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Chapter twenty-seven

"Stop panicking so much.. You're starting to pale." Isaiah said softly, watching her pace around the waiting room frantically in front of him. She hadn't stopped pacing since she and Isaiah arrived, even when the others had turned up injured she just seemed to pace faster.

"My sister and two of my best friends might be dead! How can I stop?"

"Making yourself worse isn't going to help." Roy added softly. "And you're starting to look worse."

"I don't care."

"Charm, sit." Terra gave a pat on the chair beside her with her non-broken arm. "We have to wait."

Garth's hands were wrapped in white cloth from the severe burns he had received, drip sitting beside his chair attached to his wrist. "Hun, you're the most hurt, remember?"

Charm looked at her small group of friends, each with their own battle scar to prove their love for both her and her sister, with Kori recovering in a hospital room down the hall. Her head dropped, tears forming in her eyes; here she thought she'd ran out of tears. "I… I can't stop… I should have done more… hell I should have left with you guys instead of taking so god dam long to get dressed!" The tears slid from her nose to the floor; her hands were curled in tight fists even though it hurt her wound. "I should have told Iris to leave me, told her to just let him take me if it meant she could still be alive! I should have begged you all not to leave me and head down there! I shouldn't have stood behind Malchior as I watched the bullets tear apart his body. I've killed two people already!" She looked up towards them through puffy eyes, each one staring back at her, but her eyes were on Garth. "I wish it had of been me over her. I'm so sorry I let her die."

Garth sighed, he was trying his hardest not to cry too; he felt guilty for making her believe she had killed Iris. She was crying harshly in front of him, unable to control herself like a tiny child. He stood and within seconds she was in his arms, against his chest. "I'm so sorry I blamed you, beautiful."

"None of us blame you, Charm." Roy added wrapping an arm around a crying Terra's waist. "We don't blame Raven either."

Charm fisted his shirt unable to stop herself from crying, her head throbbed numbly from her aching head. "What if Rae doesn't come back?…" She tilted her head slightly to be able to look at him before adding in a whisper. "What will I do without Richard?"

Garth looked down into her eyes; they used to hold a certain kind of spunk, a mischievous glint that made him smile. Now they simply held a sadness that could break a grown man's heart. He couldn't help but feel guilty for being a part of the reason her eyes held so much sadness. "Richard's tough. He'll be here."

"Garth's right, love, Richard will come back to you. I know he will." Isaiah spoke softly, fighting all the jealousy feelings within himself. "He wouldn't give up on you."

"Boys are right… now would you please come and sit down?" Roy added patting the chair between him and Isaiah.

Charm gave a small smile to each of her friends, wiping the tears from her cheeks with the back on her hand. She gave a nod and made her way to sit between the two boys, a small sigh of defeat came from her in the process. Terra sat forward a little to get a look at the girl she, at times, felt so jealous of. "You did everything you could have done, Charm. You can't blame yourself for any of this… you did everything that was asked of you. You have nothing to feel guilty about… Nothing."

Charm looked at the blonde through teary eyes and a small smile across her lips, mouthing a 'thank you'. Suddenly the sound of commotion and panicked voices filled the corridors of the hospital, the group got to their feet instantly and stared at the double doors that lead to the emergency room waiting for them to burst open with a hope it was Raven and the boys. Charm watched the paramedics wheel Raven in, one atop the bed she was on, applying CPR to her pale body, Isaiah took a firm hold around her waist making sure she didn't get in the way. Charm's hand clasped over her mouth and nose, tears fell down her cheeks, tears of both relief and despair.

"Don't let them take her, Iris." Charm cried, watching the doctors' rush after Raven's gurney. "You left, please don't let her leave me as well!"

The hospital doors opened again and Garfield limped in with his arm over Richard's non bleeding shoulder, both using each other for support. Garfield looked black and blue all over his body, his badly bruised eye was so swollen he could barely see out of it. Charm let out a struggled laugh and ran at the two boys, the boys just as relieved to see her run at them. As soon as she reached them she threw her arms around both of them pulling them into her not caring about any pain that was caused to herself or the boys, her emotions too wrapped up to care..

"Charm." Richard whispered wrapping his arm around her waist, ignoring the pain in his shoulder, none of the pain mattered he was back with his friends, safe.

"Don't either of you ever scare me like that." Charm cried, burying her head between them. "Not ever." She added pulling them as close to her as possible.

Isaiah stood back and watched the three hug, gripping onto each other as if their life depended on it. He couldn't help but think back to the picture he had seen on Garfield's wall of the three of them when they were little ten year olds, with nothing in their life to worry about. Garfield felt Charm's grip on his shirt loosen and suddenly felt uneasy, he pulled away, forcing her back so he could look into her eyes. She had paled something shocking and she seemed to have less energy about her than when they had first entered. "What's wrong?"

