Delos Suicide


Come sweet paradise

The garden of seamless entities

And drown out these uncertainties

Of thoughtless beginnings

Come with trumpet's wail

Herald your deceiving aim

Tell us your greatest miracles

Forget your worthless claim

Scream what begets your fears

Decree your judging verdicts

Falsify certainty with opinion

Fuse, blend and muddle them as one

Until catharsis starts and howls forever

Let us drown in them together


Author's notes: Sorry for the really long wait, I had to finish a lot of stuff and I'm doing my best to do this with my free time, which is currently, none. This is the start of the beginning and the beginning of an end. Please read… very… very… carefully. The italics are either thoughts or flashbacks or glimpses of the near future. This chapter will clear the whole thing. Don't worry though. Feel free to ask if you want some clarifications that weren't mentioned here in this chapter. chapter is dedicated to Shy Faery89


Last chapter

Broken Wings


Sakura gripped his shoulders while something tore through her back.


She gave out a tired whisper.

Red wings tore at her back. A pink force field shot out from her. Everyone felt their injuries were healing. It was heavenly. It was as if they were all so light.

The Angels were charging. The Devils were charging. Charge. Charge. Charge. Everyone was agitated.

Voltaire held the mighty white light. His staff shining ever so predominantly

Yes. Everyone was miserably very very happy.


Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, a girl with long pink hair and jade metallic eyes told a story. Her eyes stared far away, overlooking the vast gardens of paradise. She was a beauty. With red red luscious lips, glowing ethereal skin, her eyes promised wisdom and knowledge and her figure screamed of innocence. Wings upon wings and feathers all around, she sits on her throne. A melancholic smile was on her face. -Her blood-red tiara loosely hanging on her neck. She swirled the scepter of death's desire around and around and finally surrendered and threw it to the wall. It was the story of a little girl, who somehow didn't get her happy ending. –with unheard screams and turbulent emotions – a childhood not worth mentioning – and all around her dying. Pretending. Was she really alive? Is this a lie? The girl was selfish and selfless, willing to protect those dear to her but in doing so, being very selfish, to the point of harming those around her. The little girl was foolish. But she was only a little girl. A small sweet angel… She wanted to sleep, and she wanted to somehow forget about everything that she did.

But the little girl had no heaven, and she was kicked out from hell. She had the world. But the world hated her. She was deserted. She hated. And she found something. -Something that broke her heart into even more pieces. How much could a little girl take? How much more tears could she gather before she loses the battle?

Will she ever see tomorrow? -Her dream of sunshine and rainbow? Certainly, not all fairy tales end in happy ever afters.


We've been born

"Sasuke-kun… please. Hold my hand"

She said… her wings pulling her down because of its expanding vastness. Sasuke wordlessly held her hand. Moments later, something broke free, himself slowly gravitating down. He felt something slip past his senses and suddenly all around him colors were shifting. The fight was in a temporary cease. Each side was still chanting. Sasuke was agitated. Everyone was preparing themselves for what was supposed to happen. Suddenly a migraine throbbed in his head. What was this feeling? It made him want to vomit.

"Daijobu Sakura-chan! Don't worry, we'll make this through!"

Naruto chanted at the back. Sadly, Sakura wanted to believe Naruto. That it was going to be okay after this…All she could see was red at the moment, in all honesty, she was at the breaking point of her life.

Voltaire's staff shined even brighter. They heard a loud groaning sound and their eyes widened at the number of angels who were still approaching. They were well over more than a hundred thousand. They looked like tiny dots in the distance. Multicolored wings were flying here and there. The gates were fully opening…

The ground itself was splitting larger. More archangels of hell sprouting and showing their not so pleasing faces to them. Sakura was forced to hold on to Sasuke's hand when the main bone tore through. Her back was trying its best to desperately heal what was tearing out but somehow her body could not easily regenerate when so much damage was being made. She could only scream out loud when another bone tore through her back, blood dying the light red wings that first tore through.

The force field suddenly widened even more. Inscriptions flowing out in spiraling patterns. She bit her lip trying her best not to scream out. Where did these wings come from? And why does Sasuke have wings as well?

"You don't know… how long I've waited… For this day to happen again"

So many voices – in her head – howling.

"Is this a dream?" Are you my angel?

Her eyes contracted. She gripped Sasuke's hands – tighter – and pressed herself closer to him.

"It hurts… It hurts Sasuke-kun! It hurts…"

You are the angel – Sakura hime-sama. I will protect you – Sakura-chan – Aistheru – KILL HER –

The voices converged into depressing nothingness.

Shikamaru nodded. Finally things were making sense. He silently thought to himself while chanting through a series of seals. They spread around him, piling up on each other. Shadows started surrounding him by then, his wings suddenly turned black.

"Tenshi, shower your blessing upon the needy and purify those that are unholy. I call upon the heaven scrolls and the chains of hell. Punish these unworthy beings"

His eyes narrowed. He held out both of his hands and in doing so, scrolls and chains started pulling numerous demons and angels to their oblivions. How troublesome. If only they didn't get wired up in this mess. He was willing to help them though, after all, it was for his own good.

Why do the Angels want Sakura so badly? And why does Hell want the troublesome Uchiha to burn in their damnable flames of eternal damnation - so much that they are willing to sacrifice this much just for them? Possibly it was due to the power that they should have never possesed… but they would have treated them differently and more violently if it was just because of that. To go for great lengths for a simple thing but… he considered the possibility that Sakura and Sasuke were threats to both but yes, they would have been executed instead of captured. Heaven and Hell would not create so many superficial excuses and do the dirty job by themselves. What seemed more ridiculous was because - the angels and demons were helping each other just to get these two… Who the hell are Sasuke and Sakura to be that special to be wanted by the two most prominent forces in the world?. How special can they be? Compared to how they, the guardians, were swatted off by the almighty heavens in the general picture, Sasuke and Sakura are still pretty lucky, and definitely they aren't normal.


The wings just proved that Sasuke and Sakura weren't just normal individuals. They were probably angels as well. And something tells him that the two were particularly valuable for both heaven and hell for them to be chased like this. They anticipated, waited… rather impatiently for the return.

And probably, because also of that certain thing that they both possess, divine intervention happened… and they've died… It was funny really. They weren't supposed to be alive… and after how many years? Here they were again. He knew that they weren't ready for such things but they could not do anything about it but give their best.

The angel and the demon…

Her screams filled the place… The wings cackling with monstrosity… Hair slowly turning white, eyes shifting colors, ghostly ethereal skin, flickering, and memories surged their heads.

I remember

Who are you?


He showed her worlds that she never dared to venture. He let her spread her wings. He let her fly free. She saw light in the darkness. Without darkness there is no light and without light there is no darkness. She didn't know that she was slowly falling. Inside though, the voices, they told her to stop. She didn't stop. Why would she stop? When there was more, much more things to learn. Addicted to the knowledge, seduced by the pleasure. He slowly tore her wings, became too fond of her. Chained her to a place where she really didn't belong… and suddenly? Suddenly. She wanted to forget… Everything…


Voltaire shot out beams of light and directed them to the pink force field in front of him. It was absorbed by the pink mass and the inscriptions glowed even brighter. He cursed. He chanted with precision and a thunderous bolt shot from the heavens, wind, water fire, and all the other elements combining together forming a spiral sphere of black. The combination of all the possible colors in the world. The heavens roared and it turned into a shade darker. Light temporarily ceasing existence.

