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Delos Suicide


She always wondered why she was different. Within every picture, within every memory. Something wasn't right. And she found out why. AU. sasusaku. pretty dark. macabre.


Author's Note: A prelude to Apocalypse. Grows darker every chapter. You might get confused. Chapter three is rated M. All the others are T. Enjoy.


You don't know how long I've waited

For this day to happen again

We've been born

We've died

We're not supposed to be alive

After how many years

Here we are again

Are you ready?

My Angel

I'm going to rip your wings apart

Again and Again

Just to make sure you won't fly away

You're going to be mine

Like before

-Delos Suicide-


"Haruno Sakura"


A flip of a page

"Age: 6

Birthday: March 28

Hair color: Pink

Eye color: Green

Additional note:

Champion of the international quiz bee competition in math, son of the senator Haruno... unstable. -Suffers from hallucinations and trauma. Was issued in a mental institute once, discharged a day after-"

A knock to the door

"Come in"

A shy girl with pastel locks came in with a black slashed up teddy bear on one hand eerily being dragged on the floor. She was followed by two more men in black suits.

She looked so innocent and as fragile as a doll. He wondered what would happen if he touched the girl. Would she crumble?

"Iruka-san, hajimemashite. I am Haruno Sakura"

He studied her figure a little bit more. He couldn't help but disapprove in the unhealthy color of the skin the girl had. It had a slightly pink tinge but even so, she was deathly pale. It seemed that the concealer didn't completely hide her eye-bugs. He sighed and put back the folder containing her profile in one of the system files.

"I've been expecting you"

She only nodded and kept her eyes hidden under her bangs.

Iruka motioned for her to seat in one of the chairs, her locks covering her face but he could see that despite her nervousness she was smiling.

trying to smile

"My dad wants to extend his thanks to you for accepting me here in such a crucial time of the year. It's two months before the end of classes. I hope it wasn't much of a trouble"

Iruka smiled pleasantly.

"Please tell him it's no problem, seeing that we've been former colleagues before and besides" He gave her a flash of a smile "We could always have extra slots to give to kids like you"

He shuffled the papers on his desk in an orderly manner and stood up.

"Shall we?"

She nodded.


Shaking hands were gripped into tight fists. The small teddy was being held by one of her guards.

Even in this place...

She started to close her eyes.

Her ears were distracted by the clinking sounds of metal and all the shouting outside. She wondered if someone could hear it too. The people around her could not understand her. She could see things that they could not. They could-

This is not real

They tried to convince her but it ended up in a failure each time and she had to resign to sleep, wake and go on with her daily life with screams of people fighting each other. Well, she would rather have that corrected.

She gripped her fists tighter.

They were always mercilessly killing each other. Why can't they just stop?

Sakura. Focus. Focus

She opened her eyes and looked ahead.

"-cafeteria is downstairs on the left wing and the floor next to this is the library. Sakura-san, are you listening?"


Iruka gave her a stern look.

"Hai Iruka-san"

A few more moments passed and suddenly within one more step. She was in a secluded classroom. -The one farthest to the top. The one were the special children like her go to.

She knew why her father sent her away.

She thought she knew it and somehow, with her mind, she thought it made sense.

It didn't.

Everything else doesn't.




Section A. Grade II Delos

She looked at her hands, and looked at her classmates. They stared back at her weirdly, as if telling her that she should just go on and introduce herself. Well, that was what she was telling herself.

Iruka walked in shortly after talking to some of the teachers outside the room.

"I am Sakura Haruno. Pleased to meet you"

Onyx eyes stared at her intently. She was oblivious to all the eyes that were focused her.

She felt uneasy with the silence.



everyone knew everyone



except her






Later on, she heard whispers at the back and snickers. She shuffled her feet. She hated introducing herself to people.


She gave a small breathy sigh when she finished writing down the notes.

"Can someone tell me the reason why data taken individually provides more information than the ones taken in groups?"

