Superman/Wonderwoman: It Could Have Happened

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Author's Note: Well, it has been a LONG time since I have been on this website filled with its wonderfully talented writers (Not to mention any past work I HAVE done I quickly deleted…), but I thought I'd try getting back into the habit. Reading message boards, I find that A LOT of fans want to consider the idea of a Superman and Wonderwoman pairing. Well… this first chapter is more of a short opening into a story I can hopefully find the mind set to continue. Anyway, if there is anyone that could review this work I would be MOST appreciated and perhaps be given the will to write on! I hope you enjoy!


She looked like a goddess… that's what the press thought when she walked to the podium, her creamy skin reflecting the beams of light that danced around her, creating a gorgeous pattern of solar glitter. Her long, raven black hair wavered with her stern step, a graceful flow to itself. She might as well have been a goddess if her back-story was true. She was known to the wide public as Princess Diana, Ambassador of Themyscira, an island nation off the coast of Greece, located somewhere within the Aegean Sea. To the wider public, she was Wonderwoman, Amazon warrior and super heroine, a beacon for truth and justice. Though whether she was a respected diplomat for an ancient civilization, or a powerful ally that could punch through fortress walls did not matter at this press conference, her sheer appearance alone let her stand out from the average suit wearing, bald government officials. Diana was a picture of loveliness adorned with a silk white and gold toga, her appearance simply demanded attention; this would justifiably explain the hundreds of flashing cameras and jabbering among the journalists as she reached the podium, slender fingers curling over the stand edges. A pair of full-red lips let out a strong voice, one that demanded order and attentiveness.

"I am shocked by the sheer size of the press here today, but my shock is undoubtedly met with a feeling of happiness," Her tone lightened, but she did not smile, a woman of business, "It has just been recently that the Amazonian nation of Themyscira has been recognized as a member of the U.N. As Ambassador, I arrange this meeting to explain our views as to the corrections that should be made to Man's world…" Wonderwoman pardoned and collected herself for a moment; she was falling back on Amazonian prejudice, the idea that anything outside of their island was "Man's world."

"Forgive me, I am new to your world and have already proven that I have much to learn still." Her sheer charisma turned this statement into a laugh line; that got the crowd immediately warm to her, "So, let us begin this conference with any questions you most surely have." There had to have been at least 60 hands that were thrown up, note pads in the other hands. She pointed to a random hand in the crowd to a darker skinned man.

"Russell Mandrake, Metropolis Star, Princess, the Amazonian nation has secluded itself from the rest of the world for… let's use the ball park… centuries. Why open yourselves up now?" A good few of the hands lowered when he finished the question.

"That is a very good question Mr. Mandrake, one that I would gladly answer on behalf of my sisters. Though we on Themyscira are readily trained in the art of combat and war, we have maintained an environment of peace for those centuries you estimate. We also had forgotten one truth, and that is the gods of Olympus shine down upon the entire Earth, we are all here together whether we like it or hate it. Our Queen Hippolyta suspected that though not today, nor maybe years from now, one day there may be confrontation. We Amazonians would like to spread our ideas of peace and order in the darkest parts of the world where crime and darkness corrupt. That is where I as acting Ambassador come in. I am a messenger of the Amazonian ways, I strive for a positive outcome, no matter how long it will take me, no matter how much pressure is put down on me, I will prevail." The belief in her voice and sheer power of her speech was deserving of roaring applause, and that is what she received. The floor was reopened for question, meanwhile in the crowds of journalists; a certain pair was having what came to be a daily dispute.

"Can you believe this? Let's forget the groundbreaking work of Nellie McClung and Margaret Thatcher, nowadays so long as you have a nice pair of breasts and a smooth as syrup voice, you can be successful in politics." Lois Lane, an ace reporter for the great metropolitan newspaper the "Daily Planet". She had an impressive set of looks on herself, an inquiring mind, a stubbornness to never give up, a hot head, and a mouth that couldn't hurt to keep quiet every so often. Irritated, she brushed the dark strands of hair away from her face and scribbled notes down at lightning speed on her note pad.

"She's got a way with public-speaking, and a good message. You should give her that, Lois." And always no more than three feet beside her, Clark Kent, much more mild-mannered a reporter, but proved himself to be just as capable as her at nabbing a good story. The both of them had Pulitzer potential and it made them a sure-fire crack team… from a professional standpoint anyway…

"And just leave it to a man to defend her, way to support the stereotype of the drooling schoolboy. Nice one Smallville; thought you were just a little bit above the average." Her sarcasm was very heavy in her tone. Lois had never, and Clark imagined would probably never EVER admit that she respected him as a partner. Clark didn't always put on the most impressive outward appearance, though he dressed nicely on the job and kept his hair always neatly combed to the side, he had a hunching posture much of the time and a thick pair of glasses that were probably as strong as telescopes. He shuffled a lot when he walked and didn't speak out much all the time. She often wondered how a man looking and acting the way he did could write so skillfully, it was almost as if he was trying to not be noticed.