Charm heard his question but she couldn't answer, her body froze up in a pain that was strange and unusual; one she couldn't explain. The nurses had rushed to Richard's and Garfield's sides to usher them into emergency care but Richard pushed his way passed them, grabbing onto Charm, he felt her presence leave him for a split second. "Charm!"

"I'm…" The pain through her body slowly subsided at Richard's firm touch; she managed to look up into his lovely blue eyes. "…don't leave me…" She whispered.

Richard pulled her against him. "Where ever I go, she comes." He said firmly to the nurses. "I don't care if that means I don't get this bullet out right now, I'm not leaving her."

Isaiah watched the nurse nod and gently pushed on Richard's back to force him to walk in the direction she wanted, with Charm tightly in his arms, her head buried into his chest. He couldn't help the jealous feeling in the pit of his stomach every time he saw them together. "Let us know when we can come to you." He called out just before they disappeared from his sight. He sighed falling back onto the chair he had previously sat.

"It's a waiting game now…" Terra said softly placing a hand gently on Isaiah's leg, feeling completely and utterly useless.

Raven's eyes slowly fluttered open, the smell of the ocean surrounding her, bright blue sky above; sunshine warm against her skin. She sat up quickly in shock, but it felt so smooth, her silky black hair softly floating back down around her; so soft against her skin. She looked down at her hands, the bruise and scraps where gone, her skin seemed to radiate, it was as soft as she'd ever felt it. Her eyes travelled up to look at the light blue dress she had on, it rested around her thighs, it felt like silk. The wind blew softly against her skin, her hair moving with it. "Shit.. I'm dead."

A sigh came from beside her; she turned to face the sound and was once more greeted with a pair of bright blue eyes. "You're not supposed to be." Her voice sounded beautiful, it almost had a certain chime to it; she pushed her golden locks behind her ears sighing once more. "You should be fighting, Rae."

Raven took in Iris' appearance as she crouched beside her, she seemed to just shine, not painfully so, but softly. "I don't want to fight anymore, Iris…" This was the truth, she was tired of fighting all the time; she felt both emotionally and physically done.

"So you give up?" Iris questioned tilting her head to the side. "Just like that?"

"It's not just like that." Raven said stubbornly. "The last few months have been hell."

"And what of the others? Of Gar?"

Raven sighed, her eyes staring down at the blue fabric of her dress; fingers gliding across it like water. "I can't…"

Iris watched Raven fiddle intently. "That's bullshit." She scoffed causing Raven to snap her head around to face her. "If you die, Charm dies. They can't lose all three of us, Rae… They won't cope with that. It won't be something they can come back from."

"What do you expect me to do? Stop dying?" Raven growled, sarcasm thick in her tone.

"Yes!" Iris replied stubbornly, folding her arms and frowning at her. "I expect you to get up and fight!"

"Yelling at her won't change her mind." A voice spoke softly from behind them.

"Then you talk to her." Iris sighed at it and stood up slowly turning to face it, hands on her hips.

Raven turned around slowly to find the owner of the voice, her eyes landed on the figure and she suddenly didn't know how to feel. His piercing blue eyes stared directly at her, his light blonde hair cut ear length short; white collared shirt with matching white pants. Her mouth opened and closed a few times but no words followed, he smiled softly taking slow steps towards her.

"Not expecting me?" He asked softly.

"Pretty sure you were the last person she was planning on seeing, Malchior." Iris smiled softly, nudging him with her body gently. "Don't freak her out please."


"Why are you going to give up?" He asked holding his hand out for her, to help her too her feet.

Raven stared at his hand, studying it intensely; wondering if she would be able to take a dead man's hand in her own, or even if she wanted to in the first place. Her eyes slow travelled up the boys hand, arm, shoulder, neck up to his face; his smile seemed so genuine. She cautiously reached out slowly placing her hand onto his, feeling his fingers wrap around her hands; they were surprisingly warm. "Why should I continue fighting…?"

He gently pulled her to her feet in one swift yank, she felt herself against him within a moment; yet she didn't feel as uncomfortable as she thought she would. "You know you have many reasons." He whispered.

"There are a lot more than you realize as well." Iris added softly. "You remember how I told you she can't live without you…?"

"If she died, you would still be able to live… you would just take her power and grow stronger yourself… but if you die… her power is too weak to go on without you."

Raven sighed pulling out of his arms. "I'm tired… I don't feel like I can get passed this one… not even sure if I want too…"

"You can't mean that, Rae…" Iris' tone let Raven know exactly how disappointed she was in her right at this moment.

