Chapter 2

Lounging comfortably on his bed as if she had no cares in the world was the object of his desire, the old flannel shirt she was wearing doing little to cover her long, smooth legs. "Lois?"

"Who else were you expecting, lover?" Her voice was a purr as she crawled across the bed towards him.

"N-no-no one." Clark stuttered, his eyes drawn to the way his old shirt shifted enticingly against her with each move she made.

"Good, I'd hate to think that I'm not satisfying your every need." Lois murmered suggestively, running a finger down her smooth collarbone.

Eyes widening at her bold statement, Clark floundered for words. Surreptiously, he pinched his arm, wincing as the spot stung. It wasn't the sharp pain that held his attention though, but what it meant. This wasn't one of his over graphic dreams, somehow this surreal moment was real. How that had happened was still a very real mystery though- one the vixen in front of him was doing her best to distract him from.

"Care to join me, handsome?" Patting a spot on the bed beside her, Lois sent a seductive smile his way.

Stepping back as if she would pounce at any moment, Clark finally managed to find his voice. "H-how?"

"Well, all you have to do is walk over here and I'll do all the rest." Lois said, a wicked glint in her eye. "You'll enjoy it. I promise."

Doing his best to ignore her tempting invitation, Clark glanced around the room and muttered to himself. "How did this happen? Where did she come from?"

Feeling neglected, Lois slid off the bed and moved toward him. "Clarkie, don't you want to play with me?"

With a quick step back, Clark stated firmly. "Lois, we need to figure out what's going on. This isn't you!"

Various possibilities sped through his racing mind, the first and foremost being some kind of possession of her. If there was one thing that was certain, she would never act like this of her own free will.

A frown covered Clark's face as he imagined Lois' reaction when she snapped out of whatever this was. She would most likely kill him, just for the simple fact that he had been the target of her seduction attempts. The sooner he fixed this, the sooner things could get back to normal.

"Fine, if you don't want to play with me," With a mischievous grin, Lois continued. "I guess I'll just have to play all by myself."

Clark moaned at the mental pictures her words conjured- each more arousing than the last. As her hands slowly moved down her flat stomach, he leapt across the room using his super speed. His restraint was reaching it's end and he wasn't sure what would happen if he allowed her to continue.

"Don't!" Clark growled, gripping both of her small wrists in one hand. "You're not yourself and, trust me, you're going to regret this when things are back to normal."

"Are you really sure you want me to stop?" Lois smirked, pointedly looking down at the large buldge in his boxers.

Blushing at the reminder of his state, Clark released her wrists and scrambled to the other side of his bedroom. Her laughter filled the air as she followed him until their bodies were pressed tightly together.

Peppering kisses along his jaw, his cheeks, anything her mouth could reach, Lois' hands slowly made their way down his hard stomach to rest on the waistband of his boxers.

Taking a deep breath, Clark tried to rein in his control, but his efforts were being tested to the limit as Lois gently nipped his neck. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and without thought, wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her even closer. "We need to think."

"Later." Lois whispered into his ear.

Her small hands began to inch his boxers down gently, as if afraid to frighten him. Moaning at the feel of her warm hands making contact with him, Clark closed his eyes tightly, enjoying the blissful moment.

"Clark? Are you awake yet?" At the new voice intruding on his dream come true, Clark's eyes snapped open, instinctively looking through the layers of wood to see his mother making her way up the stairs.

Panicking, Clark pushed his unexpected guest onto the floor behind the bed, hiding her from view of the door. With a thud, Lois landed on her knees, a heap of blankets surrounding her. Apparently, her new position did little to hinder her current mood. "If you wanted me on my knees, all you had to do was say so."

At the suggestive comment, and the image they brought forth, Clark repressed a tortured groan, whispering urgently. "Get down and stay quiet! My mom can't see you!"

His stomach clenched in dread as the the only response he got was a wicked grin.

"Please don't do anything, please." Clark pleaded one more, sending up a silent prayer as his mother's voice sounded outside of his door.