Okay, people! Sorry to say but chapter six was the last chapter, but don't fear there is a sequel! It is called 'not just superheros'. The first chapter is the day after…

Chapter seven


I slowly open my eyes to the bight green walls of my bedroom. Although everything looks normal I can help but feel like something is out of place and then I see it. The crumpled familiar looking green and red uniform on the ground. Holy shit! I can't, no I couldn't have. I slowly turn around to see thankfully not Robin but Raven. Not just the dark angel herself but the naked dark angel. What the hell?!

Calm down.

Calm down? CALM DOWN? I just woke up with Raven naked next to me!!

That was just the start of the chapter. The full version is the first chapter of 'not just superheros'. It feels kind of sad to have to finish this story but I just know the sequel will be better. Love you guys and keep reading!!