The Emcee: Ok, I kinda got really bored so I wrote this! R tell me what you think.


Freddy held Zack close to him, afraid to let him go. He had made an awful mistake; he broke up with Zack. His beautiful, loving, sweet Zack to go out with that man whore Justin. Justin wasn't attractive or beautiful, like Zack. But, Freddy was selfish; he wanted sex, something Zack didn't want to give him. So he left. What a stupid mistake...

Your eyes

As we said our goodbyes

Can't get them out of my mind

And I find I can't hide

From your eyes.

The ones that took me by surprise

The night you came into my life.

Where there's moonlight

I see your eyes

When they first started going out, it was experimental; just trying out something new. But as time wore on, Freddy found himself completely taken aback by Zack. There wasn't one day were he wasn't happy to be with the beautiful boy. But, when they got into high school, Freddy wanted to experiment more. Zack had told him countless times that when he was ready, he would. But to Freddy, Zack never seemed ready or to be ready or in any hurry to get ready. And so, he took drastic measures...

How'd I let you slip away

When I'm longing so to hold you?

Now I'd die for one more day

'Cause there's something I should

Have told you.

Yes there's something I should have

Told you

A few days after they broke up and Freddy had been with Justin, he found out the horrible secret. Something Justin had apparently 'forgot' to tell him about. It should have been obvious. It should have been common sense. The guy has fucked half the school by the time they got into high school. Freddy should have known it from all those many days Justin was absent. That damn whore, Freddy thought. He has AIDS...

When I looked into your eyes.

Why does distance make us wise?

You were the song all along.

And before the song dies...

Zack had always been rather sensitive, a bit, and there's no other term for it, clingy. But that's what Freddy found so utterly adorable about him. Hell, Zack even cried when they watched The Little Mermaid! Freddy also knew that Zack couldn't handle pressure or stress. He'd seen the many scars that adorned the beautifully pale skin in high school; the sore wrists... So when Freddy broke up with him, Zack saw no way out. No alternation to relieve that pain, the loss, the sadness; no alternation to heal his broken heart. And so, for one last time, Zack got a knife out and it was over. No one knew, no one arrived in time. He gone by the time his father came home, only one hour later.

I should tell you I should tell you

I have always loved you.

You can see it in my eyes.

Tears running down his cheeks, Freddy picked up the knife that so brutally took his beautiful guitarist's life. And taking a deep, swift stroke across his wrist, he muttered "I'll always love you, Zack Mooneyham..."