Hidden Desires


"I want you."

The words swirled though the air in haze of lust and shock. Longer than he cared to admit, this moment was one that filled his many secret fantasies, but now that it had come- surprising as it was, Clark felt doubt creep into his mind. "Uh, I'm not sure…"

"Shhh. I know you want me." Delicate hands moved to the thin white blouse covering ample curves. "You can't deny it. I see it in your eyes everytime you look at me." With each word, deft fingers slowly slipped a button free, revealing smooth satiny skin.

As the material slipped unnoticed to the ground, Clark whimpered at the the sight of the exquisite woman in front of him. The scraps of clinging lace did little to hinder the delightful view. Seductively, her hips swayed as she moved closer, a glint of lustful determination lighting her eyes. Putting her hand in the center of his chest, she pushed him onto the couch. In the back of his mind, Clark thanked god for small mercys, because he was positive that in his current condition, walking would not have been an option.

Moving to straddle his waist, the sultry voice whispered in his ear. "Take me."

"W-we should…Lois…" Clark's weak refusal was cut off, a loud groan escaping his lips as a trail of heated kisses moved down his neck, her tongue laving the pulsing point on his neck. "…should talk about this…"

Any cohetent thought flew from his mind as her hips eased down, firmly rubbing against the buldge in his jeans, all protests now forgotten. "No more talking."

Not even bothering to nod his agreement, Clark caught her lips in a bruising kiss as he allowed any remants of contol slip away. Slipping his hands into her hair, he yanked her head to the side, his lips eagerly seeking out the pale skin of her neck. Nipping roughly at the sensitive skin he found, Clark's mouth trailed across her collar bone, down to her lace covered nipple, the tiny piece of fabric no barrier. Lois moved her hands into his dark hair, massaging his scalp as breathless pants escaped her swollen lips.

Clark pulled away, his lips desperately seeking hers once more. Mouths slamming together with force, his tongue immediately pushed into her mouth, moving against hers hotly. Hands eager to trace her form, his hands slid down her back, fingers digging into the silky skin of her hips as he ground up against her.

With a loud hiss of pleasure, Lois tore her lips away, her husky voice murmuring softly. "Now, isn't this better than talking?"

Grunting in response, Clark pulled her back to him, his lips finding a far better way of answering her again, Lois wrenched her lips from his.

Burrying her face in his neck, nothing more than a moan slipping out. "Clark…"

The sound of his name coming from her lips was heaven, Clark decided in an instant.


Frowning, his head tilted slightly as his name was spoken sharply- this time no hint of passion lacing the word- more along the lines of annoyance.

Snapping his head up, Clark looked around and saw the familiar surroundings of the Daily Planet, his eyes widening in horror as realization slammed into him. A hot blush spread across his face and down his neck as he saw the amused eyes of his best friend trained on him.

Noticing she finally had her friend's attention, Chloe grinned knowingly, a sympathetic twinkle in her eyes. "Sorry to call you out of Lana-land, but I'm ready to go."

At the mention of his ex-girlfriend, a familiar wave of sorrow slammed into him. Even after weeks of coming to terms with her decision, it still stung. Maybe the wound wouldn't be as deep had Lana turned to a different man. Clark felt his heart clench at the thought of just what last name would soon be hers. He still didn't know which hurt worse, losing the woman he loved or the added sense of betrayal that it was with Lex- a man that had once felt like a brother.

Shaking the painful thoughts away, Clark nodded at whatever it was the blonde was talking about. "…thinking of Italian, or maybe we could try that new Chinese place over near Harper's books. Lois keeps raving about how amazing the eggrolls are."

Hearing the name of the object of his fobidden fantasies, panicked guilt slammed into him and Clark felt his throat close as he sputtered. "W-what? Why should I care?" To further display his innocence, Clark added quickly. "Cause I don't."

"O-kay…just making conversation." Chloe stated slowly, attempting to wrap her mind around the bizarre reaction to her simple small talk. "I'm guessing idle chit-chat isn't on today's agenda...so," As they entered the empty elevators, Chloe eyed her oldest friend. "Feel like clueing me in on the latest crisis that has you acting so unClark-like?"

"It's nothing." At the lingering doubt on the young reporter's face, Clark shrugged and mustered up his best smile. "Really. So about that chinese place…"

Concern still in her eyes, the small blonde nodded in reluctant acceptance of the obvious subject change. When he was ready, he would come to her. Until then, she would have to be patient and hope it was nothing too serious.

As the soft whoosh of the doors closing filled the silent room, a dark figure emerged from the shadows, a mischievous smile in place as eyes watched the lights signal the passengers departure. "This should be fun."