I am starting to fall for beast boy?

Don't sound so shocked! You know as well as I do that you always had a thing for him.

True, but I'll be dammed if I'm going to admit it to any one but myself.

Suddenly Terra came arrived carrying four large shopping bags full of alcohol, interrupting my thoughts.

"Who wants to play a game?" said Terra holding up a bottle of vodka.

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