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Chapter one: A day unlike any other

Raven Roth sat at the very back of the dimly lit classroom, she tapped her long, skinny fingers along the desk as she tapped along to a song in her head; her nails were freshly painted in a midnight black colour with a tiny rose imprint on the middle finger on both of her hands. She looked up at the clock that sat in the front of the classroom; it was a silver framed clock with big, black roman numerals where the twelve, six, three and nine sat, then just plan black small lines for the other numbers. Raven sighed to herself as pulled the few strands of dead straight black hair and pushed it behind her ear as she ran her fingers through her hair with boredom.

Raven Roth was a seventeen year-old girl currently in year eleven. She had dead straight black hair that went down to her shoulders; it had light purple streaks through out it. She had bright crystal light blue eyes, a blue that was very different and unique to any other, her eyes showed sorrow and pain hidden in them; she wore black eye liner and mascara with red lip-gloss and light brown eye shadow normally. Her medium height made her fit in without being recognised so easily which was exactly what she liked. She was wearing a blue coloured sweatshirt that looked a little too big to be hers; she had a black denim pleated skirt with a pair of black combat boots.

As Raven let out another long, drown-out, bored sigh she noticed a small piece of neatly folded up paper on the side of her desk. Raven screwed up her face as she slowly picked up the note and began to open it out to read the words printed inside.

"Raven?" The teacher's low-pitched voice called out as Raven looked up at her and quickly placed the note back onto her single, wooden desk.

"Yeah?" She replied in a mono-tone which she normally used.

"Can you tell me the answer, or not?" The teacher asked again as she rubbed her temples with her index fingers on either side, making the wrinkles on her face so much more visible. She had grown tired of always asking people in her class to pay attention!

"What was the question?" Raven asked as she looked back up at the silver clock which sat neatly in its place as it ticked away the pointless minutes wasted as she sat there, she yawned tiredly as she brought her hand up to cover her mouth with, ever so sloppily.

"Raven! You should listen more in class, you shouldn't just be so rude and respect me! If you don't… I'll… I'll…."

"You'll what, Miss Howard? Raven interrupted as she placed her right elbow onto her desk as if to use it to lean on, as she put her head on it to rest as she continued to look up at Miss Howard.

Miss Howard looked at Raven with anger and fear, she didn't know what she was going to do, what could she do? Raven rolled her eyes in boredom as she waited for her answer.

"I have had enough Raven…. Down to the Principal's office… now!" She said as she pointed towards the door, hand a little shaky from fear.

"Excuse me?" Raven growled as she pushed off her desk to help herself stand up, she slammed her fragile hands back down onto the table as it made a thud.

"You… You heard me Raven!" Miss Howard yelled as she looked at Raven fear in her voice.

"Fine. But you will regret it." Raven said as she looked at the forty-something year old, her face filled with fear as Raven let out a smirk of accomplishment.

Raven grabbed her black coloured backpack, it had imprints of roses and dying roses caught in thorns; she tossed the backpack over her shoulder as she kicked her chair in, she grabbed the note and her belongings as she made her way to the classroom door, as she reached the big, wooden, brown door she put her hand over the silver door knob, but before she opened the door, she looked back at Miss Howard and sent a death glare as if it could say 'you'd be sorry'. Raven opened the door and walked out slamming it closed behind her.

"God dam it…" Raven whispered as she lent against the pale paint coloured wall and slid down it onto her butt. "Dad's gonna kill me…"

Raven looked down at the note in her hand, she sighed as she threw it onto the ground and rolled her eyes as she picked herself up off the floor, she began to slowly walk towards the Principal's office; she was annoyed at everything including herself.

Once she had reached the office, she walked up to the white desk that sat neatly in the middle of the room. Raven threw her bag over to the side where the chairs were placed, then put her hands on the front of the desk and used them to lean on.

"Hello?" She droned out as she looked at the bouquet of flowers, which sat just on the corner of the desk in a glass vase.

"Yes?" A small lady walked through the door holding a stack of paperwork; she was a short plump lady with short, curly blonde hair and brown eyes hidden behind big, thick black glasses. "Oh, it's you Raven dear."

"Yes…" Raven replied angrily as she twitched slightly when she called her dear.

"The Principal is expecting you, just go right in." She said as she smiled at her as she reached her desk while putting the big stack of papers down.

"Yeah, yeah.." Raven replied rolling her eyes as she walked towards the door that lead to the Principal's office.