"The twenty-fifth punishment! BLACK SPIRAL!"

It was a small thing, only the size of an infant's closed fist. He shot it towards the mass and it steadily grew bigger, destroying everything that it met. Within a blink of an eye, the archangels that blocked its path were massacred, their bodies exploding upon contact. It seemed to stop when it met the barrier but if a keen eye would be observing, they'd be able to see the multiple attacks the expanding thing carried. It separated into different colors until it wrapped itself around like a sphere, strips of it lashing out on the slowly cracking barrier, a hail of attacks that momentarily left the barrier transparent.

He heard multiple screams come from the inside and shouted now to the other archangels. His wand shone brightly again as he chanted for the twenty sixth punishment.

They all cast in unison and attacked the poor suffering mass of pink.


He didn't want her to forget anything. For one thing. She was his. It was really wrong but being who he was, he didn't care. He didn't care if he broke the rules and sacrificed the balance in the process. He slowly tore her wings apart. Again and again. Just to be fucking sure she won't fly away. She was his. HIS. And he didn't want to share her with anybody. No matter how much they needed her, or loathed him in the process. She was his. That was where the period should be. But of course… there is no definite end for every story. There were always unsatisfied requests for continuations. Or maybe the others already wanted that ending. But the problem was. It didn't stop. How could it stop. Stop… It won't ever stop-


Laquetriece danced around. Her black hair flowing around her…


She saw everything. What was happening. Why was he still resisting. She told him that his efforts were going to be wasted. She sighed in disappointment. It didn't really matter did it? She told herself. No matter how many times they resurrected Sasuke, gave him a different name, a different childhood, fate was very cruel. He always ended up being the sadistic bastard that fate demanded him to be.

Dare she say. He was really wasting his efforts. Heaven, with all the powerful beings that they had, could easily do what they want. - Heaven in itself would pose a problem. And now there were two sides to worry about. What if she decides to join them?

He was really stupid. Foolish. He will not win. And he…?

Will always be the foolish one. No matter how many times she taught him in the past. He always ended up… like this.

Stupid brat.

Foolish little brother

Her red eyes gleamed in the darkness. It's time.


No sense in denying it. She loved him. She herself permitted it to happen. But… with every thing that was happening. She strangely wanted death… She wondered if though, …can angels really die? Could she die? Maybe?... She didn't know and she wanted to find out. But she was getting frustrated. Even though she loved him so much. So much that she gave herself to him. Tried to bare being with him to the point that she was going insane… No no. She told herself. She shouldn't think like this. She. She wanted to save his sanctity. She believed, with the foolish heart that she had, that he wasn't that bad. If he was bad, then she should have long been dead… right? She just didn't know though. The voices were speaking again. It was starting to bug her. The foolish sad truths that he was just using her… And maybe because of that…. No… it was the reason why she screamed every night. Cried a pool of blood. Swam in it even. If he was going to freaking bind her. If he was going to make her wait. If he was going to let her rot… fade away… If he wouldn't really give a damn. If he wouldn't do a fuck to her… Then… She'd rather kill herself. Just to find out… If he really wasn't that bad… And so she did.



Hinata screamed in perspiration. Her bony wings spreading fuller. A golden circle appeared under her feet. She put it in front of them. It multiplied and shielded them from all directions. Her hand started to burn with the pressure while she tried to lessen the blows the barrier was taking up. A hand suddenly grasped hers and she was met with the grinning face of Naruto. The golden circle spread enough to form a box around them. Naruto summoned tentacles that slowly curled around the golden circles on the four surfaces of the shield.

They got alerted when they saw Sasuke was screaming through gritted teeth. The black loops searing on his skin. Hinata screamed when multiple black whirls, the same ones as the one before started attacking them. She could feel one vein from her wrist pop with the pressure. She bit her lip back and tried to steady herself as she performed the second shield. Intensifying it. Naruto helped her while filling up multiple contracts.

They all had their hands full. Down below the archangels of hell were still multiplying. Their attacks, weaker than those from the heavens… although, that was because their leader wasn't there yet.

Tenten cursed. Her weapons shooting in different directions. Unconsciously counting the number of archangels she killed but getting frustrated of not making a difference.

"When will they ever stop?"

Neji brought his palms to attack in the similar way he attacks with his hake, although, this time, it was the contracts spreading multiple chains and scrolls, his had a special white glow with it. He looked at Tenten at the corner of his eye. He resisted the urge to sigh.


Kiba scratched his head while he chanted. He shouted inside his head. Women!

Suddenly. Black, violet and red ribbons started flowing outwards. It went through the shield and the barrier. It fended off multiple attacks and slashed through a number of bodies. Voltaire suddenly told them to focus their attacks in destroying those stupid ribbons.

It was one of the famed specialties of the hell's damned royalty.

Solomon wouldn't like this. I have to finish this quickly

"Seventy third punishment! Heaven's arrows!"

Light suddenly streamed down. With it. Multiple needle like objects shot out and rained towards the irritating ribbons that still freely roamed and slashed around. He hated going into wars like this, he had to endure the sound of breaking bones, the multiple droplets of blood and bodies along with it. He could also feel the heavy roar of the wind while several wings fluttered around the sky. He hated the screams that came out from everyone else's mouths when they begin to find out that they were going to die… Pity.

The light destroyed the ribbons bit by bit, then it rained down its full mass towards the glowing sphere in the middle of them all.


How sad and how pitiful! He really loved the sense of authority that he was feeling over her. Especially because this feeling was instigated by her. He made sure that she wouldn't be able to fly away. He wanted theses feelings to last forever. Or maybe get the most from it while there still was. He wanted to have everything that she had. He wanted all of her to be his. He wanted to fulfill that satisfaction. According to her, was sick. He also loved playing with her. He gave her a glimpse of his other side, the gentle one, the caring one, and she fell for it! It was laughable, how such simple acts of charity could make people think that you were indeed a good person within.

She tried her best to shelter him but he didn't need her protection. She should watch out for herself. She wasn't that strong and to think that she was already getting broken by what he was doing to her. He didn't like toys that were easy to break. But he still loved her like a beloved treasure… because…

-Because – he loved the pleasure and the attention… He loved knowing that she would never be able to escape. He loved licking the tears off her eyes every time she cried. He was slowly eating her up and he was loving every minute of it. He loved pretending that he would help her, giving her a false sense of security, giving her a temporary haven, asking favors of unbearable consequences and secretly enjoying her helplessness knowing that she could not refuse him.


What is this feeling?

Sasuke's chest ached terribly. He hugged the girl tighter. His eyes were spinning madly right now. He suddenly wanted to mar her skin with his hands. He wanted to strangle her neck. He brought her closer to him while his breath heaved heavily. A low guttural groan resounding as he felt some part of him being suddenly chopped away.

His dark mood even worsened when he saw the state that they were in. Sakura was loosing control and the others were slowly wearing off. Even if they were getting regenerated and healing fast, pain wears you down as well. His mind returned to the task to be done.

He knew he could not stop time especially with a more than a thousand archangels around - but in exchange for that he knew he could open various portals and suck them all out to a faraway world but that would drain all his energy and it would ruin his plans. He could manipulate everything that came from the world… And with this new sense of power. And an unfulfilled bloodlust.