Raven looked out over the ocean that surrounded the large grassy area she had found herself in; the ocean greeted the sky in a mash of shades of blues and greens. The breeze hit her skin, but it wasn't cold; it just brought with it the smell of the beach. She was so tired. She wanted to just rest. Life was hard, too hard. She closed her eyes feeling the wind blow about her hair, clothes… worries… pain. She could get used to this life.

Iris saw the hem of Raven's dress fade to a stainless white, similar to her own. She nudged Malchior in the ribs and pointed. "We aren't getting through to her, Malchior. We're losing her…"

Isaiah paced slowly in front of Richard's hospital bed, Charm had curled up beside him and was now asleep in his arms, Roy sat on the chair beside Richard's bed; staring at Isaiah. "She's getting worse…"

Isaiah stopped pacing and studied his love carefully. "She is… I don't know what's wrong…"

Unconsciously Richard's grip upon her tightened and his eyes lingered on Isaiah as if he would have the answer to his question. "Should we let her sleep?"

Isaiah sighed rubbing the back of his neck in thought. "I have no idea… Her wound isn't infected, it's been stitched… Nothing is causing this sudden decline in health."

Garfield sat up on the bed beside them; he had been awfully quiet since they got back to the hospital. "Maybe Rae isn't making it…" He said softly. "…Maybe Raven is dying and because of that…. So is Charm."

"We can't afford to think like that, Gar." Garth said softly from beside Kori's bed. "Rae is strong and we have to believe she's fighting like hell."

"She didn't sound like she wanted to fight anymore…" Garfield replied with emptiness to his voice. "…I think she's done."

"She can't be done." Isaiah growled. "She can't just give up, I can't believe that. She's fighting."

"I wish I wasn't saying it, Isaiah." Garfield retorted. "You're not the only one loosing someone here, remember that."

"Gar." Richard said softly. "Don't say something you'll regret later."

"You care more about her then he does." He had to go and push it, Isaiah sent him a harsh glare and Richard sighed preparing himself for another argument between the group.

But instead of going on the defensive, Isaiah simply sighed. "I'm sorry, Garfield. I just can't believe Raven is giving up. I have to believe that she is fighting to stay alive. I have to believe she's fighting for Charm's sake, for your sake… Hell we all need her. So I'm sorry but I just can't believe she's not fighting."

Garfield looked down at his fingers which lay in his lap bruised and scrapped, a million thoughts going through his mind but yet he felt so empty. He missed the way life was before all everything went to hell. He missed being the joker, the carefree one. He missed his bickering with Charm, his jokes and eating competitions with Victor, beating Richard on his game station, playing soccer with Roy or going swimming with Garth. All the things he used to do with his friends, whether they were special activates or day to day things, he always had them to enjoy it with. But yet he found himself not wanting to change anything. For the first time in a long time he felt truly special, needed, loved. Raven had opened his eyes and shown him how wonderful life truly is. Sure he loved his friends and they loved him to but with Raven everything was different. He thought he had been in love with Terra but it was no more than a really strong crush. He found himself always wanting to make her smile, make her happy. He wanted to take all her pain away at any cost. Her happiness was the most important thing to him, above his own happiness. He loved her.

"I just want her to be happy… no matter what she chooses…"

"Do you know I haven't felt this good in… in a very long time." Raven had her eyes closed, feeling the breeze against her skin, feeling no pain, no worries, nothing.

Malchior had his arms folded across his chest, looking from Raven to Iris. "You have to talk to her." He said. "I know exactly how she feels… I welcomed death like a friend just as she, you did not. You have to fight for life."

"I don't know what to say… I have already tired…"

Malchior unfolded his arms and reached out taking a hold of Iris' hands. "Trying is all we can do. Just keep trying."

Iris sighed feeling it fall into the soft breeze, she didn't think things would turn out this way, she didn't think she'd wind up murdered… it still felt like a horrible dream. But what could she possibly say to Raven, someone who had been through a life of constant pain, hell and torture; a girl who is finally at a sense of peace. "Raven…" Iris spoke out. "You know this is all going to end… right?"

Raven opened her eyes and turned sharply to face her. "What?"

"… This isn't what death is like."

Jinx rushed into the hospital, Wally not far behind her but at this moment, he wasn't her top concern. She ran up to the front desk, slamming her hands on the surface. "I need to know where Raven Roth is, like… right now!"

The lady behind the desk raised an eyebrow at the young girl. "I hope you aren't speaking to me that way."

Wally reached the desk, sliding an arm around her back. "I'm sorry but this is her best friend, she doesn't mean her rudeness."

The lady looked between the two teens, sighed, turned to her computer and began typing. "Raven Roth you say?"