Raven reached the brown coloured door as she looked at the fake gold letters that spelt out "PRINCIPAL WILSON" clearly; Raven put her hand up and lightly knocked on the door twice.

"Come in, Raven." A stern voice came from inside as Raven opened the door and walked into the office.

The office walls were painted in a misty grey colour, as the roof was a sky blue; four pot planets where around the room and a desk with two blue chairs in front of it. Four big square windows stood behind the desk, giving the room sunlight; Raven walked in and sat down on one of the comfortable blue chairs in front of Principal Wilson.

"Now, Raven I have been expecting you." He said as he looked up from the laptop on his desk at Raven.

"So I've been told." Raven replied with an unamused tone as she looked out one of the four big windows that stood behind the desk.

"I'm afraid I have been told you threatened Miss Howard…"

"She's over exaggerating." Raven interrupted as she watched the trees outside gently bow in the wind.

"She's not the only teacher that has complained about this, Raven. They have fear for their safety…" Principal Wilson looked at Raven as he spoke with a very concerned voice.

"They're losers…" Raven replied harshly as she turned her gaze to the Principal.

"Raven…. I'm sorry you're going to have to leave." He said calmly as he looked back down to his laptop and sighed to himself.

"You're expelling me?!" Raven yelled as she stood up in anger and glared at him.

"I'm sorry Raven." He replied as he glanced back up at her for a second, and then went back to typing furiously on his laptop.

Raven was speechless as she stood there for a moment as she looked back out the window, she didn't know what to do as she choked back the tears that she could feel coming; the tears were not of the fact she was getting expelled, but more of what her father will say or do.

"Raven, are you alright…?" Mr Wilson asked sincerely as he stopped typing and looked at her.

"…. Who wants to be in this shit hole anyway." Raven grunted as she turned around and walked towards the door.

Raven opened the door ignoring her ex-Principal yelling at her for swearing; she slammed the door shut as soon as she walked out of the room. She looked up at the receptionist with a glare as the lady looked back at her.

"Is anything wrong dear?" She asked cheerfully with a bright smile showing off her perfectly white teeth.

Raven's expression turned into an emotionless one as she walked towards the chairs where she had thrown her backpack as she reached it, she bent down and grabbed the bag and picked it up. She opened the front pocket of the bag and pulled out her ipod then putting her bag onto one shoulder; she turned the ipod onto the song '3 Libra's' by 'A perfect circle' then placed the headphones into her ears then shoved it into her pocket with the volume on full ball.

She went to walk out as she stopped in front of the desk and looked at the receptionist who was staring at the beautiful bouquet of brightly coloured flowers that was on her desk, with a smile; Raven smirked as she continued to walk towards the door but on her way, put her hand out as she pushed the vase off the desk. There was a loud bang as the vase shattered sending water and flowers all over the floor, Raven walked out of the office shutting the door behind her, smiling to herself.

As Raven walked towards the exit of the school she looked back over her shoulder as she looked down the halls.

"Definitely not going to miss this place.." She whispered to herself as she pushed open the big, white double doors to get out of the school.

The light breeze outside blew on Raven's soft, pale face as soon as she stepped outside, her hair blew gently as she started to make the walk home; her ipod continued to play as she just listen to the music not wanting to think about what will happen when she reaches home. She walked on the path as single leaves blew off the trees due to the fall season; Raven looked up at the sky as dirty white clouds where placed here and there hiding the bright blue sky which lay under neath them. She sighed to herself as she continued the walk.

Once Raven had reached her house, she stood out the front of the gate and just looked. The two story house stood out in the street for its lack of care too, even since Raven's mother left him, her father spent his days working then getting drunk and passing out where ever he was and didn't care about her or the house; the black picket fence surrounded the front of the house as the dead grass and non existent garden was behind it. Raven pulled the earphones out of her ears as she put her ipod on pause; she reached out and slowly put her small pale hand on the gate.

"RAVEN!" A loud voice boomed out causing Raven to jump in fear as she looked towards the house door.

"Get your ass in this house right this minute!" The voice continued to boom as the front door slammed open.

A tall built man stepped out to the front as he looked at Raven, his dark brown eyes glared down at her as she stood still in fear; she hesitated for a minute before opening the gate as it screeched due to it being rusty. She walked towards the man slowly avoiding eye contact with him as she hung her head low.

"I got a call today from your Principal!" He yelled out at her as soon as Raven reached him.

"Dad I…"

"Did I give you permission to speak?!" Raven's father yelled as his breath smelt horrible, Raven continued to look down at the ground, trying to ignore the foul smell.