His eyes shown maniacally. Something told him to kill. Kill. Kill everyone that stands in his way. And he started to. Unconsciously,

Naruto snapped his eyes when he remembered the strange feeling of bloodlust coming from Sasuke. Did he lose it again?


He shouted. But it seemed that the boy was in another world. His words nor screams didn't reach him.


A white arrow suddenly got past the crack from the shield and the barrier, part of Naruto's shoulder melting off. They really had to finish the guy who was casting stupid attacks on them.


Hinata said in alarm.

She shouted once more. Several arrows shot past the barrier and Hinata was forced to put up another barrier. Her hands slashing patterns in air and glowing yellow.


More inscriptions flooded the summoned shields. Naruto's tentacles faded for a second but came back up again. It strengthened and curled around the whole thing.

"Don't worry about me… this is nothing. More importantly, something's wrong with teme"

Naruto gestured behind her. Hinata's eyes scrutinized the two people. She was worried about them but she was more worried about the attacking archangels. Surely, the two would be fine… Naruto… He was just overreacting, because-

"Sasuke-san… is a strong person… He would not let it conquer him…"

Naruto shook his head.

"Chigau… I'm scared… I'm just scared that something would happen again…"

Yes… because he was scared. It was worse this time. He bit his lip when he felt his skin start to stitch itself again. He wanted to be cheerful but inside, something was eating, grasping… He hasn't felt this scared since… since?

Funny… I couldn't even remember…

Hinata shook her head. "It doesn't matter Naruto-kun… as long as you trust Sasuke-san, nothing else matters… right?"

"Ahh. Yah. You're right"

Right now, all he could do was make sure that Sasuke and Sakura would be alive and they'd make it through this.

Naruto concentrated in his task and tried to forget about Sasuke for the passing moment. His thoughts eventually drifted back to him and Sakura though. The bastard in question was currently holding his hands, spreading it wide and chanting. Sakura on the other hand - hanged on to him as if he was her life. She was still moaning, whimpering.

Naruto smiled nostalgically. It was always like that. Without Sasuke, Sakura would die… With a new found determination, he went back to his work. He telephatically asked Shikamaru if there were stronger techniques that they could use in defeating those stupid angels. Shikamaru shook his head. There were other ways to kill them but they still weren't strong enough to do it, even if they had Sakura and Sasuke's power backing them up. Nevertheless, Naruto did not give up.


She couldn't take this anymore. She was suffering inside and she wanted the pain to stop. It was all his fault. All his fucking fault… She desperately grasped for a hole but she couldn't find one. He was too perfect. And she was so naïve to think that both of them could work it out. He was a sadistic bastard and she was an idiotic girl. No… She wasn't just a girl. She suddenly remembered her purpose in the world. The balance was slowly being ruined. Maybe he was going for this from the very start. It was because she was so stupid. She locked herself up inside herself and he just watched her break. He didn't catch her when she fell, and she was falling even deeper. So much deeper that she couldn't breathe. Faster. Tighter. Screams. She was morbidly captivated. And she couldn't take it… that she so loved him, for doing this sweet torture to her… She was turning insane.


He was vindicated. Their purpose was justice. It was right, to do the things that they do. Venrir watched in appreciation. It was a lovely show actually. He felt honored to be able to see the fight of royalty against royalties. The dreaded war against both heaven and hell's most priced entities. He was more interested in the angel though, rather than her knight.

Well, knight… it wasn't the proper term to describe the relationship the two shared. But never mind the sad past. He adored the angel. His mind knew that everything would fit in his plans. For Sakura-sama. For the angel… He was willing to do everything.

It was a fair trade and for once, heaven and hell agreed at something. After this temporary truce, they would be at war again. And everything else would be the same, although much happier because their angel would be back.

He absolutely hated the other brat that took her away from them. He was always the reason why Sakura-sama was suffering. He couldn't resist the urge to kill him, his hands were slowly twitching. It wanted blood. He could not wait…. He decided to disobey the orders. His right hand in front of him, gathering a mass of black…Sakura-sama

"With the Angel's grace permit. The holy light descend. With your eternal anger devour, everything before your mighty path. Justice of Light I call upon you! The eighty-ninth punishment!"

A crazed smile appeared on his face while Eliese flew to him and shouted in warning. He would be given severe lashings from what he'd just done but never mind it. He wanted to partake in the extraordinary event. Voltaire was using weak attacks. He wanted to crush the enemy, they won't get another chance if they suddenly decide to use Aphelion's power and mess up time. It was difficult waiting for hundreds of years and the portal wasn't that easy to create as well.

He watched in amazement as the transparent light became brighter and brighter until everything around them turned to a blinding light. Swallowing the darkness but not drowning the screams of agony that left it in its wake. That's right… die DIE… I want to hear you scream!!! The angel will love this… She will love it so much… especially because I am doing it for her… Sakura-sama!


No matter how many times he's taken her. It wasn't really enough. If they could be one and the same, then he would have been happier but he was a sadist that was why he didn't do it… He wanted to feel her agony in a way that would still permit him to see her. Her physical body that is - If they were together then they shared the same pain and it would ruin everything. But the idea still thrilled him to a point of obsession. She has really fallen for his trap. And he would bind her to him for the rest of her eternal life. Forced to fear and live a thousand fucking lies. She will learn of her place, if she still doesn't have the certain imprint inside her head. He'd take her wings one by one though but still leave the image that she could fly. She was free and yet caged. She was a loveable toy and he loved playing with her with all the spare time that he had, which was like, forever. It was funny, when once upon a time, she was a child and he was a child – now they haven't really grown up yet as if it was before still in a faraway land.

He loved these insensible realities that he created for her. And how he loved also her expressions of agony while fighting against her friends He loved seeing her suffer. Of course, he also secretly enjoyed the devotion that she was showing him, that she would even kill for him and pretend for him and do anything within her reach all for him. And he greedily took those petty offerings, stepping on it, playing with it or sometimes plainly loving it. A myriad of conflicting desires… And he wonders.


Hinata's eyes widened at the incoming blows. She blinked for a couple of times but when she still saw what she saw awhile ago, she decided that she wasn't dreaming. Half of what she was seeing was getting devoured in white light. It came with the buzz that would have readily pierced your ears. It contrasted with the stark screams that she could belatedly hear at the background. It blinded her. With a hurried speech, she was able to half mangle but scream.


Stomping her feet to the ground and connecting her nerves to the shield itself. She concentrated her mind into deflecting that one blow. She shifted the forty-eight layers of shield into one face and only left a small amount of two layers in the other faces. Naruto did the same, coordinating the tentacles that slowly got devoured. He found himself screaming when he noticed that his hands were starting to melt. He shouted towards the others for assistance but everyone had their hands full.

Beads of sweat poured down Hinata's chin. She fought her best to maintain her balance on the golden platform but she was still thrown backwards. Her eyes widened when hurls of black, violet and white ribbons suddenly shot out from behind her. It slowly shifted to chains of rusty black that seemed to suddenly surround the whole barrier.

The blinding light soon disappeared. Darkness soon followed and Sasuke motioned his hands upowards, shredding hundreds of wings. His black hair stiffening up to a lighter color. His eyes spinning rapidly. His skin even paler than a corpse's dead body.


Down there, suddenly flames started appearing. Hells radiance could be clearly seen. Somehow, all of them stopped attacking. Sasuke focused his anger on the arch-angels and a few select seraphs that blocked his way.

