There Is a Thin Line Between Love and Hate


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No one ever knew about her suicide attempt with an exception of three people: Zabini, Hermione and Draco Malfoy. Zabini told him. He finally realized why Granger was the way she was since the dinner party…

There were no more suicide attempts for a while. Hermione was still slightly angry that Zabini stopped her… The interfering snake.

True she realized that throwing herself off the Astronomy Tower twice was lame and clichéd but she couldn't be bothered thinking up other ways. This way she didn't have to do much- just climb up the tower and jump…

She decided to make little variation this time around. She decided to climb up an alternative tower…or somewhere high…

It would be ironic and slightly funny showing her humorous side if she used the quidditch stands... especially the Slytherin part… That was a great idea- though she'd have to find a time when no one was lurking about…

Hermione found the perfect time- Christmas time… She chuckled to herself on numerous occasions, earning more weird glances from the passer-by students. They think I'm crazy she thought before a giggle escaped her, so unlikely since a certain event…


The weeks passed but this time they weren't the slow torture that the time was to her. Yes, she was counting down the days till Christmas, not like everyone else though… It wasn't the gifts that would be on her bed that she looked forward to.

She woke on the morning of Boxing Day. There, as she predicted was a pile of presents near her feet and she smiled to herself a little and then proceeded to open them… It would be a terrible waste if she didn't…

There was a gift that was wrapped dark green wrapping paper, tied with a silver ribbon which wasn't from anyone she knew. Slowly she opened it to reveal a case with beautiful antique looking emerald necklace in it.

Hermione ran her bony fingers over it, feeling the power seep into her skin… It was magical through and through…

There was a small card underneath its case. Only two words were written in a neat handwriting that she found slightly familiar.

I'm sorry

Technically it was three words in a contraction but Hermione didn't care. She was intrigued by it, it wasn't too important though… Today was the day.

Strangely she felt that she should put the necklace on so she did before closing the curtains around her bed and making her way down from the dormitory before anyone awoke.


Her footprints were the only in the high cushion of the snow that was all around. She knew that no one in their right mind would be up anyway…

Once again Hermione was standing in a high place with wind blowing her long mane of her about.

Once again she jumped with no regret. It felt good, even better than the first time. She felt her necklace warm a little as she fell.

She hit the ground with a soft thud. The impact did not kill her as she didn't realize that the cushion of the snow would be two meters high.

Hermione knocked herself out but the fact that the fall didn't kill her wouldn't matter because she would freeze to death anyway.


Draco found her not long after. He pulled her out of the snow and held her small cold body to his, seconds later he performed warming spells on her and enervate. When her brown sunken but still doe-like eyes met his grey orbs he laughed aloud in delight.

Then his expression sobered.

"I'm sorry."

His hand stroked her face, tracing her very visible cheekbones, his thumb, running over her lips. She did not notice the antique emerald ring on his thumb. It was much like her necklace…

"I'm sorry for all I put you through. Can you ever forgive me?"

She nodded slightly, her eyes never once leaving his face.

"I still love you. You know."

Finally she spoke, her voice weak and quiet but clear to him.

"You can't die Hermione."

"Why should I live?"

"Because…" He paused slightly before looking away into the distance.

When he looked back his eyes were full of the formerly well-hidden emotion. He never finished the sentence. He told her through his kiss…


No one knew exactly what happened. One day Hermione Granger was like a zombie, not eating or talking or laughing and the next her head was bandaged and she looked terrible but she was eating and always with Draco Malfoy. It was when everyone thought that the whole world has gone crazy.

Hermione was never away from Draco until their death, and even after they were buried next to each other, still inseparable.

The truth is there is a thin line between love and hate... It can be crossed anytime...


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