Title: Past and Now

Author: Orilon

Rating: PG-13 for several uses of the "f" word

Pairings: Past CM Punk/Colt Cabana, past CM Punk/Raven, present CM Punk/Alex Shelley

Disclaimer: The wrestlers belong to themselves.

Summary: Sequel to Tomorrow. The conversation between Colt and Punk

Feedback: Please.

When I wake up the next morning, I see the covers are kicked off the other bed and Alex is curled around Punk. I have to admit, I almost expected Alex to be gone but I'm glad for Punk's sake that he stayed.

When I get out bathroom after showering and dressing, Punk is awake and waiting for me to get done.

"I know what you want to ask, just wait until I'm done."

I nod in agreement and start to pack while he is in the shower.

Alex must be a deep sleeper to have slept through all that.

Punk comes out of the bathroom dressed, and sits on my bed by my open bag. He's fiddling around with a pair of my shorts while he's thinking about what to tell me. Apparently once again he went after an attraction, this time to Alex, and says the same thing I'm thinking about hoping that this doesn't turn out like his usual relationships. The failed one with me that we ended mutually because it wasn't working, we make better friends than lovers. The fucked up relationship with Raven that scarred him, and others that he's mentioned in passing but not given me details.

When I ask him if this started the same way his fucked up relationship with Raven started, he stopped to think and denied it. Alex didn't force him into it, which I think is a major difference in his mind. From what he's telling me, Alex has expressed an interest in a relationship with him, but hasn't gone into detail about what kind. That worries him and also worries me. He's fallen hard as he always does, and always ends up getting hurt because the other person doesn't want the same thing out of the relationship.

I wonder and ask how long ago this started since from the conversation I overheard Alex doesn't know a lot of things about him, and he said a couple of days. That lets me know how hard he fell since they were already literally sleeping together, but also worries me that Alex might just want something physical out of this.

Too bad Alex hasn't woken up yet so we can get some answers and put some worries to rest. I don't have any more romantic feelings for Punk, but I am concerned on our friendship level.