Once Hinata was sure that the attack was gone, she gasped at the extent of her wounds. She could see her right hand's middle finger's bone sticking out. Her arm kind of melted off during the process and muscles were poorly contracting every now and then. She bit her lower lip due to the pain of having her skin grow again. The healing property of Sakura's barrier effectively restoring her within a minute or so. During this precious time, she reconnected her nerves and shifted the forty-eight layers back to their original places. The eleven shields now, again - distributed.

Shikamaru noted the abrupt silence of the hell's angels. His eyes widened at the formation that they were building. If Heaven was blindly attacking them, Hell was waiting for the right time to strike them all. Maybe that's the main reason, the reason why hell could still put a fight with heaven even if they were a little smaller compared to number. They were organized and they did not like to waste their men. Heaven was endless but each one of them were ambitious when their leader wasn't there. They wanted to prove their worth so they do stupid things. But the distinction and disorder gives rise to exemplary individuals.

"SHIELD! Damn it! The attacks are getting stronger"

It was a legend before that the number of both angels and demons clearly surpassed the number of human beings in the world. He didn't get the chance to confirm it but if it was the case then he could only hope that the power of both Sasuke and Sakura could match it. Hopefully… or they are fighting a loosing battle. The last resort would be opening up the portal and hoping that the angels will not be able to chase them anymore.

Sasuke gathered a hand and lifted them up but then another migraine surged his head. Black and red and white devouring his vision. It strangely reminded him of mangekyou sharingan. He began seeing things in black and white, memories that he could not remember.

It sucked him in a whirlpool, he then saw darkness, small traces of light could be seen along the way. Torches that lit up only when you passed by them. There was an endless bridge and he could not see a trace of anything but abyss. Flames started consuming everything around him. He recounted a number of heads, limbs and different body parts of worthless human beings falling down and coating the dark yet clear water into a murky dark red. In the middle of it all, light shown through and a disturbing fountain of human blood splattered down, some of it going to his face. A spiral of glowing inscriptions flew around it and it spread in a circle, illuminating the whole place. He was on the very top of a demolished building, black vines curving around it, what seemed to be oil flew down and down until it flamed. It was seemingly cold and while he contemplated on his surroundings, the sky soon grew lighter and he was surprised to see clouds, but still, there was no other color except for red. Flashes of familiar faces went by and screams grew.

His hands were twitching.

And an angel. White hair, innocent green eyes, so innocent, so captivating… mine.

"Sasu-ke kun"

The bloodshot eyes of Sakura opened while her back started curling, her hands grotesquely cupping his cheek while the other hand tried to pull down her wings. Inscriptions started flowing from her mouth and curling around her body, forming spirals and ending at her fingers. It was eating her up. The number of memories. She… She only wanted Sasuke. Sasuke? Sasuke…


She wonders for the time. She couldn't count how many days, weeks, months, years had she been abducted and how many seconds had passed since she declared her love for him. It was one mighty sin, to fall in love with the enemy but for her it was alright, she was an exception to the rule, the same goes for him. Bastard. This was actually better than the monotonous life that she led back there when she was still the almighty one. Here, she was still treated like some sort of royalty but because of him , she experienced how life could be when you were normal. He was the person that gave her the idea. Once when they were strolling his eternal garden of darkness… The hueco mundo's fountain, he told her one thing. He wondered what would happen if he was a mere mortal and not some lousy prince of some lousy realm. But the idea was soon discarded as soon as it came.

And she wonders again, what if she became one. She wanted to find out. The days with him were surprisingly getting better but she still end up more getting more hurt than before. He slowly painted her life black and white and the spark that was always there in her eyes vanished after repeated rejection. He enjoyed devouring her and she was damned before she knew it. Devils and Angels cannot fall in love, for her it was only one sided. Idiotic fate, how could it be done that way…?

And she parades for him, as a living trophy of his genius. She became his precious little doll, that he loved dressing up and loved seeing everyday. She didn't want to stare at her face in front of the mirror because she didn't want to see the so-called 'beloved masterpiece'. She loved her former life but she was slowly having doubts of the path that she took. Falling. Falling. Somebody help! But she really, sincerely loved him, so sacrifice. And let it all go by. Wash the tears away with the rain, along with that goddamned regret.



Neji put up both of his hands and summoned a shield for himself, he didn't think that the eleven shields of Hinata would protect them especially now that Hell was also launching a full scale attack. His analytical mind estimated that he could try performing another eleven shields.


He put up both hands next and whispered for the second, the third and the fourth when he heard a scream coming from the right.

"A fuckin sword just chopped off my arm!"

Kiba growled while gritting his teeth in pain, he grabbed a hold of the fallen arm with his still working one and reattached it, the tissues instantly repairing itself. That was close, what if it had been his neck, then he would have been dead already.

Shikamaru sighed in exasperation. How troublesome. And he didn't even want to think of what was happening to those two people that they're trying to desperately protect.

He threw both of his hands downwards and spread it all around him, perspiration trickling down his chin. His mind was in perfect concentration. The contracts that he signed were well over a thousand and still counting, suddenly, he felt his stomach drop. A growling sound and was soon heard. It resembled that of the combined noises of the opening of a rusty door and a scraping of nails, its echo resounded like a shrill scream that was so unpleasant it was unbearable to the ears. Up in the sky, he could see a gigantic eye looking upon them, it was blinking slowly and it looked upon them, the black and white inscriptions flowing around the iris. It had multiple six sided stars surrounding the pupil itself and the lashes were comprised of some sort of rusty metal. Whenever it winked, it produced the deafening sound. It soon vanished - Shikamaru fell down to his knees and coughed out blood. What was that?

"Is everybody alright?"

The voice belonged to Tenten, who was surprisingly, still standing while a trail of blood left her lips. She was caught off-guard when a seraph was able to pass through the barrier and land a sword near her heart. She let out a strangled scream while Neji suddenly yanked a chain and coiled it around the seraph's head.

The seraph soon chanted and in a chilling voice, it said.

"My witness are the moon and the stars, I am putting thee to eternal sleep, forbidden arts, sealing"

Before the inscriptions gather around the body, Neji was able to bring him down to hell, he had a little trouble though, the angel was able to yank the chain off him and destroy it.

"VENRIR! Stop this! You're killing yourself"

The seraph muttered incomprehensible words and spat to the ground.

"Eliese… stop bothering me, you're becoming a nuisiance"

He generated another ball of white and black and shot it towards the barrier.

"This is being done, just to make sure that she will once again…"

Hinata stood her ground and shifted the other layers of the shield to block the strong blow that came from her left side.

Neji finished chanting as well, he had eleven shields to add to the original. He waved his hands as if dancing and in return, the layers shifted to different positions. He smirked when he saw the unsatisfied faces of the army.

Suddenly, the white wings were joined by a whirl of black. So… finally they decide to attack…

In front of them all was a girl, she had red and black hair flowing all around her. -Red spinning eyes and two scythes.


Flames soon decorated the sky and Shikamaru soon grumbled. He was surprised when another set of ribbons gathered around them all and the chain that surrounded the whole barrier join together to form hundreds of darts.

The girl in front simply raised her hand and the attacks were deflected. Her red eyes flashed. "Ba-ka. BAKABAKA BAKA!"

She twirled and summoned ribbons of her own. Is that a way to great her? After coming all this way to see him… But nevertheless, she had an army to lead. She'll deal with all his stupidity later. She should get him while she still can, once heaven gets their hands with him, it'll all be over.