"You're a spoilt little bitch!" He yelled as he grabbed onto her tiny, right wrist tightly and pulled her up to his face using her wrist to hold her up.

"Dad please let go." Raven whimpered out in slight pain as she looked at his angry, half drunken face.

"Don't you tell me what to do! You're a pathetic child!" He yelled as his beer-covered breath blew right into Raven's face.

His grip on Raven's wrist tightened as he used it to smash Raven into the brick wall, she let out a little noise of pain as she closed her eyes, and she knew this wasn't the end.

"You know how much money I waste on you for school? And you show how grateful you are by getting yourself expelled?!" Her father yelled as he pulled her away from the wall, still using her wrist to hold her up.

"It wasn't my fault!" Raven screamed as she held back the tears that wanted to so desperately get out.

"Liar." He replied simply with a laugh as he threw her inside, not wanting to make any more of a scene outside.

Raven hit the carpeted floor as she looked up at him as he shut the door then turned around to faced her; she attempted to get away but before she could he grabbed back onto her wrist and jerked her back to face him before pulling her back up to his level.

"You better hope this doesn't get out." He threatened as he brought her close to his face as he glared at her and let her body hang there.

"I didn't tell anyone dad…." Raven replied strongly as his warm, beer stained breath blew onto her face as he held her close.

"Doesn't mean it can't get out." He smirked as he stared at his daughter, he could see fear and he liked it.

"Like I care about you!" Raven yelled as she kicked her legs out kicking her father right in the stomach.

Her father growled in slight pain, Raven froze as her eyes widened at what she just did; he looked up at her with anger in his eyes, this scared her. He continued holding her by the wrist as he brought up his strong hand and slapped her hard, Raven's head tilted to the side due to the force as she looked at the floor with a throbbing pain on her cheek.

"You're such a waste of space on this earth, you ungrateful little bitch." He yelled his voice full of anger and hate towards her as he slapped her again, but harder then before.

He held onto her wrist tighter as he said this causing Raven to cry out in pain as he held it so tight it could almost snap her wrist. He laughed at this then threw her into the unpainted, white wall; she hit it with a thump as she fell to the ground, leaving a dent in the wall.

"I want to live with mum!" Raven cried out as she stayed on the itchy floor, holding back tears once again.

"Get out of my sight!" He yelled as he punched the wall beside him in uncontrollable anger.

Raven pulled herself up as she gently rubbed her right wrist; she decided to move quickly even if it hurt to move. She made her way up the wooden set of stairs slowly, one by one, hating her father more and more with every step. As soon as she was up the top of the stairs she walked into her room opening her door, then closing it without a sound. She walked slowly over to her bed as she collapsed onto the soft, warm bed as she held onto the purple coloured covers as her wrist and back throbbed with pain.

"…I have to get out… I have to call mum…" She thought to herself as she closed her eyes and tried to stay strong. "Just wait… till dad goes to work…"

Raven drifted off to sleep soon after as she slept silently above the covers. Hours later a loud knock on her door woke her up as she jumped slightly, she sat up and rubbed her eyes feeling a sting of pain as she used her right hand, she looked down at her wrist as it was badly bruised she let out a sigh as she pulled herself towards her door.

"…..Yes?" Raven called out as she reached her bedroom door.

"I'm going to work now and you better keep the house clean!" She heard her fathers yell through the door as she looked over to her small alarm clock as the red numbers showed '12:30'.

"Okay dad…" Raven replied as she looked back towards the door and pressed her ear up against it.

Raven listened to her father's footsteps walk away from the door and down the stairs; she heard a noise come out every step he took as well as him cursing. She waited for the sound of the front door being slammed shut and as soon as she did, she opened up her door and looked around with a sigh.

"Need to find mum's number." She muttered quietly to herself as she looked towards her father's bedroom door, which was down the hallway to the left.

She slowly left her room as her back was still throbbing, making it difficult to walk with speed, she reached the door as she slowly opened it, Raven hadn't been in her fathers room since her mother left about eleven year's ago, Raven had wondered why her mother never called or wrote even to her, she had an idea about calling but not about writing; she had begun to think that this was a bad idea, but it was too late to turn back now.

Raven opened up the door as she peered inside, the walls were a pale peach colour and the floor was a red dirty carpet; there was a big king size bed in one corner of the room, beer bottles surrounded the bed and most of the room. Raven slowly walked in as she looked for a cupboard or something like that, she walked towards a door she saw on the side of the room.