"Yes! Thank you." Jinx breathed, glancing at Wally; looking for some reassurance that Raven was going to be fine.

Her long bony fingers hit the keyboard loudly, the sound deafening in the otherwise silence. After what seemed for forever she stopped her typing and looked at the monitor. "She's not out of surgery. You're going to have to wait."

Jinx's hands slid from the tops of the desk, trying to fight off the tears. Wally pulled her against him, making her feel secure with his strong arms. "She'll be okay, Jinx."

"I don't feel that…" Jinx whispered placing her forehead against his chest. "… I don't know if she'll make this one…"


Wally glanced up to the voice a smile coming to his face instantly. "Garth."

Jinx's head whipped up and she spun around in an instance. "Garth!" She shrieked running at him.

He held his arms out, awaiting her hug. "What are you guys doing here?" He asked wrapping his arms around her.

Jinx gripped onto him for grim life. "What happened? Where is Rae?"

"Come, we'll explain." He said softly nodding his head towards the way he had come. "I just need to get a nurse."

"Is everything okay?" Wally asked while the teen passed him and towards the nurses' station.

"Charm's not doing too well. The boys were starting to panic even more so then they already were." Garth replied.

"What about Raven?" Jinx was at his side in a flash, gripping onto his arm, a look of worry clear in her eyes. "Is she okay?"

Garth stared at her for a moment without speaking, his eyes wondered over to Wally who too was staring straight at him. "Honestly… I have no idea… Garfield seems to think she doesn't want to fight anymore."

Jinx looked across to Wally, a fear across her face that made him uncomfortable. "Have you heard anything?" Wally spoke up, though his eyes stayed with Jinx.

Garth shook his head sadly; he opened his mouth to speak but the sounds of a computer animated voice sounded through the corridors of the hospital 'code blue, code blue'. The nurses at the desk sprang into action running the crash cart in the direction of the code. The three teens moved out of their way but Garth watched them intently. "Don't turn right… don't turn right…" The nurses turned down the right corridor and Garth felt his heart drop and within a second he was chasing after them, Wally and Jinx following behind. A thousand things were running through his mind as he ran back in the direction of the room his friends were in. He didn't want Isaiah or Garfield to go through the feelings he went through when he had heard the news of Iris death. He turned into the room and instantly his ears were assaulted with the ordering yells from the doctors, pulling Charm's body from off Richard's bed. He felt his heart drop at the sight of all his friends faces…

Garth sat in the waiting room; he couldn't stop his left leg from shaking no matter how hard he tried. He had received the good news about all of his friends… all but her… She had been so bad when he had grabbed her from B block, his medical background warning him to prepare for the worse but his love for her kept the hope alive in his heart. He needed her to be okay… he needed her to be alive. Why couldn't he tell her he loved her? Even as he held her bloodied body tightly in his arms telling her not to leave him he couldn't say the three words he wanted to say. He looked down at his hands covered in her dried blood, his bloodied clothes; even his shoes. His fingers curled into tight fists.

His mother took a seat beside him, her scrub cap between her fingers. "Can I say how relieved I am that you are safe…"

Garth sighed leaning back in the chair, head resting against the wall behind him. "Do you have any more news?"

His mother ran her right hand over her ponytail which held back her midnight black hair. "Tell me about Iris."

Garth lolled his head to the side, he was exhausted and it showed all over his face. "What?"

"I want to hear about her…" She answered leaning back to join him. "She's the one… whose blood you are covered in, correct?"

Garth looked down once more at his blood stained self, another sigh leaving him. "She is so incredibly smart; you know she gets her homework weeks in advance. She's so beautiful… She honest, sweet, caring and kind… She lets the girls copy her homework… Oh and mum, you should see her smile, it lights up the whole room. She's so funny too, she makes me laugh." He smiled turning to look at his mother but his smile quickly faded when he saw the tears falling silently down her cheeks. "…No…"

"…I'm so…"

"No!" Garth yelled standing from his seat, his hands shaking with an uncontrollable rage. "Don't!"

"The wounds to her chest…"

"Stop it!"

The desperation in his wavering voice broke her heart. "Garth… I'm so sorry… she didn't make it off the operating table."

Garth felt his rage boil over, he turned and punched the wall beside him, a scream coming from within his throat. He dropped to his knees, hands covering his face to hide the tears. His mother stood slowly, cap falling from her hands onto the floor. Garth was hunched over himself, his body shook as quite whimpers came from him, his mother slowly bent down, reaching a hand out to his shoulder. He pulled away from her a harsh cry coming from him; she moved closer and threw her arms around him, pulling him against her chest while he fought against her. "No! Let me go!" He tried to free himself from her embrace but she simply held him tighter. "No!" His feet slowly came to a stop, his cries losing their fight. "No…" He stopped fighting against his mother and simply cried in her arms.

