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Betrayal – Chapter 1

Summary: Innocent Haruno Sakura of Team Kakashi…who secretly works for Orochimaru. Pretends to fall for Sasuke, let's him get the curse mark by Orochimaru on purpose, and doesn't do anything about it. After all, it's all part of a mission, all just an act. But what if Sakura's not acting anymore? What if she really has fallen for Sasuke?

"Do you understand what you are to do?" Orochimaru's voice hissed, his snake eyes piercing darkly. The figure merely nodded in response. Orochimaru's snake-like purple tongue licked his lips. "Good…" he said, "then go off and complete your mission… Sakura."

12-year-old Sakura knelt down, quickly disappearing from sight. She recited her mission in her head, Go and get inside Team Kakashi's squad. Don't show off my skills. Act like I've fallen for this Uchiha Sasuke. Act like a good innocent kunoichi until Orochimaru-sama is ready to give Sasuke the 'mark'. Stay undercover. Make sure no one finds out Orochimaru-sama's plan… no problem.

Sakura was told to let nothing happen to Sasuke. She had to protect him with her life, at least until, according to Orochimaru, it was time to take over his body.


During the Chuunin Exam


"Aah!" Sasuke yelled, falling over, covering his hand on the place where the Orochimaru, in the disguise of a female grass ninja, had placed the curse mark.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura yelled out, running over to her teammate's body that was kneeling on the ground. Placing a hand on his back, she asked, "Are you alright? What did he do to you?! Sasuke-kun!" Sakura looked at Orochimaru, yelling "What did you do to Sasuke-kun?!" But her eyes read the opposite; after all, she was only acting. Orochimaru let out an evil grin, pleased at how well Sakura could fake her emotions.

Quickly looking at her surroundings, Sakura made a small nod towards Orochimaru, indicating that Sasuke had received the curse mark. Orochimaru understood, and quickly disappeared from sight. Not long after, Sasuke fainted.

I don't know how long I'll be able to keep this all up as an act… Sakura thought, holding Sasuke's unconscious body close to her own.




Sakura wiped the sweat off her face. She picked up a shuriken and a kunai, throwing the shuriken in the air, the kunai following right after and deflecting it. Dawn approached, and Sakura gathered up her weapons and headed home.

Sakura sighed, That was enough training for one day… she thought to herself. On her way home, she noticed a boy about her age, fifteen years old. She quickly recognized him as her teammate in Team Kakashi, Uchiha Sasuke.

Sakura watched him, sweat covering the handsome face of the boy as he trained. But Sakura had long grown out of her "fan-girl" phase, therefore wasn't as obsessed with him as she used to be. Sure, she still cared for him, but treated him more like a teammate and friend rather than his never-to-be-persistent-girlfriend—or target.

Sasuke continued to train, throwing kunai in the air deflecting them with shuriken and moving to catch both weapons that were falling in opposite directions in a matter of seconds. Then he'd take five kunai and jump in the air, throwing them at the set-up targets. He used two shuriken to deflect two of the kunai, making them go in a sharp diagonal direction, hitting the bull's-eye of the target as well as the other kunai he threw.

Just like how my brother used to do it… Sasuke thought, his mouth forming a deep frown at the memory.

Sakura watched in awe at Sasuke's skills. She made a mental note in her head to report it to Orochimaru. After all, she would always have to serve him; she swore an oath to him. And ninjas never go back on their word.

Sakura's emerald orbs saddened. Over the years she had been with Sasuke, they had grown closer, in a bond similar to what Naruto and Sasuke had, but in a way different because it was boy and girl, not boy and boy.

But she remembered that she could be nothing more to him other than a teammate or else she would jeopardize the mission, according to Orochimaru. When she had first been told that, she thought it was no problem. After all, she didn't know what this Uchiha Sasuke boy looked like.

When she finally did meet him, she found it wasn't hard to do her role, act obsessed with him. Her young twelve year old mind couldn't help it, he was gorgeous! Sakura chucked, remembering her "obsessive" days.

"Is there something you want, Sakura?" the Uchiha prodigy asked, having sensed her presence long ago but didn't bother to take time out of his training to acknowledge her.

Sakura mentally smacked herself. I should've been more quiet, he must've heard me laugh… she spoke in her mind. Sakura slowly revealed herself, giving him a smile.

"Sorry, Sasuke-kun. I had just finished my training and was on my way home. Then I saw you training so I thought I would observe you, you know, to see your skills. We should know our strengths and weaknesses as teammates, right?" spoke the pink-haired girl calmly, noting how she absent-mindedly said "teammates."

And only teammates… she thought sadly, sadness glazing over her eyes. Sasuke gave a hint of nod before noticing the hint of sadness in her voice.

"Sakura," he called out to her. Sakura looked up, giving him a fake smile the raven-haired boy could easily see through. "Why do you keep on letting your feelings corrupt your emotions?" Sasuke said.

Sakura nodded, realizing Sasuke was talking about her weakness.

"But," he continued, "you do have good eyes that can sense genjutsu, as well as… 'really strong' strength." His mouth quirked after his last comment.

Sakura felt a tingle in her chest as she smiled warmly at Sasuke's version of a "compliment." "Ah, thank you, Sasuke."