Sakura raised her hands after a moment's thought but someone beat her into it.

"Yes Sasuke"

A flash of recognition-

"The data in groups loses its individuality"

"Right! But there's a catch to that. If someone were to take 500 test scores and use them as it is, it would be rather, a large group. If you'd be grouping it though, it would make the tasks easier."

The teacher tapped the board and pointed to one figure. It showed them different kinds of classifications of various types of objects that probably took days to make.

"Tell me, what is the reason why we group students like you. Most especially the students here in this class"

The noise diminished to a level where you could already hear the ticking of the clock. There was that pregnant silence again. The question of the teacher went unanswered and she shook her head. Seconds later, the room became noisy again. Students throwing paper planes and laughing and-


The teacher complained and Sakura only nodded with what the... pitiful... teacher had to say but with all the noise she got bored and played with the pencil.

She stared at it and concentrated, slouching on her chair, planting both her arms on it, head tilted in a bored manner while her eyes were intently glaring on the pencil who stared back innocently at her.

The pencil stood up by itself and started rotating but as soon as it happened, it fell down. She looked to the side and saw the same onyx eyes boring at her.

What is he looking at? Did he see me do it?

The teacher sighed and left them. Everyone was excitedly chattering. She didn't care. They were all going out. Some of them to the playground- I don't care. She was too tired because of the trip and she'd rather sleep at her chair.

"Roof top"

He mouthed to her.

Emerald eyes searched for the voice and she saw one lone figure staring intently at her. Onyx eyes.


It was a mere whisper of the wind. Who was he? She nodded her head. Automatically, she stood up, walking next to him.

She asked herself, just what the hell happened?


"Sasuke right?"

He nodded.

They kept walking in the corridors and she wondered why she wanted to follow the boy.

The sun was sinking slowly and it gave the walls an orange and black effect. It was ethereal, she felt the nostalgia and she felt the déjà vu... She felt she knew this person. So much that she trusted him enough to follow him around.


"I love you with all my heart"

"If you go, I'd scream"


"I don't want to"

End of Flashback

She could only hear the words. The images were all blurred. Step by step, they were nearing the top. She didn't catch the twisted look that was etched on his face back then.

Even though I just met him. Why do I feel so light when I'm around him?


She heard her name being called. When she realized where she was. She suppressed a scream.

Blood. Blood everywhere.

She blinked just in time to see a falling decapitated head that happened to shatter the glass of the six floor window. She screamed. The clock stroke again and a bell was heard all throughout the campus. The shadows cast an ominous shadow both of them. Light streamed afterwards. And flashes of unbearable memories filled her head

The noise ceased to a level where even this enigmatic buzz could be heard resounding from your head.


"You're a DEMON. That's what you are. STAY AWAY FROM ME. That's right. Stay away. Don't come near me. Understand? Do NOT come near me!- Tears - I only... O only wanted to help- I don't want to hear your excuses. Just get the hell out of here. get out. GET OUT. - I'm sorry. I didn't mean... I didn't mean i- GET OUT"

'-just remember... you... are not alone Sakura... you... are... not...- NO... please don't die! I'll do anything. Please... - Blood gurgled down her face. She was shot - SAKURA. come here. right this instant and remove your hands on that filth. - NOOO! I am not leaving her. She's going to live. She's going to live. - A slap to the face - Sakura

She's dead

The head fell off and her wide eyes watched them fall to her feet. The blood soaked her face and her white dress making it ruby. Her eyes contracted when she saw the organs messily splaying and some touching her face. The Katana zoomed just past her face and she saw it hitting the heart of another man. They were all dying and a crazed smile found its place on her mouth that twitched every now and then. She watched a woman getting raped while trying to kill the man on top of her. She saw arms being chopped and blood pooling down until it was all a sea of red. Screams filled the air that echoed here and there. They were dying. They were dying. All killing. So much fighting. They should stop. STOP


End of flashback

Wind came rushing into her face as bloodshot eyes stared into the distance. She bit her lip just to make sure that this wasn't happening again.

