Oh my effing God. I'm sorry for this. It's pretty, but...I'm sorry.
Hunny was in his bedroom, singing happily to himself and drawing on wide sheets of paper.

Mori was sitting against the wall, watching in silence. After a very long time, he said, "I am sorry that the girl kissed me."

"It's not your fault," Hunny said immediately, still in tune with his song. "She must've forgotten."

"Forgotten what, Mitsukuni? No one knows." He unbuttoned his blue blazer, and then just tossed it aside to be cleaned up by someone else later. "She is not to blame."

"But it's obvious," Hunny said, taking up a black permanent marker. "Takashi, I ran out of paper."

Mori had already removed the black tie and white undershirt, and laid out full on the ground. "You should not be angry."

"I'm not angry," Hunny said brightly, tracing the first line of his new piece of art from his Takashi's spine to the lowest corner of the right scapula. "I just don't understand why she couldn't see what is obvious."

Mori didn't respond, or object. More lines were draw, but in an odd sequence, so that Mori couldn't make out what the overall picture was. Eventually, he suggested, "Things like this wouldn't happen if you simply told them that-"

Small, strong fingers tangled in his hair and pulled his head up from the floor. Mitsukuni – not Hunny – whispered, "You and I know that the clients wouldn't find that very cute."

"Yes, Mitsukuni," Takashi said in a trained, level voice. "I understand."

"Good." Mitsukuni shifted into Hunny, and smiled brightly. "It's finished!"

Takashi was gone just as quickly. Mori said, "What does it say?"

"'Property of Haninozuka Mitsukuni'," Hunny read allowed.

Mori nodded, and put his shirt back on as Hunny skipped away.

Things really would be easier if people knew that, while Mori and Hunny were best friends and cousins, Takashi was completely subservient to Mitsukuni.