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Dearest Lady Hinata,

It pains me to do so but I am writing to inform you of the passing of my fiancee Yuuji Hanabishi. You worked so hard to help the two of us out when we eloped, even though it eventually failed, that I felt you should be informed of this sad event.

Last week, while returning from shopping for a gift for Kaoru's fourth birthday, his car was struck by a drunken driver. He was taken to the hospital, but never regained consciousness.

Yuuji and I often reminisced about our memorable, though short time at your wonderful Hinata Inn. How you did your best to give us our privacy, how you worked to find a priest willing to defy Yuuji's father, and how you stood up to the man when he finally tracked us down. Of all our memories of your inn, the one Yuuji treasured most after those of a personal nature was of that confrontation. Oh how it was a classical example of the irresistible force meeting the immovable object! I smile even now, in this time of sadness, thinking how you and your niece Haruka stood up to Yuuji's father and his sea of bodyguards. A small innkeeper with a big, wonderful heart, against the embodiment of power within the Hanabishi Zaibatsu. Your dressing down of that man for the 'crass impudence of invading a private inn uninvited' destroyed his anger at his son's actions, and lay the basis for what we had hoped would be our eventual, legitimate marriage.

Sadly, it is not to be.

Already, Yuuji's father talks of 'dismissing me' and adopting Kaoru as the Hanabishi's legitimate heir. I fear I will eventually be forced to agree. I pains me more than I can say, but giving Kaoru a chance of a life with the Hanabishi seems better than condemning him to live with a mother who's only means of support is at the whim of the Hanabishi's. I cannot allow anger into my heart at the actions of Yuuji's father, for to do so will only poison what may be an eventual goodbye to my son.

My poor Kaoru. So like his father. Passionate. Smart. Occasionally and unfortunately angry like his grandfather. How soon may his happiness be in jeopardy? My only hope should the worst happen is the tiny interest I've seen Kaoru develop in the daughter of the Sakuraba family. Aoi Sakuraba is such a sweet girl. I pray the two will develop a friendship that isn't tainted by zaibatsu politics.

Thank you once again, from myself and in Yuuji's behalf, for everything you did, and tried to do for us.

Your's in sadness,
Kumi Honjo


Author's Notes:

Various conversations inspired me to write this 'Letter to Lady Hinata.' (Grandma Hinata.) Time-wise, this 'letter' would have been sent shortly after Keitaro, Mutsume and Naru's promises to each other.