Sasuke's eyes shifted in colors, red and black and he swung his head left and right, trying to collect the broken pieces of his memories. He snapped out of it when something slashed his face. He narrowed his eyes and summoned his weapons. Perspiration trickled down, he summoned an 8 pointed star below his feet and pulled out a sword. He held it steady and chanted once more. His body soon divided in two and left his clone to support Sakura.

"What are you doing here?"


"You still don't have it back right?" She shook her head.

"What do you mean"

Laquetriece sighed

"Like I said… ba-ka"

Her eyes were downcast though, she summoned her scythes and flew after him. He countered with the black sword and managed to use his left hand to slash her hair.

She bit her lip and cursed at him. He took the opportunity and poised the sword to decapitate her head. She blocked it off with her scythe, perspiration trickling down her chin. With her free hand, she used the other scythe to slash him but he used his other sword to block the incoming blow. She kicked him hard on the stomach and somersaulted to the sky.

"You still haven't answered my question"

Sasuke said, chanting for another black ribbon and hurling it at her. It was slashed up by the scythe that she was holding. She went behind him and blindly aimed for his neck and abdomen. He was able to evade it easily.

"Isn't it obvious?"

She asked in annoyance. She shot out multiple dark spheres which exploded upon contact with the ribbons. Chains suddenly shot around him and protected him from the rest of the blow. Sasuke knew the reason, why she was able to escape into the world of the humans. She was probably the Queen of hell. Suddenly, he felt his heart drop and another migraine left him momentarily distracted.


Laquetriece grinned when she found the opening but frowned when she noticed that she was only fighting a clone. Sakura


Today was the last day, he was stupid enough to promise her that he would return her back to heaven where she rightfully deserves to be in. The promise was the final scar that he was going to give her, he did make it clear though that once she was out in his realm, she would once again be an enemy and he had freedom to kill her whenever it was possible. The poor girl cried for countless nights but tried to put a mask of indifference. What was he thinking? Strangely though, he was already regretting his decision. He wanted this day to be special. He gave her a gift while making love with her, he gave her a guardian, a guardian that would always remind her of him. It etched in her consciousness, ready to protect her whenever she was in danger, and it will reek of terror and lend her his power if she wills it.

He curled a strand of her hair in his fingers and kissed that lovely mouth of hers, licked the flowing tears off her eyes and spread both of her hands, holding it tightly. He smirked at the lovely sounds that his ears caught while gently kissing her neck. He soon plunged inside her and she gave a soft sigh. The whole thing wasn't as rough like he always does her but it symbolized repentance. He worshipped her body and treated her as if she was a fragile glass. The night was etched in her mind, in the same night, he forced the wings to come out once more and watched the broken angel fly away and ascend to heaven, where a battalion of knights were waiting for her.

It was over.

But it wasn't.


The barrier itself soon whirled around them, turning to a dark red, it oddly reminded them of blood. Hinata stood up and once again, strengthened the shield. A vast collection of air soon ricocheted from the middle and shot out into multiple directions. – Sparks were flying everywhere and the sky shifted in colors. She grit her lips when she felt part of her fingers slip off, her body was getting diced. Her orbs widened.


Naruto protected her, tentacles curling around both of them. "What's happening?"

Hinata asked, peaking through the dark mass that was slowly suffocating her. Naruto gritted his teeth.

"Sakura-chan… she-"


I want to see you! I want to be with you! I want to stay with you, forever… but why… why are you pushing me away… Why? Why… I can't understand. I've done everything for you, aren't you content. Am I that unworthy so as to throw me away like that? I gave you everything. Why am I still… not enough?

She loathed herself. Her cloak was swishing every now and then. She was passing the archways towards the chambers of Solomon. Her ethereal pink and white hair flowing around her, strands of it framed her face while the others surrounded her form. The white robe that she wore flowed like wind. The only sound that she could hear was the pleasant fluttering of wings and her steps that echoed every now and then.

She reached the white door and waited for it to open for her. It slowly did and with agitated footsteps, she marched to the front desk and bowed. An angry snarl soon followed and a small fight soon broke up.

Solomon sighed and reconsidered the options, to say yes was difficult, to say no was difficult. To say that I don't know was easy. He opted for that answer and he received a mighty beating for it. He smirked though, but well, what was wrong in saying yes. He didn't know that he would regret what he said on that very day.


Voltaire cursed. She's awake. It rained. She would be in store for a rude awakening.
















Several seconds past by… it turned into minutes…

Black and white spheres exploded in the sky

And in sing-song laughter, everyone danced to the rhythm

They never missed a beat, slashing tearing

Bang Bang Bang





Yes. And we laugh and we laugh

Until we witness what shouldn't be witnessed

And until you break down to the floor

Rolling – not stopping

Until you cry a fitful of tears

Until you find that you couldn't breathe anymore

And die


And as you try to search for an explanation

You fall down, and deeper.

Your wings, trying to carry you higher

But you keep on falling down.

And everybody falls down dead as well

You're not the only one that's damned

And remember that it's not your fault

Nobody has control

You've still got a long way to go


Her hands trembled, she pushed herself away and flew out of the pitiful barrier. Her eyes gleamed and from her left hand, she drew out silk, a bell chimed. Countless heads were slowly decapitated, skulls were crushed.

Voltaire sighed. Venrir clapped his hands. This wasn't good.


She clenched her right hand tight, swinging her other hand. At her back, a dark wraith-like being soon flowed, It went around her arms and hands and she stiffened. The hate was so unbearable that she grabbed her head. Her eyes contracting, widening and a shrill laugh soon followed.



Yes. The angel… She's the reason

And they all thought that temptation

Was made only by devils…



She began screaming, her wings spreading even greater while she obliterated everything that she could see… WHY… Why was she here again… She hugged herself… WHY…

She felt the silk bells flow out of her grasp, she, with what was left of her strength suffocated the nearest archangel that she could see.


The dream has ended

You are free


What were they looking at? Their eyes, it was scaring her. She crushed the neck and the head fell off somewhere, along with the body that piled down at the bottom.

"Chains of hell"

Laquetriece managed to coil it around the pretty neck of the stupid angel. Sakura's eyes widened and she tried to take it off her, the black haired girl took pity and she pulled the girl then thew her away. A number of angels went on catching her but she returned the favor by screaming at them. She pried the numerous hands off and slashed them apart. She shot the silk bells once more and took hold of the chains, she yanked them and together with it, Laquetriece came flying at her.

The guardians were left forgotten, they fought their hardest but it seems they just couldn't make it.

Sasuke laughed bitterly. He remembers… everything now. So that was what Triece meant when she said that he didn't have it yet. He broke open the barrier that Sakura made. He looked back at everyone, Naruto, Tenten, Neji, Hinata, Shikamaru. He was definitely different from them. All he knew before was – he was Uchiha Sasuke but it seems that he wasn't what he thought he was. And he had to accept the cruel fate that he could never be free.

Freedom is just a word

No one is eternally free

"You never deserved him"

Sakura momentarily stopped while she used the bells to shield herself from the boomerang like blade the black haired girl threw at her. She summoned a white light and shot it out towards the said girl but the girl was able to evade it. Everything in her mind was blank, it just told her to fight, fight, and forget about everything else.

She didn't notice the other blade and it cut near her collarbone. She winced and removed the dumb blade, blood came gashing down, messing up her dress. She gritted her teeth and soon noticed that somebody was holding her back. She tried moving her body but she couldn't.