She felt a tug at her hand and she looked back to see red orbs staring back at her.

"Ss... Sasuke?"

He pulled her up to her feet, she hadn't noticed she already collapsed to the floor, one of the shards of the glass slicing up her leg. She brought her hand to hesitantly touch it but she was surprised that it didn't hurt a bit. Why?

It didn't hurt. It doesn't hurt. Why...

The cut vanished as soon as she saw it. She caught Sasuke saying something and she was walking again. They got up to the rooftop and climbed a tad bit higher into one of the tanks.

She looked at him questioningly.

"What do you want with me?"

He just continued to drag her up the steps and stopped when he finally reached the top with her.

She was getting scared. She closed her eyes- afraid of heights.


He said her name after much contemplation. It was laced with a sense of doubt, mocking, thoughtfulness and something else that she couldn't put a finger on

"Open your eyes"


It was an automatic response.

"Open it"

He was using a demanding tone now. She felt fear creep at the back of her head.


Hands gripped both of her shoulders.


She flinched and slowly fluttered open her eyelids and the view that was given to her was beyond breathtaking.

It was beyond words to describe.

She could see the sun sinking in the horizon, leaving an orange sky with black and gray clouds. It looked like an artist's painting, with the way the clouds blended and formed. Below, she could see the city with its own glowing yellow and white lights. Sky scrapers towering after each other. White doves kept flying around in large numbers. They looked like tiny dots in background, their wings glowing because of the sun's dying rays.

She gasped.

There were white barely visible lines at the top of the sky. It went around the whole place extending up to god knows where. She rotated and faced the other side.

Tick. Tock.

She saw a black shadow that was way too distinct to be caused by anything like the sun.

It spread in a barely recognizable shape that ended somewhere in the far side of the mountains.


She could see the fire trees in front of the school glowing in colors. As if they were really on fire.


The school was also arranged in a strange pattern, like an octagon. But different with all the extra curves and circles and shapes and even a few kanji were written unrecognizably. Some on the floor, on the walls, other buildings were geometrically built to match the inconspicuous design. And the weird arrangement of the school gates made sense.

Time stops

That didn't actually make sense at all as well.

She looked father to her right and saw an outline of what seemed to be a taller building but comparable to the height of this tower itself.

Questions started flowing from her head.

Is this what he wanted me to see?

And others-

He pointed somewhere to her.

Her eyes followed where he was pointing and she saw fighting, blood.

She covered her mouth. He shook his head

"Look at it closely"

She nodded. Her eye sight miraculously sharpened, as if she was looking with a new set of eyes.

The headband... the gears... it all seemed familiar.

"Figure it out"

He smirked.


Tears fell down her eyes.

"Why? Why am I crying?"

The tears continued to cascade down her face.

It was blown with the winds.

"You and I are the same"

Orbs widened in realization. How else was he able to point out these things to her.

He gripped her shoulders a little bit tightly. Her head whipped to the side and faced his. They were only inches apart.


Panic filled her face.

They were forty-four floors away from the ground.

She pleadingly looked at his eyes. Why was this happening?

Why her?! What's wrong? What the hell was happening?

Then he let go of her.

Her feet started walking on its own accord.

And she felt herself falling, falling.





"Sakura. Do you believe in miracles?"

She heard somebody screaming. Then she recognized it was her

I'm going to die! NO. I don't want to die! I don't-


Are you really my angel?

My angel won't fly away

My angel doesn't have wings remember

That's why I'm going to see

If she's the fallen angel

The one that I've taken for myself

-If she'd fly though

I'll break her apart

Tear up her wings

Make her cry

I'll make her mine

I'll let her scream

I'll let her swim in her own pool of blood

Like before

Yes like before.

She wouldn't leave me

Like before

Yes like before.


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