A/N: So I was watching Nancy Grace the other night and she was interviewing a lady who had recently found a newborn baby on the doorstep of the nursing home where she worked. The baby was REALLY close to dying before she was found. It was a whole segment of I don't know how many babies get left on people's doorsteps or thrown away. It got me wondering, what if the Titan's were suddenly considered the ideal people to leave your baby with?

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Titan Baby

By: Akemi

Chapter One: A New Member

Alone, a figure navigated through Titan island. It was just after midnight. The wind howled relentlessly as clouds moved overhead, telling of the storm to arrive soon. The full moon was scarcely visible. Hurriedly, the figure made it to the doorstep of titan's tower. The moonlight shined on her for a few brief seconds and a face could be seen. It was a woman, her dark hair streaming behind her, her face set in fear. She was carrying a small bundle.

She set the bundle down on the doorstep, glancing around her before pulling a small sheet of paper from her pocket and tucking it in between the folds of the blanket-wrapped bundle. Casting another glance around she turned away and began to leave the island. Moonlight allowed a brief glimpse of her once again, revealing tears running down her young face as she fled from sight.


It's Saturday morning. That was the first thought that entered Raven's mind when her internal clock woke her up promptly at six. She cracked one eyelid open and allowed the soft light of the sunrise shining through her window to be seen. She sat up and stretched lazily, heading to the bathroom to dress and wash her face. That done she gathered her powers and transported herself to the roof.

Settling in her usual cross-legged position she closed her eyes and began to meditate. Curling her powers into a small corner of her mind she allowed her senses to track the whereabouts of the other titans. Robin was already up and in the training room. Starfire was in her room, fast asleep, as was Beast Boy. Cyborg was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. She frowned, she sensed somebody else. Her eyes flew open as she scanned the ground. Somebody was on the island. Morning dew coated plants, the storm that had threatened all of Jump city yesterday had thankfully held back. Who was down there? She levitated down to the ground, scoping the land more carefully. She drew out her communicator and called Robin. "Raven? What's going on?" Robin answered.

"There's someone on the island. I don't know who it is."

Immediately Robin drew a concerned look on his face. "Is it a threat?" Raven paused before answering.

"I can't tell, I don't think so, it's a little girl I think. She's sick, or dying, the signal I'm picking up is so weak I almost didn't feel it." She turned around, still looking around her for the person. She gasped as she realized where it was coming from.


"Meet me in the medical lab. Get Cyborg, he's in the kitchen. Hurry." She said and closed the communicator. She levitated quickly to a small bundle lying on the tower doorstep. It was a baby.

She quickly summoned her healing powers and laid two fingers on the baby's forehead, sending her powers into the baby. Her lips were blue from hypothermia. She was so tiny, and so near death.

She picked up the baby, and surrounded herself in her powers, transporting them to the medical lab. She gently put the baby on the nearest bed, using her powers to get rid of the dew-soaked blanket she was wrapped in and using her powers to get a clean one from the cabinet. She quickly wrapped the baby again, her footie pajamas were dry. The baby was slowly warming up and as a result had begun to cry. The door to the med lab opened and Robin and Cyborg came in, both sets of eyes shot wide open when they saw the baby.

"Robin, Cy, I could use some help here." Raven said when she saw their frozen stances. They snapped out of their reverie and hurried to assist her, Cyborg going immediately to the computer to scan the baby's vitals while Robin got another blanket and tried to help Raven warm up the baby.

"Vitals are weak, but they're getting better. Keep at it Raven." Cyborg reported. Raven nodded tersely and carefully poured more of her healing powers into the baby. Slowly the baby's face grew from pasty white to a healthy rose and her wail grew steadily stronger before subsiding into small hiccups. When the room was silent again Robin spoke.

"Where did you find her?" Raven removed her fingers from the baby's forehead as she settled in a deep sleep.

"She was on our doorstep, wrapped in that." She whispered and motioned to the discarded blanket. Robin picked it up and a piece of paper fluttered to the floor. He bent and picked it up. Reading it, he smiled grimly. "What's it say?" Cyborg asked, joining them.

"It's a surrender note." He answered. He showed it to them. It read: I can't keep her anymore. Please take care of her. It wasn't signed. "It's my guess that we might have her for a while. I'll check at the police station and see if there's a missing person report filed with her description, just in case. Until then, we're going to need to take care of her. Cyborg, can you wear your holographic rings and get some supplies at the drug store? I think it would be best if we try to keep this under wraps for as long as we can." Cyborg nodded and left the medical lab.

"Are we really going to keep her?" Raven asked, once Cyborg had left. Robin sighed; it was obvious he wasn't sure what to do with the baby, or how to take care of one besides.

"I don't know. It seems like the best option so far, unless, do you have a better idea of what we should do?" Raven shook her head no.

"I can look after her for a bit. I'll get Star to help me, she likes babies better, but I've had practice with the munchkins." Robin smiled; she was referring to Melvin, Timmy and Teether. He wondered if Raven realized how deep she had let those children into her heart. She seemed to be doing the same thing with this baby. He watched her stroke the baby's hair gently, a soft look in her eyes. They sat there for a few moments, just watching the baby sleep before Raven came to a realization suddenly.

"What are we going to do with her when we get called out on missions? We can't exactly take her with us." Robin frowned briefly and tried to come up with an answer.

"That's a good question. If we still have her next time we get called out one of us might have to stay here with her." He whispered back. Raven nodded and they settled down, keeping watch over the baby as she slept. Sadly, she didn't sleep long.


"What's wrong with her?" Robin asked over the wails of the baby in his arms as he tried rocking her back and forth to no avail. Cyborg had come back from the store an hour ago and they had quickly dealt with the baby's hunger and hygienic needs. Now the three of them were in the main room with the baby who had been crying for the past half-hour. An idea suddenly formed in Raven's mind and she stood and walked over to Robin.

"Give her to me. Let me try something." Robin passed the baby to her and she held the baby's slight weight close. She placed one hand and the baby's back and began to pat her gently. Soon enough the baby uttered a burp and stopped crying. Cyborg and Robin stared at Raven in shock.

"How'd you know…?" Cyborg trailed off.

"Teether had the same problem on the way to the safe haven." She explained. Robin shook his head in amazement and watched as the baby in Raven's arms fell back to sleep. All that crying had exhausted her. The door leading into the main room and Starfire and Beast Boy walked in.

"I swear; I heard a baby crying just now." Beast Boy said. They stopped in their tracks when the noticed the other titans and the baby that Raven was holding.

"Friend Beast Boy, I believe you are correct." Starfire said and flew over to look at the baby. "Oh! She is so cute!"

"Dudes?" Beast Boy asked the other titans.

"Raven found her on our doorstep this morning." Robin explained.

"Again, dudes, what?"

"Friend Beast Boy! They mean to say that Raven has found the bumgorf this morning on our doorstep!" Starfire explained joyfully.

"Um, yeah, got that, but why-"

"She was abandoned here BB." Cyborg interrupted, putting it bluntly for his friend. "I think we're going to keep her here for now." He said and looked to Robin for confirmation. Robin nodded.

"Someone left her here with us. The commissioner said that nobody filed a missing persons report for a baby recently. Who knows, maybe someone will come back to claim her. But, for the time being the titans have a new member." He said as his eyes fell on the blanket wrapped baby held securely in Raven's arms. She nestled herself closer to Raven and continued to sleep.


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