His mother said nothing else, instead held him in the middle of the hospital waiting room, gently running her hand over his back, allowing him to cry.

Charm crashed into Iris' hug, happy tears falling down her cheeks as she held her best friend. "I thought I lost my chance to give you my last hug." She whispered gripping tightly.

Iris' arms went around Charm in return, tears welled in her eyes. "I wish you did…"

Charm shook her head. "This hug was worth everything…"

Iris smiled softly. "I love you, Charm…"

Malchior released Raven's hand and held his arms out. "You shouldn't be here, young lady…" Charm lifted her head from Iris' shoulder to look towards Malchior and her sister; both so beautifully elegant. She released Iris and ran to him, throwing herself into his waiting arms; he caught her, spinning in the process. "I have missed seeing you smile."

Raven stood watching the man that had caused her so much pain swing her sister around with such a joy and happiness to them both while the girl her father murdered in cold blood stood watching them with the purest smile across her lips. It all felt a little surreal and she couldn't understand the emotions she felt. She had been in such thought that when she came too Charm was standing in front of her, her misty eyes staring right at her.

"What are you doing, Rae?" It seemed like such a simple question. Charm merely stared at her sister as if waiting for an answer. "Why aren't you fighting?"

Raven let loose a sigh as she turned from her sister, arms reaching up to hug herself in a distressed manner. "I'm… I am tired, Charm…"

"What do you mean…" The hurt within her voice was enough to break Raven's heart. "… Rae… I'm dying without you…"

"I know!" Raven growled, spinning around on her heels to face her. "I know what's happening Charmian! I understand! I just… I can't fight anymore…"

Raven could tell how hard Charm was trying not to cry, trying to hold back the tears. "…I'm not ready to die…"

Raven looked away, she couldn't bear to look at her; she had to look anywhere but at her. Her arms dropped to her sides, eyes closed. "I'm sorry that it has to happen this way, Charm… If I could change it I would."

"But you can! We can both live if you just fight!"

"I'm done, Charm! I wish you could live without me but I can't change the fact you can't." Raven turned her back on them and without looking back, she walked away from them. Her emotions felt out of her control, she couldn't think straight, her heart aching with both a sense of guilt and sadness.

Charm watched her sister walk away before glancing back at Iris and Malchior, the two already staring at her with anticipation. "What do I do?"

"We have to try and convince her, Charm…" Iris whispered, trying to hold back the sense of hopelessness she was starting to feel.

"She doesn't want to fight for me…"

"It's not that she doesn't want to fight for you, sweet one, she just doesn't want to fight for herself." Malchior spoke.

"How am I supposed to convince someone who doesn't want to save themselves?"

"We just keep trying until we are out of time." Iris answered softly, watching Raven sit on the grass, legs against her chest, cuddling herself and staring out to the sea.

Terra stood next to Isaiah, arm around his shoulder; her broken arm hand holding onto his arm. They had watched Charm be dragged out of the room by doctors all over again, the room had been quite ever since. "We can't do anything more… It's up to them now…" She gave his arm a squeeze. "Charm's stubborn… she'll fight."

"And if she doesn't? If I lose her? If Gar loses Rae? What do we do then?"

"We do what we can to keep each other together. It would hurt, for a very long time… we might not feel like we even could get passed it… but we will." Terra gave him a small smile. "We won't need to though… I know they'll make it."

Isaiah looked at the blond with sad eyes; he knew she was trying to give him so kind of hope. "It's not Charm that I'm worried about when it comes to fighting… It's Raven."

"She'll realize that she has too much to live for… She has grown so much as a person and a friend… when it truly comes down to it… Raven… she'll come through… not only for herself, but for her sister as well. That much I'm sure off." Terra's voice held such strength and determination that Isaiah couldn't help but smile at her softly.

"Sing to her, beautiful, she's lost her fight." Malchior whispered into her ear, her eyes travelling to her sister; she looked so defeated.

"What can I do?" Charm whispered softly. "She won't fight for me; I'm not even strong enough to live without her…"

"You mustn't think like that, Charmian." He wrapped an arm around her back forcing her to walk with him. "It isn't because you aren't strong enough that you die if Raven dies; it is that you have such a special heart and strength that you live with her."

Charm looked down at the beautiful green coloured grass; it felt so soft in between her toes. "I don't feel strong…"

He took her hands into his own, moving in front of her; forcing her eyes to look at his. "You are one of the strongest people I know." He smiled at her. "And I'm not just saying that because you saved my life all those years ago. You and your sister are two very amazing women; your boys are very lucky… if you are willing to fight for them." He looked down at the ground, away from her eyes. "Isn't Isaiah worth the effort?"

