Thanks to Chloe

Chloe couldn't believe what she was holding in her hands. This would be a shock to everyone, she thought, Kim's face the first that entered her head.

Maybe she could hide the evidence, tell Michelle she hadn't found anything in Jack's office, and go on as if nothing had happened. Then she wondered why she was considering such an idea. Would Jack do the same for her?
She'd only been working for him for a couple of months - she hadn't developed any real reason to go to such extremes for him, not yet. His outburst toward her earlier that day certainly didn't help.

Jack was a mystery to Chloe. She thought she had bad social skills but sometimes Jack gave her a run for her money. He had hired her, he seemed to believe in her, and he trusted what he had seen of her judgement, but she couldn't call herself his friend. She knew he'd been through hell - Teri's death, Kim's perpetual crisies, anything involving the name Nina, tracking the nuclear bomb and nearly killing himself to stop it only to then be tortured for his efforts to avert World War 3 - and maybe that explained what she was holding in her hands.But if so, it would indicate weakness, and she knew Jack Bauer wasn't weak.

She looked at the phone sitting silently on Jack's desk and told herself to hurry up and call Michelle already.Then she wondered about the consequences of revealing Jack's secret. He was still in the field, though only God knew where. He'd surely be suspended as soon as he returned to CTU, and for that, she knew he'd never forgive her. The excuse of "I was just doing my job" wouldn't fly with him - not to someone who made up the rules as he went along as oppossed to following protocol like Jack. Then once again, she wondered why she cared.

Maybe it was the same reason why it took her twice as long to get ready in the morning as before coming to CTU. Maybe it was the same reason why she'd glance at a mirror before entering Jack's office. Maybe it was the same reason why she'd sometimes get nervous when he'd speak to her.

There was no maybe about it. Chloe knew why she couldn't pick up the phone, and it drove her crazy. She had a crush on Jack Bauer, plain & simple.
She rolled her eyes at the thought. A crush. It seemed so juvenile, but she knew it was true. And it sucked.

Crush or no, she still needed to do what had to be done. She swallowed her pride, took a deep breath, and picked up the phone.


"Michelle, it's Chloe. I'm in Jack's office. I think you should come up here."

"What is it?"

"Just come up here," she said before hanging up.

Now the world would know that Jack Bauer was addicted to heroin. Thanks to Chloe.