"What's this…?" Raven muttered to her self as she reached her left hand out and slowly opened the pale white door.

As she opened the door she looked inside to see a small tidy space with a few shelfs on the sides; Raven saw boxes and boxes of things on these selves, all clearly marked 'WORK!' all the black medium sized boxes, Raven looked around at all of them as she noticed one that had nothing written on it.

"Why aren't you marked…?" Raven looked at the box and gently pulled it out of the pile of boxes and into her small fragile hands.

Raven walked out of the tiny space shutting the door behind her; as she looked around the room all she could smell was beer and it made her sick. She walked out of her father's room holding onto the box tightly, she quickly slipped back into her room then shut the door and walked over to her semi-big bed, sitting down onto it putting the box in front of her.

"Well…. Here goes nothing.." Raven sighed to herself as she reached for the box.

The box was a plain white colour, nothing unique about it at all; she sighed once again and opening it hoping it would be helpful. Once the lid was off she looked inside it, as she did she saw white envelopes inside, lots of them. She pulled one out as she decided to open it; she pulled out what was inside and turned it over to the side that was readable. "Happy tenth birthday!' The front of the card red in blue sparkly writing with a brown coloured dog holding a cake, Raven opened the card up and read what was inside.

To my dearest Raven

Happy 10th birthday sweetheart you are finally a big, big girl now.

I'm so proud of you and I will always love you... I am a bit sad you

Have not contacted me though, I bet that is your fathers' doing though...

Never forget, I love you, Raven.

Love your mother.

Raven frowned at what she had just read, she continued to open and read the others, which pretty much said the same thing inside, and she hadn't found a contact number in any of them yet.

"Lucky last…" Raven mumbled as she reached down and picked up the pink envelope what she was guessing was this year's birthday.

As soon as she opened the card, not bothering to even reading anything on the card, she looked down and saw a number; as quickly as she could she scrambled to a near by phone and picked it up. She looked at the card then dialled the number.

"Hello?" A voice came through from the other phone.

"Mum….?" Raven asked as she sat on the floor.

"…. Raven?" Her mother asked sounding extremely surprise.

"Mum…" Raven repeated as she held back the tears once again, she wasn't going to let her emotions out.

"Raven, honey its really you! Oh I'm so happy!"

"Mum… you need to come get me… please."

" What?"

"Mum… he beats me… please I'm begging you…. Help.."

"Oh god… Raven honey… do you still live in the same house?"

"Yes... We do mum…. please."

"I'll come tomorrow morning so.."

"No! Mum now… please now… dad will be home tomorrow."

"….. Alright get your things… I'll be there in two hours.."

"Okay… thank you..."

"Go now honey... Quickly."

Raven hung up the phone as she took in a deep breath and held back the tears. She rushed over to her dresser and pulled out her suitcase and began throwing all her clothes she wanted into it, not caring if it was a mess. The pain in her wrist and back throbbed painfully as she ignored it and continued grabbing everything she wanted and throwing it into the bag.

She finished packing as she pulled the bag down the stairs and towards the front door; she looked over and saw her school backpack. She walked over to it hand held it upside down as all of her school books and things fell out, she picked up her iPod and small black pencil case and threw it back into the bag then put it over her shoulder and walked back to her suitcase.

She opened up the front door and pulled her suitcase outside and dragged it out to the street after pulling open the gate and dragging out that. She put it down as she walked back and shut the front door then slowly walked back to her suitcase; she laid it on its side as she then sat down on it and sighed.

"Hurry up two hours…" Raven muttered as she pulled out her black coloured ipod and turned it on while putting her earphones in.

As Raven listened to her music she looked down at her wrist, it was very badly bruised and swollen. She rubbed it gently letting out a noise of pain as the pain hurt too much, she brought her legs up to her chest as she rested her forehead on her knees and closed her eyes.

Two hours passed as Raven began to feel cold as the cool early morning breeze blow on her, she shivered as she hugged herself using one hand; she sighed as she looked towards the end of the street to see if she could see her mum's car.

"Hurry up mum..." She growled as she looked down at her wristwatch as the hands where on the twelve and three.

"Three o'clock… Dad will be home at four.." Raven whispered as she looked at her fingernails as if to calm her nerves and not let them show.

Another half hour passed as Raven sat in the cold, she looked up at the stars as they shone brightly amongst the dark black sky, Raven put a hand up to her cheek as she felt the pain that came from it and sighed once again. A light shone brightly as Raven looked towards the end of the street, it was a car but she couldn't tell if it was her dad's or not; the car pulled up along the side of Raven as the car window slowly went down.