A small smile appeared across Charm's face, she knew this was hard for him to talk about; he didn't even really want to hear it. "… I'm not the one who needs to put in the effort…" She looked back over to Raven who sat in silence, Iris crouched down beside her playing with the blades on grass in front of her.

"We'll always be here to help you, Charm." He replied softly. "Remember what I told you?"

Charm felt the breeze against her skin, the dress fabric against her thighs felt like heaven as her long black hair blew about her. "…I'm never alone in this world…"

"Never…" Iris whispered from beside Raven, she knew Charm had heard her though because she turned to meet her eyes.

"Iris and I will help you, Charm… but it must come from you…" He pushed gently on her arm to force her back to face him; he lifted his hand and placed it on her heart. "From here…"

Charm looked from Iris to Malchior to Raven

"You and me
We used to be together
Everyday together, always
I really feel
That I'm losing my best friends
I can't believe
This could be the end"

Charm gave a sad smile to Iris and Malchior, turning her attention to Raven who was looking up at her, her voice sounding even more angelic in death, so much so that it was almost hypnotizing. "It loo~ks as though~ you're letting go. And if it's real, Well I don't want to know"

She took a hold of Raven's hands, pulling her to her feet swiftly; here she had her strength… nothing hurt, there was no ache from her wounds or scars. Here she didn't feel weak or like she was recovering, here she felt like her old self, not like some scared wounded teenager.

"Don't speak
I know just what you're saying
So please stop explaining
Don't tell me cause it hurts"

Malchior came up beside them and took their hands, Raven watched him curiously as he closed his eyes, holding both their hands. Then like the ending of a dream the place around them seem to fade into black, ripping around the land, sea and sky. Replacing the beautiful view with that of the inside of a hospital, a sight Raven had been all too used to lately.

Don't speak
I know what you're thinking
I don't need your reasons
Don't tell me cause it hurts

Our memories
Well, they can be inviting
But some are altogether
Mighty frightening

Iris smiled leaning down in front of Garth, he was sitting away from the rest of the group. She missed him, more than she thought possible to bare. She regretted not having the guts to tell him how she felt when she had the chance. She carefully lifted her hand up and ran it down his cheek, a small smile on her face; it almost felt real.

As we die, both you and I
With my head in my hands
I sit and cry~"

Charm held her hand and led her through the hospital, she managed to get a look in the room of all her friends, and she saw how sad they all looked. Her eyes lingered on her best friend, crying in her boyfriend's chest, but Charm pulled her passed the room.

"Don't speak
I know just what you're saying
So please stop explaining
Don't tell me cause it hurts

no, no, no, noo
Don't speak
I know what you're thinking
I don't need your reasons
Don't tell me cause it hurts

It's all ending
I gotta stop pretending who we are...

Charm pulled on Raven's arm, forcing her to follow her, Malchior walked ahead of them, guiding them. He pulled open a door and stood beside it, a sad smile on his face as the two girls passed him and into the room; Raven's eyes went wide, their pale bodies flat lining. She looked down at her dress on the smallest amount of blue was left on her dress, Charm's had even less. "You and me~ I can see us dying...are we?"

"Don't speak
I know just what you're saying
So please stop explaining
Don't tell me cause it hurts (no, no, no)"

"Don't speak
I know what you're thinking
I don't need your reasons
Don't tell me cause it hurts
Don't tell me cause it hurts!"

Raven stood at the end of Garfield's bed, he looked so sad and defeated; his body bruised and broken. She felt guilty all over again for pulling him through that. Her father was right; she was selfish to allow her friends to care about her. She couldn't allow herself to do that ever again, to put her friends in danger… to hurt Garfield the way she did. Her eyes travelled down to her hands which were placed over the edge of his bed, her site lingering on the finger that, at least on her real body, held a very special ring.

"Oh, la la la la la la La la la la la la"
"I know what you're saying
So please stop explaining"

"Oh, la la la la la la La la la la la la"
"Don't speak,
don't speak,
don't speak,
oh! I know what you're thinkin'
And I don't need your reasons

Oh, la la la la la la La la la la la la
I know you're good,
I know you're good,
I know you're real good

Oh, la la la la la la La la la la la la
Don't!, Don't!, uh-huh~ Hush, hush darlin'

la la la la la la La la la la la la

"Hush, hush darlin' Hush, hush
don't tell me tell me cause it hurts"
Charm leant up against Isaiah, head on his shoulder and although she couldn't really do it, it almost felt so real to her. She was fighting for him as hard as she could but she was starting to feel as though it was a losing battle. She wanted him to know just how hard she was trying… for him, he made her world so much brighter and all she hoped for was another chance to tell him.

la la la la la la La la la la la la

Hush, hush darlin' Hush, hush darlin'
Hush, hush don't tell me tell me cause it hurts"

Raven looked at her sister against Isaiah, that loving look in her eyes. "I'm sorry, Charm. I can't put anyone else in danger. I won't." She turned quickly and headed out the door, out of the room.

