x---. lullabies & flutterbys.
oo1. -pretty picture-

Biting her little pink tongue, she moved that brush carefully, carefully, up, down, yes, that's it.

The canvas before her was a crimson black; not the usual white, she thought. She'd painted it deliberately that way already.

(she wanted those lighter colours over the top, yes, just so-)

As is always the way when putting paint to a canvas, a picture began to form.

Smooth, white body.

A slender arm appeared; white-wash, then hues of pink, over and over until only the barest shadow from the background could be seen; the lines of the wrist led onto the slender thighs, hips clear and feminine.

Feet, carefully detailed with the smallest dots of white to show light on the toenails; slender ankles, one with a pink ribbon tied about it – artist's license, the artist thought to herself.

Those fingers seemed to want to beckon someone, command someone to do their bidding; perfect nails and small wrists and they seemed to have life in them, so much so that Naminé stroked one gently when the previous coating had dried and shuddered (longingly, oh so longingly).

(if the inspiration won't come to the artist, well, the artist will have to create the inspiration herself-)

The curve of small, well-rounded breasts, leading to a taut stomach with more of the same lovely pale skin – a languid, comfortable, seductive pose.

And then, the face.

(& it was beauty personified-)

Beautiful, gentle features, so fine. Large eyes of pure violet, tinges of mischief and mystery in them – long, sweeping dark lashes resting on high cheekbones. And to complete the image, long, unusual, straight, dark red hair, with natural highlights of pink and violet all the way through.

A sensuous image of perfection and sexuality.

When, Naminé mused, would she finally meet the subject of her dreams?

o.o it feels like an introduction. Didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to, but that's okie. Especially since I'm planning on making a collection of these NaminéxKairi drabbles. All for ninja.butterfliie, in particular in light of recent unfortunate misunderstandings for this lovely girl, and even though this one didn't contain THS – well. This'll do. For now.

I'd love some reviews for this (laugh). I don't expect it to be as popular as my akuroku xmemoriesx, but that's okay with me. Ahaha, a warning for this; extensive descriptions of yuri relationships. As you should have already guessed. Don't be a moron and get it wrong. And I know this is on this account, but I want this to be a collection. Really, I guess you could think of akuroku xmemoriesx and lullabies & flutterbys as going pretty much hand in hand; they both have the same core idea about them.

Ciao! Love you and you and you (and Cait-fayce.)

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