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It was the first time she had worn a dress like this.

Gabriella Montez wears pastels. Pastels compliment her dark hair and eyes. They blend into the background very nicely, thank – you – very - much.

She and Taylor had dashed through the white washed corridors, clutching her three inch heals in one hand while trying to keep her skirt down at a respectable level with the other. They arrived at the side door of the gym just in time for Troy's interception. Using Taylor's shoulder to balance, she had slipped on the shoes. The crowd exploded in celebration and a frustrated sigh escaped her lips as she tried to tug the dress closer to her knees.

"Are you sure I don't just look easy?" she had asked her friend for the fifth time in as many minutes.

"Gabriella, you look hot and you know it. So, go congratulate the champions already." Taylor had given her one last push in his direction.

Now, the chill running down her spine has nothing to do with the cool brick wall at her back and everything to with Troy's hands everywhere all at once. At her waist, pressing her closer to him with a gentle touch between her shoulder blades, wound through her hair as he kisses her again.

She lets out a small groan of disappointment as his lips leave hers, only to have a small moan of pleasure escape her as he kisses a warm trail from behind her ear, down her neck and across her collar bone. He slips his fingertips under one of the straps of her dress sending a new set of shivers down to her toes. Her head was suddenly too heavy for her neck to support; she allows it to fall gently against the wall behind her.

"Troy. . . ."

Devastatingly blue eyes look up at her mischievously.

"This is a great dress Gabi, have I told you that already?"

Giggling, she pulls his face to hers. With their foreheads resting together she could feel the rhythm of a heart beat; maybe it was hers, maybe it was his, not that it mattered, they were the same heart in this one perfect moment. Smiling, she runs her hands up his chest to settle them behind his head and tease the hair resting at his neck.

"Thank Taylor, she talked me into it."

He closes the small gap between them and claims her swollen lips again. She feels coveted and beautiful, full of a new confidence.

He kisses her ear and whispers laughingly, "Oh, most definitely."