"Raven wait!" Charm cried getting up to chase after her.

Iris sighed watching Raven run with Charm chasing after her, calling out after her. Iris frowned with frustration, why was this girl so happy to give up on life? She turned back to the man she knew she loved. She slowly leaned close to him, taking in his unique scent, a small smile forming. She lent close to his ear. "Raven needs to know you all care about her, Charm needs to find that last bit of strength to help Raven get there. Charm's always preformed for us perform for them~"Iris whispered ever so quietly into Garth's ear, she knew he'd be the one to really hear her; the others not so much… "Make Gar sing for Rae. She feels there is no hope left… She feels as though there is nothing left to fight for. Please Garth… Do this for them… for me."

Garth stared directly ahead, staring blankly at the pale wall in front of him, listening to the love of his life whisper into his ear; he was defiantly going crazy; he could swear he could almost smell her too. But despite all his better judgment, he stood for a moment before quickly walking in the direction of his friends.

Malchior had watched the whole thing with arms folded. "You're going to get into trouble for that, Iris." Malchior said softly, unfolding his arms and wrapping an arm around her waist; pulling her next to him. "We aren't supposed to interfere with the living."

"That doesn't matter." Her voice was soft, quiet. "It was worth it…"

"And if this doesn't work?"

"We'll have to let her go… we'll be out of time…"

Garth ran into the room where most of his friends were, he was wondering if they'd even believe that he'd just heard his dead crush in his ear telling him to tell them to sing to Raven. He felt all eyes on him at his abrupt entrance, sweat across his brow. "What's wrong Garth?"

Garth tried his hardest to stop panting; wiping the sweat from his brow he turned to Garfield. "I need you to sing to Raven." He could tell they thought he had finally lost it, that all the pressure of the last couple of months had driven him insane, he could see it all over their faces. "I need you to believe me… trust me I know how insane this sounds but if you want to save Raven you have to listen to me!"

"Where did this come from, Garth?" Richard asked, sitting up with an eyebrow raised.

Garth rubbed the back of his neck with a groan; they would defiantly think he was crazy after this. "Iris told me."

"Garth look-"

"Don't Rich, seriously mate I know how crazy I sound, I mean come on, you know me… you know I wouldn't make this shit up."

"Why me?" Garfield questioned slowly pulling himself from the bed.

"Iris told me that Raven is giving up and we're running out of time, now I can't try to explain whatever the hell that was, whether it be a hallucination or Iris' spirit or my desperation or whatever!" He took a deep breath, regaining his emotions. "Isn't it worth giving it a go? We have everything to lose here if we don't try..."

Garfield stood from the bed, a strange look across his face. "I'll do it." He turned to his friends. "Isaiah, Roy and Richard I'll need your help." The boys nodded and without any more words, the group quickly exited the room and made way for the music room.

"What are we doing here?" Raven sighed looking at the hall like room they had found themselves in. Her group of friends that were able moved around on the music stage, setting up for something, Raven wasn't sure what exactly. It felt so strange to be wherever they were, seeing those who she knew weren't dying while she was.

"You need to realise what it is you're giving up." Iris answered from on the stage, looking at each one of her friends sad faces. "If you truly don't want to fight after this… you can give up."

"After what?" Raven questioned, folding her arms with a raised eyebrow.

"Raven, please." Charm whined from beside her. "Just wait."

Raven rolled her eyes but stayed silent. She watched Roy sit down in front of the drums while Isaiah took up a guitar and Richard base. She wondered why they were forcing her to watch the boys play around with instruments until Garfield limped up to the microphone, his bandaged hand reaching up to grasp it. Raven's lips parted in surprise, her eyes lingering on the boy.

"He loves you so much, Raven." Iris spoke from beside him.

Charm gently took Raven's hand into her own, forcing her sister to look at her. "We all do…"

Isaiah's fingers gently began to play their notes, Roy following not long after, Garfield closed his eyes listening to the soft music play, and with a deep breath he opened his mouth and began to sing his soul out for her.

"You're giving up

It's All eyes on me
Call it out like a family
Stood up back time get it right~
Until the rubber leaves the road" Isaiah sung with Garfield.