"My, my Lois, are we getting just a teensy bit jealous?" A sly grin slowly crept on his face as he saw her head slowly turn to him.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Come on, the Princess is a role model to all woman. She comes to us open-armed, bringing a message of peace and an end to injustice. She's strong both internally and externally, and the people love her."

"But just LOOK at her, Smallville! The "Princess" is an unrealistic role model and bad influence on woman; she's so gorgeous it's practically inhuman! That's EXACTLY what we need, a thin supermodel that flies around, showing her goods. Have you even SEEN her costume? Yeah, "I am woman, hear me roar", right."

"Oh… I see." Clark felt he had finally pushed the blinds aside and caught the light of revealing full on."


"The jealousy angle, it all makes sense now. I mean, how long is it going to take before our Wonderwoman happens to be sailing over some clouds, and cross paths with a certain Man of Steel that we know and love, you especially. And what's somebody like him going to want with a normal, human reporter woman when he's got a mighty princess like Diana?" The sight of her ears turning a light shade of pink was sign enough that Clark had gotten to her, mission accomplished.

"I have NO idea what you're talking about. I can talk to Perry and get you on the gossip column with Cat Grant if you'd like, otherwise, stay on task!" As she turned back around he could hear her mumble under her breath. "Superman falls for Wonder bimbo… now THAT'S a headline for ya'."

"Yes, you?" The Princess directed her attention towards Clark's raised hand, and he had to admit his heart sped up just a little bit.

"Clark Kent, Daily Planet, afternoon Princess. Have you set for yourself realistic goals? While I do not doubt your obvious power and determination, are you looking for all the muscle you can get? Or is this a solo mission for you alone?"

"Well, if I may call you Clark," He was QUITE alright with that, "That's quite a mouthful of a question. I will gladly accept a helping hand if the heart is in the right place, and the person generously offering does not put them self in any significant danger. I will say, that this Superman figure that helps everybody intrigues me, there is an example of one I would be most happy to have join me." Clark thought he could hear the grinding of Lois' teeth together.

"You asked that question on purpose for that answer…" She said scathingly, he smiled.

"Target is in sight. I've got a clear shot." A gruff voice resonated in Clark's ear and became alert immediately. Everyone was so focused on the Princess that they did not notice the reporter with the thick glasses moving his head around frantically as if he had heard an explosion. He wasn't sure where the voice could be coming from, the press conference was being held near to Diana's homeland. Though mankind could not actually step foot upon Themyscira, the conference fit well just off a rocky coast of Greece. A fancy stage was set up with nations flags draping above, so it worked out perfectly. But because of the location, they were practically surrounded all by ocean… So whomever Clark was hearing must have been…

"Up on the cliffs!" Turning his head 60 degrees to the left, he could see a brown, jagged rocky cliff about 400 yards away from the conference.

"CLICK" The cock of a powerful gun in his hear only solidified his suspicion, but he was the only one that could hear it. Following the path of the sound, he concentrated his eyes on the far off cliff edges. Suddenly, the view rushed closer to him in his peripheral vision and he could see a trench coated man with dark sunglasses and a thick brown moustache just behind a rock. Propped on the jagged top was a long sniper rifle, and judging by its aim and angle… he had a good idea of the target. Clark was packed into the crowd like a sardine, it was much to risky and time consuming to try and change into his… "other suit", and to do something as simple as melt the scope from where he was standing was just plain reckless, ESPECIALLY with reporters around. So he did as he always did in a tough decision crisis, play the bumbling reporter act. The mans hands were at the trigger already, he would fire soon. Clark took a step sideways, he could hear the man's finger twitching over the thing that would make it go bang. One fake of a side step and Clark feigned tripping over his own two feet, following into a big crowd. As he did so, he took in a deep breath.

"PRINCESS DIANA! LOOK OUT TO YOUR RIGHT!" His voice had carried with a powerful boom and as Diana turned her head in the alerted direction, he heard the gunfire. With liquid speed, the Amazonian Princess threw a forearm up; a silver gauntlet around it intercepted the armour-piercing bullet and sent it ricocheting harmlessly into the wooden plank floor. Pandemonium ensued immediately as reporters went shouting and screaming in all directions.

"HEY SMALLVILLE! SMALLVILLE?! CLARK?! WHERE ARE YOU?!" Lois' worried voice filled his hearing.

"I've been spotted! Go to plan B!" What was obviously the sniper's voice was what Clark heard next, followed by the sound of… a roaring engine?"

"Oh great. Sorry Lois. I've got a job to do." Everyone was so busy pushing, running, and panicking, they didn't notice that very same mild-mannered reporter disappearing into a blur.

