It's six days later. Can Chrissy find it in her to leave Kellen behind?

6: Questions and answers

It was nearly dawn. Chrissy sat at the kitchen table, no one was awake. Or so she thought. She looked up and saw her mother. Without a word, she sat across from Chrissy. Neither women spoke; it had been a serious battle of wills between the two.

"We met in high school. Sophmore year for me, senior for him." Maggie didn't need to ask who. She knew she was right.

"I couldn't keep away from him. He was like a limelight and I wasn't the only one..."


"When he asked me to spring formal, I was shocked. I said yes. We'd done little things together, movies, bowling, just usual teen things. After spring formal, he took me to his prom. That was nearly two months later. He left in June, didn't say where, just took off. I hadn't seen him since."

It was an improvement, but she knew that there was something she wasn't saying. Still, she was glad that she had an outline of how Kellen Ryan fit into her daughter's life.

"I'm glad you told me."

"Well, you were on to me as it was. Thought I'd help."

"I'm still glad."

"You going to tell dad?"

"No. I don't think that's for me to decide, do you?"

By then the sun was slowly coming up. It was her last day with Kellen.

She sighed. She didn't want to leave, so god help her. She wanted to go back to his house, throw herself into his embrace and she never wanted him to let go.

"What are you going to do? Your life is in San Francisco, his is here."

She nodded. "I need to pack" she said, standing quickly, almost knocking her chair over. She didn't want her mother to see the tears as she thought about yesterday...

They had stayed at his place, much like the first day. He had held her for hours, and she wished it could stay like this.

"It could."

"How? My life is in San Francisco."

"The I'll move. Boring here, anyways."

"No, I could never ask you to do that."

"But, you didn't ask."

She sighed, "god this is so confusing."

"No. I love you."

"I love you."

She gasped in spite of herself. Kellen smiled. "I know."

Back in present day, Chrissy finished packing the little things: toothbrush, hairbrush, some loose socks. Her dad knocked on the door.

"Are you almost ready?" She nodded and he said "we shouldn't leave any later than 8:30, if we want to make it on time."

But did she want to make it on time? San Francisco had things but not Kellen.

An hour later, she was in the parking lot of the Seattle airport. Both her parents were there. No sooner had they entered when they heard, "now boarding flight 187 to San Francisco."

She looked at her ticket. That was her flight.

"Chrissy!" The three spun and she sighed in frutration and relief. There was Kellen, his hair disheveled and he looked like he hadn't slept in forever.

"Deputy Ryan?" said Jason, looking very confused.

"Kellen, what are you doing here?"

"You are not getting on that plane."

She shook her head, she'd thought something like this might happen.

"Go home, Kellen."

"I can't."


"Because, without you, my house isn't a home. My life is meaningless without you in it. I am nothing unless you are a part of me."

"Would someone please explain what in the world is going on?" exclaimed a bewildered Jason.

"Later, dear" said Maggie, patting his arm.

"Kellen, please, this is hard enough."

"I can't be in a world without you, do you understand? I can't think straight, I can barley eat, sleep, and the reason is because all I can think about is you."


"I'm not done. These past few weeks have been the best of my life. I know what I need to do and I'm going to do it."

By then, several people were stoping to stare and Chrissy would have gladly sold her sould if someone would have buried her alive right then and there.

"What is going on?!"

"Sir, I've loved your daughter since the day I saw her."

"When you told us about Luke?"


"Oh, good. For a minute there, you had me going."

"I've loved her since high school."

"High school?"

Slowly, Kellen lowered himself on one knee. "Chrissy Seaver, will you make me the happiest man by being my wife?" She opened her mouth and said...

HA HA HA-Going to have to wait until part 2!!!!!!!!!!!