"Oops! Sorry! I missed. I won't miss it next time. I'm sure of it"

Laquetriece shot another blade and flew with her two scythes with the intention of shredding the girl's wings. She didn't notice the black blur that placed itself in front of her.

"What the-"

She couldn't move, and her abdomen hurt. A long sword was sticking out of it.


That dark voice… Naruto's eyes widened. He's different. The voice was something that he wouldn't be able to reach anymore. It was so cold. So distant. So dark. So sinister. It was the last thing that registered his mind before his eyes finally closed.

She met his eyes and it narrowed. Sasuke took back the sword and Laquetriece screamed in frustration. In a flash, she was suddenly behind him, the two scythes ready to cut his neck. Sasuke's eyes shifted to Sakura, he wasn't surprised to see ribbons coiling around her. He had to take care of that.

He folded both of his arms and cruelly whispered, "Kill me now - if you can, you might regret it later"

He waited for her reply but found none. She put down the scythes and bowed her head. Tears threatened to fall to her eyes.


She slowly looked away and put up her hand. A trumpet was soon heard and hell's forces ceased their attacks. Sasuke wasted no time and unsealed Sakura from the gift.

I've cried a thousand tears

The golden eyes vanished and left only one. What's happening? Sakura's eyes looked around, all of them had weapons, and there were angels, were they here to bring her back? She noticed that her back was hurting, she turned around, red wings… New wings. How many years… where the hell was she anyways. Why is Voltaire here? She could notice black and red wings around her. Shielding her from life. Sasuke? She closed her eyes when she heard ripping of flesh.

I screamed a thousand words


Everybody stopped fighting. Several angels suddenly bowed their heads, a lone figure walking towards her. The pink barrier suddenly vanished since there was no killing intent left. Her right eye was green, her other eye was gold. The green eye had red streaks lining it down. Her clothes suddenly vanished and a short white and transparent silk dress hugged her twitching form. She wanted to fly away but noticed that ribbons tied her feet and her hands.

I walked a thousand miles

Her scared eyes looked back at everyone who was expectantly watching her. White tresses swished while her frightened eyes looked from left to right. She looked at her left hand, she looked at her right arm, it was stretched, her hand, she couldn't see it, but she could see a torso – and blood. She tried to pull it but it did not submit to her will.

I sang a thousand songs

More tears slid down from her right eye while the left eye watched with morbid interest while the other hand, the left one grabbed hold of the neck of the helpless seraph in front of her.


Within a thousand lives

She tried her best to pull away, her muscles twitching. She… She didn't want to kill him. No…

Please don't do this to me… onegai… I don't want… I don't want… I don't!...


"… I'm not dead yet"

The golden eye twitched and her hand twisted itself and began flexing. She tried to ignore the groans coming from his mouth. The eye suddenly vanished and soon, a presence from behind hugged her form.

Within a thousand lies

"Missed me?"

Solomon's hands wandered towards her waist and his head buried at her neck. She tried to wrestle free from his grip but she found out that she couldn't. She sighed and looked back at the matter. With as much will power, she finally managed to dislodge the hand that was buried in his chest. She wiped the blood off her hand using her white dress, staining it in a pretty red.

"Why… Why do I have these back? Why the hell did you wake me up? Tell me…"

Her eyes couldn't look at what was happening in front of her.

"Tell me"


Speak… and tell me


"You already know the reason"

She distractedly watched the scene unfolding beneath her eyes.

"I know?"


Laquetriece was cradling Sasuke's head on her lap, caressing his face. Sakura wanted to hug him but she couldn't and Solomon wouldn't allow her to ever touch him again. Sakura was mildly disturbed at the inclination. Itachi… She cringed - She looked all around her. The sky was black and white, the angels were still bowing down all around them. The sky had the damned eye again, the gods were mad. The world was a mess, with multiple fissures and the weather… it was raining. It was cold. She being her usual selfish self, hugged the closest body that was producing warmth -Succumbing to the false sense of security and protection that her brother offered her.

"Yes… You know"

The lies

"I didn't want to wake up"

She pouted. Solomon released the ribbons that locked her in place and let her relax.

Laquetriece suddenly screamed, releasing all the pent up anger and for once letting her weak side show.


You lied to me

"Shut up Triece… I'll make sure she receives her punishment"

Solomon mumbled while feasting on the neck of Sakura. Sakura's eyes were unfocused. She looked back at Sasuke, whose eyes were equally staring back at her. If she decides to go back to him, he wouldn't let her go anymore… but she loves him. But… Solomon… If she decides to run away, she'll end up getting more hurt. Solomon wouldn't allow either of the two anyways so… she didn't know… she didn't know what to do.

Dreams should never come true

Solomon suddenly bit her ear, and whispered a few chilling words in her ear.

"Sa-ku-ra…I… am going to tell you… your punishment"

She clenched her hands and prepared herself for the worst.

"I – am going to crucify you in my room, I'll be shredding your wings for a couple of weeks, I'll make sure that your friends here are all roasted in hell… and I'm personally going to kill Aphelion when I meet him again. Tell me that you're not going to run away, because if you do, I'll chain you to my bed for the rest of your life"

Because it wouldn't be a dream anymore

"No… No… I don't want to-"

She weakly shook her head. Solomon nibbled at her neck. "Tell me"

"Don't you dare touch my friends…"

"Tell me"

He began kissing it softly

"Demo… Sasuke-kun! Sasuke… SASUKE-KUN!"


He bit it.

"Tasukete!... I don't want to go… I don't want to-"

Sasuke closed his eyes. Her neck soon bled. Sakura winced, a tear left her eye. I'd rather die.

Sweet oblivion

"I… won't run away… again"

He smirked. "Good"

He signed another contract and using the fingers of her right hand, wrote her name with her blood. The contract lit up and his hand went to cover her eyes and her form collapsed. He threw her body towards Voltaire who caught her with mild surprise.

Solomon slouched and observed Laquetriece once more. She was pouting and tears were leaking out of her eyes, she hugged the dear boy so much but the boy had no strength to refuse her.

I am falling

Heaven and hell, produce… weird family relationships…

"When will the war start?"

He asked to no one in particular. The red eye met his golden ones and she smirked sadistically.


She muttered with all her hate. She put her hand down and a black fog started to grow, several circles spread around and stars and inscriptions filled around her. Her form soon vanished downwards as well as Sasuke's and soon, hell's archangels did the same.

The angels began their ascent to heaven and Solomon finished the work with spreading five contracts around him. The guardians soon vanished and probably he was happy, happy ever after. The seraphs of heaven sealed and put an end to the poor world, with the help of the power of the eye - they created another replacement and life was perfect, again.




I can't breathe

You're strangling me






"Solomon-sama, how are you going to evaluate the performance of the army?"

Solomon finished chaining her nude form in place. He was serious when he told her that he'd chain her to a cross. He grabbed the whip at the side.

"It was okay"

Voltaire bowed his head.

"Thank you Solomon-sama"

"I'll leave the rest to you… I still have to teach her a lesson"


Well… happy ever after.