"Please! Please, everybody calm down!" Diana threw her arms up in the air to try and grab their attention; panic would only make the situation harder to deal with. But things had already gotten worse. This wasn't just some shoddy assassination attempt upon her, she realized. She had heard a sound reminiscent of a Harpy crying and she only had to look to the sky. Just above the puffy white cumulus clouds were four, black metallic flying machines of death; man's world called them jet fighters.

"Oh great." Diana clutched the material of her toga with both hands, and with one tug it ripped right off of her. Underneath lay the outfit she adorned when in the aid of someone. On her head she placed a golden tiara with a single red star in the center, an Amazonian symbol. Her body was not completely covered, simply wearing what looked like a red and gold bustier along with short blue with white starred tight pants. A pair of deep red boots and her indestructible fore arm gauntlets made her an object both to be adored, and taken seriously; she was Wonderwoman now. She turned to the dozen some odd guard officers on the scene.

"Try and bring order to these people, somebody is going to get hurt!"

"But Ambassador! What about the jets?!" One of the guards called out to her. She looked at the flying contraptions with a more intense glare, as if they were treacherous dragons she had to slay.

"Let me handle the jets." Bracing her legs, she launched herself into the sky and took off like a rocket. The wicked flight crafts knew she was approaching, for the moment she was a mile above the ocean, they all spiraled off on their own paths. They would try to ambush her no doubt. Wonderwoman hated technology with a passion. These things screeched like a dying animal, while their fuel supplies did nothing but harm the environment. They had wings that were as sharp as swords, and it looked like they had the ability to not only travel through the air quickly, but also maneuver expertly and even hover on the spot if need be; their crude and blade-like wings with mounted guns threatening her.

"YOU MUST DESIST! THERE ARE INNOCENT PEOPLE BELOW!" They either could not hear her or chose not to pay attention. She had come to expect someone would make an attempt on her life, she was now a bold-speaking member of politics; this was not uncommon in the dark spirits of man. One of the flyers had gotten bold, cutting in on a turn and flying straight towards her, this was a costly mistake. Guns placed on the front nose of the jet opened with rapid machine gun fire. Yes, the jet was fast, but not nearly as fast as Wonderwoman. Her arms moved in a barrage of speed. The rounds of bullets made significant pings off of her gauntlets as she seemed to deflect each one that was actually heading towards her. The plain stopped firing and was now very close. She could see the man inside, now intimidated by her, combined with the fright that he may hit her head on. He made as fast a veer left as he could to avoid her.

"No! You're not getting away that easily!" She flew towards the veering jet and punched clear through its right wing, tearing it off effortlessly. The jet spun out of control and the pilot burst from the cockpit in his ejection seat. Before he had a chance to rip open his parachute, Wonderwoman darted forwards and grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt.

"Believe me, you have A LOT of explaining to do, my friend." Her grip tightened and her gorgeous face scowled, the man shaking within her grasp.

"Pl-please! I have a wife and kids!" His voice was accented, but exactly what dialect she was unaware. The sound of metal cutting through air was heard and Wonderwoman turned to find two of the remaining jets soaring right towards them, spraying bullets. She was in complete disbelief, they would willingly open fire upon her while one of their own men would easily get hit in the process.

"Where is the honour in this world?!" Wonderwoman flew upwards, avoiding the fire. She was clutching the man in her left arm; she wasn't sure how well she could block four machine gun barrels with just one free hand. If she tried to bring him down upon land, they would attack her near the people, and if she activated his parachute now, his descent would be too slow, he'd definitely get caught in the cross fire. The third massive jet was now corkscrewing down from above her, giving her a very short time to react. It opened fire… only to be stopped by something that had flown in between it and Wonderwoman with her hostage. The object was a person, from behind; she could see a flowing red cape over a man with broad shoulders and nicely combed hair. His arms were thrown out spread eagle, completely shielding her from the fire… while the bullets bounced off of him harmlessly. It was amazing already that this flying man had seemingly come out of nowhere, and it was amazing how he shrugged off machine gun fire like nothing, but it was especially amazing when the pilot tried to swerve away, and the flying man grasped the nose with two strong hands, holding him in place. Twin beams of red shot from his eyes and traced the perimeter of the cockpit escape… melting it shut so the pilot couldn't eject. And when this mysterious man spoke, his voice was commanding, powerful, a leader.

"I've disabled your engines with my heat vision already, you're a sitting duck… so to speak." He shifted the jet so that he was holding it up by the bottom with one hand, hovering, and turning around to face Wonderwoman. The man's appearance was simply breathtaking, extremely muscular, a proud and protruding chest. He was dressed almost head to toe in blue, skin tight adornments, with the exception of red boots and briefs with a yellow belt that mixed surprisingly well. However, most recognizable of all was what appeared to be almost a crest borne on his chest, a pentagram shield with a yellow background and a giant red "S" taking up most of it. His cape flapped majestically against the open sky. He smiled, showing a perfect set of white teeth.

"Howdy, folks around here call me Superman."