"You said don't I so I made the truth
Seem like a lie to even you
Control your fears slip
That you do not know where you go to"So don't you worry~
You will be my resolution
Characters of no illusion
You will be my resolution" Iris sung gently over the top of Garfield, Raven watching in awe as Garfield sung for her, his husky voice so beautiful.

"One month down and it's inside
Oh I'm guaranteed to losemy mind
It's dangerous to speak in sign
You might now what I'm trying to hide

So from the cradle to quarter age
Oh I bought the book but didn't flip the page
Oh~ ready this is near, we steer~
As far away from the coming of days~So don't you worry~

You will be my resolution
Characters of no illusion
You will be my resolution~
Characters of no illusion
You will be my resolution!

"Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh~ Oh Oh Ooh oooh oh oh ooh" Iris smiled softly at Raven while she finally got the chance to sing with her friends. She knew they could hear her, even if it was only faint ring in their ears, was she glad she got the chance.

"Turn around, put it down and see
That this is really the place to be" Raven knew he couldn't see her, it wasn't possible that he could but he was staring in her direction, it felt as though he was looking straight at her, singing that part just to her. Like he truly wanted her to understand her place was with him, it was where she belongs. It was like the realization hit her like a truck, the worst was over, her father was gone... why was she still running from the people that loved her? From Garfield? She really did belong here with him... with all of them. They completed her world... make her happy... made her smile. She loved each and every one of them. They were her family... They did everything for her and she couldn't give up on them now.

"I'm not you, nor you me
But we're both moving steady"

Iris noticed the white from the girls dresses began to fade back down to the light blue it had been previously, a soft glow forming around each of their figures; this brought a smile to her face. "Be happy girls." She said softly, they both turned to look at her. "Tell Garth to be happy as well."

Charm held on tightly to Raven's hand feeling as though if she let go she would be left behind in this strange spirit world. "Will I ever see you again?"

Iris gave the strongest smile she could muster. "I hope not for a long time." A tear managed to escape from her eye, sliding down her cheek. "But when it's your time… I will be there to hold your hand… I promise."

"I'm sorry, Iris… For everything." Raven said sadly, her grip on her sisters hand tightening unconscious. "I don't mean to hurt those I care about."

The glow of light from around each of them moulded together and they lifted off the ground. Iris stepped forward and tilted her head to look up at them. "Don't be sorry, Raven. Just always look after our friends… look after her… look after him… for me."

Raven nodded her head slowly, holding back the tears that wanted to fall once more. "I will."

"Goodbye…" Iris whispered.

"We did it." Malchior gave a content sigh, taking Iris' hand.

Iris smiled with tears brimming in her eyes, her arm linked with Malchior as the two stood and watched Raven and Charm leave them. "It's kind of better sweet, isn't it?" Iris leant her head against Malchior's shoulder, watching her best friend and her new friend head back to the realm of the living.

"It is indeed, sweet child… It is indeed."

"I love you, Irie…" And with that, the two figures disappeared from their sight.

Beep beep beep

Raven shot up in a heated sweat, hands gripping at the fabric that lay beneath. The continuous beeping rang through her head like a hollow noise as she took in her strangely familiar surroundings. She turned to look towards the small alarm clock that sat on her black bed side table, its red numbers flashed five forty-seven. Something wasn't right. This alarm clock was old. Her eyes shot down to the purple sheets covering her body in warmth, they were soft and warm but not her normal silk sheets she had been sleeping in for the last couple of months. Pulling the blankets from her body she carefully slid off the bed, her feet landing on the soft carpet as it squished between her toes; making her feel suddenly itchy. Her head shot up in horror as she ran to her bedroom door, pulling it open. There was no clang of her wooden name sign, which Charm had gotten for her, against the door. The unpainted white walls of the hallway stared back at her and the wooden staircase mocked her to the core.

She was back in her old house.

"Charm?" Her voice had desperation to it that she couldn't hide, not that she cared who heard it. "Garfield? Richard?" She ran through the hallways of her old house. "Kori? Terra? Roy?" She felt her screams catch in her throat. Was this a dream? Did she dream up everything she had just been through? Was it a vision? Suddenly Raven felt her head spin and her chest ache, a panic had come over her and she couldn't breathe. She reached out for the wooden railing, taking clumsy steps down the stairs. "Garth?" With every name she finished screaming, the more desperate her next cry became. "Jinx? Victor?" Her foot slipped on the corner of one of the stairs causing her to fall down the last four steps, hitting the carpeted floor with a hard thump. "…Garfield…?" Her voice was hoarse and weak; her body shook as she pushed herself up into a seated position. Feeling defeated, Raven threw back her head and let out a frustrated scream. "Charm!"

To be continued

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