"Raven?" A woman called out nervously as the window went down slowly.

"Mum." Raven replied as she bent down slightly and looked through the window at her mother.

Raven looked at the women sitting in the driver's seat, she had long black hair that went down to her back, and her eyes were brown and showed compassion and love, unlike her fathers.

"Such beautiful and unique eyes..." Raven's mother commented as she looked into Raven's crystal light blue eyes.

"Um… I thought you would have had blue eyes too..." Raven said as she turned her gaze and looked away from her.

"It was always weird to everyone who saw you with these stunning eyes, I mean since your father had brown eyes… as did I." She replied as she opened up the car door and stepped out of the car.

"Do you know why I have blue eyes then…?" Raven asked another question as she watched her mother walk towards her.

"No, but they are beautiful." Her mother replied as she reached Raven, getting so overwhelmed her mother pulled her into a big hug.

Raven let out a noise of pain as her mother let go and looked at her with a confused look.

"What? What did I do?" She asked as she held her daughter by the shoulders.

"I told you he beats me…" Raven answered quietly as she looked down at the concreted sidewalk.

Another bright light shone as Raven looked over her shoulder, her eyes widened as she saw the red car turn into her driveway and stop.

"Raven honey... Get your bag and yourself into the car…. I'll deal with your father" Her mother told Raven getting her attention back to her, Raven slowly nodded as she quickly walked over to her bag and picked it up.

"Please be careful mum..." Raven called out as she threw her suitcase into the backseat of the car.

"I'll be fine Raven, get into the car." She replied as she looked back at Raven and winked with a warm smile.

Raven got into the car as she put on her seatbelt, as her father got out of the other car in an uproar; he slammed the car door shut as her mother put her hands on her hips.

"Never thought I'd see your ugly mug, Arella." He growled out as he walked towards her, anger on his face.

"You truly are a monster, Tri." Arella spat as she glared up at him as he towered over her.

"Raven, get out of that car now!" Tri yelled angrily as he violently pushed Arella out of his way.

"Don't you even think of touching my daughter!" Arella yelled as she got back in front of him and glared.

"Your daughter?" Tri laughed out as he looked down at her. "Where the hell were you for the eleven years before?"

"You wouldn't let me come see her!" Arella yelled as she forcefully pushed him away.

"Get lost, Arella before I hurt you too." He threatened as he looked down at his ex-wife.

"Is that a threat?" Arella asked as she stared up at him.

"Why yes, yes it is." He replied with a smirk on his face.

"If you don't get inside that so called place you call your house, I will call the police." Arella smirked back as she put her hand firmly on her hips.

"I doubt you're business would really want to support a wife and child beater." Arella continued, as she couldn't help but smirk at him.

"I don't want that stupid piece of shit anyway, just a waste of money and time in my life!" He yelled as he pushed Arella to the ground and walked towards the house.

Arella rolled her eyes as she pulled herself up off the ground. She stood there until he walked into the house, slamming the door shut, she walked towards the car and got into it and looked at Raven.

"What did you do?" Raven asked as she looked at her mum in a confused state.

"What you mean?" Arella replied with a warm smile towards her daughter.

"Well… I'm still here in your car…. And so are you." Raven said as she looked down at her feet.

"Don't worry, lets jut go home." Arella replied as she went to put her hand on Raven's leg, as a way to tell her it was okay now until she stopped and looked at Raven's wrist.

"Oh my god, Raven what happened to your wrist?" Arella asked in shock as she saw the badly bruised and swollen wrist.

"Oh this… Dad did it today after he found out I was expelled..." Raven replied as she looked away and closed her eyes waiting to be yelled at or hit.

"Doesn't give him that right to hurt you that bad!" Arella growled out as she frowned, then looked at her daughter.

"What else has he done to you…?" She asked in concern as she put her hand on Raven's hand gently trying not to hurt her wrist.

"Mum can we just go please." Raven replied emotionlessly as she looked up at the windscreen.

"Okay..." Arella replied as she took her hand off Raven's and put the car into gear as she drove home.

As Arella drove the long distance back to the house she looked over at Raven and noticed she was asleep, Arella smiled at her as she went back to driving.

At around seven o'clock they had reached home, Arella gently shook the sleeping Raven as she woke up.

"Welcome home, honey." Arella said as she smiled at her lovingly.

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