Without A Word

Rating: R, for sex.

Without a word he had pulled her away from the group and taken her to the rooftop of the school. She could sense his frustration and she could imagine their abandoned friends debating on what had Ichigo so pissed off.

Rukia knew better.

The darkness of his eyes gave her everything she needed to know and the moment he headed in the direction of a tool shed confirmed it.

He was silent.

She wondered if he didn't trust himself to speak.

With another rough pull, they were enclosed in darkness, and it wasn't long before his hands were hitching up her skirt.

He wasn't wasting any time.

She heard the hasty unzipping of his pants, the hurried shuffling of fabric –he only cared for freeing his erection.

He pressed against her.

A sharp intake of breath and his lips were on hers, his fingers fumbling with her underwear and then probing insistently between her thighs. A hand hooked underneath her knee –she found herself straddling his thin hips— and with a constrained grunt he had pushed himself inside her.

He kissed her again, softly this time. And surprisingly, set a slow pace.

As if all he needed was to be inside her.

His mouth turned to nip gently on her neck. And when she decided to do the same, he lost rhythm. Her mouth played with his throat, her teeth grazing the skin at the base.

She wanted to end him quickly.

He realized she hadn't forgotten they were still in school.

He hadn't forgotten either. But at the moment, he just didn't care.

Fingers gripping her bottom, he sped up. When she whimpered in appreciation, he moved harder. And when he could feel in her throat that she was going to moan, he bit her lip for her.

Until he felt himself faltering, and forgetting where he was.

A strangled groan, a few desperate thrusts, and he finished. He waited for his breath to return, and as his body slowly relaxed, he found he could kiss her softly again. He set her back to her feet. The haze of satisfaction gradually wore off and he wanted to apologize…if he had been too rough. But as he met her eyes, he found he didn't need to. She looked as content as he felt. He found himself glad of this. Only…

"We're going to be late for class."

"Aa." Leaning in for a last kiss, the readjustment of clothes began. "But it was nice while it lasted, ne?"


"...By the way, what made you so suddenly 'excited'?"

"You put your hand on my leg while you were talking to the others."

A moment of surprised silence. And then, "Well excuse me for touching you in public! From now on, I'll just keep my hands to myself."

Lips turned into a satisfied smirk. "Good."