You told me to fly

I flew away

But I fell

You told me I'm free

But you've slowly chained me

My heart is crying

But you stopped it because you broke it

The dream has ended

I am free

I am not…

Because it still wasn't enough

To have no heart


Broken wings


Author's notes: So… Angel Suicide is finally finished XD and since I know a lot of you have a lot of questions left… Chapter five, broken wings XD… Mostly about the war and the fight and the conclusion and the awakening and bwahahahahaha… mmmn I'll try to explain most of them here XD Gawd… I feel stupid in all honesty. I should be typing my report right now and I only have 4 hours left before I pass it…. Hmmn. What should I do? But anyways… I'm having fun bwahahahaha… I know… denial… and it's killing me… I'm still broke… and I need money money money, or else I won't be able to pass my projects T.T wahhhhh. I've been in front of the computer for more than eight hours a day and I need to finish 2 chapters more… This sucks… and I don't have money anymore. Kya… Anyways... hmmmn... i didn't really want to finish this... so i left some of the parts to your imagination. wah... Review replies... i don't have time to make them sowiee... but i would like to thank ShyFaery 89, Naash, Sapphire Serenity and the rest of the reviewers who reviewed for the last chappie. Thank you so much XD. chie squeals

Special chappie edition XD


A knock to the door

"Come in"

A shy girl with pastel locks came in with a black slashed up teddy bear on one hand eerily being dragged on the floor. She was followed by two more men in black suits.

End of flashback

That's an eerie picture. Well, let's get my point of view first. Sakura-chan when she was still young weak right. Actually, she's very fragile. In the series, we all know that in the very start, she owed it all to Ino, because if Ino didn't help Sakura, you could guess what could have happened but maybe, she would have found another way to grow up. They always do.


"Iruka-san, hajimemashite. I am Haruno Sakura"

End of Flashback

Considering our current information, we could readily surmise that it's not only Sakura, Sasuke and the guardians that were reincarnated in that certain world. We have a small inclination that there are other characters that still haven't shown themselves. Anyways, just open another internet explorer or tab so you could compare what I'm saying. It's kinda difficult copy pasting, right Sakura-chan?

Sakura looks at chie while spreading her red fluffy wings and wiping a sweat that formed on her brow. She uneasily nodded while calming her temper. (that's one scene from the apocalypse for yah)

So. Anyways, let's continue. Sakura-chan is obviously traumatized by something. That is, the apocalypse. (in here, apocalypse means merging of two forces or two worlds or simply merging of something – bringing destruction and chaos along with it) Of course, who would still be normal even after seeing countless bodies being battered and broken with the work of Sasuke-kun's imagination? So, there you've got it. Anyways, there's more to the school than you've all imagined. It's composed of abnormal people, the one's that are brilliant go there but all of them have their own stories. They have unnecessary phobias and the school is there to specialize at it. The ones at the very top like Sasuke and Sakura are those homicidal brats. Well, that's how others would like to put it.

It was mentioned in the next chapter that Sasuke killed his own parents. It just goes to show how angry was he with his current life. Sakura has a separate past that maybe you've gotten clue of already. Her original parents disliked her and viewed her as some sort of monster. She was, in a way because she was able to kill her own mother in the process, her power growing uncomfortably violent. Her father sold her off to the Haruno family shortly soon after and she was treated with care and love in a way that she didn't experience before.

But either way, our Sakura-chan still isn't happy. She's still plagued with other things, like the death of those who surround her. She never had a chance to create friends so she talks to her dolls and her stuffed toys.

The first ever friend that she was able to create was killed by her adoptive parents. The Harunos were very strict in the way that they hated seeing their child with trash people. Sakura at that time still didn't know about her capabilities but something inside her exclaimed that she could bring back the dead, and was slapped to the face that she was just an ordinary human being and such things can't just simply happen. Her abilities were suppressed and self-loathing existed.

In paradox, Sasuke explained to Sakura what was really happening. He showed lots of proofs of how powerful he already is, and told her that they were similar. Yes they were similar yet still different from each other. One, since Sakura was an Angel and Sasuke was a Devil.

The story happened when it was about to end. Solomon, Laquetriece… those two were links to the past. Just trust your instincts, it would be probably the answer to your questions.

Now let's go to the guardians. Who are they and what are they? The guardians are the half humans, half pure souls that were given the contract by the heavens to expel both Sasuke and Sakura from both worlds. It was kind of easy to understand that their purpose was to defeat the two and lock them up, thus granting them the salvation that they all wanted. Something happened in the past that led them to choose this kind of life. Shikamaru mentioned something about the eternal darkness and nothingness.

When Aphelion messed up time for both of them, Sakura and Sasuke unlocked their hidden counterparts and was given another life, the original world dying along with it. The other souls were left in an eternal space to sleep forever. They were offered another chance to live.

They got their first chance two millenniums after the world was extinguished. It was in another realm, another world. Sakura met Sasuke as children, the two became close and unlocked the memories they had. That was the first time where the love that was developing in their past had the real chance to develop. Sakura agreed with Sasuke's decision to create another world but the guardians almost killed Sasuke so Sakura opened another portal and thus Shikamaru had to wait for a few more years.


"I will not kill you… because you are my-"

Chie pushes Solomon out the picture. Solomon glares at Chie but then vanishes with his trademark circular crest on the floor. Anyways, Sakura-chan- She's some sort of princes in the heavens, same goes for Sasuke. As mortals, they would do no damage to each other but as immortals, they would create a very messed up problem for the both sides. That would explain the poems that were written in the first chappie. Bwahahaha and the whole chapter five.

Sasuke is slowly losing his sanity, denoted by his extreme sadism. He can barely control it and he even shared that little gift to Sakura. The others are slowly cracking up but with the slightest trace of hope, they stand proud in defending themselves.

The special designs in the world are only seen by both Sasuke, Sakura and the guardians, all the others who don't have the said memories of the past world wouldn't be able to see it. An example of which was the school. It served as the key gate for the heavens to open.

Direct intervention is prohibited especially from both heaven and hell, it only is done when needed. Right at that time, there was no god. He's dead. And the reigning leaders are Solomon and the group. Hell simply doesn't have any leader to begin with so, it's a place where there's total chaos and some sort of catharsis.


"Please die… die for me"

"I can't die… I'm sorry"

Well, either way. Yes. For everyone who didn't catch it. Ino is far too drugged to be able to recover especially from the strain of getting back her memories. Again, they were too late. So, she's going to die either way. It's either that she commits suicide or she dies from the pressure. It so happened that they won't be able to revive her again, it's heaven's will when they will be brought back to the world again.


Oh… in a way.

Sasuke screamed. He grabbed his hair and screamed. His mighty black wings cackling. Slicing every single being who dared approach him in that state. He was mad. Really mad.

Scary. Sasuke-kun and Sakura-chan are evil. They are evil in a way because they are disrupting the flow of time. Which we could all put the blame on to our trusty little friend Aphelion. Time will come and you will meet him in sweet Insanity and maybe apocalypse (I promise… a long fic)

But they just want to go back and start over again. The problem is, they just couldn't get that it isn't allowed. And even though that they have a lot of powers, they shouldn't misuse it. Both of them are pretty selfish. Blinded by their own weaknesses and pretending to be strong in front of everybody.


Chie tried to explain everything. That all of them had a life of their own before this all happened. The only thing that's keeping them together right now is their will to stay alive. Survival. But some things just never end up happy. But at least, they were content that they were able to bring down thousands before they finally died. Tragic. Yes. I'm so happy. So Sad as well.


