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A small one-shot I wrote while I was supposed to be working on Saturday.

It's pretty much open for interpretation on what Tony's having withdrawal symptoms from. I like to share the love with you guys. Can't let me have all the fun. All reading, no play makes for some dull readers. Lol, I'll get on with it now.


You'd have to be insane. Really, you would.

"DiNozzo, what ARE you doing?"

"Nothing Boss."

"What's with all the..." Gibbs asked gesturing around the top of Tony's desk.

"Oh that? It's nothing. Just a few little things. No big deal."

Gibbs grumbled and moved back to his own desk.

This was going to be a little more difficult than first predicted.

9am passed. So had three cups of coffee. A little bit of milk, a heaped teaspoon of coffee, two (and a bit) teaspoons of sugar. Just the way he liked it. And in his favourite 'sex-machine' mug. Kate had given it to him last Christmas.
It was the best Christmas present he'd gotten that year. However depressing that sounded.

"Tony?" Two voices chorused.

He looked up from his desk to see Kate and Abby standing in front of him, both has amused looks plastered on their face.

"Ladies." He greeted them, leaning back in his chair, resting his feet up top his desk. Maybe he'd put his plan into action a little later. Especially with the certain image that had conveniently flashed into his mind. Yep. Most definitely a little later. Much later.

"Hey! Putty! Cool." And just like that, Abby was officially amused. She grabbed the container of green goop and proceeded to introduce Gibbs into the, and I quote, "wonderful world of putty."
Gibbs, of course, looked like he founds the squelchy, sticky 'doo-dah' to be morally repulsing, but continued to sit, half-heartedly listening to Abby telling him about the one, and only time she had made her own putty. And how disastrous it turned out to be.

Kate cleared her throat, turning Tony's attention back to her.

"Care to explain?" She asked. The novelties on his desk would confuse a by-passing rocket scientist.

"Hm, not really."

"No, tell me. Unless it's one of those things we decided never to discuss."

Tony thought for a minute. "I'm having withdrawal symptoms."

"Withdrawal symptoms? From what?"

"Your pupils don't look any different." Abby chimed in. One of her many talents are sneaking up on people in the middle of a conversation. "He does look kinda twitchy though."

"Yeah Abs, now that you mention it. Can you see his upper lip twitching?" Kate asked around a series of unsuccessfully muffled giggles.

"Hey yeah!" Abby exclaimed and pointed. "Look at it go! I think it's sending off some sort of frequency. What do you recon McGee?"

McGee looked over from his desk and smirked. "Oh, yeah, most definitely."

"Better watch out that thing don't set of the Richter Scale, DiNozzo."

"Sure thing, I think, Boss."

Now, can anyone say Random..."RANDOM!"

Let me know what you thought.