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Titan Baby

By: Akemi

Chapter Seven: Jonathon

Three days. That's how long it had been. Three days since the arrival of Nightwing and Rachel. Three days with the 'real' Sarah. Three days since Jonathon's abduction. Three days since there had been a sighting of Slade or his robots. Three days of drawing the media away from the discovery of Robin and Raven's future selves and children.

Cyborg and Beast Boy's reactions to Nightwing the morning after his arrival was funny, to say the least. Though Robin and Raven had hoped to keep Nightwing's identity under-wraps, Cyborg had run a scan of him. When he realized his DNA matched Robin's he had put two and two together so to speak, then immediately told Beast Boy, who had been in the vicinity. Beast Boy had since then teased the two unrelentingly about their undying love for each other.

Raven wasn't sure to act when he did this. Robin had almost expected it. He never denied it. That was what had confused Raven in the first place. He never denied it.

At the moment everyone was in the main room. Cyborg, Robin, Nightwing, and Miranda were hunched over together at a table, pouring over blueprints Cyborg had drawn up of the time piece that would eventually take Miranda home. Beast Boy was playing video games with Starfire, who had not wanted to discourage her friend by saying 'no'. Raven and Rachel were meditating near the windows at the head of the room. The twins were sleeping on a section of the couch. It had been barricaded with pillows to prevent them from falling to the floor by accident.

At the exact same moment, Raven and Rachel opened their eyes. They could sense a large crowd of people drawing close to the tower. As if on cue, the computer began to sound noisily, alerting them of intruders on the island. Raven and Rachel had rushed to the window when they had sensed the people. Now gazing down on the group, they were able to see that it was mainly comprised of reporters, as well as official looking people, some in white lab coats.

Danica and Sarah woke up as one, crying their disapproval of the siren emitting from the computer that had awakened them. Robin silenced the computer, checking the security report for what the disturbance was.

"Over here, Robin." Raven called. Rachel has rushed to her twins when they started crying. Robin hurried across the room and looked out the window in the direction Raven was. He saw the reporters immediately.

"What's going on?" Miranda asked.

"Reporters and a crowd of other people banging on our front door." Robin answered. Beast Boy and Starfire came to join them, leaving their video game behind.

"Nightwing, Rachel, get the twins and Miranda and stay here." Robin said. "Everyone else, let's go." He continued.


The reporters were ravenous.

They had already splashed the titans' recent battle over every tabloid and paper in the city and they were now looking for a more in-depth explanation for what had occurred that night. Needless to say, the titans were feeling a bit overwhelmed. Robin was doing his best to answer their questions. One of the reporters suddenly scanned the group then asked,

"Where's Sarah?" Other reporters drew attention to his question, not seeing the infant either. Robin inwardly swore. How could he forget that these reporters expected Sarah to be with them?

"She's sleeping." Beast Boy provided. Several eyebrows rose in unison.

"You left her inside? Alone?" Beast Boy's eyes widened as he realized his mistake.

"No, uh, what I meant, is that we uh…, we…, we HAVE A BABYSITTER!" He sputtered almost excitedly.

"You have a babysitter for Sarah?"

"Yes," Robin broke in. "But we really should be getting back inside, so-"

Reporters cut him off, desperate to get more answers before he left with his teammates. The titans were already heading back into the tower when they noticed it. A loud noise; almost like a plane or helicopter flying directly overhead and too close to the ground. It grew louder and louder. Raven spotted it first, her eyes fixating on a growing dot flying towards them from the city. The reporters had also been drawn to trying to see what it was. It came closer and Robin realized it was headed straight for the tower. He looked at Raven and didn't have to speak his request before Raven gathered her powers and transported the reporters to the safe shores of the city.

As the flying dot grew closer, it also grew larger and the titans realized that it was a group of Slade's robots heading for the tower. They arrived not a few seconds later on the roof of the tower.

"Titans, GO!"

