There Is a Thin Line Between Love and Hate


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The raindrops connected with the window of the Gryffindor Tower over and over again, being blown into the glass pane by the strong winter wind. The sky was mournful grey colour because of the heavy clouds full of rain- maybe snow threatening to spill into the already cold land surrounding the Hogwarts castle.

Hermione Granger rested her warm hand against the window that she has been staring out of for the last number of hours since the dusk. Her dorm-mates have long gone and she was ignoring anyone who happened to be around.

The glass has fogged around her fingers as the warmth from her palm passed into the coldness of the glass. Hermione felt so overcome with nostalgia that it was only the few nails on the outside of the window that kept her from wrenching it open and throwing herself down into the unknown.

Well it wasn't really that unknown… If she looked down she could see roof tops of various parts of the castle, some trees, bright green grass, some tree stomps and a rock here and there.

Still the fall would most definitely kill her. That was for sure… In fact that was the only thing for Hermione that was for sure now…

Hermione fell to her knees as if in slow motion, her wild curly hair resting on the glass in place where her hand was just moments ago. Silent sobs racked her body violently as the reality sunk in once again. Her cheeks were dry because there were no more tears left to fall.

For long weeks, maybe months Hermione refused to be broken down. She refused to be defeated. She went on as if nothing happened but in the end she couldn't win. The burden she carried was too much.

All she once read about 'Unrequited Love' when she found out about the fate of Merope Gaunt the previous year was suddenly coming back to her.

'Unrequited love is love that is not reciprocated, even though reciprocation is usually deeply desired. This can lead to feelings such as depressionanxiety, and mood swings such as swift changes between depression and euphoria.'

Suddenly Hermione knew how Merope felt. It was a pureblood in love with mudblood, a kind of love that was forbidden. It was just like Merope and Tom. Only this time it was the mudblood in love with the pureblood.

She knew she should have never loved him and he would never love her back. One day she would just be found dead. A slow painful death that comes once your heart is empty -once your heard breaks too many times to be mended.

She loved Draco Malfoy. It was like a cruel joke when he made her love him on that night. It was a bet. It didn't mean anything to him. It was a joke. Yet somehow she never got over it. She was still consumed by the fire of love that he started that night…


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