Sasuke looked away from Sakura's green eyes. He couldn't stand it when she looked at him like that. It made him feel things he didn't want to feel, emotions. Sakura looked at the risen sun, not realizing that time had flew by so quickly.

Sasuke sighed, "I need to go train…" he mumbled, gathering his weapons and heading off into the forest. Sakura watched him leave before leaving herself, back to her home.

When the kunoichi got back to her apartment, she opened the door. She sensed familiar chakra, putting a couple of her weapons down before proceeding to her living room. "Orochimaru-sama," Sakura said, "what an… 'unexpected' surprise."

Orochimaru looked at her, his death aura radiating off of him. "You know why I'm here," Orochimaru said, "tell me what you have figured out."

Sakura shrugged, "You're risking yourself, coming out in Konoha at this time of day. If you get caught, it's not my fault."

"Just tell me the information Sakura, don't waste my time." Orochimaru hissed, squinting his eyes suspiciously.

This snake bastard is really getting on my last nerves… Inner Sakura thought angrily.

I couldn't agree more… Sakura thought back.

"All I know is that Sasuke's increased the power of his Chidori and his skills have improved," she took a breath of air before continuing. "As for Naruto, Kakashi's teaching him how to increase the power of his Rasengan. And Tsunade is busy with her paperwork that she never completes, as usual."

"Are you still her apprentice?" Orochimaru asked.

"Yes, but people are saying that I have strong strength, possibly enough strength to surpass her," she replied. Orochimaru smirked, obviously pleased with his spy's work.

"Excellent work, Sakura. Keep an eye on Konoha for a little longer—the time for me to possess Sasuke's body is coming near."

"How close is it?"

"A couple of months. No need to rush, correct?" he spoke, locking his snake eyes with Sakura's round ones. "Soon you'll get your reward for being so… faithful. As promised."

We better! Inner Sakura ranted.

"The jutsu to bring people back from the dead better be worth it Orochimaru." Sakura said, a little bit of venom in her voice.

"Of course Sakura. Just as I promised. Oh, and Sakura," Orochimaru spoke slyly, before taking his leave. "Let go of you're feelings towards the Uchiha." Emerald eyes widened.

How did he I know I…—? Sakura thought, before figuring out the answer. He was a sannin, after all.

Soon the snake master left, and Sakura got up and went to change into her ninja attire. She quickly got ready for her meeting with team Kakashi. Once finished re-sharpening her weapons, she bolted out the door towards their usual meeting place, the bridge.

There, she saw Sasuke, leaning on the rail idly staring at the sky.

He looks so deep in thought… Sakura thought quietly towards herself. Then Sakura twitched, something she normally did after a recent encounter with the great snake sannin. She quickly shook it off and walked towards Sasuke. Should I tell him about…? she pondered to herself

"S… Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked, her voice almost sounding timid.

Sasuke looked down and faced Sakura, locking his dark onyx orbs with Sakura's emerald green ones, showing that he was giving his full attention which he only did rarely. "Hn," the Uchiha Prodigy responded, grunting.

"How would you react… if you found out someone close to you was only acting towards you, and that they weren't really close to you, but just playing the part?" Sakura asked, biting her bottom lip while she waited for his response.

"That already happened to me," Sasuke said in a low, cold voice.

She just described how Itachi had deceived me, Sasuke thought, clenching his fist so tightly that his knuckles turned snow white. His eyes formed into the Sharingan from his high anger while his blood-red eyes bore holes into the ground. He growled at the memory.




"Why? Why did you do all this?!" young seven year old Sasuke asked. His big onyx eyes stared into the dull blood red orbs of his brother Uchiha Itachi. The corpses' of fellow Uchihas lay unmoving on the ground, the clans' blood smeared all over the roads and walls.

"To test my capacity..." The older Uchiha answered simply. "As well as yours. I acted like the brother you've always wanted. A brother to look up to as wall you must overcome. Everything I had said to you, done to you, up until this point was a lie."

Wide onyx orbs widened as large as saucers as he stood there, watching his elder sibling with his mouth gaped.




Sakura gasped, just realizing she had hit an anger spot in the cold, hateful heart of the Uchiha. "S-Sasuke-kun, I'm sorry, I didn't mean—"

"Just shut the hell up," the raven-haired boy answered coldly, clearly not wanting to continue the subject. Sakura placed her gaze upon the ground, feeling pings of guilt for accidentally bringing up such horrible memories.

"Hey Sakura-chan! Sasuke-teme!" young fifteen year old Naruto called out, waving his arms towards their direction. As he approached his fellow squad members, his happy mood calmed down into a serious one.

"What's going on?" Naruto asked, confused as to why Sasuke and Sakura were insanely quiet about his arrival. Normally Sasuke would make a snide remark and when Naruto would argue back, Sakura would scold him.

"Not now Naruto," Sakura stated, her voice barely above a whisper.

If Sasuke-kun, Naruto, Kakashi-sensei, Tsunade-shishou, anyone from Konoha found out I was really spying for Orochimaru… I would probably never be treated the same. I'd probably be known as a… traitor. Sakura thought, cringing at the final word.

I never did like that word.

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