Starfire heaved up Cyborg as Beast Boy took the form of a pterodactyl, Raven levitated, and Robin swung up with his grappling hook. They were met with Slade's welcoming committee firing a barrage of lasers at them. They leapt into action, their powers and weapons making a small light show as robots fell, their chests severed through and disabled.

The robots were soon quickly destroyed, and when they were a cloud of black smoke rose from the carnage. The wind carried it away slowly, revealing inch by inch the very person they were trying so hard to hunt.


"Titans, GO!" Robin commanded, raising his Bo staff and leaping towards Slade. He easily, almost effortlessly, sidestepped Robin.

"Tsk, tsk, Robin. Are you so bent on my destruction that you won't even question what my motives are?" He asked mockingly.

"I don't need to know your motives." Robin spat angrily, driving his Bo staff towards Slade in a would-be deadly move had Slade not stepped out of the way once again. The other titans quickly rushed to assist their leader. Cyborg aimed his sonic cannon at Slade and fired, hitting him squarely in the chest. Raven prevented him from landing properly with her powers and Slade tumbled to the hard concrete roof painfully.

"Well then, if you want to play that way…" He whispered coldly and raised an arm, holding a small remote in his hand. He pressed down on the trigger; a barely audible 'click' was heard before another plume of smoke appeared. When it cleared, a small boy stood there.

Dressed in the black, burnt orange, and silver metal guards that resembled Robin's former apprentice suit, the boy appeared frightened. Despite that, his chin was defiant. His coal black hair hid his eyes for a few moments before the wind brushed the locks to the side and startling sky blue eyes filled with fear took in each of their faces. Fear quickly made room for confusion.

"Mom? Dad? What happened to you?" The boy asked worriedly. Instantly Robin and Raven knew that this little boy must be Jonathon.

Jonathon's face was suddenly contorted into a grimace of pain. Slade lifted his finger off another trigger and his features relaxed after a few moments. Robin was no fool. He recognized it for what it had been.

"You redesigned Terra's suit!" Robin accused angrily.

"Yes. I would have to say I did. And I think I like this model MUCH better." He replied, not a hint of regret in his tone. He hit the button again and Jonathon stood his ground, gritting his teeth in pain.

"You're torturing him!" Raven yelled, levitating higher into the air and unleashing her soul self, preparing to run it through Slade. Before she could Jonathon hit her, delivering a powerful jumping kick at her side.

"NO! Please! I don't want to do this!" Jonathon pleaded to Slade.

Beast Boy's jaw dropped open in shock as he realized what the suit was doing, controlling the boy. He transformed into a tiger and growled fiercely before springing at Slade and slashing his chest with razor sharp claws and leaving his mark.

A look of malice was somehow conceived through Slade's mask and he glared at Beast Boy before sending him reeling to the floor from a swift punch to the head.

Just then Rachel and Nightwing phased through the roof and saw Jonathon, their mouths opening slightly in shock at seeing their son dressed as he was.

"Apprentice, come." Slade said to Jonathon, and he obediently walked to his side, his facial features being the only means of expressing his hatred for Slade. Before any of them could react, Slade spoke,

"Just a little introduction," before disappearing with Jonathon in a plume of smoke.


"I'm going out to find him." Nightwing said to Rachel, they were in the main room again.

"I'm coming with you." Rachel said. Nightwing glanced at the sleeping twins not far away and Rachel headed off his question.

"I'll leave them with me, Raven, she won't mind watching them, but I'm coming with you. You're not going after Slade alone." She argued.

He relented, "Okay, let's go."

They walked over to join the other titans and told them what they were going to do. Robin looked at him with concern before saying,

"Make sure no one recognizes you."

"I'll be in disguise."

"You're going after Slade?" Raven asked.

"Yes, to get Jonathon." Her future counterpart answered.

"I'll watch the twins." She volunteered and Robin smiled, she was attached to those babies, even if she wouldn't admit it. Robin nodded and the two were gone in a swirl of black power.


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