Note… this is an explanation for the gateways

To those who still couldn't get the system. There are gates that connect heaven and hell to the worlds. There is only one way to open this all. There must be an affirmation from the higher ups plus a sacrifice. Innocent blood and souls of human beings. There are back passes like the ones that Shikamaru have And once you passed it, there's only a narrow line wherein people must walk, for days. Salvation is given after the last moment of suffering.

After the gates, you reach a place where there is infinite knowledge, infinite blessings, a place of calm and tranquil nature. It is the contradiction of hell. Heaven is a place for the pure in spirit and hell would always be the place where those who have sinned - will rest and be tortured forever.

Not forever, but they eventually get resurrected and they go back to the world, given another chance and maybe go rest in heaven. That's the whole process but to those who've killed much. Well, they're torn away and eaten.


Seals and Contracts

It's pretty simple really. You pledge to the gods that you would do a certain something and you will be given the things that are needed to accomplish it. Example, you want to seal a monster, then from the summoned contract, something would seal up the monster. It would work as long as you know what object would seal the thing up.

So, for killing both the angels and the demons, you should have hell chains and heaven scrolls. So, they will bind them but to some others, more complicated processes are needed. They would not go down just by that.

So, the binding seals. Once Sasuke meets up with Sakura-chan. She is binded to him. It was a promise that was made long ago, a very strong contract. It earned her our inner Sakura – which has another counterpart, the gift. She changes her appearance and attitude depending on her master. Sometimes, her presence is really strong or sometimes she just simply vanishes. She is the special guardian given by hell to her.



More to the guardians then…

"Do you want to know more about us?" Ino asked, her blonde hair swishing. Butterfly wings sprouted from her back and her eyes turned crystal blue.

Shikamaru appeared from the background and gave Ino a small hug. Ino blushed for a bit before pushing Shikamaru off her.

"Each guardian has his or her own special ability. Their wings are all the same at the first stage. Think of this as similar to the cursed seal, only the second form doesn't cause much energy from us. For example, at the second stage, Ino would generate butterfly wings. Naruto would have tentacles."

He pointed to the others and the noticeable change in their appearances. Neji coughed and motioned for Tenten to come forward as well. Tenten gave a small wave.

"We're going to explain more about the abilities. Take me for example. Because I'm more of a weapon wielder in my first life, I am more inclined in using multiple weapons as means of defeating my enemies"

Neji nodded.

"Naruto on the other hand, would use brute force, charging his energy in his punches or kicks. I and Hinata still have the byakugan, we still have the sharpest senses compared to all the other members – we could create special shields as well"

Hinata from the back flew to the center and sat on the tatami mat that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"All of us can chant and create spells and special summons and-"

Naruto came, bringing a humongous bowl of ramen.


Bang. A number of kitchen appliances were held crashing somewhere at the right. Poor Naruto-kun.

"This isn't time for eating Naruto you brainless idiot!"

Kiba smirked after seeing Naruto slowly twitching in the corner. Hinata laughed for a bit but sighed afterwards, concern evident in her face.

"Ano… Kiba-kun"

"Ah… gomen gomen."

Hinata nodded to Kiba.

"All of us can create seals and use the five-point star like the archangels, seraphims and gods of heaven and other worlds"

Hinata slurped her green tea and interrupted Kiba while he was busy ranting about the stuff that they could do.

"Demo. There are limitations. It all depends on the amount of energy that we can generate. Killing an archangel by five or four members would drain half of our energy, but given that there is a limitless source, we could easily do such things"

Somebody knocked the door outside.

Ino stood up from her seat and told the group that she would open it.

Her mouth was soon gaping. Big fat tears were escaping her eyes.


Naruto's eyes widened.

"Shino? LEE? Am I dreaming?"

Chouji scratched his head…

"Somebody interrupted me while eating barbeque and told us to come with her, she promised me more barbeque and chips so I nodded"

Ino cocked her head on the side and a small sweatdrop appeared from her face.

"Anyways, dozo, there's a lot of food left"

By the time that they entered, Naruto was animatedly chatting with both Lee and Shino was hauled to the side by both Hinata and Kiba.


Shikamaru suddenly said.

"Oh yah… Yah.. We're still explaining.. ehehe"

Shikamaru apologized at the behavior of his group.

"So. You'll see more of us in action in the coming rewrite. I just don't know when. But we're going to be stronger by then"

Ino smiled.

"Like what was also mentioned in one of the chapters of A-S. We can all heal after a few seconds but compared to Sakura and Sasuke, we don't have that much power"

Shikmaru whispered at the back.

"Well, either way, I'm the only immortal in the group. I planned for them to join me but…"

Shikamaru's eyes looked downcast. He smiled soon after, a cigarette on one hand.

"We're all dead"

A scream soon followed. Chouji's body inflated… Saliva dropped from his mouth and his body exploded. Shino dissolved into insects that slowly died down. Lee's figure started to deform, bones sticking out in places. The others couldn't afford to look. Ino soon followed afterwards. Her body contracting, killing herself in the process.

The ambient environment of the small house soon shattered. Eternal blackness filled the whole area. Shikamaru gave an ironic smile. One of his hands going to his right eye. Pulling the lids down until the skin was torn off.



So basically, they all had their chances. Hope it isn't wasted.


Okay… now for the unfamiliar words

Kikoeru – can you hear me?

Nandemo nai – Don't mind it - nothing

Hidoi – You're mean

Matte – Wait

Nani – What

Gomen – Sorry

Usotsuki – liar

Hai – Okay – yes

Daikirai – I hate you – I hate them – or it just means I hate whoever it is directed to

Zutto – forever – always

Warui – forgive me – it's my fault or something like that

Doko-desu – where are you?

Itai – It hurts

Kowai – I'm scared – I'm afraid

Tasukette – Help me – Save me

Shimata – oh no

Tomare – stop

Uso – you're lying – a lie

Shi – die – death

Nemuri – sleep

Yokai – okay

Hanashite – let go of me

Dulcis Bellus Anghel – Sweet little Angel

Dormitar – Sleep

Clamar – Scream

Ius Iustis volo existo – Justice has existed

Formatura huecus profundus Mundus – forming hell and heaven.

And trivia trivia… hmmmn. So have you guessed the relationship of Laquetriece and Sasuke, plus Solomon and Sakura?


Congratulations to those who've guessed right! Yes. Chie nods. "Aha ya ya ya! Laquetriece is the older sister of Sasuke while Solomon is the older brother of Sakura"

…incest. Chie nods her head and pouts, the idea is very tempting. I put a lot of hints there and yes, Laquetriece was once Itachi LOL…

And oooh yah… the eye is a representation of the gods… XD



"I've prepared your favorite meal"


"Your bath is ready"


He turned his back on her.


The door soon closed


"I want everyone from our army assembled tomorrow. War is coming and hell will have a taste of heaven's anger"


"Sakura-sama, please, eat your meal"

Her green eyes looked tiredly at the pitiful meal that was served before her. Her eyes shifted to look at her form.

"Get out"

"Sakura-sama, I have to make sure that you eat your-"

"I don't want to eat. GET OUT!"

She stood up from her bed and tried to strangle the damned woman but her chains didn't let her come any closer. A glass was soon heard breaking.




"You believe your principles but you forget to follow them. The gods will not be able to forgive you this time…"

He smirked.

"I don't care"


"Don't you think you've done enough? The war is pointless, why do you still have to go?"

"I want to teach them – a lesson"

"-This isn't right"

"What is?"