The Locust

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Summary: When very different women are found dead the only connection between them is the modus operandi of their murderer. MCS starts to investigate. With the next body clues were offered to them which suggest the game to get personal. Time's ticking…

A/N: Don't be confused by the start – that's due to the crossover. Please have fun - and post reviews... ;-).


In tow of the worker who looked after the premise, Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler crossed the scrap yard. There was the jeep they were searching for. Its remains lay in the confines of a separated court, where cars were kept that still had to be examined, by insurance experts for example.

Together with Benson and Stabler came the Detectives Stella Bonasera and Danny Messer who were with the CSU, the crime scene unit.

"Okay, here it is," the worker said. "Help yourselves."

"Thanks," Stabler growled.

"You still need me?" the worker asked. "Or can I go back to the office?"

His office was a small hut at the entrance to the scrap yard… and looked like scrap, too. But he was uncomfortable with the detectives and wanted to get away from them.

Bonasera smirked. "We will call you." She already had gloves on and tried to open the trunk. It was a bit difficult because it was stuck and Messer helped her.

"Damn. That thing looks as if it has already been inside the press," Stabler muttered under his breath. He also slipped on a pair of gloves and had a hard fight with the driver's door before it opened.

"Okay, we have a license to this car. Fin and John are checking everything that's connected with it. We will have a look at this." Benson dove inside through the passenger door.

The insides were a total mess as well as the whole body of the jeep. There were also traces of the foam used by the firefighters to extinguish the flames.

Messer carefully examined the contents of the trunk. "This is a laptop-case." He picked it up and opened the zipper. "Here we have a computer. We should test as soon as possible if it works."

Carefully he rummaged through all parts of the bag. "All the cables are here. I could try at the yard's office…"

"Okay, Danny," Bonasera confirmed and he left.

"Here is nothing that could help us," Benson said, looking into the glove compartment.

"I cannot find anything here, too," Stabler added. "Is something else in the trunk?"

"Some DVDs," Bonasera replied. She opened one of the boxes. "Self-recorded. Everything else has been destroyed. Let's see if Danny could find something on the hard drive."

The three detectives went to the hut where Messer occupied the desk.

"Found something?" the forensic expert asked his partner.

Stella laid down the discs beside the laptop.

"Good." He inserted a DVD and started the drive. It was the grainy image of some kind of cellar where a woman with long black hair was tied to the wall with ropes.

"Holy shit," the scrap yard worker swore.

"We can watch this later," Messer thought aloud and stopped the film. He continued to click through the different folders on the hard drive. Then he stopped. "Let's try this…" he said and double-clicked.

Once more the detectives saw the cellar but this time they knew all-too-well the person who was trapped in there.

With mixed emotions they stared at their fellow detective who was tied to the floor with shackles and chains.

"We have to find them," Benson murmured. "We must… but we're running out of time."